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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fwd: [bangla-vision] FOR BOLSHEVISM INSIDE THE COMMUNIST AND WORKERS’ MOVEMENT No 3 (96) MARCH 2011 [1 Attachment]

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Subject: [bangla-vision] FOR BOLSHEVISM INSIDE THE COMMUNIST AND WORKERS' MOVEMENT No 3 (96) MARCH 2011 [1 Attachment]

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No 3 (96) MARCH 2011






    January 27, 1944 marked the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad

    History does not remember such a feat in a besieged city, which was Leningrad during the Nazi blockade, in which from the paralyzing blows of cold, hunger, disease and constant bombing, the population survived, and together with the army launched a counter-offensive. Because history itself had not been faced with such a thirst for life, which besieged Leningrad generated, had not known the beliefs and strengths of the leaders in the city besieged by the enemy, and who constantly found solutions for its defense and began a counterattack in order to exhaust the enemy. At the same time, leaders of the city did their best to restore the operation of objects that had been destroyed by the enemy, and even built in the frozen workshops, weapons that would lead to victory.



    During harsh 900 days and nights of the Leningrad blockade, a fifth of all the Nazi troops that had invaded the Soviet Union were bound on the city's outskirts. In 1941 alone, Leningrad had sent behind enemy lines 93 guerrilla units, the core of whom were communists. At the frontlines of the city where the Nazis were, the Soviet partisans were constantly winning back "patches" of their land, on which the soldiers continued to fight and defend the city. The Pulkovo Heights from the southern tip of the city was turned into a battle line, impassable for the enemy, and on the right bank of the Neva appeared the "Bezymianny Heights, impossible for the Nazis to take. The Baltic fleet continued to defend Leningrad from the sea, moving to the forward positions, even cannons from the legendary battleship "Aurora". 

    The fortified city was a single unit with a front, leaving no hope for panic-mongers and cowards to surrender it to the enemy. Even in the harshest days of the blockade the following factories were working for the defence of the city: Kirovsky, Izhorsky, Steel plants "Electrosila", "Bolshevik", Nevsky Engineering. And the life support system of the city was sustained by "Lenenergo" power station. And where a line of defense was conveniently situated close to industrial workshops, rear reinforcements were created of the "Kirovsky Val" type, which the Kirovsky workers kept the defense, or the Izhora workers battalion pushed forward in order to defend their plant and not let the Germans get closer to them. Out of the townspeople themselves were created entire divisions of militia, working to protect Leningrad, along with acting army.


    In these circumstances the command of Hitler's forces frantically looked for ways to break into the besieged city, forcing their own troops to take active steps to break the resistance in some areas and enter its streets and squares. But since the usual attacks by the fascist troops were unsuccessful, their command carried out psychiatric attacks: Hitler's soldiers marched in numbers, continuously shooting with automatic weapons, bawling songs. And then at the critical moment they were met by commissars, like the regiment commissar N. Smirnov did at Pulkovo Heights, who worked before the war as Secretary of the Vyborg District Committee of the CPSU / b /. They raised up by personal courage the Leningrad militia and led them into retaliatory attacks. As a result, the ranks of the Nazi attack could not withstand the return onslaught of the fighters who rose up to full height for their city, and for their people. And the Germans were forced to cling to a foreign land, and then quickly retreated to their original positions. Only from such attacks, the commissars did not come out alive, as was the case with N.A. Smirnov. But it was on the beliefs and activities of such people that the defence of Leningrad was maintained all 900 days and nights.

    Experience, as you know, always teaches us not to revel in victory. Because like in feasts, advantage is always on the side of those who take no part in the fighting or even are the most able to capitalize on someone else's tragedy. Changing the name of Leningrad over to St. Petersburg is due to just that fact that the true defenders of the siege of Leningrad have already died, but their descendants under the clink of glasses do not get tired of selling off for a pittance to their Western benefactors, all that cost an enormous amount effort to defend by the fathers and grandfathers. In this, the unbalanced systems of the city once again enter into a tailspin of stagnation, for which it is clearly looking, through cold and hunger, like that of a besieged city.

