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Monday, June 21, 2010

Rajshekhr VT Responds with Some Questions Must Be answered!

Rajshekhr VT Responds with Some Questions Must Be answered!

Troubled Galaxy destroyed Dreams- Chapter 505

Palash Biswas

Dear Sir
1. your mail of 20/6 came as a surprise. Want to know what you mean by "VTR to Address Global Phemonenon…." From where you got this news?
2. Many people have many reservations about our writings. You are not the only one. For 30 years we continued but Daits went to remain as slaves.
3. What do you mean by "organized sector must be involved in any mission of change." Which is this sector? Its caste composition?
4. There is no difficulty in meting. We don't involve in any NGO rackets.

VT Rajshekar

The questions raised by VTR are very Important for all Ambedkarites and whoever is interested in Freedom for the Mulnivasi SC, OBC,ST and Minority Communities, the Indigenous aboriginal Humanscape. I must admit that I read Ambedkar very late as I had been believing in Class Struggle. Only after I landed in Bengal and have been ENCUNTERED by the Scientific Manusmriti apartheid Hegemony best known as Bengali Brahaminical Hegemony, I became Aware of Caste Identity, which I negelected and contested my Ambedkarite father, who lived and died for Black untouchable refugees!

As this interaction is nothing personal but highly Relevant to the aspirations, dreams and Freedom struggle of Enslaved Indian, southasian, Third World Masses, I insist to continue the debate which would rather enhance our Survival Kit. Thus, I do dare to Post the content of the Debate focused on Ambedkar Ideology, Post Ambedkar Movement, Casteology, Global Phenomenon, Political Economy and Ambedkarite Economics, Challenges and Strategies!I hope, since VTR stimulated the Debate and continued the Mission to enlighten, empower and organise us, he would not mind to making the personal correspondence Public!

Our Guide and Leader VTR as we regard him has responded on my writeup posted yesterday which as follows:
DALIT Voice Continues to Echo, Thanks VTR to Address Global Phenomenon and the South Asian Geopolitics Once Again!

Troubled Galaxy destroyed Dreams- Chapter 504

Palash Biswas

DALIT Voice Continues to Echo, Thanks VTR to Address Global Phenomenon and the South Asian Geopolitics Once Again!

I was very Concerned as DALIT Voice latest issue was not Published on Net as usual. Our dear writer and editor Gyan Ranjan already discontinued PAHAL. UTTARARDH was lost after the demise of Savyasachi.But Vishnu Chandra Sharma handed over SARVANAM and it continues.

Nevertheless, DALIT Voice is NEITHER Commercial NOR Literary.It is a Mission in true sense as it Connects, Awakens and Organises us, the MULNIVASI Black Untouchables worldwide!It is the only Lifeline for our Survival Kit.

I have met Sheetal Markam and Mr. Vasnik in Nagpur as we are connected by TRI IBLIS series! I had been in Bangalore to attend a seminar organised by Jyothi and Raj in  Dalit reds Headquarter in TUMKUR. But I could not meet VTR. VTR also visited Kolkata, but the meeting could not take place. We are just connected by the singular link Dalit Voice. And it has NEVER Been PERSONAL!

I read and quote Dalit Voice as my Routine! Though, I have serious resrvations on VTR`s stance on Castelogy, Mayawati, Dalit Muslim Party in Bengal and Taslima Nasrin! I believe that the ORGANISED Sector must be involved in any Mission to Change. I focus on Ambedkarite Economics while VTR spends his Eneregy on Equations and Power Sharing. But his Global vision is a MUST for our Survival.

Day before yesterday, KL Biswas called me from Mumbai and Assured that Dalit Voice would continue at any cost. COLONEL Barves had been most worried and believed that we should be able to sopport VTR!

Please visit my blogs to read complete write up with Content from the latest issue of Dalit Voice!

I did not Explain my points as I wanted to focus on the Very Important Content.Since, I have lost my space in Mainstream Brahaminial Media and literature and the Public Address ystem is Hijacked under Rothschilds` zionist Mind control Game and Hatred and Misinformation Campaign against our Mulnivasi People by the Market Dominating Foreigner Brahamins, I opted for English after writing in Hindi for over Three decades. I am not Habitual English writer! Hence, due to my linguistic limitations, certain things may be missing or may be misinterprated.

For me, in Indian context, it was no one else but Dr. BR Ambedkar who is quoted in every DV issue, had the Vision to address Global Phenomenon! Problem of rupee is as imoprtant as the Annihilition of Caste or Riddles in Hinduism!For me VTR is doing the same thing to ENCOUNTER the Global Zionist Brahmin Corpoate world Order of ethnic Cleansing! He has been pleading for South Asian Geopolitical Peace and fraternity and had been always very clear about the Positive role of China!VTR exposed the Marxist Maoist corporate Friend Brahamins who ally with the India Incs, MNC and Foreign Money in the Corpoaret War aginst the Aboriginal landscape!

We should not forget the Contribution of Dr Ambedkar who recognised the Excluded SC, ST, OBC and Converted Minority Communities as Working Class, Producers of Wealth! Despite the Brahamin bania Raj succeeded to divide the Mulnivasi Majority Masses and got Ambedkar to sign the Pune Pact, despite the Brahmins could PARTITION India to launch Brahamin Bania Monopolistic aggression aginst MULNIVASI BAHUJAN, the Aboriginal Indigenous Humanscape, despite the facts that MK Gandhi did manipulate HINDUTVA as Politically most sophisticated Weapon to isolate OBC and ST communities from the Scheduled casates, Dr Ambedkar did ENSURE Constitutional safeguards for SC, St and OBC communities. That is wahy we may demand OBC headcount today as Dr Ambedkar had opened the door.

But the market Dominating Brahmins allied with their Zionist Brothers and created the Empire of Global Hindutva in a Resurgence of Manusmriti with Babri Mosque Demolition, Sikh Genocide, Anti Reservation Movement, Gujarat Genocide. InformationTechnology, Maoist Menace, Terror Strikes, Demonistaion, Brahaminical Marxism, Co option and demographic Readjustment along with Continuous Ethnic Cleansing!Globalisation and Free market democracy is Nothing but Post Modern Manusmriti and Apartheid Rule!

