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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fwd: Real world economics - Educational material - Please distribute

The Planet of the Parasites - educational material - please distribute
The destruction of the U.S. economy, 1998 to 2010


For thousands of years the fundamental principle of management in both government and business has been "We do as we please, not as we should." The right to be wrong always was strongly defended. Beginning in 2011 a new principle has been introduced, "We do as we should, not as we please." The right to be wrong is no longer valid.

Niches left open by diseases and pests that have been brought under control were quickly taken over by humanoid parasites (criminals) that want to rob or kill you. With the concepts of legalized crime, immunity from prosecution and suspension of prosecution, the problem of criminals operating above the law is getting far worse. This article, file Planet.txt, "Planet of the Parasites" deals with the current out of control global financial fraud. The economy is responding to monetary policy exactly as expected. There is nothing wrongg with the economy. In 1765 it was the King of England who was robbing the country blind. Today it is the same game, but different players. See also

Two rapidly expanding scourges of modern living are diabetes and property taxes. Learn how a corrupt system of property taxation can destroy an entire nation. Learn how cow's milk can produce tens of millions of cases of diabetes. This includes any other type of mass distributed milk in addition to cow's milk. Action is required to put an end to diabetes and property taxes. Property taxes are the most destructive taxes ever devised. Because of this special exemptions always have been provided to religious groups, farms, businesses, etc. Home owners and specially targeted businesses always have been hit the hardest. The big difference between property taxes and slavery is that property taxes have caused far more economic damage than slavery ever caused. As one property tax assessor remarked "We are going to drive those suckers out of their homes and straight into the nearest rental apartment!" Even worse, they have no limits on the amount collected or the annual rate of increase. The damage to the economy is incredible.

State income and property taxes cause an estimated 18 percent drop in Federal tax revenues. The solution to the diabetes problem is to permanently ban the sale and importation of cow's milk and dairy products in the United States. This includes any other type of mass distributed milk (e.g. alternatives to human milk). See

A rapid elimination of property taxes is essential to economic recovery. In 2010 the abolishment of property taxes and banning of the sale of cows' milk and dairy products (This includes any other type of mass distributed milk in addition to cow's milk) were supposed to have been completed. These extremely destructive activities already have destroyed the lives of tens of millions of people in the U.S. alone. The indiscriminant mass murder of infants and children is not acceptable behavior in any culture, and absolutely not in the United States. It is a good example of government and businesses that refise to act on the public interest.

Anonymous guest, March 3, 2011
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The Planet of the Parasites

article 1 Destruction of the economy and the monetary system
article 2 Iraq and Afghanistan, the war is a disaster
article 3 Health care profiteering
article 4 Tax cuts for the rich
article 5 Encouraging waste
article 6 Energy policy
article 7 Deceiving the public
article 8 The financial stimulus/trust/bailout/TARP funds
article 0 Devaluation of the dollar
article 10 The property tax gouging spree
article 11 Property rights
article 12 Corporate counterfeiting - Still legal
article 13 Credit card, debit card, etc. abuse
article 14 Corrupt immigration. trade and business ownership policies
article 15 Genocide
article 16 Bad leadership
article 17 The Internet
article 18 On occasion the truth slips through
article 19 Disaster or bonanza?
article 20 Voting
article 21 The consumer price index (CPI)
article 22 A nation of criminals
article 23 The planet of the parasites
article 24 Gotcha sucker!
article 25 Infestation!
article 26 Some things can be done
article 27 Health care, fraudulent medicine
article 28 Population plagues and over-population
Appendix A Capitalism - How to get rich quick American style
Appendix B Health
Appendix C Property tax controls
Appendix D The solution
Appendix E References


********** 1. Destruction of the economy and the monetary system .
There are hundreds of well known tactics to sabotage an economy and most require little effort. Many were discontinued at the end of World War II but never were outlawed. Richard Nixon resurrected these back in 1971. They include rationing, wage controls, price controls, abuse of monopoly power, price gouging, alternate day purchasing, manipulation of supply, manipulation of demand, sabotage of goods, sabotage of services, mismanagement of the money supply (too much or too little money), store shutdowns, trade restrictions, the misuse of labor, malfeasance and dereliction of duty by management, the misuse of resources (e.g. using food for fuel), etc. The net effect of mismanagement is a reduction in the performance of the economy.

Even when no criminal intent is involved, most decisions made by humans are wrong decisions. It pays to investigate new projects to ensure that they are not motivated by greed, malice or criminal intent. Once it becomes obvious that a wrong decision was made, corrective action should be taken immediately. Unfortunately, the Bush agenda has become the Bush-Obama agenda with no significant corrective action in sight.

The ultimate fate of all stocks is for the value to crash, falling below a dollar per share. Stock exchanges avoid having tens of thousands of dollar stocks listed by delisting stocks that fall below the value of one dollar.

How did it all start? See The use of stock markets to defraud depositors, investors, and tax payers began 400 years ago in France. Louis the 16th of France lost his head in a public execution as a result of an irate aristocracy that had been bilked a few times too many. However, it appears that those responsible for the shenanigans in the United States over the 2000 to 2010 time period will get away Scott free. It is a rarity that the crooks get caught. Crime pays.

Financial regulation. There were no significant increases in regulation during the Bush years. Bush-era deregulation was in fact a refusal to enforce what few regulations did exist. Bush opposed any financial regulation, existing or new. Deregulation makes it easy to defraud the public. Even the Madoff Ponzi scheme was ignored.

When a government becomes infested with criminals, their victims are destroyed. Nazi Germany and communist Russia are two of the most notorious recent examples. Bankruptcy courts pretend they just can not understand the strange and mysterious corporate management practices that lead to bankruptcy. While most bankruptcies represent losses for those that are bankrupt, in a corporate setting, top executives can be left filthy rich.

It is important that everybody understand the basic relationship between the amount of money circulating in the economy to the amount of goods and services produced. If today $1,000,000 is required to produce 1,000 tons of wheat, and next year 2,000 tons of wheat are produced; it is obvious that $2,000,000 is required next year. The amount of cash has to rise with the amount goods and services produced, all things being equal. Psychology also has to be considered. For instance, $4,000,000 is required if the price of the 2,000 tons of wheat doubles. Inflation causes Farmer Fude to say, "Wow, things are really good this year, I got twice the price I got last year." He does not notice that the price of everything he buys is doubling also. When the economy is being mismanaged by criminals you might find something like, "Last year $1,000,000 was circulating in the economy. This year we have reduced the amount to $500,000 to prevent inflation. " While this causes prices to fall, it causes everything else to fall also. Lower prices result in reduced wheat production, reduced pay for workers, reduced employment, reduced trade, reduced savings, etc.