    Of course, behind all this modern bedlam stand the distinct actions of world imperialism and its agents, feasting away happily in Russia today. Just as in the past decades, by the efforts of the sold off party nomenklatura, imperialism has diluted from minds of the memory of the heroism of Soviet people in World War II, dealing a blow, especially against the personality of the Supreme Commander J.V.Stalin, just as a blow to the feats of the defenders of Leningrad, who did not surrender the city and did not submit to the enemy. And all this was done, and is still being done with only one purpose, to discredit Bolshevism and negate its organizing and guiding role in national defence and in defense of Leningrad. Because imperialism wants to see itself, naturally – as "white and fluffy". In fact, behind the good intentions of the imperialists, there always grow blockade conditions for anything that is not theirs. In this sense, American Capital is no better than Hitler's Capital. The only difference is, on what crimes will one or another group of imperialism carry out, if the economic collapse from the crisis will force the rescuing of property of individual groups.

    900 days and nights of the siege of Leningrad gives a clear example of how to carry the red flag of victory and not surrender it. Because the loss of memory about such feats, turns out for ungrateful descendents, as empty promises of the new idols of concessions. In reality such promises by the idols are realized in the financial bubbles, enlarged by waves of crisis of capitalism. From there come the good wishes of the concessionaires lined with a new "residence permit" under siege conditions. Indeed the army of Capital in such matters defends property, but the army of Labour defends life itself. Which is why the creative will of the army of labor, ultimately, will always take precedence over the speculative politics of the army of Capital. And the outcome of the siege of Leningrad – is a vivid example.


Vladimir Ryabov

Member of the CC AUCPB






February 16 - Birthday of DPRK leader Kim Jong Il


On February 16,  Korean people celebrate the Birthday of the General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Jong Il - Chairman of the National Defence Committtion of the DPRK, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the DPRK. 


We congratulate Great Kim Jong Il on his birthday and in his name, the entire Korean people on this auspicious occasion.


The years of leadership in the DPRK by Kim Jong Il have been historically the most difficult because of the sharp aggravation of the crisis of world imperialism and attempts by the hawks in the U.S. and world governments to ignite the fire of nuclear war, where only is provided such an opportunity - anywhere in the world, because the globe is actually declared a U.S. "zone of their vital interests."


The severe economic blockade the DPRK, declared by the United States, throughout the life of a young socialist country, the despicable and heinous false propaganda of the world against the DPRK, the South Korean leaders incitement to exacerbate relations with the DPRK, to prevent reunification of the nation - all this is only a few strokes of the fierce political and diplomatic struggle that is constantly engaged by the DPRK government under the leadership of their glorious leader Kim Jong Il, who, like the fairy tale horse Chollima, skillfully overcoming all the obstacles erected in the path of of the DPRK, swiftly and confidently leading the country to a brighter future of prosperity of a socialist highly developed nation.


More than half a century of socialist construction in the DPRK clearly demonstrated that even a small country can live and thrive completely isolated from the world, relying solely on its own strength. (Russian President Medvedev can not imagine Russia without foreign props, as he stated in Mumbai (India) in December 2010. An example of building socialism in the Soviet economy on its own without the help of the West, Medvedev cannot comprehend. He seems according to passed especially recently, laws and reforms, set to the break up all that is left of socialism, even though at the expense of the remaining, of what we exist on now. The reality of modern Russia personally confirms that the activities of the Russian authorities are aimed at the destruction of Russia, rather than creation – and with the advice and the applause of the United States.)


The permanent increase in the level of public education in the DPRK and as a result - the growth of scientific and technological potential of the country (cadres decide everything!),  the introduction into operation of enterprises using the latest modern technologies developed by scientists of the DPRK, a grand building of housing, the rapid development of health, development of various sectors in agriculture with only 20% of land fit for this, mining their own mineral resources, the development of metallurgy, hydropower on small rivers and much, much more evidence of self-sufficiency of resources for accelerated economic development of the DPRK and the full independence and autonomy of politics and economy of the DPRK.