Dr Ambedkar ensured Trade Union Rights in India and followed the great Tradition of Original Trade Union leaders like Anyakali in Kerala. But the Mulnivasi Bahujan permitted Indian Trade Unions to be Hijacked by the Brahamins. As for now, the Brahami Marxists lead the Trade Unions which NEVER do resist Economic Reforms whick kills the Indian Republic, Constitution,Demcracy, Production system and put on India, its natuer and Natural resources on SALE! The Zionist Dynasty remote controlled Governement of India Incs led by Superslaves and Extara Constitutional Elements reloads the Taxation against the Common Masses in the best interest of LPG Mafia! Now, the Property value of Ambani Brothers, for Example, is near equal of Toatal Budget of India. The Killer Money Machine is set Free and we are GUILLOTINED! Mass Movement or Insurrections are subjected to BRUTAL Repression with Military Option and zero tolerance as the People belonging to Mulnivasi Identies  engaing themselves in Resistance, may be most NON Violent and Democratic are Demonised as Terrorist or Extremists! It has been happening all over the Segregated Excluded landscapes all Over the Himalyas in kashmir, Uttarakhand, Gorkhaland and the Entire North east Including Assam! Now Centarl India is seized within. Our people, the Aboriginal Tribes, SC, ST and OBC communities, bengali and Tamil Refugees are stranded in CROSS Fire! Tribal People DISPLACED and Predestined for Exodus, have noway but to Revolt as they have been doing since Aryan Invasion and had been Displaced from North India.

Only the ORGANISED Sector remains as the Launching pad for whatsoever Resistance possible which is Captured by the Brahamins as SC, ST and Obc and minority workers and Employees are Subordinated and Used to sustain the Manusmriti Rule Pushing Privatisation, Disinvestment and FDI with the hidden Agenda of Economic Ethnic Cleansing.Since the Brahamins lead the Trade Unions and we do allow them, our People suffer most!

Why should we NOT Follow , Ambedkar, the Economist? I have been insisting and trying to convince our friends that once we do succeed to MOBILISE the SC, OBC, ST and Minorty community Workers, we would be able to upset the Apple cart of the Brahaminical System which may not AFFORD any Hinderance in ECONOMIC Reforms dictated by the Zionst Global Manusmriti Corpoarte Order.

I agree with VTR setting Topmost priority on caste Identity. Absence of this Caste Identity, has made most of the SC and OBC Communities More Brahaminical than the Micro Minority Brahamins as the Marxist Regemented Gestapo Rule continued for Three and half decade in Benaglin Benagl, as our People have lost their Identity and feel to breathe in casteless Society while UNTOUCHABILITY, Segregation and Ethnic cleansing rates in Marxist Ruled Bengal are at the Highest level and it is Scietntific Globalised Manusmriti Rule!

Indisriminate Land Acquisition, SEZ Drive, Citizenship Amendment Act, Strategic Rural Marketing, Infrastructure, Realty Boom, Anti Terror Acts, AFPSA, Big Dams, Industrialisation, Urbanisation, Unique Identity Project, Health Tourism, Knowledge Economy, Agrarian Crisis and second Green Revolution, Finacial Reforms, Direct Tax Code, Census as  Mraket Research, Biological, Chemical and Nuclear War fare  are some examples of Global Phenomenon which may not be RESISTED with equations of a few SC or OBC castes sharing Power with BRAHMINs at the Centre or different states while the PERSECUTION, Inherent Inequality and Injustice, ethnic Cleansing, Exodus, Deportation and Holocaust of every other NON BRAHMIN Caste and Communities do continue!

Maniratnam Demonised Aboriginal Icon RAVAN Once Again to Justify Ethnic Cleansing by Rama, the Aryan whom Chidambaram Replicates in His Corporate War Against Aboriginal Humanscape as Insurrections against Monopolistic Aggression is defined INSURGENCY to Make Way for Military Option!

US Treasuries fell after China let the yuan rise!China's signal over the weekend that it would give more room for the yuan to move is a genuine step toward currency reform that should help improve US-China ties, the US ambassador to China said on Monday.India and China could not BEFRIEND despite the Legacy of Thousands of Years` Joint Cultural Heritage and Peaceful Coexistence barring the single Incidence of 1962. But both INDULGED in WOOING United States of America!The Global Hindutva and Zionism alliance underestimated the Chinese Potential.

Rise in value of yuan to be slow, China insists!A day after announcing that it would allow a more flexible currency, China said on Sunday that any appreciation in its value would be gradual, and it set the renminbi's value in early trading on Monday at the same level as it traded on Friday.

Back Home, in India Foreign fund flows into the share market are a key support for the rupee and would be watched for cues, dealers said. So far in June, foreigners have bought shares worth a net $890 million, after dumping around $2 billion in May.

They are net buyers of $5.5 billion so far in 2010. One-month offshore non-deliverable forward contracts were quoted at 45.48, weaker than the onshore spot rate.

In the currency futures market, the most traded near-month dollar-rupee contracts on the National Stock Exchange and MCX-SX ended at 45.79 and 45.78, respectively, with the total traded volume on the two exchanges at about $7.3 billion.

We lost Currency Sovereignty during Colonial Period as Dr BR Ambedkar analysed well in his classic work, the Problem of RUPEE! The Raj is reaplced by the Brahamin Bania corporate LPG Raj now, and RUPEE has not recovered as yet as the Ruling Market Dominating Class manipulated the Politics as well Economy to ensure Exclusion, Persecution and ethnic Cleansing of the Majority Mulnivasi Bahujan Indigenous,Aboriginal and Minority Classes. We Identify ourselves as EMERGING Market and killed Humanity, Human Rights, Citizenship and the Nation, Freedom and sovereignity. Chinese Yuan has exposed afresh our ENSLAVEMENT, Colonial status and Helplessness!

Strategic Realliance cost Goes beyond BHOPAL Gas Tragedy, India Incs Governance, LPG Raj, Manusmriti Rule and Aboriginal Central India Seized Within under Corporate War!

India Bought Free Market Democracy Allowing India to be the Experiment Field of Biological, Chemical and Nuclear warfare! Bhopal was made Scapegoat to Introduce Globalisation and Global Brahaminical system. Now Stripped Naked, the Zionist Manusmriti Hegemony Does the Best Possible Eye Washing to dupe us as GOM innovates the Escape way Declaring Rs 1,500 crore package for Bhopal gas victims!On the other hand,Even as it continued to grapple with mounting problems, embattled British energy major BP Plc today revised expenses related to the Mexican Gulf oil disaster upwards to USD 2 billion. Under pressure from the US administration to speed up efforts to contain the oil spill and compensate victims, BP had announced a USD 20-billion claims fund.

Big news : Fall of America from sole super power status is speeded up as China rises

The giant has started falling. The world's sole single super power, USA, is finally losing its shine.

This became clearly visible at the May 24-25, 2010 high level joint conference of USA and China at Beijing. The world famous London Economist (May 1, 2010 p.31), which itself is pro-Jew and anti-China, says this in so many words that clear signs are now visible that the US is surrendering to China, the rising super power which is expected to become the world's No.1 power in 2-3 years.

Dalit Voice has said this long back. And events since then have proved us right.