In the United States gas prices are set by whatever the oil companies feel like charging. It could be a dollar a gallon, or just as easily ten dollars a gallon. Since housing prices are set by the market rather than fixed by the government, the extreme inflationary monetary policy from January 2001 to January 2005 caused a rapid price increase. The extreme deflationary monetary policy from January 2005 to the present caused prices to drop. The bag of tricks used by criminals to destroy an economy is large and not limited to money supply manipulation.

Mismanagement of the money supply is a clever way of cooking the books of every business in the country. An inflationary monetary policy creates a false impression of prosperity, while a deflationary monetary policy creates a false impression of a down economy. In the simplest possible terms 1) what happened from January 2001 to January 2005 is exactly what an extreme inflationary monetary policy produces, the M1 (or M11) was rising at a 7 percent per year rate and 2) what happened from January 2005 to the present time is exactly what an extreme deflationary monetary policy produces, the M1 (M11) is rising at a zero percent per year rate. The legitimate range for the annual increase in the M1 is between 3.5 and 4.0 percent. Economic chaos is produced by rates outside this range.

Like any oher malignant cancer, economic parasites have slowly expanded over the years. They consume massive amounts of resources although their only product is grand larceny on a truly grand scale. The system for contolling them is completely functionless, as it is with any cancer. Several factors make it easy for cancer to spread:

Infiltration - Moving in and taking over. Wars are a frequent cause of massive increases in corruption. Mergers and buying up smaller banks is a clever way of creating a monopoly. Once a monoipoly has been established, anything goes in the corrupt modern American culture.

Disguise - As actuaI bank employees, crooks have a nuch easier time defrauding depositors, investors and tax payers.

Counterfeiting - How banks were ever allowed to get into the business of printing numerous types of money is a story of corrupt politicians with their palms well greased to ensure criminal activities are not regulated. Stocks, bonds and derivatives (negotiable securities) do not look like counterfeit money, although they are.

At one time a New York bank tried issuing bank notes stating (for a ten dollaer note) the XYZ bank of New York will issue ten dollars to the bearer of this note upon demand. The bank note looked exactly like a ten dollar bill. It was a case of no regulation at all going a little bit too far. It was counterfeit money that looked like counterfeit money and had to be stopped. However, nobody stopped negotiable securities.

Cash flow - Money for bribing politicians and a million other things. Large scale corruption requires an equally large cash flow to go along with it.

The perfect monopoly - Wall Street has a perfect scheme for wiping out the competition. Wall Street is deregulated and has no fear of being charged with embezzlement, while anybody outside of wall street gets charged with embezzlement and spends their next ten years in prison for engaging in clever schemes for defrauding depositors, investors and tax payers.

A strong pro-criminal culture - The U.S. is a country that keeps all its doors and windows wide open at all times. AIDS/HIV persons from central Africa can buzz in for free (paid for by taxpayers) treatment then when re-energized buzz out of the clinic to spread their brand of good will throughout the world. Wall Street is located in New York, an international trading center where anything goes.

Government/industry in the United States is behaving as if there is no upper limit to the level of corruption. Like a rapidly spreading cancer, the victims are eventually destroyed. Unlike other lethal diseases, many cancer patients appear to be almost normal until they are a few days away from death. Like the health care system that is quite certain that there are no causes of disease and there are no cures, but there are plenty of expensive and useless treatments; a malfunctioning economy has no causes and there are no cures, but there are plenty of expensive and useless treatments. Greed should not be confused with criminal fraud. Greed is normal. There is nothing normal about criminal fraud. For example the price gouging for insulin involves an excess price mark-up of about ten to one over a fair and reasonable retail price. It is a perfect monopoly. The victims have a simple choice - pay or die.

Unfortunately cultural changes have evolved down a road that leads straight to extinction. On Earth extinction is the rule, not the exception. Most species are mistakes that do not last very long. The failure to control criminals means the destruction of the victims.

Many people have noticed that cleverly contrived controls and regulations are far worse than no controls at all. George Bush preferred the lazy way out and simply abolished anything standing in the way of the old loot and plunder style of government and business. As Reagan pointed out, he wasn't part of the solution, he was the problem. The problem is simple. Any out of control culture is a culture that will soon be destroyed by criminals as well as natural causes.

Search DEMOGRAPHICS in google. What do you have when a country has a population of 100 million and an economy that can only support 50 million? Nazi Germany. Defense spending was so high that there was nothing left for food, clothing or housing. An inflationary monetary policy causes population to increase. While a deflationary monetary policy causes population to decrease. Adverse weather conditions always have been a trigger for swarming. Swarming out to destroy all of Europe, Asia and Africa does reduce over-population; but there is a need for a better way.

Mismanagement of the financial economy. In January 2001 criminals successfully infiltrated the U.S. Department of the Treasury (and related agencies) and immediately began an eight year program to sabotage the U.S. economy. By every measure, GDP growth, jobs, median incomes, unemployment, bankruptcies, financial-market performance, George Bush stacks up as the most destructive President on the economic front since Herbert Hoover.

Note that there are many agencies involved in large cash flows in the U.S. government. Treasury is at The Departments of Defense, Agriculture and the Department of Housing and Urban Development are big players in spreading cash around the U.S. economy. The result is equally big inflation. The Federal Reserve Board and Securities and Exchange Commissions are not part of Treasury. The IRS is part of Treasury. The use of monetary policy to deliberately crash the economy lies in the Federal Reserve Board. The FRB is not independent of the rest of the Government any more than Nazi death camps were independent of top Nazi leadership. The current monetary policy report is at and

The Federal Reserve (including the entire Federal Reserve System) still refuses to release its extreme deflationary death grip upon the U.S. economy. The annual growth rate of the money supply, instead of its correct (neutral) 4 percent per year growth rate, has been maintained at an extreme deflationary zero percent growth rate since January 2005 (see, money stock, M1 or M11). See The rate was an extreme inflationary 7 percent from January 2001 to December 2004. A 4 percent growth rate is neither inflationary nor deflationary. This has completely disrupted the banking system. An extreme inflationary monetary policy is also known of as creating bubbles. An extreme deflationary monetary policy is also known of as bursting bubbles. The economy does not respond to a sudden change from 7 percent to 0 percent in one day. Years are required for the various effects to become manifest. You are dealing with the type people that would murder their own mother for an ounce of gold if they thought they could get away with it.