The whole world held its breath, following in December the situation on the Korean peninsula, around which at the end of 2010, the United States have focused hitherto on an unknown quantity of modern naval and air forces, military exercises by provoking the DPRK to retaliatory action in the direction of a nuclear War. The world was on the brink. But the iron will, steel restraint and the highest intelligence of Great Kim Jong Il prevented the development of such a desirable scenario of action for the U.S.. In the military exercises, the United States, "intimidating the DPRK", together with Japan and South Korea's territorial waters near the DPRK have been involved a great variety of military equipment of all arms and military units conceivable – it is a wonder how so many could even fit on such a small area of water and land.


Today, rejecting any kind of grievance, and looking at the facts of misconduct by the leadership of South Korea, the false and unproven, and refutation by facts of the charges, the DPRK, is persistently offering to resolve all issues through diplomatic channels, inviting all sides in South Korean parties and organizations to participate in joint talks. But the USA and their kept woman South Korea does not want this.  South Korea demands DPRK full disarmament under the dictate of the U.S., ignoring the obvious, that the number of U.S. nuclear warheads stockpiled are thousands of times greater than available in the DPRK in service. Disarming the DPRK under present conditions means to leave the country defenseless against clashing teeth mad and crazed from blood of a predator - the United States. Everyone knows the truth: the DPRK's nuclear capability is the only true deterrent for today aggressor and thereby preservation of peace in Northeast Asia.


The New Year joint editorial in 3 major newspapers in the DPRK Korea - the party, military and youth papers- offers tremendous prospects for further development and accelerated growth of the people's welfare. 2010 was a year of beginning the era of great uplift, high enthusiasm and achievement of significant success in all sectors of the economy and national defense.


Question number one in the near future - the accelerated development of light industry and food processing to meet the increased demand of the population.


2011 is planned to be the year of a general offensive , in which will see even more powerful development of all sectors of the economy, improving people's lives and committing a decisive turning point in building a prosperous nation. And of course, the leader and mastermind of the revolutionary movement was and remains the country's leader Kim Jong Il. His motto - " We need faith in the victory to make continuous progress, to make continuous advancement and quickly bring a bright tomorrow, and a prosperous nation."


We the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB), wish the hardworking heroic Korean people success in achieving thr ambitious objectives of socialist construction. To Esteemed Comrade Kim Jong Il on his birthday we want to wish - good health, inexhaustible energy and great strength of spirit to defeat the intrigues and provocations of U.S. imperialism.


There is no force in the world capable of turning back the history of the DPRK! Forward Only! Towards the shining heights of a highly prosperous socialist state united nation!




On the occasion of the birthday of Kim Jong Il, to Pyongyang and addressed to the General Secretary of the WPK from the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the AUCPB Comrade Andreeeva, a congratulatory telegram has been sent.



(Translated from Russian)