Christians must wake up: The 2% Jews are holding the neck of Christian America and the 2% Brahminists, the "Jews of India", are controlling the breathing of its 1,300 million people. Both are cousins.

Dalit Voice has said this many times and enough proofs are now available that we have proved right.

Now that the fall of the US has begun, the speed with which it will collapse will simply increase as the time passes. And may even become uncontrollable — unless the right-thinking Christians wake up to nip this micro-minority forces of destruction.

Concocted 9/11: Our fear is the Jews are running amuck deliberately in a state of desperation. It all started with the Israeli Mossad and American CIA-concocted "Al-Qaeda attack" on the WTC twin towers in New York — called 9/11 to launch a war on Muslims and Islam. The killer, US President George Bush, immediately attacked Afghanistan claiming to capture the Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden but he was neither captured nor killed even after so many years of war and killing countless Muslims. He then went to Iraq and devastated a Muslim country and killed Saddam Hussein. Yet America could not end the "Islamic terrorism" nor capture the Al Qaeda boss. The war is now extended to Pakistan as well.

Obama, a failure: After the coming of President Obama, a Black and Muslim, there has been no change in the American policy on Islam but the zionists controlling Israel feel that unless the Arabs holding on to their little piece of land in the divided Palestine are thrown out or killed. Then only the zionist state would be safe.

Fall of dollar: But the US is not able to carry out the zionist order and this is the cause of the zionist fury on US as well as the Christian Europe.

The recent American financial collapse was also caused by the zionists who control the entire US financial world and even in Europe.

America, being controlled by its 2% Jews, is met with stiff resistance from China, which has already occupied the No.2 position in world economy after pushing Japan to the third place. Hillary Clinton, the US No.2 after President Obama, though a Christian, is acting on behalf of the zionists but everywhere she made US to meet with defeat at the hands of China.

Defeat in Korea: (1) As this is written virtual war preparations have begun between South and Communist North Korea, a friend of China. South Korea is blaming the North for sinking its patrol ship. China is fully supporting North Korea. The world's sole super power is simply helpless and powerless — proving the pitiable situation to which it is reduced within such a short time.

(2) America took its biggest 200-strong team to Beijing (on May 24-25, 2010) headed by Mrs. Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Githner, a Jew, and begged China to reduce the value of its currency, Yuan. China said no — which means China will have its hand on the economic neck of US.

Signs of World War-III: (3) The May 31 bloody clash on the Gaza waters with the zionist Israeli soldiers has left over 19 Palestinians dead. This is one of the most violent clashes on the international waters that has received international condemnation.

That means the "Palestinian peace process", which Obama is trying to revive, is dead. But the US has no courage to take action on the rogue state of Israel. This is the biggest setback US has suffered on the Palestinian-Israeli dispute which began as early as the end of World War-I. The zionist state of Israel is the cause of both the world wars. The angry zionists, who are now impatient with the Western Christian rulers, are bent upon destroying the entire Western economy. The first casualty will be the US. There are clear signs of a World War-III.

Brahminists killing India: (4) America suffered yet another defeat on the notorious zionist agent Dalai Lama who is creating all the trouble in India. The Brahminist rulers of India are feeding him just to irritate China.

If the Christian West is being continuously punished by the zionists for not obeying its dictates, in India the 2% Brahminists, "the Jews of India", are killing the country itself. They have devastated the entire countryside. After this job is successfully accomplished, now they have turned to the cities where the Brahminists are concentrated. Calcutta, the original land from where the "Hindu terrorism" took its birth, was the first to be killed. Madras has turned into one vast slum. Bombay, the country's richest and the most populous city, is dying fast. Delhi has become chaotic and also unsafe — though it is the seat of the country's govt. Bangalore city is dying fast. Hyderabad remains the only exception but the Brahminist killers dare not touch the city because 30% of its population is Muslim. So they have adopted the trick of Telengana which may oust its Muslim population.

Jews killed Jesus: The Jews not only killed Jesus and later forced the Christian rulers of the West to attack Islam and Muslim countries by raising the bogey of "Islamic terrorism". They might have failed in this game but in the process both the Christian America and European countries have become politically and economically weak.

The Jews and the "Jews of India" are fully cooperating with each other in their favourite game of destruction. But to their misfortune those opposed to destruction are in a very big majority. That is how destroyers are themselves getting destroyed.

DV Jan.1, 2008 p. 23: "Coming collapse of US will be much more disastrous than fall of USSR".

DV Jan.1, 2007 p. 7: "American economy collapsing?"

DV Oct.16, 2006 p. 20: "Fall of USA is complete: All-round defeat & economic collapse".

DV Oct.1, 2006 p.13: "Super power's superlative failure".

DV Oct.1, 2005 p.9: "America's decline & fall begins".

DV June 16, 2004 p.23: "China emerges as super power – soon dwarfing America".

DV Nov.16, 2003 p.5: "China's raise & India's fall" & " China becomes leader of Asia: America ousted".

DV Edit Nov.16, 2003: "Arrogant America's fall begins: Euro getting ready to drown dollar hegemony".

Dalit Voice gets its 3rd email ID

Please note our one more email

Please keep all your messages very brief as
we get hundreds daily. Send longer articles and letters by post only.

We may not Negelct the world on fire! VTR is addressing this Global Phenomenon and trying his best to ORGANISE Aboriginal Indigenous Minority Combined Mulnivasi Bahujan Resistance!As far as I understand!

Naxal Issue: UN refers it as armed conflict, India objects.But Corporate War against Aboriginal India Makes it a Perfect Conflict Zone!

Troubled Galaxy Destroyed Dreams- Chapter 503

Palash Biswas

Raising strong objection to a United Nations report terming the Naxal issue "armed conflict," India declared Friday that the Maoist guerilla groups operating in the country did not fall into that category according to international law.But the fact is that Corporate War against Aboriginal India Makes it a Perfect Conflict Zone!Encouraged by some successes, the states — mainly Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh — being assisted by Central paramilitary forces will further intensify their operations against Maoists to "gain as much ground as possible" in the Red zone before the Monsoon fully sweeps the region.

Citing decisions taken in recent review meeting — chaired by Union home minister P Chidambaram — of the entire issue in Jharkhand, sources in the home ministry said more central paramilitary forces would join the states in the next few days.

Just Remember!Hours after Naxals blew up a bus in Chhattisgarh killing over 30 people, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram said he had a "limited" mandate and has asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for more, hinting at the demand by some states for use of air-support to tackle Maoists.

Replying to questions on the need for air-support to tackle the Naxal menace and the Cabinet Committee on Security's refusal to endorse the use of the same, Chidambaram said, "I can implement the mandate that is given to me. Now I believe that the collective wisdom is better than an individual statement."