The one crowning achievement of the Bush administration was to turn the democracy in the United States into a full blown plutocracy. Also see

Government money supply mismanagement - Still legal. Everybody knows what counterfeiting does to the value of negotiable securities whether they be dollar bills, bonds, or stocks. Counterfeiting by governments of their own money is done by printing money that is not backed up by gold or even silver. Gold reserves back up a larger and larger number of paper money dollars circulating in the economy. The result is rampant inflation. It is important that the increase in paper money circulating in the economy (see, money stock, M1 or M11) matches the growth of the economy. Too much or too little causes severe economic damage. Why be concerned? It is the same shenanigans that preceded World War II. World War I made us millionaires. World War II made us billionaires. World War III will make us trillionaires. Greed is their only motive. They could not care less how many hundreds of millions of people would die in their war profiteering schemes. Plutocrats are extremely dangerous parasites.

It is important to understand that the laws of nature allow any state to exist that is physically possible. Two of the oldest are robbery and murder, and parasite-host relationships. Since it is a physical impossibility, you do not find any cow subspecies with large high vacuum suckers in their heads that pop out and drain all the blood out of other cows. However there are hundreds of species of parasites that feed on cows, but none of the parasites are cows. Humanoid parasites such as socialists, criminals, corrupt investment bankers, corrupt health care providers/insurers and plutocrats are possible, and therefore they exist. The point is that although they can't be 100 percent eradicated, the survival of humans as a specie requires that sufficient resources be expended to keep them under control. Parasites frequently destroy their hosts. An inability to cope with parasites means extinction.

It is important to understand why crooks in Russia go to prison for embezzlement, while the crooks in the U.S. who robbed your bank account are viewed as some sort of reverse Robin Hood heroes. In Russia since the communists own everything, you are stealing from the communist party. In the U.S. when it comes to robbery and murder, it always is open season for attacking the public.


The evolution of the two modern parasitic subspecies -
1. In the beginning various groups would establish their territory (turf) and defend it for as long as possible. A river always made for a good boundary. For example, French on the south and Germans on the north. Robbery and murder were an unfortunate fact of life.
2. Then some clever fellows came up with a very clever way of using writing and money. They hoarded money and used armed guards to protect their assets. Nothing wrong with that, except that the guards (an army), were not very busy.
3. The rise of non-virulent parasites -
Boredom could be alleviated by using writing to lay claim to as large an area as possible. Taxes (robbery) were collected (all the gold and silver) from the peasants (land lords) with any resistors killed by the king's army. This made the king extremely rich. The king's guards evolved into armed robbers. Crime not only pays, but is extremely lucrative as well. "I will use the money to build up a large army. Then I will set out to destroy the entire world. Just like a rapidly spreading cancer.", said the King.
4. Stopping non-virulent parasites -
To be supplied at a future date.
5. The rise of virulent parasites -
Again the army was plagued by boredom. Why not steal everything from the peasants and kill them as well? Enlarge the empire by adding slave states. And so they did (French Indochina, etc.). Their favorite saying: "When we get through with them, there will not be one living person in the entire country."
6. Stopping virulent parasites -
To be supplied at a future date.

What drives the process? Criminals view any adverse economic situation, such as World War II, as a golden opportunity to defraud the public of trillions of dollars. The current situation is one of depleted oil reserves in the U.S. The gas gauge reads empty, but the country keeps right on going as if the gauge says Full. A sabotaged economy can make trillions of dollars for foreign interests as well as special interests within the United States. War profiteering is part and parcel of corrupt government. The concept of a never ending war remains popular in the Pentagon. A war diverts public attention away from massive economic fraud. Destruction of the U.S. economy was part of the Vietnam war also.

********** 2. Iraq and Afghanistan, the war is a disaster.
The cost of invading and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan has been extremely high. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the cost between one and two trillion up to FY-2008. Up until October 2007 it was the biggest contributor to the budget deficits. The idea of a never ending war is still very popular in the Pentagon. First they want 75,000 more troops, then 150,000, then 300,000. Like Vietnam, destroying the economy is part of the process.

Although there are plenty of war costs to the general population of the United States, other than entertainment value, there are no benefits. The motive is entirely to enrich relatively small special interest groups. The largest of these groups has become known of as the military-industrial complex (war profiteering). Wars also are used by corrupt governments to cover up criminal activities. Who guards the fox that is guarding the hen house?

To the victors go the spoils of war. Not exactly. Afghanistan is no different than looting the local garbage dump. Iraq has oil but nobody in the U.S. is getting free oil from Iraq. Most wars are economic nonsense. Unfortunately, robbery and murder are more popular today than ever before. Greed based government and industry is based upon the "We do as we please, not as we should." doctrine. Evil reigns supreme. Obviously you get rid of evil by getting rid of evil people. Not exactly. One person can say "We need to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq." For some reason nobody listens. Ten million people can say "We need to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq." For some reason nobody listens. For some reason it is only when the situation degenerates into an actual threat of armed insurrection that anybody even considers violating the "We do as we please." doctrine.

A law of nature that is well worth remembering is "Anything that can happen will in fact happen, sooner or later". A problem is that things you thought were impossible frequently happen. The harder you fight to destroy evil, the more powerful evil becomes.

The best description of what has happened to the global economy is an analogy to routine maintenance on a car required by the warranty. The car is in perfect condition when it goes into the shop. It comes out needing some $12,000 in repairs. Radiator fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and oil are all leaking onto the ground. Half the wiring and hoses have been ripped loose. The alternator and automatic transmission have been blown. The tires are slowly leaking air. And the spark plugs are misfiring (destroys the engine). The global economy has been sabotaged in style. In most cases this is deliberate sabotage by various hostile foreign and domestic groups.

********** 3. Health care profiteering.
While war profiteering has been the way to get rich quick for thousands of years, making millions of people filthy rich with health care is relatively new. See Article II below. The United States is becoming a nation driven into poverty not by expensive wars, but by an extremely expensive health care system.

See Most cross breeds are grossly defective both physically and mentally. This is true of Americans and various Asian groups such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, Philippines, etc. An exception is Japanese females and American males. Japanese males suffer from a sex linked defect that causes them frequently to get things completely wrong (big mistakes). Although good for some types of work, mules never will replace horses or donkeys. Most barnyard pigs have far better breeding than humans. The point is that the American system of health care is a complete failure in the area of family planning.

********** 4. Tax cuts for the rich.
Tax loop holes have been around long before George Bush ever took office. See the SSA.GOV web site. One of the most glaring is the Social Security "Just too rich to be able to afford paying social security taxes" provision. In 2008 this was $102,000. This is coupled with a just too poor to receive benefits provision that allows no more than $12,960 in earnings for somebody receiving benefits. Absurdities come from a "We do as we please and get away with it." orientation. Continuous monitoring and prompt legal action is the only thing that stops criminal behavior. Gross corruption always has resulted in the eventual collapse of governments and corporations.