On the website I found the story of Nadezhda Raks entitled "This is what I think. A look at religion and atheism in the modern world." I decided to enter into a debate since I cannot agree with the author. I cannot agree with her, in principle.
    The author writes that "modern Communists must remain faithful to the traditions of the founders of scientific communism."
True. However, the same Nadezhda Raks has been unable to preserve this conviction of actual ideas of scientific atheism that are really necessary today. I will try to argue my impartial conclusion. Moreover, it should be done, as the shamefaced materialism of the author is shared by many scientists-naturalists.
    The author does not hide her respect for religion.
The old religion which came first is now allegedly distorted by Russia's state power. "And for the desire to use the church in the public interest – laments the author - TRUE FAITH is being lost, the traditions of Orthodoxy are being lost, along with that same SPIRITUALITY, which is being advocated now." You can not alienate yourself from people "for whom faith  is not a fad, but, above all, knowledge of the history of orthodox culture, traditions and rites, this aspiration for PURITY, KINDNESS, DECENCY – ALL OF WHAT ORIGINALLY HAD ITS ROOTS IN ORTHODOXY".
    "The Scripture, - she said - calls on the authorities to use the force of the state to RESTRAIN EVIL and SUPPORT GOODNESS, in what is seen as the MORAL MEANING of is existence."
    What is this loss of "true faith" the author is grieving about? What "traditions of Orthodoxy and spirituality" is she morning about? What kind of ultra-modern magnifying glass is used by the author, finding in religion "the desire for purity, kindness, decency", supposedly, originally laid down in Orthodoxy? Surely the author does not see the blatant eclectic in her arguments? To assert the need to keep faithful to the traditions of the founders of scientific ATHEISM and then retreat to Theism (grk. theos - god), saying that "the need for faith in something higher, inaccessible to human consciousness, is perhaps infinite."
Yes, religion has always occupied a large place in society – in both feudal and capitalist societies. Some used religious dope to keep a lid on the people and to live at their expense. A dark downtrodden working people, crushed by poverty and fear of the mysterious forces of nature and society, swallowing pain pills - mysticism and superstition, to at least temporarily soothe the pain, reduce suffering, while condemning itself to perpetual slavery.
    On the role of religion is judged by its essence. In the understanding of it, many famous philosophers, starting from antiquity and ending with modern times, were united. Religion has always been a "FANTASTIC reflection in men's minds of those external forces which dominate them in their daily lives, a reflection, in which the terrestrial forces assume the form of supernatural forces". (Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Vol. V. 20, pp. 328)
    Religion never gave man the knowledge of the real world. It did not develop reason, but shaped his ILLUSORY DISTORTED worldview. The author spoke about a supposed "elevation", but religious sermons, scholastic and ecclesiastical dogma have always been directed to the lowest stratum of the human psyche - animal instincts, emotions and baser emotions.
    Work activity of people and the transformation of nature required KNOWLEDGE, and religion offers only SUPERSTITION. Reason was contrasted by BLIND FAITH. Religion has always been hostile to science. It has brought confusion and chaos to the spiritual world of man. It cherished the worst. It has not helped him cope with difficult life problems, but only hindered him. It has not raised man above the animal world, not elevated him, but only lowered and diminished him.
   Some bright words were written about this in the beautiful galaxy of French materialists - Helvetius, Diderot, Voltaire. "Pocket-size Theology" by Paul Holbach is worth something! These thinkers have regarded religion as the worst enemy of human society. They are constantly repeated by English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, that religion (theology) - is the kingdom of darkness. Can I say today is any better?
    A big blow to theology was made by the book by German philosopher of the XIX century materialist Ludwig Feuerbach "The Essence of Christianity". But he failed to move beyond an idealistic conception of social development.
    The materialist conception of history enabled Marx and Engels in their criticism of religion to go further. They revealed the essence of religion, its social roots. In place of the bright, but speculative idealist atheism of their predecessors, they laid the foundations of SCIENTIFIC atheism.
     Karl Marx starts from the fact that religion does not create man, but man creates religion. He writes: "Religion is the self awareness and well-being of a man, who either has not yet found himself, or has already lost himself again. But man – is not an abstract outside the world creature. Man – this is the world of man, the state and society. This state and society creates religion, a false worldview, because they themselves are a false world." (Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Vol. V. 1, pp. 414).
    A FALSE WORLD – is a world where some have the palaces, while others - the hut, where the hungry are those who work, and the well fed, are those who do not work, where the "golden billion" of the world's population get fatter due to ruthless exploitation, oppression and brazen robbery of the majority living on Earth. Where there is inequality and oppression, where one lives at the expense of others, there can be no justice.
    Has the essence of religion changed since its inception? Is it no longer performing its primary function - to help the property owner class keep the working class in subjection? Has religious faith today ceased to be an antagonist of science and progress? No, no, no!