DIRECT TAX Code to Push Economic Ethnic Cleansing and Impact on the Masses is DESTRUCTIVE Contrary to the Media Hype of Relief!

India may spend $ 80 bn in 5 yrs on defence acquisitions!

India is estimated to spend about $ 80 billion in the next five years on defence acquisitions, making it one of the most attractive markets for global defence firms, an industry study has said.

The CII-Deloitte report on 'Prospects for Global Defence Industry in Indian Defence Market' said the defence capital expenditure budget was expected to achieve a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10 per cent from 2011 to 2015.

Total indigenous production between 2011 and 2015 would need to expand from about $ 30 billion to more than $ 70 billion in the span of five years to be able to achieve 70 per cent indigenisation by 2015, the report, released during the Eurosatory-2010 defence exhibition in Paris, said.

It noted that the defence industry would need to expand by an average of 30 per cent a year over the next 5 years.

The report, released by Defence Production Secretary R K Singh, provides information to global investor firms to understand the Indian defence requirements and domestic industry capabilities and opportunities in four key domains -- maritime, land, aerospace and electronics.

Singh, in his address, said the 'Buy and Make (Indian)' category in the Defence Procurement Policy of 2009 was an opportunity for foreign players to partner with the Indian Defence industry.

He further said the new category would enhance the formation of joint ventures and technology partnership between the Indian and foreign defence industry.

Responding to a query, Singh clarified that the defence Ministry was in favour of continuing with the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) limit of 26 per cent.

"Over the past decade, the Indian Ministry of Defence has put into motion plans for an unprecedented modernisation program of its defence capabilities.

"In this context, India has embarked on a major defence acquisition program, aimed at increasing the size, capability and self-reliance of its armed forces," it said.

The report said the aerospace and defence sector was growing at an unprecedented rate and emerging as a key participant in the Asia Pacific region. It also provided an indicative list of the Indian defence acquisition plans.

In the 2010-11 budget, the government had earmarked $ 32.03 billion (Rs 1,47,344 crore) for defence.

"More than $ 42 billion in total defence expenditure is targeted by 2015, of which approximately $ 19.20 billion would be expected to be spent on capital equipment for the armed forces," the report said.

DTC will not impact foreign investor fund inflows!Which is the Spine of Indian Economy governed by FDI, FII and Borrowing in Absence of Fiscal Policy as Taxation Reloaded once again against the Majority masses with Rothschild`s Surgical Precision!Media Edits and debate just focus on Foreign capital Inflow to continue and even justifies Waren Anderson, SEZ Drive, Deportation, Marketing Survey oriented Census denying Headcount OBC, Unique Identity Number Project for Realty Boom, Inflated Fundamentals Satyam Asatyam,Corporate Manipulations as AMBINIESdead to get Sectorwise supremacy in key sectors including Oil, Gas, Telecome, Pharma, Power and Infrstructure, Disinvestment of Profitable PSUs, Contract Farming and Retail Rural Marketing, Modified genetic food, Corporate War against Aboriginal Indigenous Humanscpae, Knowledge Economy, Health Tour, sex Tourism, Price rise and Inflation, Food Insecurity and Destruction of Ruaral Agrarian Landscape and SELL OFF the nation and Nature!

UID and Census combined is all set to deprive at leas 700 Million people in India belonging to Non Brahaminical Class, of CITIZENSHIP, Property, Right to Education, Health, Employment, Movement, Livelihood, Access to Law and Administration with Single stroke!

Even Ambedkarite Organisations and NON Brahamin Intellectuals have focused on OBC Headcount which eventually is ABORTED for the  time being but they do not understand the GREAT EXCLUSION and the Total Destruction looming around. Even the organised Network like different factions of Bamcef failed to do anything to campaign Awareness about the Citizenship Amendment act,
UID and Census itself.Yes, we should press for OBC headcount as we have been, but the Game is on and we should not loose the Ball!

Indian Holocaust My Father`s Life and Time - THREE HUNDRED NINETY Three

Palash Biswas

Statistics On Demographic & Socio - Economic Characteristics

Two months ago India began its latest national survey - the biggest census in the world, in which identity cards will be handed out for the first time.But it could not involve Mass Awareness necessary .

No Area Wise Notification Issued.

 No NGO, MEDIA or Civil Society or Political Social Initiative was seen during last two months.

I have been writing and speaking on this topic from the beginning.

 But could not get enough support as the Brahaminical Hegemony is ADAMANT to allow OBC headcount and the society is vertically divided.

The Manusmriti Rule sustained ensures every way to continue the EXCLUSION and Economic Ethnic Cleansing.

Citizenship Amendment Act, Unique Identity Card, Land Reform proposed to define Ownership and Economic Reforms have made CENSUS the BEST Tool of Killing and the Aboriginal Indigenous Minority Communities have NO idea about it as No Body is CONCERNED to be OMITTED out.

 It is well known that UID and Census combined is all set to deprive at leas 700 Million people in India belonging to Non Brahaminical Class, of CITIZENSHIP, Property, Right to Education, Health, Employment, Movement, Livelihood, Access to Law and Administration with Single stroke.

 As I have been omitted by the Census team which visited my Home only after  I wrote an Open Letter to the President of India and Registrar General of India cared enough to respond.

 I had some interaction with the Census officials who confirmed off the record that the FARM to note information for National Population Register has NOT reached at all in most of the cases.

 They complained that the Privileged and Educated sections of the society are not COOPERATING while the Ignorant Majority Masses  are quite UNAWARE of the Exercise.

This Morning, a Bamcef Activist from DUMDUM, Kamalesh Biswas, having talked to Census Officials called me and asked about the Implications of Census.

 I have been interacting with each and every refugee Organisation and Activist countrywide whom I may know, but I could not Convince them enough to mobilise.

 Only Friends in Dandakaranya, thanks to Refugee Coordination Vice President Shridam Biswas, General Secretary scientist Paramanand Gharami and the team, PATARU Hari Mandir Chief MR PADEE Babu did respond and they have done an excellent work  amongst the Dandakaranya Refugees.

Since Bengali Refugees in Bengal are vertically divided between TMC and CPIM, they have NO time to think anything except the Power game in West Bengal which have already destroyed them and there is NO Chance of Revival or Resurgence even if Mamata has turned Matua and PARIVARTAN seems only subjective to time!

I am not Good in my Bengali as I have studied in English medium and have been writing in Hindi for more than 35 years.

 Yes, I tried to write in Bengal seldom and some of my Bengali articles have also been published in Bengali.

 The Exercise is time killing as I stand on Information Highway and always have Heavy Backlogs. Generally, in Bengal I am not entertained in any language as Media and Literature  remain quite EXCLUSIVE and NO Anti Brahmin Pro Refugee Pro Ambedkarite writing seem possible.