When Ronald Reagan slashed taxes on capital gains and high earners in the early 1980s, inflation was pushing the middle class into the top tax brackets. Income inequality had been declining for almost five decades. When Bush repeated Reagan style trickle down economics, it caused severe damage to the economy. When the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, you know the country has been taken over by a plutocracy. See

********** 5. Encouraging waste.
After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, President Bush didn't call for sacrifice. He called for living the good life. It was part of a broader pattern of encouraging financial irresponsibility on the part of everyone. It would bolster the administration's popularity and help to pile up a huge debt. The fact that the United States is no longer an oil rich nation was immaterial. The population has grown accustomed to an extravagant life style. When the oil has been totally depleted there will be a sudden impact with reality.

********** 6. Energy policy.
Back in the 1970's an artificial oil shortage was created courtesy of the twisted minds of criminals. Ten years into the future, oil depletion will no longer be a fantasy, but a reality. The question is not "Where will we get more oil" but "Look at the incredible amount of damage that has been caused by more than a century of rampant oil abuse." Most people feel that oil has given them something for nothing. The laws of nature do not allow that.

The unwillingness of the Bush administration to take serious steps to reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels left the country vulnerable and way behind the rest of the developed world in preparing for a post-oil future. Problems caused by oil price manipulation were part of the attack upon the economy. A very big part of the problem is the large population of criminals that expanded greatly during the oil rich years. Their characteristic twisted thinking goes along the line, "We will live an extravagant, wasteful life style forever! No frugality for us! We will spend as much money as we feel like squandering."

The simple fact is that oil reserves in the U.S. are nearly depleted. It is not difficult to look at countries like Japan or England to determine the changes that will have to be made. The United States is no longer an oil rich country. This article deals with the control of a rapid increase in the criminal population of a country. Solutions to oil depletion are contained in another article.

********** 7. Deceiving the public.
Every administration hides the truth from the public. The creation and then bursting of the housing bubble was one more program calling for deception. All is not George's fault. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) now lists the cost of fuel as zero and the cost of housing as zero. This was done by Congressional mandate. Lung cancer is caused by asbestos, not tobacco - another Congressional mandate. The big lie is now more prevalent in the United States than it was in Nazi Germany, or any other socialist country. Years ago the media reported that Pol Pot was funded by China. Now there are reports that the project was started by the Nixon Administration. What really happened? Millions of people actually have been killed by opium from Burma. The news media, as always, refuses to give the public access to the truth. The near perfect censorship of information on the Internet was not George's idea. Opium is not a gift from god intended to make you feel good. It is a poison produced by a plant that is intended to kill insects and people. Tobacco is not a gift from god intended to make you feel good. It is a poison produced by a plant that is intended to kill insects and people. Alcohol is not a gift from god intended to make you feel good. It is a poison produced by microbes that is intended to kill insects and people. Caffeine is not a gift from god intended to make you feel good. It is a poison produced by a plant that is intended to kill insects and people. Cocaine is not a gift from god intended to make you feel good. It is a poison produced by a plant that is intended to kill insects and people. Marijuana is not a gift from god intended to make you feel good. It is a poison produced by a plant that is intended to kill insects and people.

While Wall Street and others are engaged in multi-trillion dollar scams, others are engaged in truly petty and disgraceful activities. One of thousands of examples is the use of employees to go around trying to intimidate residents into cutting grass too often and too low. This not only damages the grass, but also results in heavy weed infestations. Good for hardware and landscaping businesses. However anybody who puts "I went around deciding when people needed to mow their lawns." on a resume would be viewed by most employers as criminally insane.

********** 8. The financial stimulus/trust/bailout/TARP funds.
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was the mastermind of economic policy in the final years of the Bush administration. It was no surprise that Paulson's financial rescue was strictly to enrich Wall Street, and had nothing for Main Street in it. The so called financial bailout was in fact a financial bonanza for Wall Street.

Any business subject to massive public and private financing prospers. Any business subject to massive taxes and operating expenses, and a lack of financing quickly fails. This tactic is extremely effective in producing massive unemployment by drawing cash out of the public in the form of a wide variety of ever increasing taxes and other adverse cash flows and putting it into the pockets of the rich and super rich. It is very important to note that the public lives in the U.S., while a large percentage of the rich and super rich are outside the U.S. They include foreign governments and corporations as well as individuals. There has been a massive adverse impact upon imports and exports. This is a "Just when you thought corruption couldn't get any worse" issue.

********** 9. Devaluation of the dollar.
Bush's devaluation of the dollar to more than $1200 per ounce of gold was the largest since the Ronald Reagan years when the dollar went ftom $35 per ounce to $350 per ounce. Reagan also signed into law the largest tax increase in U.S. history. Long term investment in the U.S. has been wiped out. Several other currencies, such as the Japanese yen, have shown far better long term stability.

For a brief 8 year period Eisenhower had a "We do as we should, not as we please." paradigm. Kennedy switched this to "We do as we please, not as we should." With Reagan, all of the post World War II morality was thrown out the window.

********** 10. The property tax gouging spree.
Nowhere is the old motto "We do as we please, not as we should." become more flagrant than with property taxes. When values are increasing, assessments zoom right up. A typical scheme for defrauding the public when values are decreasing (for 2010 to 2012) is to take the January 2009 actual value and use it for 2010, 2011, and 2012. In many jurisdictions assessments vary all over the place and are unrelated to actual market value since the assessing authority refuses to accept actual value as a basis for changing assessed values.

The new problems were fueled by the extreme inflationary increase in money supply (money stock, M1 and M11) from January 2001 to January 2005. Not only did property values go up, but many jurisdictions increased their property tax rates as well. The United States has not lost its distinction of having the highest property tax rates on Earth. The impact upon the economy is devastating. An odd side effect is that although taxing authorities have never delayed a second in increasing assessments, many are reluctant to decrease assessed property values. Many have increased property tax rates as well. Property tax gouging is as American as apple pie. It is not unusual to find taxing authorities collecting more than fives times what they need to provide essential services. Government officials pretend to have budget shortfalls when in fact they have a glut of tax revenues. If tax revenues were to increase by a factor ten they would have no difficulty in finding ways to squander the resources. A 10 percent per year reduction in property taxes over 10 years is easily achievable.