   "The POWERLESSNESS of the exploited classes in their struggle against the exploiters just as inevitably gives rise to belief in a better life after death, like the powerlessness of the savage in his battle with nature gives rise to belief in gods, devils, miracles, etc." (Lenin, Collected Works, v. 12, pp. 142.) Lenin stressed that "religion is a sort of spiritual booze, in which the slaves of capital drown their human image, their demand for any decent human life" (Ibid., pp. 144).
    For Communists it should be a truism that there can be no reconciliation of communism and religion, in principle, and there can be no reconciliation between materialism and idealism. The struggle against religion and idealism is not a fight against believers, as our ideological enemies chatter about. This is an ideological struggle. And philosophical idealism is the direct road to clericalism, which preaches HUMILITY, SUBMISSION, OBEDIENCE, PATIENCE, NON-RESISTANCE TO EVIL, VIOLENCE and INJUSTICE.
    Are these the qualities and even faith in God and love for him, are what the so-called patriots, anti-communists, following the suit of the priests call "spirituality"? The bourgeoisie dream of such "spirituality" and slave morality of the workers. Superstitions and prejudices and fear of punishment in the other world are better than the rebellious spirit of protest and struggle of the workers, which is always a danger to the carefree existence of the rich.
    For a communist these traits are the worst that can be in the spiritual world of man. Not love for God but respect for the working man, who himself is the creator and the builder. Not belief in the supernatural, but the knowledge of objective laws of nature and society to change the world. Not humility and servility, but active protest against injustice. Not resignation, but bitter struggle against the oppressors.
    Materialism today should be MILITANT. Moreover, its role in the class struggle must increase, because the CHURCH is becoming aggressive and assertive. It is throwing all the forces towards CLERICALISATION of the country, as it is convinced that it is "higher than the state as the eternal and divine higher than the temporary and earthly." It dreams of a dominant position in society.
    The Church actively penetrates into all spheres of our existence, unsuccessfully trying to influence government decision-making. The clergy themselves do not hide that it is not averse to playing a leading role in the political and cultural life of the country.
    Religion has entangled the whole country with a web of Orthodox churches, mosques, synagogues and monasteries, but libraries, clubs, schools are becoming less. Priests have officially been introduced into the Army, so that religious spirit in the military prevailed. So much so, that descending onto the water surface ships and submarines are sprinkled on a mandatory basis.
    Priests are rushing into the schools. In March 2007, at the XI World Russian National Cathedral, the Church openly declared the need to take in hand the formation of the spiritual world of the younger generation. Consequently, the peasants in a cassock must give way to  a classroom reading  of "Act of God", which will be called the "Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture", as if such a thing really exists. Europe is increasingly freeing itself from religious obscurantism, but Russia is being immersed into the Middle Ages.
    Scientist of world renown, Nobel laureate Vitaly Ginzburg came out in protest against the penetration of religion into public education and in defence of the school. His bold atheistic speech sounded like a bolt from the sky. "Thus - he insists - there are two completely different worldviews - scientific and religious. They answer to two different "faiths" – a faith in the truth, in the real world, and the belief in fairy tales."
    And religion has a great many such tales, which are contrary to scientific laws and experimental data, - i.e. the resurrection of the dead, virgin birth, the existence of angels, devils, hell and heaven, etc.
    A most interesting fairytale is called creationism, according to which God in a week and out of nothing, created the world. Well, what is the meaning of this nonsense to tell children when world science has conclusively proven it is false and reactionary. Students need to know the theory of EVOLUTION. It explains a lot in the development of the world. Yes, and "the fact of human evolution from ape-like ancestors to modern humans (Homo sapiens) has proven to be completely reliable."
    The Church demanded even THEOLOGY (the doctrine of God) to be included in the list of disciplines HAC (Higher Attestation Commission). All its life it has struggled against science not for life but for the death of it. Scientists and educators were persecuted by "heretics" burned at the stake and tortured. The inquisition raged for centuries. The Crusaders destroyed by fire and sword "infidels", along with their towns and villages. And now they call on THEOLOGY to be called a science.
    And at the present time, when religious obscurantism is becoming aggressive, the  leadership of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), the party calling itself communist, had fully renounced Marxism and scientific atheism. Gennady Zyuganov the leader of that party, has long adopted a flunkeyist position on the church hierarchy. He makes enthusiastic speecheses on the days of Christmas, Easter, Epiphany, Holy Lent…. He helps ... not the people in the struggle against bourgeois power, but priests - to fool the people. Thus contributes to its spiritual enslavement.
    Hereby true Communists have nothing to do with God and his accomplices on the ground. It is not to the skies do we need to look for answers to pressing problems of life, but on the ground. Don't
pray – fight!





