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Thursday, October 8, 2015


Dear Sir:


Even though Nepal may hold a Hindu population of 99% and only 1% Buddhist, it yet ought to be declared a "Buddhist State" you see.  Why ?  Just because Lord Buddha was born in Nepal.  Very obvious.  We also  have a reason at hand.  And there is no such thing as THE ONLY BUDDHIST STATE IN THE WORLD at all.  We are satisfied enough that Nepal has today seen an imminent revival of an independent sovereign non-aligned democratic secular federal republic.  No ancestral powers on earth, past and present, can ever modify that policy, you see.  It is my decree plus a challenge !  Buddhism says republic while Hinduism says kingdom.  Which is better after all ?  Please do realize yourself honestly.  You are nothing more than just a Rajaabaad plus a Baahunbaad.  Do you think I will easily yield to an over-smart guy like you ?            


All men were born equal in the eyes of God.  As such, all the existing empires and kingdoms of the current world are obliged to be transformed into modern republics right away.  I guess monarchial states are found in Africa, Asia and Europe only.  The most inhuman theory of "Might is right" made Nepal a Hindu State or a Hindu Kingdom or The Only Hindu State of the World or The Only Hindu Kingdom of the World.  How illegal !  This is why following the Gandhi principle like "Right against might", we were able to create a "New Constitution" which promulgated the Act of Secularism at all.  Back in India, observing the Gandhi principle, they were able to sack the British from the sub-continet on the 15th of August 1947 A.D.  Any kingship and monarchy do always mean "Might is right."  No doubt at all.   


With fervent regards and modest greetings.  Thanking you, I remain ---

Faithfully yours,
Amrit Ratna Tuladhar
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