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Monday, June 21, 2010


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Uri Avnery, the top Israeli zionist impostor, has churned out a new piece of zionist propaganda (see : ) and soon the Palestinian and "Western Left" websites would republish it without reservation, as they have done so far.

Under the title,A Flash Of Lightning - Israel's Action Against Flotilla, Avnery's new article does not condemn the zionist war crimes against Gaza, nor the zionist murderous piracy on the high sea, as you might expect from a self proclaimed peace activist leader. Instead, he conjures up Barak ( meaning lightning in Hebrew), the zionist war criminal who masterminded the war crimes against the humanitarian flotilla, as having a positive effect !

Avnery reckons that Barak's "lightning" crimes have shown the damage they inflicted on the zionist apartheid regime of Israel (he says : "The action of Ehud Barak & Co. only lit up the situation as it is now, and gave it yet another push in the wrong direction"). Except that Avnery does not consider them as crimes, nor does he consider the zionist state's regime an apartheid regime...(he says : "OUR GOVERNMENT' action against the Gaza aid flotilla was such a lightning flash"). On the contrary, he keeps using the word "our" to show his concern for the criminal regime , and to show his loyalty to it !

Moreover,in this article as in most of his previous articles Avnery keeps repeating that "THE CENTRAL pillar of our policy is our alliance with the United States...For many years, this alliance has kept us safe from all trouble." Is this not zionist propaganda ( which always has relied on USA imperialism ) ?

To embrace such zionist impostors as Avnery, Chomsky and their cabals are, is to betray the Palestinian cause to the zionist enemy. This is what Raji Sourani has been doing to me and to my children too with the approval of the Palestinian leaders, thus encouraging the zionist Gestapo to keep up the ongoing torture of us here in Australia.

Obviously, with every passing day of Palestinian betrayal of my daughter, of my son and of myself to the zionist Gestapo; and with every passing day of the zionist Gestapo's ongoing deadly torture of us; and with every passing day of treachery by Raji Sourani and his cronies the Palestinian cause is diminished, the international solidarity with it is shrinking, and the Palestinian self inflicted disasters would multiply.

Under such circumstances the only hope left for us is the solidarity protests by all people of good will around the world.

I therefore ask again every reader to send immediately protest messages to the following email addresses, and with a copy to my email address ( or ).

1. to the Australian government (email; a message along the following lines :

" I protest the continuous torture of the Australian citizen Benjamin Merhav by sleep deprivation and his daughter and son by psychiatric torture in Melbourne, Australia.

This torture is perpetrated against Benjamin Merhav directly by the clandestine arm of the State of Israel (the zionist Gestapo), and indirectly by the same culprit against Benjamin's daughter and son.

I demand that the Australian government instruct ASIO to protect these Australian citizens, and stop these terrorist crimes by a foreign government on Australian soil immediately !"

2. to ICJ-Australia and ICJ Secretariat (email,,,,
) a message along the following lines :

"I protest your refusal to investigate Benjamin Merhav's complaint against the Australian government's approval of ASIO's violation of the rule of law in Australia, regarding the continuous torture in Melbourne of himself, his daughter and his son , all Australian citizens, by the clandestine arm of the State of Israel (the zionist Gestapo).

I demand your immediate intervention to protect these Australian citizens, to stop the perpetration of these terrorist crimes In Australia, and to end these violations of the rule of law by the Australian government in Australia."

3. to the PCHR and to all the Palestinian leaders in occupied Palestine ( email ;
) message along the following
lines :

"I protest the betrayal of Benjamin Merhav by Raji Sourani to the zionist Gestapo's torture. I demand Sourani's replacement on the ICJ and on FIDH with a honest Palestinian patriot who would initiate protest action against the torture of Benjamin Merhav, his daughter, and his son by the zionist Gestapo in Australia.

I demand that the Palestinian leaders encourage Palestinians and their supporters to protest this ongoing terrorist torture by the zionist Gestapo, and to demand that it should stop immediately."

Palash Biswas
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