    The December 2010 events in Moscow, when in different parts of the city, youth clashed with militia (not with "law enforcement", but law abusing bodies, since they do not protect the rights of citizens but violate them) can not be unequivocally condemned, or, conversely, be approved of. Because the causes of these events are the result of a very complex socio-economic situation in all major cities.


Last straw


  In today's Russia, unlike the Soviet Union, the militia behaved in the worst traditions of the police of capitalist states. Putin, Medvedev, Nurgaliev turned the militia into police watchdog of today's regime, which is made by the authorities to set upon all who either disagree with today's order, or do not fit into Putin's ideal state. The Russian government and its Interior Ministry, on the one hand are amateurish, but on the other – by cynical and brutal actions, set against the thoroughly corrupt police not just an opposition of strikers, but the vast majority of those Russian citizens who were to a certain point, law-abiding citizens.

    Events at Manezhnaya Square in Moscow, served as a manifestation of patience running out by a proportion of the population against the tyranny and lawlessness perpetrated by the police. The last straw was the fact, when the killers of the football fan, most likely, for bribes, were released. The rulers have been ruling to the point that a considerable proportion of the population hate the militia, its brutality and arbitrariness with savage hatred.

The December events were a manifestation of a not fully recognized protest of youth against the injustices perpetrated by the militia, against corruption, against the lowly status of the Russian people.


We should go along another way


The nationalist opposition, beginning from the 90's, is deeply rooted among football fans. And therefore, it easily directed a fair protest against individual aspects of capitalism into a deadlock channel of hatred towards visitors from the Caucasus and Central Asia.

    Participants of the December events, and particularly the youth, must understand that any kind of nationalism is beneficial to the authorities – to Putin, Medvedev, Nurgaliyev, because it is able to split the united front of the oppressed classes by capitalists, on a national basis. No, we must go along another route. Delivering a blow against the unjust capitalist system, against corruption should not done with an outstretched palm of nationalism, but a clenched fist all the enemies of today's bourgeois order - Russian, Ukrainian, Caucasians, Tatars, Tajiks, and representatives of other nations who by doing physical work, are getting their bread by the sweat of their brows. Russia today is dominated by Jewish, Russian, Azerbaijani, Armenian and Tatar capitalists. And against them should be directed the protest of Russian, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Tajik, Uzbek, Tatar workers and workers of other nationalities who, through their hard work, among other things, for a penny create all the wealth that is illegally, cynically and brazenly acquired by the Russian , Caucasian, Jewish bourgeoisie. Society should not be divided not on ethnic grounds, but on class grounds.

    Leadership in the fight for social justice will belong to and belongs to in any case, Russian workers, since they constitute the vast majority of the population of Russia. Therefore, only under socialism, will the Russian people be really free, and their great talent be one hundred per cent implemented.


Life itself has proved this to be true.


Today, first of all, the Russian people are suffering from capitalism. It is not hard to prove this. Russia now, thanks to capitalism, is becoming extinct. And becoming extinct, above all, are the Russian people. It is namely the Russian people that has by far the greatest population losses. The unemployed, the poor and needy are mostly Russian by nationality.

    Yes, the Russian people must be protected. But they need to be protected without nationalistic slogans. Nationalism dominated under Tsar Nicholas II, and the Russian people lived in deep poverty, and remained there until the Great October Socialist Revolution. The majority of Russian workers and peasants froze until 1917 in shabby garrets and rotten miserable huts with earthen floors. Often, Russian workers lived with a torch, entirely without gas, no electricity, and getting only pennies for their hard work. Living conditions of the majority of Russian peasants even in the early XX century were at ... XVI century level. They went about in sandals, were drowned in smoke (fireplaces and stoves had no chimney, so all the smoke accumulated in the house), they lived together with the cattle (if they had any) in one room. They could not afford to buy furniture or glass for windows. But there is an alternative to all these tsarist nightmares and today's capitalist life.

