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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fwd: Vata Pournima: Woman prays for husband's longevity

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Date: Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 3:24 PM
Subject: Vata Pournima: Woman prays for husband's longevity

Vata Pournima : Woman prays  for  husband's longevity This year Vata Pournima falls on the full moon day (pournima) of Jyeshtha, that is, 25th  June 2010. Vatasavitri is a vowed religious observance performed on this day by married women to prolong their wifehood. Prayer: Women ritualistically worship the deities Bramha and Savitri residing in the banyan tree (vad) and pray 'Bestow health,           longevity, wealth and progeny upon my   husband and me. May the family grow and become prosperous'  Read More >> Do you know this ? A banyan tree is the resting place for Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahesh, Lord    Narasimha and Lord Madhav. The banyan tree survives even the Dissolution of the             Universe. It lives on with time…. Read more >> When Lord Yama took away  Satyavan's (her husband's) life, Savitri debated about the     scriptures with Him, for three days. Appeased with her, Lord Yama brought Satyavan back to life…. Read more >> What is the importance of Vata Pournima ? Why banyan tree is worshiped ? What is the correct method of performing the Vrat on Vata Pournima day ? Read Our Exclusive Articles : Know the Importance of Practicing Dharma Why do women wear ring in the left hand and men in their right hand ?  What is the benefit of applying kumkum than a bindi ?    The person's left channel (Nadi) is associated with the saviour (Tarak) energy, which is mainly 'action   dominant' and the right channel (Nadi) is associated with…  Read more >> The ability of kumkum to attract saviour and destroyer Shakti    Principal is the highest. Due to kumkum obstacles are created in the entry of the….  Read more >> Great Bharatiya Hindu Sages who revolutionised the field of Science Rule of righteousness - The only remedy for  nation's plight   This should give inspiration to our young generation who will then   realise what great scientists were produced in the golden era of      Bharat...   Read more >> The very reason for the plight of the nation is a decline and        degradation in Righteousness (Dharma) and morality (niti) of the           countrymen….  Read more >>  Join us on:

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