********** 11. Property rights.
From a medical standpoint, criminals are simply mutants that have a reversed sense of social responsibility. Like mongoloid idiots, they are non-viable mutants. If the population were made up entirely of criminals, you would have a large mass of people making a living by robbing and murdering each other. The resulting zero level of productively would make it a physical impossibility for the group as a whole to survive for more than a short period of time. Unfortunately their life from birth to death is one of doing nothing right. In a densely overpopulated big city environment a normal human engages in little or no reproductive activity. The criminal breeds like flies since it is the wrong thing to do. A large criminal population is simply one type of plague that has to be overcome to survive. Extinction is most likely to result from an inability to cope with parasites (disease, pests, criminals, sociopaths, drug addicts, socialists, plutocrats, etc.) or an inability to cope with environmental changes.

A thousand years ago the concept of land ownership was that peasant farmers were a part of the land. Since most were illiterate, they had no way of knowing that persons in the King's castle wrote up clever laws that said that the king owns everything in the land. Kings always are very pleased with these laws, since it means that Kings can do as they please, accountable to nobody.

Private ownership by persons other than the King is a completely different concept. Once private ownership is established, the concept that the owner can buy and sell his property can be introduced. Property can be used as loan collateral. It also can be seized by the King if taxes are not paid. As far as the King is concerned, the fact that the peasant has no money is no excuse. Since money comes from the King's treasury, he can make sure the peasants do not have any money to pay taxes or repay loans. This leads to the development of a slave state, with plenty of slaves to be handled as property. Any property that the King does not like can be disposed of. The problem is much larger than just the criminal nature of property taxes. Etc.

********** 13. Corporate counterfeiting - Still legal
Stock markets can exist only in cultures that are extremely tolerant of criminal fraud. Over time corporations absorb every penny provided by stock and bond holders, leaving behind nothing but worthless paper. Everybody knows what counterfeiting does to the value of negotiable securities whether they be dollar bills, bonds, or stocks. Counterfeiting by corporations of their own stock is done by printing stock that is not sold on the stock market, but that is held in escrow to be dumped onto the market at a future date as non-cash compensation for employees. For anyone that finds this hard to understand, an example should help.

The world famous Mikrowsoft Corporation went public in 1996 by selling 2,200,000,000 shares of stock that were quickly gobbled up by investment bankers for some $90 billion. Mikrowsoft is a modern example of the price gouging monopoly. No sane person on Earth would pay more than $20 billion for Mikrowsoft after looking at their annual earnings. Mr. Softy, a founding father of Mikrowsoft, on 28 April 2006 dumped 500 million shares of stock when he left Mikrowsoft. It knocked the price from $27 a share down to $22 a share, but he still got $12 billion for it. The amount of stock being traded was 2,200,000,000 shares on 27 April 2006 before the dump, and 2,700,000,000 after the dump. The value of Mikrowsoft Corporation stock on 28 April 2006 was some $59.4 billion. The drop in share value defrauded stock holders (except Mr. Softy) of $12 billion. This is the largest case of grand larceny by one person in recorded history. There are tens of thousands of corporate executives that pull the exact same stunt every year, but at a level nowhere close to $12 billion.

There is another point never mentioned in the media. This is what drove the collapse of October 1929. What if the top ten Mikrowsoft executives decided that they all would dump their stock onto the market on April 28, 2006? Collecting $120 billion from a pool of Mikrowsoft stock that is worth only $59.4 billion would be quite an achievement. What happens is that Mikrowsoft stock becomes worthless. It would sell for zero dollars per share, except nobody would want any.

This actually happened with Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE) in June 2010 when they were delisted for share values falling below one dollar. Over a ten year period Fannie and Freddie executives pulled out about $500 million in salaries and bonuses. Stock is another form of compensation that can run in the billions of dollars for one executive. The U.S government did own around $75 billion in Fannie and Freddie stock. Fannie and Freddie have received direct and indirect federal support worth more than $1.5 trillion. Obviously there is a direct cash connection between the U.S. treasury and executive compensation. See

The snakes at the top have created an incredible number of malicious and extremely criminal financial monsters.

Unlike bonds, which are a loan, stocks are a gift to a corporation that will never be repaid. They do have some value due to dividend payments. When the company decides to stop making dividend payments they are not worth the paper they are printed on. When someone says, "HEY! Why aren't they paying gift taxes?" Anybody that has purchased a home knows that in addition to the 6 percent commission, there are many taxes and fees. Someone from the IRS might explain that as a matter of policy the IRS never collects any kind of a tax on Wall Street transactions. Like cancer, corruption undergoes steady expansion until it kills the patient.

********** 13. Credit card, debit card, etc. abuse.
Many people think a credit card looks like a piece of money. If a rat did not think that rat traps and bait look like a good source of food, they would not work. Some mistakes, such as mandatory health care, add up to extinction for the victims. In a market with rising house prices, a foreclosure is not a disaster but a cash bonanza for the bank. Some internet sites advertise legitimate products (bait) and then ship fake products (switch) making huge profits off of criminal fraud. Everybody knows what a speed trap is. The tricks and traps game is a way of life in the United States.

Robbing the public is as American as apple pie. In theory the huge increase in the supply of corruption should result in an equally huge drop in the demand for corruption. This has not happened. Congress is vastly expanding corrupt health care in the U.S. War profiteering in the middle east is expanding. Banking is becoming more corrupt than ever before. The political system is rotten to the core and getting worse. Economic damages have gone from hundreds of billions of dollars per year ten years ago to trillions of dollars per year today. Both parties have sold their soul to the devil. They both have the same boss. Hence they feel it is important to act different in order to deceive the public. It is like a car salesman telling a customer that the cars he sells are far superior to the cars that the other salesmen sell. You do not want to buy anything from those other guys.

Those who brazenly ignore the law use the law to entrench themselves. The right of might is a well established fact. Many a politician found that he was doing poorly until he started a financially rewarding life style. However, the piper must be paid. Failure to meet the needs of special interests gets the cash flow cut off. Crime not only pays, but it is very lucrative as well.

Currently there is no tax on the sale of bonds, stocks or derivatives. This is called a tax loop hole. It turns millionaires into billionaires, and billionaites into trillionaires. The following taxes have been proposed, in addition to the brokers commission, on securities trading:
Bonds - 2 percent
Stocks - 4 percent
Derivatives - 6 percent

********** 14. Corrupt immigration. trade and business ownership policies.
Attempting to cover this topic in one paragraph is no different than attempting to cover cancer in one paragraph. Cancer is a disease of old age, and the United States is an old country. Many years of always expanding corruption leads directly to the collapse of the empire. Selling a business to foreign interests is a fatal error that cannot be corrected. There is a universal complaint that goes "You can't do that! It will destroy the entire country!" that is always countered with the universal reply "Like hell we can't!" May the deceased rest in peace.