    History has shown that it is the Russian people who were the world's first to raise the red flag of a victorious socialist revolution. It was under socialism that the Russian workers and peasants had achieved the highest standard of living in their history. In the period from 1935 to 1987, many workers received their wages, which by their magnitude, was higher than the monthly earnings of individual Ministers of the USSR. Russian workers-Stakhanovites, and miners often received more money per month than Stalin, and the builders of KAMAZ in Naberezhnye Chelny earned in a month nearly more than Brezhnev did. In Soviet villages, there were a lot of collective farm-millionaires.

    So the destiny of the Russian people is socialism. It was not for nothing that the word "red" in ancient Russian language means "beautiful". A beautiful and prosperous life Russians can only be under the red banner of socialism. Life itself has proved this to be true.

    Lenin and Stalin in their time talked about people of one country not being free while at the same time it was oppressing other peoples. Therefore, the great and very talented Russian people will only be free when they live in peace and harmony on an equal footing with other nations, inhabiting one-sixth of the Earth.

    Speaking of socialism, Lenin wrote: "To the old world, the world of national oppression, national bickering and national isolation, the workers counterpose a new world, a world of the unity of the working people of all nations, a world in which there is no place for any privileges, or for the slightest degree of oppression of man by man" (Lenin Collected Works Vol. 19, pp 91-92) (source: Marxists Internet Archive)



    With the book cover in colour format, a new book has been published, entitled "Where Stalin is, there is victory", prepared by the Izhevsk AUCPB organization. The publication focuses on the role of J.V. Stalin in the Great Patriotic War.

    The book "Where Stalin is, there is victory" outlines a series of little-known or forgotten episodes of World War II, and is directly related to the work J.V. Stalin. In the text, facts are not ignored regarding the role of Stalin in the guerrilla movement, and facts relating to the fate of Yakov Dzhugashvili and Leonid Khrushchev. The work examines the question of the real, not imaginary against relationship and attitude of Stalin towards the Soviet soldiers and officers who had been held in German captivity. The false version of the so-called "Katyn affair" is refuted.

The book contains facts about who was the initiator of the operations to surround the German forces at Stalingrad. In addition, there is analyzed a completely unexplored question related to the activities of Stalin as the leader of the Soviet logistic industry (the rear). And finally, the book assesses J.V. Stalin, as Supreme Commander.

    The author relies not only upon the sources of the end of the 20th or the beginning of 21st century, but also on the documents of the 1940-s and 1950-s. Moreover, archival material and the memories of many Soviet military leaders - the heroes of the Great Patriotic War are used.

    In this work can be found little-known speeches of Stalin during the war, on foreign policy, as well as on the problems of the Army and rear.

The price of the book – is 190 rubles (Approx $ 6.00). It can be obtained on request, posted to: RUSSIA, 426034, Ижевск, а\я 3474. Books will be sent by C.O.D. The buyer should give their name and address where to send the book.



Russians believe that their labor rights are not protect





14.01.2011 18:49

     According to a recent VTsIOM poll, most Russians believe that their labour rights are insufficiently protected (80%), while 50% believe that their rights are not protected by anyone. 

    However, 67% of respondents did not resort to any means of protection of their rights and only 1% took part in demonstrations, strikes and other protests.

    The vast majority of Russians (80%) believe that the labour rights of people in Russia are insufficiently protected. Moreover, the proportion of respondents is virtually unchanged over the past 16 years. As a rule, those who are considered opponents of the president's policies (88%), respondents with secondary education (82-83%) and military (89%). Adequate level of protection of labour rights considered today one in 10% (in 1994 those were 6%). Basically, these are supporters of the policy of Dmitry Medvedev (11%), highly qualified specialists, government employees (13%), office workers without higher education (12%) and security forces (11%).