 For last two days, I had been in Keutia, at my cousin`s place for a family get together.

 Kajal Adhikari, the son of Vijoy Sarkar informed me that the Vijoy Sarkar Memorial have Mobilised most of the Brahamin Intellectuals.

 I met there an M. A in Economics whop head Horticulture Farm near Kalayani who claimed that Indian Constitution and the Role of Ambedkar are the main HINDRANCES in the way of India`s Economic Growth and No Body Protested.

 I understandably could not convince him as he claims Academic superiority.

 OBC head count Issue and Census go this way countrywide.

Even Ambedkarite Organisations and NON Brahamin Intellectuals have focused on OBC Headcount which eventually is ABORTED for the  time being but they do not understand the GREAT EXCLUSION and the Total Destruction looming around.

 Even the organised Network like diferent factions of Bamcef failed to do anything to campaign Awareness about the Citizenship Amendment act, UID and Census itself.Yes, we should press for OBC headcount as we have been, but the Game is on and we should not loose the Ball!

Eminent citizens come together against caste census!

Troubled Galaxy Destroyed Dreams- Chapter 496

Palash Biswas

16922.08 264.19
Jun 10, 04:10 PM

Rajput Leader Arjun singh is targeted by Brahaminical Media while the Ruling Hegemony defends Rajiv Gandhi for the Escape route provided to Union carbide Chief ANDERSON. The Hegemony had been defending the Brahmins involved in Operation Blue Star, Sikh Genocide, Babri Mosque demolition, Shaffron Terror, Gujarat Genocide and Bhopal gas Tragedy. But the Arjun Singh case seems very special as the Brahaminical media welcomes the Knowldge Economy introduced by Kapil Sibal who replaced ARJUN Singh as Singh did try to replicate VP Singh as the NEW AVTAR of Mandal Masiha! The media and anti Reservation Lobby had always been against Arjun Singh and this time, another Rajput leader from Madha Pradesh, ex Chief Minister Digvijay singh who is not known to try for EXTRADITION of ANDERSON nor seems to have any sympathy with the Gas Victims, is pitted against the Thakur! None of the Chief Ministers pressed for Justice meantime! Why Arjun is singled out? It is not the case of Defence ZIONIST Dynasty but it is a rare occasion of the last bit attempt to sustain Manusmriti Rule which is EXPOSED NAKED as Never before.

As anger builds across the country over what's being seen as the betrayal of Bhopal, the Congress party, which was in power in both Madhya Pradesh and at the centre in 1984, has been thrust into troubleshooting a diaspora of controversies.While a group of concerned citizens from various walks of life have come together to build pressure on the government against a caste-based census.The eminent citizens including former civil servants, politicians, scientists, artists, industralists and journalists have decided to form a group, `Sabal Bharat' (strong India), to mobilise the people against the caste based census.

RANAGHAT Coopers Camp Saga Revisited as the Plight of Degenerated Partition Victim Bengali Black Untouchables  Continues alike the Hell Loosing! And the Indian Concentration Camps Named as Refugee Camps and Colonies!

Indian Holocaust My Father`s Life and Time- Three Hundred Eighty SEVEN

Palash Biswas

Arya-Brahmin Vengeance on Bengali-Tamil Dalits & Chakma Adivasi ...

 - 3 visits - 11 Feb
7 Apr 2009 ... Majority of the Dalit Bengali refugees due to inconveniences and lack of facilities in refugee camps were compelled to scatter different ... - Cached - Similar

Only Eighty Toilets for 70,000 thousand Refugees!

Only 20 Twebwells to drink Water.

Most of my Villagers went through the Inferno just after partition when they were ejected out of their Home Land Back in East Bengal. My father left Home even before partition as a Teen age Boy seeking Future and ended as a Light man in a Cinema Hall in Dutta Pukur near Barasat. My Jethamoshai and CHHOTOKAKA both were serving in Bengal Police. But the partition threw the family on the Railway Platform in Sealdah where from they landed in the First Marxist Bastion in Bengal, Ranaghat Coopers camp. Some of Basantipur Resident resettled refugee families had horrifying memoirs of Bagjola, Kashipur, Dhubulia and Bangaon Refugee camps. Benagali PRATIDIN Published today some reports relating Refugee camps and colonies in its Sunday mag ROVIWAR, edited by Film maker RITUPARNO Ghosh. It refreshed my memories about the Plight of our People  once again. A report on Ranghat and colonies outside camps written by Shantanu Chakravarti exposed the Concentration Camp Scenerio!

 We, the Generations following the real Partition Victims may not feel the Pangs of Pain and passion as we diverted in different ways and have no longing for the Lost Home Land! We had been treating the subject for long specially in reference to Marichjhanpi genocide but had not the Details which EXPOSE Discrimination,Segregation, Degeneration, Dehumanisation, Deportation, Displacement, DOLE, Hatred In depth,Untouchability and Ethnic Cleansing, demographic Adjustment to sustain Manusmriti Rule, FASCIST ways of the Bengali Brahaminical Zionist Colonial Hegemony altogether.

I saw life in Rudrapur Transit Camp established in the Terai of Nainital district in 1964. It was HEAVEN in Caparison to Bengal Experiment as Sanitation and Water supply was arranged adequately and the refugee families had been shifted to quarters as soon as possible. I was regular visitor to the camp as My father used my little help in his social activism while I just learnt to identify letters in Print and could write drafts dictated by my father, late Pulin Babu.I could never understand why the Refugees had to suffer so much in Bengal while they had been treated better out of Bengal. But I am HORRIFIED to get further details of the Concentration camps in Bengal where the East Bengal refugees had been DUMPED  to be simply ANNIHILATED and Destroyed.My father protested and Jyoti Basu, his leader ensured his Ouster from Bengal as he led the First refugee Movement in Siliguri in 1952 where the Bengali Refugees all belonging to SC OBC castes were sent to become COOLIES in the Tea gardens. The Opposition led by Communists had the Complete Control of Refugee Camps and colonies in Bengal and it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE for the state Government to decide any Policy without their Consent. Thus, Congress as well as the Communists were UNITED to Persecute and Destroy our People. Since the Beatrice Reincarnated in and as Mamata Matua Banerjee succeeded to create the same Brahaminical magic and Mind Control to Capture Refugee Vote ban, thus, being part of the Extended Pay Roll of the PARIVARTAN Camp, the Civil society, Media and Intelligentsia now do shed CROCODILE Tears for the Refugees as they had been SILENT for last SIX Decades!

The Go Downs used by the Yankees during World War Second 100x25 feet were used to dump at least Twenty families within. Only sliding giant Iron Shutter being closed as it was a must as security for the families surrounded by the wild life around, there won`t be NO Air to breathe as the Den had no Window at all. The Families were separated with some wood or Brick lines subjected to be tress pass by the eager men and women in the darkness treaded by Death Daily and the Bodies would lye there until the Weekend while the vehicles meant for the dead bodies would visit the Camp.