********** 15. Genocide. It is amazing how many people actually believe big lies. A whopper that sounds credible may be believed by more than 90 percent of the population. Documentaries on genocide try to increase their book sales (greed) by claiming that the nation's leadership woke up one morning in a bad mood and decided to relieve their boredom by killing a few million people. Genocide is a direct result of greed. When Freddy Kruger has no brothers or sisters, he has no idea what brotherly love means and no reason to wipe out the competition. If Freddy has a dozen brothers and sisters he thinks about how much better the world would be if he chopped them up with a machete. Nazi Germany in 1939 was the most densely over-populated country on Earth. Too many people plus the abundant resources needed to wage war and commit genocide are the trigger for the problem. It is as easy to eliminate greed and rivalry as it is to eliminate war and genocide.

A word for the wise - Like to copy what they are doing in America? Don't. The bulk of the U.S. population is made up of people who like playing with what they know is evil. What you learn at the Army war college will get you blown off the face of the Earth. The Nazi radar systems were carbon copies of those developed in the Boston area. The U.S. toxicity studies of auto exhaust and cyanide formed the basis for the Nazi extermination camps. The foods will both poison and infect you. Business practices and health care will bankrupt you. Even the clothing and safety devices will result in severe injuries. Those who are evil will have an evil death.

********** 16. Bad leadership - This is a problem of quality and therefore is analogous to the refinement of gold ore, purification of water, or the disposal of sewage. All too often the scum rises to the top and stays there. The first part of the problem is defining what is meant by good and bad leadership. A simple definition that anybody can understand is that good leaders have a Midas touch. Everything they do improves the status of mankind. Bad leaders have a reverse Midas touch. Everything they do turns into a disaster. Hence the United States has been plagued by bad leadership ranging from Vietnam to the ongoing destruction of the economy. Also see

The second part of the problem is the development of effective tactics for getting rid of bad leadership. Impurities have to be removed, the product must be made affordable and safe for use by humans, and fraud and waste must be disposed of effectively. One good example of bad leadership is Richard Nixon. He was the worst of the worst. He was a master of the reverse Midas touch. He was living proof that crime pays. And after five years he finally was kicked out of office. With a long history of devious behavior he never should have been elected in the first place. Even Eisenhower avoided him.

The small number of checks and balances that did exist have been eliminated. As one politician put it, "The voters are like putty in our hands. They fall for whatever line we feed them." The most prosperous period in U.S. history (1952 to 1960) had a Republican president combined with a Democratic Congress. A proven disciplined competent leader such as Eisenhower is required, not a failed movie actor such as Reagan or a Yo-Yo such as Bush. The worst possible situation is a Republican president and a Republican Congress. The second worst possible situation is a Democratic president and Congress. It does not matter how honest a President is if he surrounds himself with crooks. Cleaning up the corrupt plutocracy that exists today is very difficult if not impossible.

Overhauling the broken system should be done both deliberately and professionally. When a legitimate program is created the response must be more than "My isn't that nice, but it would be too much like work to implement." Legitimate staff and funding must be provided, along with the authority to take corrective action. Provisions must be made for legitimate revisions so that procedures that prove to be wrong are corrected.

**************** 17. The Internet - This media is as tainted as everything else in American culture. Time conquers all. Eventually the Internet will degenerate into a completely useless media.

Before throwing out your computer, perform the following five Google searches:
stopping the crooks on "Wall Street"
stopping the crooks in Washington
"getting rid of" plutocracy
derivatives crash
Nixon's dirty tricks

Ten typical proposals in Google results for stopping the crooks on "Wall Street". These are the first ten, not the best ten. If you go through the entire 1,000 expect many repeats. Do not expect to find the holy grail:

1. Begin enforcing laws that prohibit criminal fraud, but have not been enforced for many years.
2. Attempt to use the ballot box to end a culture of criminal fraud.
3. The Nazis and Russians maintained detailed records of all their activities. This was Nixon's downfall. Seize records to support criminal prosecution.
4. Graft, conflict of interest and corruption at the top. The FBI and courts have responsibility but should stop doing nothing.
5. Politicians should be responsible to constituents. Include the public at large instead of just serving special interests.
6. Oil companies set oil prices. Set prices by government regulation.
7. The plutocracy serves the rich. Change this to serves everybody. This is probably the stupidest suggestion on the Internet. If a plutocracy served everybody it would be a democracy. The special interest groups served by the plutocracy would have been called the aristocracy 200 years ago. The logical next step is a socialist government like the one led by Hitler in Germany or Stalin in Russia. 200 years ago a dictator would have been called a king.
8. White House politics should be cleaned up.
9. Crooks should be removed from government. In particular elected and appointed officials.
10. The wonders of modern technology have placed people far down the road to extinction. A movement is needed to correct this.

**************** 18. On occasion the truth slips through.
One factor is that this article does not contain any of the key words used in an Internet search for articles linking cows milk (This includes any other type of mass distributed milk in addition to cow's milk) and dairy products to diabetes. Various special interests in the U.S. do not want the truth to leak out. 100 years ago Japan had zero dairy product consumption and near zero cases of diabetes. Today things are more Americanized.

The distribution of new cases of diabetes is characteristic of that of an infectious disease. The same auto-immune flim flam can be applied to bubonic plague and malaria. Oh! You have malaria. You have a terrible auto-immune disorder. Oh! You have bubonic plague. You have a terrible auto-immune disorder. Oh! You have cholera. You have a terrible auto-immune disorder.

There always is a vector that transmits the disease. In the case of diabetes it is contaminated milk and dairy products. Contaminated water in the case of cholera. Infected mosquitoes in the case of malaria. Infected fleas in the case of bubonic plague. The gullibility of the public when it comes to believing flim flam artists ia incredible. The link between cow's milk and diabetes is discussed at

Familial predisposition of type 1 diabetes mellitus in Japan, a country with low incidence. Japan Diabetes Society Data Committee for Childhood Diabetes.
Ito T, Nakamura K, Umeda E, Kaino Y, Hirai H, Kida K, Mimura G.
Department of Pediatrics, Ehime University School of Medicine, Japan.