One in two Russians (50%) believes that noone really protects their labour rights. Moreover, if in 2008 the proportion of such responses decreased (from 42 to 36%), after the crisis, it is again increasing (from 36 to 50%). This position is typical, especially for unskilled workers (67%), residents of the two major cities (58%).

    Increased dramatically over the past year the role of unions in this issue (from 6 to 12%), especially the importance of their contribution, believe residents of small towns (14-15%) and civil servants (23%).But the efforts of managements of enterprises  and immediate superiors are Russians are less pronounced (from 23 to 7% and from 16 to 7%, respectively, over three years). Consistently low is the opinion of the value of activities to protect the employment rights carried out by the Labour Inspectorate (5%), special representatives of personnel and strike groups (2%).

    Two-thirds of respondents did not resort to any means of protection of their labour rights (67%), primarily low-skilled workers (80%) and residents of large cities (72%). Among those who still tried to defend their rights of the most popular ways was an appeal to the managment (11%). Another 5% sought protection in the union. 3% went to court or to seek justice through personal connections. Change their place of work had to be another 5% of the respondents. Other methods of fighting claimed no more than 1% of the population. Most actively in the protection of labour rights, Russians in 2008.: 21% complained to the management, 12% - changed their work. Since then, activity in this matter has declined substantially (up to 11 and 5% respectively).

    "The good news is that the Russian workers place less hope on the company's management protecting their labour rights - says the result of the survey director of the ICD Karin Clement. For management – the main thing is maximum exploitation of the workforce.  Western workers have long seen this. Not surprising is the traditionally low hope in trade unions - trade union structures have an overall negative reputation as an empty space or the boss's assistant. This is despite the fact that about 50% of employees are in unions (and the vast majority of them - in both traditional and bureaucratized unions FNPR). The fact is that members of the traditional trade unions, if they are aware of their membership, do not feel involved in the organization, which is perceived as a separate from them bureaucratic apparatus. Finally, the survey data is saddening in that the proportion of those who are ready to defend themselves, whether it be forming a trade union on their own initiative, whether by protesting is not increasing."

The initiative nationwide VTsIOM  survey was held on 25-26 September 2010. 1600 respondents were interviewed in 138 villages in 46 regions and republics of Russia. Statistical error does not exceed 3,4%.

·                                 ===================================


21 FEBRUARY Russia, Siberia, Novosibirsk,



    On February 21, in Novosibirsk, Siberia, another rally was held outside the regional administration building, demanding the return of unlimited free

travel on public transport for pensioners and other people "privileged" on benefits, which were abolished from 1st January this year by governor Yurchenko's decision. The authorities also this time refused to agree with the organisers on the rally venue, proposing that that the rally been moved from outside the windows of the governor to an uninhabited area at a local library, to where they attempting to send all rallies. Thus, this latest event went ahead without "mayoral consent". The rally was organized by the "Pensioners – For A Dignified Life" and "Youth - For Veterans Rights", movements which includes representatives of leftist organizations of Novosibirsk.

    In the morning Russian police carried preventive detention of activists of the movement for the restoration of unlimited travel.  Leader of the Novosibirsk AUCPB (All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks) Alex Denisyuk was detained and locked up in a cell for not paying fines to the State Road Safety Inspectorate.

    Another Novosibirsk politician Igor Lobarev, when leaving his apartment, was met by people identifying themselves as CID officers wanting to take him down to the police station. He managed to escape and locked himself back into his apartment. He was also unable to get to the rally.

   The rally was attended by about 400 people. The participants demanded from the Governor the immediate restoration of unlimited travel on public transport and chanted "Disgrace!", "Unlimited travel - to pensioners!" "Yurchenko, come outside, sneaky coward!"

There were also slogans: "Down with the "United Russia" party," "Let's have socialism," "One solution - revolution!" and "Tunis, Cairo, Novosibirsk!"

A resolution was adopted at the rally, demanding the governor rescind his decision before March 4. Another rally is planned for March 4 in the same place, notice of which has been filed to the mayor's office.

By the end of the rally, police had arrested and detained several protesters.  Protocols on administrative violations were drawn up on all of them for - participation in an rally without Mayoral consent.





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