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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bombing Of Afghan Hospital Is A War Crime

CC News Letter 06 Oct - Bombing Of Afghan Hospital Is A War Crime

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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

Bombing Of Afghan Hospital Is A War Crime
By Kathy Kelly

U.S./NATO forces carried out the airstrike at about 2AM on October 3rd. Doctors Without Borders had already notified the U.S., NATO and Afghan forces of their geographical coordinates to clarify that their compound, the size of a football field, was a hospital. When the first bombs hit, medical staff immediately phoned NATO headquarters to report the strike on its facility, and yet strikes continued, at 15 minute intervals, until 3:15 a.m., killing 22 people. 12 of the dead were medical staff; ten were patients, and three of the patients were children. At least 37 more people were injured. One survivor said that the first section of the hospital to be hit was the Intensive Care Unit

Geographical Coordinates Provided To US Forces
Used To Pin Point Attack On Afghan Hospital
By Thomas Riggins

The U.N. and international community is rightly outraged since the U.S. was given the precise location of the hospital and its international protected status was well known. This information was provided to prevent any attack. Since the attack was carried out with unrelenting accuracy over a thirty minute period one suspects the information was used to pin point the target

US-Dominated Pacific Trade Pact Agreed
By Mike Head

After five days of marathon talks between trade ministers in Atlanta, the US administration of President Barack Obama finally succeeded at 5 a.m. on Monday, American eastern time, in securing agreement from 11 other Asia-Pacific governments for the adoption of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It is an unprecedented trade and investment bloc

Parenting On The Brink: Wrestling With Fears Too Big To Name
By Frida Berrigan

And then another thought comes to mind, the sort of thought that haunts the parents of this moment: When I'm 85, it will be 2059, and what will that look like? When my grandkids are my age now, it could be almost a new century. And what will our planet look like then? And I feel that little chill that must be increasingly commonplace among other parents of 2015

Israel Lights The Touchpaper At Al-Aqsa Again
By Jonathan Cook

Now the West Bank and Jerusalem are on fire again, as Palestinian youths clash with the same oppressors. Reports suggest soldiers killed one Palestinian youth and injured more than 100 others on Sunday alone. Talk of a third intifada grows louder by the day

Illegal Trade Contributes To Placing Cacti Among World's
Most Threatened Species – IUCN Red List
By Marianne de Nazareth

Many gardeners across the world are fond of cactii, and several have rock gardens taking pride of place in their gardens. Infact because of this craze for the rare specimens of cacti, there are several species that are threatened, with being lost to us forever, and how many of us know that?

Mumbai's Malvani Shack Dwellers Evicted, Houses Demolished:
Still No Hope For Justice
By Ghar Bachao Ghar Bano Andolan

Informal settlement in Malvani no.8, Malad was demolished on 4th and 6th June this year in the name of protecting mangroves. In this forcible eviction more than 600 houses were demolished. The demolition was carried out by the Mangroves Cell of the Maharashtra Forest Department. Evicted slum dwellers had moved to the Bombay High Court in the hope of 'justice' but the Forest Department's misleading submissions before the Court compelled the slum dwellers to withdraw case and now trying luck with all the documents in their possession with the concerned collector. On 1st October, the slum dwellers finally withdrew their case
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