The study group of the Japan Diabetes Society (JDS) carried out nationwide hospital-based and population-based surveys of childhood type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM) in Japan. According to the nationwide population-based survey, the incidence of childhood type 1 DM in Japan was 1.5 (1.4-1.6)/10(5), which did not differ for the 5 years from 1986-1990. Predisposition for DM and auto-immunity were studied in the first-degree relatives of the patients, including older and later cohorts. The prevalence of type 1 DM was 3.3% (12/369) among siblings and 2.2% (8/369) among parents, while the prevalence of type 2 DM was 0% among siblings and 4.3% (16/369) among parents. The risk of type 1 DM among siblings of the patients was 330 times higher than that among the general population in the Japanese population. The rate of positive results for auto-antibodies, including ICA, IAA, GAD and IA-2, was 1.4-2.9% in parents (n=140) and 2.0-3.9% in siblings (n=203). The genetic susceptibility for type 1 DM is far lower in Japanese children than in Caucasian children, but predisposition to the disease and positive auto-immunity are almost the same in Japanese families of patients as in Caucasian families. The quality of life of Japanese parents of children with type 1 DM was less satisfactory that that of the Caucasian parents previously reported, which might be a result of the low incidence of type 1 DM in Japan. Diabetes cause - contaminated milk and dairy products.

See for a rundown on weaponized cholera. Asian cholera in Haiti would point towards North Korea. The U.S. and Russia are big suppliers of guns and ammo. The experts always "forget" to mention carriers of disease. About one percent of recovered patients remain infected for years. The easiest way to spread cholera is by contaminating food and water.

For the past century the food supply in the U.S. and most other countries has been extensively contaminated with both diseases and poisons. Insulin dependent diabetics have more than twice the mortality of non-diabetics and therapy is lucrative both for price gouging drug companies and health care professionals. Cow's milk (This includes any other type of mass distributed milk in addition to cow's milk) and dairy products are used to create large numbers of diabetes cases.

Milk is the filthiest food sold in grocery stores. It would be very difficult to concoct a filthier product for sale to the public. See Thanks to corrupt politicians with well lubricated palms not much is being done about the problem.

A complete discussion of corrupt and incompetent health care practices would be far larger than a 100 volume encyclopedia, and is beyond the scope of this article. For example, the clever idea of mandatory health care insurance allows grossly over-priced insurance to be used to fleece the public, just as is done with auto insurance.

************** 19. Disaster or bonanza? - The debris thrown into the air by the volcano in Iceland in early 2010 will take several years to completely fall out of the atmosphere. It blocks the heat of the sun, needed both for crop growth and thunderstorm formation. In the fall of 2010 there will be (were) widespread crop failures. Anybody with grain to sell will be (was) selling at a high price. It will be a disaster for farmers without a crop to sell, and a bonanza for those that did well. The fire in Russia and flood in Pakistan are unfortunate. The primitive cultures in south-east Asia provide strong support to the theory that the dark ages began with a large volcanic eruption in south-east Asia.

Politicians like to say that thanks to their lavish and wasteful squandering of tax revenues, the public has got it made. The fact is that nobody has a guaranteed free ride on easy street. Humans always have been teetering on the brink of extinction. There is no room for any kind of parasitic burdens upon society whether public or private. Lavish spending on space programs, extremely expensive foreign wars, agricultural subsidies, urban development, and other wasteful practices must be brought under control.

When Yellowstone goes off it will take out half the United States. This is unfortunate. It may not blow for another 600 years, but a steady stream of earthquakes and shifts in ground elevation are not a positive sign. A good place to visit.

The good versus evil problem will not be going away anytime soon. Evil is on one side of the coin, while good is on the other side. If I had the power to destroy evil, I would have destroyed it thousands of years ago. Evil is in Satan's realm. Those who are truly evil are as much interested in destroying themselves as they are in destroying their victims.

There is a third alternative. That which lies beyond good and evil. Although Satan is eternal, his disciples rarely last very long. As an example, the third alternative awaits the free spirited fun loving fellows who are busy spreading AIDS/HIV throughout the world. The coin itself can be destroyed.

Camouflage is required for survival by both predators and prey. The U.S. Department of Defense was a spin off of the British king's army. The Nazis were a spin off of the German king's army. The Russian Communists are a spin off of the Russian king's army. Why be non-virulent and stick to robbing people when you can degenerate into a billion year old style based on robbery and murder? Non-virulent parasites are derived from the normal human population. Virulent parasites are derived from the non-virulent parasite population. It is important to understand the etiology of a disease if it is to be successfully treated. "All of God's creatures." This is a popular saying of Satan's disciples. The first lie is that mosquitoes, fleas, lice and ticks along with birds and rats are terrorists from Hell. They are Satan's creatures. Everybody knows that you should not harm rats since they eat the garbage you throw into the streets (as in bubonic plague epidemics). Cats are in cahoots with rodents. They instinctively know the greater the number of rodents in the neighborhood, the greater the demand for cats.

Around 800 years ago when there was a problem with bubonic plague, you would think it ended when researchers told people to stay away from wild birds and rats. NO WAY! What happened was the bird and rat lovers died out, while those who stayed away from birds and rats lived on. Evolution in action! What if everybody was a bird and rat lover? Then everybody would have died out. Specie extinction in action. CONGRATULATIONS! You have just learned why specie extinction is so common on Earth. What if everybody were stupid enough to allow themselves to be injected with deadly fake (e.g. Gulf war syndrome) vaccines?

Defective organisms obviously do not last very long. Evolution occurs through rejection of the worst misfits. Thus the life style of microbes today is pretty much the same as it was a billion years ago. The point is that change produces misfits and extinction. The one big change over the past billion years is the increase in extremely destructive parasites. Thus microbe monsters are fed upon by even more horrible parasites. Humans have to cope with all of them plus, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, humanoid parasites. Specie extinction is a real possibility.

The truth is that chickens do not care if chickens become extinct. Cows do not care if cows become extinct. And people do not care if people become extinct. This makes it far easier for a large parasitic population to form and engage in activities such as mass robbery and the mass murder of infants and children. It does explain why there have been so many cases of rampant, unopposed mass robbery and mass murder over the past 3,000 years. Victims frequently have been completely wiped out. Some problems can be corrected by DNA such as immunity to many types of diseases. There are some simple problems that cannot be corrected evem though they represent fatal defects. This includes defects in logic such as "Killing you will not hurt me one bit." or "It gives me great pleasure to rob you of all that you own" and "Who cares what happens to the public as a whole." When the wonders of modern technology present, behavior that is malicious, greedy, evil, perverted, and disgraceful equates to mass suicide. Each passing day produces a culture that is more hostile. Controls are required to avoid mass destruction. The relevant issue is that two commandments have been given but have not yet been carried out. The first is to abolish property taxes, a form of mass-robbery. The second is to ban the sale of cow's milk (This includes any other type of mass distributed milk in addition to cow's milk) and dairy products, a form of mass-murder.

It is important to understand that for humanoid or non-human parasites there must be an immune response that limits the expansion of the parasites. Otherwise the parasites simply expand until they destroy their host. Today the Earth is faced with a massive expansion of both non-virulent and virulent parasites. This means diseases, pests, criminals, sociopaths, piece gouging monopolists, drug addicts, socialists, oligarchs, plutocrats, etc.

