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Thursday, October 1, 2015

When Narendra Modi CRIED in USA . . . *****Not Even ONE Lady Wiped Modi's TEARS!***** by Ashok T Jaisinghani

When Narendra Modi CRIED in USA . . . 
*****Not Even ONE Lady Wiped Modi's TEARS!*****

        by Ashok T Jaisinghani

   It is a GREAT PITY that NOT even ONE kind-hearted LADY in the audience took the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY of using her HANDKERCHIEF for WIPING the TEARS of our great Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when he CRIED publicly in USA, especially as he was SHEDDING TEARS for the STRUGGLES of the WOMAN who has been his MOTHER! 

   Narendra Modi had started WEEPING as soon as he remembered his POOR MOTHER who had struggled hard to bring him up, for which she had to work as a MAID-SERVANT who CLEANED UTENSILS and FILLED WATER in the houses of other people. He also stated that his MOTHER had even WORKED as a LABORER. 

   Did ALL the LADIES present in the program held on September 27 at the FACEBOOK headquarters in San Jose, California, think that Narendra Modi was shedding FALSE TEARS like any ACTOR of Bollywood or any ROCKSTAR of Hollywood? Why even ONE LADY did NOT use her HANDKERCHIEF to WIPE the TEARS of Narendra Modi, the GREATEST and MOST POPULAR Prime Minister of India? 

*****Did Modi CRY to get VOTES of POOR Biharis?*****

   Women know that many children CRY to ATTRACT the ATTENTION of others to themselves! By SHEDDING TEARS while talking about his POOR MOTHER, was Narendra Modi desperately trying to DRAW the ATTENTION of the POOR VOTERS of Bihar, especially the WOMEN, to vote for "HIM" in the Assembly elections? Or do his TEARS INDICATE his EXTREME FEAR that his party, the BJP, will get BADLY DEFEATED in the Bihar Assembly elections! 

   Will the POOR PEOPLE of Bihar TRUST and VOTE for the party of a high-flying FLAMBOYANT ROCKSTAR like Narendra Modi who is always HOBNOBBING and dealing with the RICHEST PERSONS of the world, ALL of whom are BILLIONAIRES? Should the POOR PEOPLE of Bihar believe in his BOMBASTIC BOGUS PROMISES, when the BJP just will NEVER be ABLE to keep them?  

*****Should Children SHED TEARS for POOR PARENTS?*****

   Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi answer these BIG QUESTIONS: Should the children of CRORES of POOR maidservants, farmers and laborers SHED TEARS whenever they think about their HARD-WORKING PARENTS? Will Doordarshan and other TV producers show the CRORES of such children SHEDDING TEARS in the programs telecast on their channels? If Narendra Modi CRIES and SHEDS TEARS because his MOTHER cleaned utensils and filled water, why does he ask the Indian children and others to SWEEP the STREETS and CLEAN DIRTY TOILETS with JHAADOOS in his Swachchh Bharat Abhiyaan, when such work is MUCH WORSE and more demeaning? 

   Should we all CRY and SHED TEARS when we remember that Mahatma Gandhi, known as the "FATHER of the NATION," even cleaned TOILETS?  
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