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Thursday, October 1, 2015

India's Beef Ban Turns Bloody, Consumes A Man' s Life

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India's Beef Ban Turns Bloody, Consumes A Man's Life

A fifty year old Muslim man was beaten to death, and critically injured his 22 year old son by a mob of about 100 people alleging that the family ate beef in the house, in a bizarre incident near the capital city of India, New Delhi. The Indian Express reported that the incident took place on Monday night at around 10 PMin Dadri village, North Western Uttar, around 45 km from New Delhi

Malcolm X: His Philosophy In The Struggle Against Racism And Injustice
By Douglas Allen

Recently we marked the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X (February 21, 1965), and this occasion brought some media focus to his life and significance. This was in contrast to the earlier, U.S., mass media's stereotyping, vilification, and dismissal of Malcolm X as some hate-filled, violent madman during his lifetime and the overwhelming marginalization and silencing of his message during the past fifty years

"Iraqis Are The Saddest And One Of The Angriest Populations In The World"
By Eric Zuesse

The 2015 Global Emotions survey from Gallup finds that, "Iraqis Are Among the Saddest and One of the Angriest Populations in the World."

Rumblings of Discontent in Saudi Arabia
By Thomas C. Mountain

Discontent is brewing in Saudi Arabia, that bastion of reaction on the Arabian Peninsula, with the Saudi Royal Family seeing some of its worst internal dissent in decades. The new King has endowed his favorite son with command of the Saudi military, amongst other major responsibilities, and now the Saudi people find themselves in a Vietnam style quagmire in Yemen, something new to the Saudi people

Gandhi Jayanti, Gandhi's Dream
By Robert J. Burrowes

Gandhi's dream of a world without violence might be fanciful. But, as John Lennon once sang, he is 'not the only one'. Many of us share this dream. Are you a dreamer too?

Shankar Guha Niyogi: The Man Who Showed Us How Development Should Look Like
By Lalit Shukla

Niyogi struggled throughout his life for an alternative development under the rule of law. His work is a great example to learn how development should look like. In present conditions, when thinking of alternative development makes you threat to national security, state is protecting only corporate interests and justice is not available to poor and underprivileged, people are bound to revolt. An open war is going on between a powerful state equipped with modern arm technologies and poor people struggling for their survival. We have to take side and clear our politics. There is no other way

An Unusual Dialogue On Kashmir
By Ghulam Mohammad Khan

As I left the shop, the owner laughed. My legs lurched as I walked. I scampered back to my room. I sobbed as I reclined on the bed. After a short silent contemplation I asked myself, 'When I crossed Lakhanpur, I lost my identity there and then.'

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