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Monday, June 28, 2010


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MNN. Sep. 1, 2009. This article is written 100 years into the future.

Kanata is the Mohawk name of the temporary colony of Canada on Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island. It was occupied by a non-indigenous people from the other side of the big pond known as the Atlantic Ocean. They stayed a while, created havoc and eventually left.

They came here looking for people to enslave and resources to take. The Indigenous found them to be unwashed, unhealthy, unable to care for themselves and the environment and had a preference for greasy processed franchise food. They caused mass pollution, sickness and death.

Around 2009 their fantasy about being the dominant race of the world was ending. They panicked when we resisted their greed for our land, resources and lives. Their fraudulent authority based on threats, violence and ignorance started crumbing. By 2042 they were a minority and continued to decline until they gradually disappeared from Great Turtle Island.

A Mohawk woman, Dubble J, of the Haudenosaunee community of Six Nations, told this story about their hysteria at that time.

"OPP's "Operation Oscar" was in full force trying to take illegal control over the Indigenous at 6 Nations".

Dubble J said, "The OPP tried to harass customers of legitimate Indigenous businesses on Highway 6" because they wanted a share of the proceeds.

"Last night we were driving by. About 6 OPP [Ontario provincial police] cars were parked along the highway. Several officers were standing by. One cruiser had its emergency lights flashing".

"I stopped and got out. Two Indigenous women were standing by their car. Two excise agents had on thick bulletproof vests to make them look strong, powerful and invincible. These two ladies had bought products at one of the native shops. Bogus charges were thrown at them and their products were seized. The attackers claimed they had the gun power to extort "their share"!

"I informed the ladies the OPP and Canada Excise are violating our rights to trade, barter, self-determination and autonomy".

"The OPP goons ordered me to leave."

"Foreigners have no legitimate authority on Okwehonwe/Indigenous land as we never gave them any. I was almost arrested for obstructing justice and speaking the truth. They wrote down my license number and drove away. "

100 years ago these foreigners did not want us to prosper on our territory!!! They came from a land where they let their own people abuse, beat and enslave them. We resisted them here.

The foreigners set up puppet Indian band/tribal councils among us to violate our sovereignty. They were given money, orders, kisses and strokes to obey their puppeteers and mistreat us. Eventually the Indigenous people resisted, the economy melted down and the paper money became worthless. The Indian traitors were charged with espionage and conspiracy. Many went to Europe with their masters where they were left to die with the rats in the gutters.

After dirtying their nest here, these kinds of people left. We continue to clean up Great Turtle Island to bring back the original environment, plants and animals.

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