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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fwd: CC Issue 25, Feb - Libyan Forces Shoot Protesters

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Libyan Forces Shoot Protesters
By Al Jazeera

As demonstrators in Tripoli took to the street, security forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, reportedly began firing on them. At least six had been killed, according to the Associated Press news agency. There was heavy gun fire in various Tripoli districts including Fashloum, Ashour, Jumhouria and Souq Al, sources told Al Jazeera

Friday Protests Grip Middle East
By Al Jazeera

Opposing political camps rally in Yemeni cities while protesters vent anger after prayers in Egypt, Jordan and Iraq

"Everywhere There Is Graffiti Saying,
'Welcome To The New Free Libya'"
By Anjali Kamat

Democracy Now! Correspondent Anjali Kamat Reports from Libya

Libya And Beyond: What's Next For Democracy?
By Phyllis Bennis

Phyllis Bennis on why Libya differs from other pro-democracy uprisings in the region

Western Media Ignore Iraqi Demand For Freedom
By Dr Gideon Polya

While Western media and politicians laudably support the courageous protests for democracy in Arab countries, there is extraordinary silence in relation to the demands for democracy in Occupied Palestine and Occupied Iraq

Wisconsin Passes Contentious Bill
By Al Jazeera

An assembly in the US state of Wisconsin has passed a bill that is said to strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights

Dear Glenn Beck: It's Not Conspiracy, It's Courage
By Sarah van Gelder

Glenn Beck thinks the spread of protests is a little too convenient. But this is what happens when ordinary people discover their power

Wisconsin's Spirit: Courage For Other
States To Emulate
By Stephen Lendman

What we see is not solely a Wisconsin issue. All public and private workers across America are affected, their futures on the line against destructive dark forces essential to recognize, confront and defeat. The moment of truth is now

Consciousness Rising, World Fading
By Robert Jensen

Robert Jensen reflects on the rising of his own political consciousness and wonders whether it would really matter in a fast fading world

The Oil-Fired, Grain-Fed Global Food Crisis
By Paul Chefurka

The loss of 1 billion tonnes of oil a year (about half the current oil market flow) could result in the loss of 600 million tonnes of grain per year, give or take – a full quarter of the world's food supply. Do we have enough time to make the changes we need? If my scenario is even close to being valid, we may have just five years left before food price spikes and shortages become a world-wide epidemic

Till September: The PA's Meaningless Deadlines
By Ramzy Baroud

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his supporters in the Fatah party want us to believe that dramatic changes are underway in the occupied Palestinian territories. The PA hopes the 'news' will create enough distraction to help it survive the current climate of major public-regime showdowns engulfing the Middle East

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