It had been the same scenario in Kashipur Camp in the middle of Kokata City. It also looked Same even a few years back while I visited MANA Camp in Raipur, Chhattishgargh and the adjoining PL Camp.

I am still surrounded by 122 Refugee Colonies in Sodepur, more than One Hundred Fifty in Dumdum, more or less in New Barrackpur and every recognisable names like Barasat, Agarpara, Birati, Madhyamgram, Bangaon, Sonarpur, Howrah, Bali, Barrackpur, Naihati, Ranaghat, Malda and so on!

Shaffronisation Overlaps Uttarakhand as well as BENGAL as MARX Exit and Enter DIDI with Maoist Support!

युद्धं देहि……..उन्होंने कहा था

Indian Holocaust My Father`s Life and Time - THREE HUNDRED Eighty TREE

Palash Biswas

Shaffronisation Overlaps Uttarakhand as well as BENGAL as MARX Exit and Enter DIDI with Maoist Support!

Waves of Trinamool green began pulsing through Kolkata on Wednesday morning, as the city proved it has unlatched itself from the traditional red of the Left!Meanwhile,the central government on Wednesday ordered a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation into the derailment of the Jnaneswari Express near Jhargram in West Bengal's Midnapore district that killed around 150 people May 28.

On the other hand,US says it trusts PM Manmohan Singh on passage of N-liability bill!

The Trinamool Congress on Wednesday crushed West Bengal's ruling Left Front in civic polls seen as a trial run to next year's make-or-break assembly election, wresting the prestigious Kolkata Municipal Corporation and scores of urban municipalities in the state.

As thousands of Trinamool activists cheered their leader and Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata and scores of towns, the party demanded an immediate assembly election saying the Left had lost the right to rule West Bengal. A shaken Left rejected the demand.

The Congress, which had refused to have a tie-up with the Trinamool ahead of Sunday's polls, finished a poor third in most places but still held the key to power in many municipalities.

What the Media does not Highlight is the Hindutva Psyche of all Bengali Political, Social and Intellectual activists. Ideology makes no difference in Hate Muslim and hate Dalit in Bengal. But the Anti Muslim campaign would not allow neither SC or OBC to come together with the Muslims while ST Communities are SGREGATE as in Lalgarh , Dantewada and DANDAKARANYA. RSS supports MS Mamata Bannerjee actively against the Popular belief of RSS CPIM alliance and BJP has got THREE seats against the TWO which they held since TMC BJP alliance. The UNDECLARED joint Front of TMC and Brahaminical party is the REAL danger ahead, bigger than the maoist Menace which does SAFFRONISE Bengal most Physically! These Three Seats in Kolkat Corpoartion has to be MULTIPLY very soon in other versions of the ELECTION while AMBEDKARITES themselves are SHFFRONISED as the so called Marxists are!

This Morning, I got a long waited phone call from Chanuada, Kaushani. My Room Partner during DSB Nainital days, Kapilesh Bhoj ringed me before the Kolkata Verdict was Live on TV. Only last day, I got the Copy of the latest Issue of  Nainital Samachar which carried the reports on DANTEWADA Shanti March led by Banwari Lal Sharma, AZZADI Bachao Andolan.The team included Gandhian and Sarvodaya Activists, NGOs and Nationality Movement Activists like Rajiv Lochan Shah.Later, Rajiv Kumar, who also got the call from Bhoj, told me that Rajivda has a Gandhian Family Back ground as MK Gandhi stayed with his family in the Takula state during his visit to Nainital. It is not Unexpected but the team also included some RSS elements which ultimately GLORIFIED SALWA Jududm and the report Published in Nainital Samachar says that the Tribals victimised by Maoist Menace had been made SPOs. The team visited SALAWA and also visited the CRPF camp where they paid Homage to the CRPF Jawans massacred in Dantewada.

It is stunning as it had been Stunning all the way that the Environment Movement launched by Sarvoday and supported by Uttrakhand Nationality Movement and Naxal activists had been HIJACKED by the RSS. Haridwar has become the Head Quarter of the Zionist Global Hindutva resurgence thanks to Baba Ramdev. RSS runs the Government in Uttarakhand and Social Activism means NGO Activities FUNDED by Foreign capital.Our old Friends are now in HI FI status thanks to NGO. Earlier, the JP VAHINI organised a camp in Nainital, in the Mahadevi Verma Shodha Sansthan(manged by BATROHI) campus and our dear leader SHAMSHER Singh attended the Camp along with VHP activists.

I called on our guide Anand Swarup Verma and explained the Current all India Political and Economic Scenario attracting his attention to the MNC Thrust of Oil and Gas production in and around Gujarat and Rajasthan which causes shift of US War Economy Interest specifically in reference to Strategic Realliance in US Israel Lead and India`s partnership in the so called War against Terror and US MILITARY, CIA and Mossad Presence Physically in South Asia. Anandji had been active to create alternative media for Four Decades and Never Changed his Stance and Ideology. He is an Expert in Nepal affairs. I sought his opinion on the Saffronisation of Hills as US Interests and Global Hindutva plan to make a Buffer zone in the Himalayas to Resist the Changes Imminent in Nepal as well as the South Asian geopolitics. Anandji suggested to to talk to our Friends including Rajiv, Shekhar and Shamsher as he does not Believe that so much so Committed Social Activists should join the RSS brigade and indulge themselves in Saffron Politics! I would.Anandji also quoted some instances when he had to accidentally share Dias with Unwanted elements. he believes that Such Accidents may take place and we must not doubt the INTEGRITY of our Trusted Old Friends! I also discussed the Economy Inflated and the Dangers ahead as Unprecedented Violence may create ANARCHY in Near Future and the Time is Running out. Anand Ji agreed and suggested that we should sit together and do something positive.Then I talked to Dilip Mandal who leads the OBC head  Count campaign based in New Delhi and asked him to take the INITIATIVE for the much needed Meeting.

Action Alert!I request all like minded Friends with Much Needed VISION to look Through the Clouds created by Mind Control Mission, to come Forward and take INITIATIVE so that we may INTERRUPT the process of Ultimate Mass Destruction, Degeneration and Disintegration most IMMINENT!

