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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Lynching Of Mohammad Akhlaq And The Undoing Of The Idea Of India

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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

The Lynching Of Mohammad Akhlaq And The Undoing Of The Idea Of India
By Suhail Qasim Mir

The lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq and brutally beating up his son, Danish by a mob in Dadri, UP for allegedly consuming and storing beef marks the travesty of the democratic and non-violent credentials of India. The culture of tolerance and secularism, which India is boastful about, is fast eroding. When endeavours are being made all over the world to embark new journeys towards peace and reconciliation, India seems to be moving back into history. Imposing ideals from a mythic past, which are objectionable to a large section of the population, seems to be the course that India has chosen

Assault On Syncretic Traditions Of India
By Ram Puniyani

How do we restore the complex cultural, religious, literary pluralism of India is something which the social movements need to ponder over in times to come

Obama Lied About Syria
By Eric Zuesse

U.S. President Obama's central case against Syria's Bashar al-Assad (and his central argument against Assad's supporter Russia on that matter) is that Assad was behind the sarin gas attack in Ghouta Syria on 21 August 2013 — but it's all a well-proven lie, as will be shown here

The Gas Wars
By Kenneth Eade

The "gas wars" are also the current impetus behind the anti-terrorist rhetoric in fighting ISIS in Syria. Dubbed the "Islamic Pipeline," a planned 3480 mile long Iran-Iraq-Syria natural gas pipeline going toward Europe from the Middle East, has the full support of the current Assad government. This pipeline project is competing with U.S. and European dreams to build a similar pipeline, originally contemplated to run from Qatar and Saudi Arabia through Syria to Turkey, to to supply European customers through Austria

Seven Points Not On The Arab Media Agenda - What Is There To Celebrate?
By Ramzy Baroud

It has been recently announced that Arab 'media experts' plan to 'celebrate' Arab Media Day on April 21, 2016. The theme for the first day, of what is meant to be an annual tradition, is: "The Role of the (Arab) Media in Combatting Terrorism". The mockery is surely multi-faceted. One is the clearly politicized choice of the theme of the proposed event. The term 'terrorism' is a political one, and is rarely applied to violence committed by Arab regimes: it only applies to their detractors

Flaming Middle East Finds End Of Single Pole
By Farooque Chowdhury

Ever flaming Middle East is turning a tough spot for the world imperialism. The region with widening conflict zones is now a formal confirmation of the end of single-polar world. Imperialism now can't dictate rules of games on its own there in the increasingly volatile area. Political developments in New York and Moscow on the last day of September carry the message

Refugees Don't Cause Fascism, Timmermann – You Do
By Dan Glazebrook

Sustainable solutions are available, and always have been; namely 1) stop destabilising Africa and the Middle East: which means, precisely, stop arming sectarian insurgencies (Syria, Libya and Somalia), stop sabotaging diplomatic solutions by insisting on one side's surrender as a precondition to talks ('Assad must go') and stop forcing vulnerable economies to adopt regressive neoliberal policies which impoverish small producers ('structural adjustment programmes' and 'free trade areas'); and 2) implement the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees, and give refuge to all those fleeing persecution and war

Iran And Appeasement At UN General Debate Also No Call For
Justice via Nuremberg Prosecution of US
By Jay Janson

Article is in regard to the address of President Hassan Rouhani of Iran before the UN General Assembly during its 2015 General Debate, the general atmosphere of appeasement during the debate, and an unwillingness, even by delegates of nations bombed and invaded by US or NATO, to uphold the UN Charter that contains the Nuremberg Principles of international law. Part of a series of articles on the UN General Debate

Pope Francis In Philadelphia
By Linh Dinh

Lapsed Catholics take only what they like from the church, but political and business leaders can simply ignore the Vatican. They haven't gotten where they are by paying attention to popes. With Francis, though, they can even use his teachings about humility, forebearance, tolerance and charity to make us better endure the coming years of suffering and austerity as orchestrated by them, our true rulers. As Simone Weil points out, Catholicism is the religion par excellence for slaves

By Nomi Prins

The Donald's Finances and the Art of Ignoring Conflicts and Contradictions

Migration As A Means of Livelihood or An Escape Route: An Empirical Analysis
By Roli Misra

The out migration from the state of Assam is continuing because the returns from the agriculture are low. The government policy which is supposed to maintain and preserve their identity of this religious minority is non effective in the state of Assam

Anarchy In Kashmir!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Total anarchy in every sphere of life seems to have taken hold of entire Kashmir. There is absolute free for all without even a semblance of accountability!

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