I discussed the issues with Friends countrywide! Mulnivasi BAMCEF President asked me how the UPA government should succeed to pass all the anti People Financial and economic Bills with just 274 Number. I told him that Excellent Floor Adjustment is the best way to bypass Constitution and Parliament. Then, NDA, UPA and the Left have NO Difference in attitude as far as Economic Reforms are Concerned. Polity, Industry, MNCs, India Incs, NGOs, Civil society, Policy makers, Economists, Social Activists, Intelligentsia, FDI fed media- the enlightend section of the Society in UNITED to accomplish the Hidden agenda of economic Ethnic Cleansing. More than THERE HUNDRED MPs in the Loksabha and Half of The Rajya Sabha Members as Majority of STATE Legislatures are Mult Billionairs! How do we EXPECT them to take a PRO People stance!

I had been writing about Bengali Colonial Brahaminical Nationality and the Scientific Manusmriti rule for SIX Decades as Partition Holocaust has DIVIDED the Majority Enslaved Bonded Demography of Refugees, SC, ST, OBC and Minority Communities in Separate Islands. OBC nationwide has Proved itself as the Dynamo of change. Even the Developed OBC castes like Maratha a Jats who considered themselves as Caste Hindu till yesterday, do Identify themselves as Aboriginal, Indigenous and Mulnivasi. BUT OBC Communities in Bengal have not Changed the Brahamincal Lifestyle and tag themselves with the Rulers. Even they hate to identify themselves as OBC, despite being the Forty fifty Percent majority of the Bengali Demography!

I also had been writing that Nandigram, Singur or Lalgarh Insurrections have nothing to do with the Emergence Of Mamata Matua as the Winner. Exit Marx had been ensured with the Publication of SACHHAR Comitteee Report as the Muslims, for the First time are DISILLUSIONED with the Marxist Anti US Hypocrititc stance and secular attitude to sustain the Brahaminical Manusmriti rule. Twenty Seven Percent Muslims have gone against the Brahmin front. It played Havoc as in Kamarhati, despite the Left managed majority, it lost all the Wards with Muslim Majority!

NO Sympathy for the Toiling Masses in the Hegemony Politics of Death, Disaster, Purchasing Power, Ethnic cleansing and Global Phenomenon of Exclusion and Annihilation in the FREE MARKET BRAHAMINICAL Zionist Democracy!Theories of Political Conspiracy and Maoist Menace Endorsed by the Ruling Class Intensifies the Monopolistic Aggression with Further SEGREGATION!

गोरख को याद करते हुए

Indian Holocaust My Father`s Life and Time, Three Hundred SEVENTY Nine

Palash Biswas

Narayan Meghaji Lokhande,the Father of Labour Movement in India and Departure from Trade Union Activities to Push Economic Reforms!

Troubled Galaxy Destroyed dDreams-480

Palash Biswas

Narayan Meghaji Lokhande, OBC leader from Mumbai Maharashtra who is well known as the Father of Indian Trade Union Movement, Anykali the Dalit SC Leader who led the First Strike in British India and Dr. BR Ambedkar who ensured the Trade Union Rights and Labour rights in India- have been outfocused to marginalise Indian working Class movement by the Marxist Leaders of Trade Union Movement Post Independence!Post Ambedkarites also did deviate from Ambedkarite Ideology which recognises the Excluded Communities SC, ST, OBC and Minorities as Producers and workers! Annihilition of Caste was immersed in Casteology and Greater Disaster for the Excluded Communities as Powerful Castes were co opted into the Hegemony to ensure POWER POLITICS Win and Share in Power with the Vote Bank equation of Castes most powerful across Caste and class line! More over, lack of Internal Democracy and Empowerment within the Ambedkarite movement has been HIJACKED by the Most Absolute and Opportunist caste leaders including those from Caste Hindus and the AMBEDKARITES making alliances with the Ruling Hegemony in the Centre and States contributed most to sustain ECONOMIC ETHNIC Cleansing! In parliamentary Majoritarian system, co opted Representation of EXCLUDED Communities departed from Trade Union Activities as well as Ambedkarite ECONOMICS of Inclusive Mass Mobilisation to Liberate the Eighty Five percent Enslaved Bonded Indian Masses. Deviation from Ideology have created number of FACTIONS and Personal Cult in the Ambedkarite movement and it led to the situation where the Aboriginal Indigenous Excluded landscape and humanscape are SEIZED WITHIN and all political parties and trade Unions push for Further Capital Inflow and Economic Reforms not to mention any resistance whatsoever.

BHARAT MUKTI MORCHA has launched Hundered Days` Budget Burn Campaign which is virtually a great Resurgence of AMBEDKARITE Economics! I have been talking and writing on the Global Phenomenon in which Caste Identity  would be Never enough for SURVIVAL in War and Civil war like conditions and Unprecedented Violence Flare Up in ANRCHY sponsered by the Mind Control game 3 G Spectrum and Toilet media. The STATE power is in fact MILITARY NUCLEAR BIO Chemical Power and we have no space for Mass Movement and even EXPRESSION, Civil and Human Rights.

Now, I do understand that Gandhian NON Violence was NEVER anything like Hindutva or Buddhism or Spritual Philosophy, but it was an EXCELLENT STRATEGY to resist the BRUTE Imperilaism which ended the SCOPE of All Out Aggression. Maoist Menace is the Part of Global Phenomenon to kill the Democratic Civil and Human Right movement in Violence so that Ruling Manusmriti Zionist Corpoaret Hegemony may have the LICENSE to Kill the Aboriginal and Indigenous , Working and Producing Communities! It is happening all over the Globe!

Thus, an ORGANISED Non Violent Trade Union Movement in the Organised SEctor is the DEMAND of the TIME and we may not dare to BETRAY the Challenge provided we have Hearts and Minds intact with Human Sensitivity and Commitment to the Toiling masses in HOLOCAUST Environment!
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Narayan Meghaji Lokhande, Remembered as the father of the Indian labour movement, Narayan Meghaji Lokhande fought for providing numerous facilities which are enjoyed by workers today.

His tireless efforts led to the establishment of the first Indian labour union, the 'Mill Hands Association' in 1884.For the first time in India the Bombay Mill Hands Association was formed on 24 April 1890. This gave impetus to the trade union movement in British India. The establishment of ILO in 1919 provided a source of inspiration for the workers to organise themselves and shape their destiny. India's membership of the same exerted great influence in the formation of a central organisation of workers called 'All India Trade Union Congress' (AITUC) in 1920 for the purpose of conducting and co-ordinating the activities of the labour organisations.

A member of the Factory Labour Commission established in 1890, Lokhande's efforts contributed to the enactment of the Factory Act (1891).

Every year, the first day of the month of May is being celebrated as the May Day. Since the beginning of the last decade of the nineteenth century this day came to be observed as the Labour Day or International Workers' Day to highlight the struggle of the workers and manifest their solidarity throughout the world.

The emergence of the urban working class can be traced to the Industrial Revolution in Europe since the mid-eighteenth century. The workers were exploited with lengthy hours of work, poor wages and unhealthy living conditions. Even women and children were forced to work for 12 to 15 hours a day. There was neither government legislation nor popular movement to improve the condition of the working class.

The first attempt to ameliorate the miserable condition of the working class was made by the so called 'Utopian Socialists'. A British socialist, Robert Owen created a model community of workers by improving their working and housing conditions and providing schools for their children. His ideas stimulated the cooperative movement in England. In France too, a number of socialists such as Saint Simon, Charles Fourier, Proudhon and Louis Blanc tried to implement socialist ideas to improve the condition of the workers. However, their efforts did not succeed in improving the lot of the working class.

Born in 1848 in Thane, he began his career in the Railways and Postal Department before joining the Mandavi Textile Mill as a storekeeper.
A follower of social reformer Jyotirao Phule, the Maratha Hospital at Mumbai was started by Lokhande to provide medical aid to the poor during the plague epidemic in 1896.

He died on February 9, 1897, while serving people affected by the plague.

Political Economics of EXCLUSION and Relevance of Ambedkarite Ideology to Address Global Phenomenon!

Palash Biswas

Political Economics of EXCLUSION and Relevance of Ambedkarite Ideology to Address Global Phenomenon!

 This paper, I beg your Pardon may seem to deviate from the old track of Casteology,the Social Engineering or Demographic Readjustment theories involved around which Post Ambedkarite Dalit Studies concentrated in recent times. I would rather try to address the Global Phenomenon of Exclusion, Post Modern Manusmriti Rule Zionist tagged with Racial Apartheid and discrimination expressed in Hegemony Behaviour, Economic Activities and Challenge to the very Existence of Indigenous and Aboriginal, Minority Communities destined of Economic Ethnic Cleansing in an atmosphere of Food Insecurity, Migration, Displacement,Exodus, Holocaust, Man Made Calamities, Pandemics, inherent Inequality and Injustice. I would rather try to highlight the Monopolistic Economic Aggression against the Socially and Politically Deprived, People on virtual No Man`s Land, Marginalised in Segregation, Isolation, Faceless Have Nots in the Free Market Global Order run by Plastic Money and War Economy which is Fascist as well as Imperialist. I would discuss the Global Hindutva and relevant Fiscal and Revenue management, Loot of Resources and Gang Rape of Aboriginal Indigenous landscape as well as Humanscape.

We have to deal with the destiny of Ideologies in this context which is quite different in Theory and Practice in Pragmatic Political economics decided by Genome Privileged Market dominating communities in this world of Fire. Dr. BR Ambedkar was the first person who tried to address this Global Phenomenon as an Economist and tried to awaken, mobilise and organise the SC, OBC, ST and Converted Minorities, the excluded Indian communities, recognising them as the Producer of wealth, the Dynamo of Indigenous Production system. But Post Ambedkarite movement deviated from Ambedkarite was and in spite of Annihilation of Caste , Casteology emerged as focus of Dalit studies which meant Share in power without Empowerment and Knowledge, Internal democracy and Representative autonomy. Thus,stronger Castes and Communities are FREE to be co opted into the Ruling Hegemony and the Eighty Five percent Majority Aboriginal Indigenous Minority Excluded communities remain Predestined for Extinction. It is intermingled with Global Phenomenon as Dalit studies lacked the Inclusiveness and limited itself as very much EXCLUSIVE, ironically justifying the Exclusion.

In this paper, I would try to address the Grass root problems in India and specifically West Bengal inflicted with Scientific Untouchability and Brahaminical system!

Since the Phenomenon of Global Capitalism rooted in with Information Technology Boom and Space Mission, Post Modernism set in our Cultural roots.Renaissance followed by Industrial Revolution INVOKED the Sovereignty of Individual focused on Liberty and Liberation. Marxism denied God and Religion and Ideoliged the Concept of withering away of sate and Classless Exploitaionless Society. But the Global Capitalism known as Globalisation conceptualised as Post Modernism Invoked God and ensured Resurgence of Religion leading to God Market!In fact, the Global Order itself is a Global Expansion of Christianity, Zionism and Brahamincal Hindutva!They have killed Genres, Languages, Folk, Nationalities, Identities, Culture, Heritage, Rural, Indigenous and Aboriginal Landscape as well as Production system to achieve the Global agenda of Mass Destruction and Ethnic Cleansing of Excluded communities!

Information Technology and Sovereignty of Market, Science and Modern Life Style, disintegration of Society, Marriage and family should have Wiped out Religion if not the Marxist and Maoist Ideologies. It did not happen but the Global Phenomenon of Exclusion intermingled with Exclusion!God theory, Religion, Rituals and Communalism have been Proved as the Best Tools of Strategic marketing in Iconised and Branded Economy and society.Brahmins may temporarily give up their economic status, but never, ever will they give up their socio-cultural privileges. Because, they know that wealth will come and go — but social and cultural, as well as racial superiority is everlasting.

To understand the Global Phenomenon, AMBEDKARITE studies may be Helpful though Dr. Ambedkar Never did dismiss Religion but Converted himself as Buddhist as he was Fighting to ANNIHILATE the Caste which sustained Manusmriti Rule in Indian subcontinent. Ambedkarite Ideology goes beyond Social or Religious Prospective and Interprets, quite amusingly History with Materialistic Objectivity which has its roots in Charvak Philosophy rejecting the Brahaminical Vedic Social system and religion in ancient times. The Key Stone of Ambedkar Ideology roots in Buddhism and the bloodless Revolution of Gautam Buddha. Moreover,Dr. Ambedkar was the First Economist who did recognise the Nature Associated Aboriginal and Indigenous Communities as Working Class. He Highlighted the Discrimination based on EXCLUSION under Caste System,Manusmriti Order and Brahaminical system. But he dealt Capitalism with his writings for example Problem of Rupee, Revenue Management and human Resource Management. Moreover, Dr Ambedkar was the Man who as the Labour Minister under Raj did ensure Rights for Women as Worker and Human Being in the society as well as Economy. He was the Pioneer of Indian Trade Union Movement and Labour Rights! Unfortunately, Post Ambedkarite Movement deviated form the Line of Annihilation of Caste and Evolved CASTEOLOGY to invent favourable Equations and Chemistry of Powerful castes and communities to snatch Power or Share Power in the Brahaminical System sustaining the Manusmriti Rule.Deviating from Ambedkarite Economics, Post Ambedkarite Movement Missed the elements of Resistance against the Global Phenomenon in Ambedkarite Ideology!

This Deviation not only sustained the age Old caste system and caste based Discrimination, Racial Apartheid in India, but eventually it helped a lot in the Process of Resurgence of Brahaminical Vedic Religion and God.In fact, Globalisation has become the face of God Market! It is the Capitalist Evolution of God.

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