This article is not about the collapse of the United States empire. It is an explanation of the obvious.

It is about the extinction of a specie. There is nothing strange or unusual about this. Extinction is the rule, not the exception.
It is like a horror movie where the same disaster keeps repeating itself forever. Some time in the future a gorilla or chimpanzee will re-evolve into a human-like creature and all the fatal errors will be repeated another time. THE SCENARIO: A domineering parasitic subspecie forms within the specie. With plenty of victims to feed upon they breed like flies, eventually becoming the predominate part of the population. The result is something like a cow made up entirely of tapeworms. The mess decomposes into a pile of dead garbage, an extinct specie. Some criminal activities can be controlled, but it is a war between good and evil that eventually will be lost.

The exact same life style for microbes exists today as existed a billion years ago. There is a law of nature that says the most efficient specie will be the predominant specie. By definition parasitic behavior is abnormal behavior and therefore leads to extinction. In 1860 a farm boy could buy a slave girl and in just a few years become filthy rich with dozens of new slaves to sell on the slave market. Unfortunately in 1865 disaster struck and slavery was abolished.

History has a way of repeating itself. Today parasitic behavior is flourishing in the form of out of control property taxes and all kinds of food contaminated with cow's milk (This includes any other type of mass distributed milk in addition to cow's milk) and dairy products. The damage to the economy is incredible, requiring their immediate termination.

In 2010 the abolishment of property taxes and banning of the sale of cows' milk(This includes any other type of mass distributed milk in addition to cow's milk) and dairy products were supposed to have been completed. These extremely destructive activities already have destroyed the lives of tens of millions of people in the U.S. alone. It is a good example of the type destructive behavior seen in species on their way to extinction. This is unfortunate.

****************** 20. Voting - What politicians don't want you to know about.
Voting in the U.S.

It is possible for voters to win with their vote by following one simple rule. That rule is NEVER RE-ELECT THE SAME POLITICIAN OR THE SAME POLITICAL PARTY TO ANY ELECTED OFFICE. This is particularly important in the case of Republicans since the party has long been a strong advocate for voter nullification. Voters give up what little power they have whenever they re-elect the same politician or the same political party. This results in government degenerating into a corrupt self-serving socialist system similar to the German Nazis, Russian communists, or an out of control plutocracy.

The ugly truth is that voters in the U.S. are among the most irresponsible found anywhere in the world. Attempts at voter education always have failed. Politicians tell them "Vote for me. I will save the world from evil." Voters always do as they please, for any reason or no reason at all. Hey! That is the exact same attitude that politicians have! It takes two to tango to produce really corrupt government.

"Yes. You are right. We will give up our bad habits immediately." Unfortunately this is wishful thinking. In the U.S. it did not become illegal to use lead paint until 1978. On the other hand, lead pewter was banned in the mid-19th century. The lead reacts with linseed oil or other solvents in paint, which slowly evaporate poisoning anybody inside the house. A new coat of paint starts the process all over again. The same crass stupidity is seen with AIDS HIV originating in Rwanda and neighboring countries in Africa. The bad habits end when those responsible destroy themselves. Unfortunately rational behavior has nothing to do with it.

It is the responsibility of the public to deny power to the special interest groups that finance re-election campaigns. Reiterating: It is possible for voters to win with their vote by following one simple rule. That rule is NEVER RE-ELECT THE SAME POLITICIAN OR THE SAME POLITICAL PARTY TO ANY ELECTED OFFICE. Voting to re-elect the same politician or the same party ensures corrupt government.

See and for a list of current house and senate members

*************** 21. The consumer price index (CPI). This is a good example of corruption American style. If criminals thought like normal humans, they would be normal humans. The CPI started off on the wrong foot by measuring what people spend, not what they need to survive. When people can afford a solid gold car, they buy a solid gold car, not the cheap iron models. Spending also is affected by price gouging. If legitimate prices are fraudulently inflated by a factor of 100, 100 times the fair market price is what people have to pay.

Another clever scheme is to adjust salaries every two years. The adjustment is then for one year, not two; and a decision is made as to what part of one years inflation will be adjusted, usually about half.

Things have become even better with the CPI now calculated with the price of houses set to zero and the price of fuel set to zero. This chops the CPI in half again. Eventually only illegal aliens can afford to work for the company since they pay no taxes.

The idea is that the masses are robbed of every penny they earn, while the plutocrats become extremely rich. Uncontrolled parasite infestations can eventually destroy their host. The two usual causes of specie extinction are 1) an inability to cope with parasites and/or 2) an inability to cope with environmental changes. Hitler and Stalin could exist only in cultures that were 100 percent criminal tolerant. The word parasite is used in a broad sense to include diseases, pests, criminals, sociopaths, socialists, plutocrats, etc.

The socialist governments in Europe in the 1930's were nothing more nor less than a collection virulent and non-virulent parasites feeding upon the populations they governed. Starving millions of Ukrainians to death was very popular first with the Russians in 1932 then the Nazis in 1943. It was a culture of unlimited moral turpitude.

So? - The world is an ocean of evil. How do you get rid of it? Not by producing honest products at honest prices. It is simple. Destroying evil produces good. The trick is to get rid of property taxes, and get rid of cows' milk and dairy products.

*************** 22. A nation of criminals. The automotive industry is a good example of crooks working together to destroy a nation. Did your altertnator go dead after getting your car serviced? A check engine light goes on, but your car is missing an OBD reader. It takes less than a minute for a mechanic to blow an alternator. This corresponds to an income of $25,000 per hour. Why would Detroit make it so easy to wreck an alternator? How does Mr. Destructo Boy, the mechanic, do it? Run a jumper cable from the positive terminal on the battery over to the alternator then start the car. This puts a massive overload on the alternator, blowing out the diodes.

Another flaw is the failure of rear view mirrors to cover the blind spots. This is the area to the right and left of the driver that extends straight out to 35 degrees behind the driver. This is where your car goes when you change lanes! It means hundreds of billions of dollars in repairs from motorists colliding with the invisible driver in the other lane. Today there are hundreds of deliberately created defects in motor vehicles, as well as everything else that people use.

There is one more clever item the snakes have come up with that must be mentioned since it is so widespread. Twenty years ago a gas cap screwed into a gas pipe with a solid steel seat for the gas cap to rest against. This was far too difficult for a mechanic to sabotage. So they redesigned the gas pipe with a flimsy plastic seat. Just one rap is all it takes and presto! you have a leaky gas tank! You have to shell out the cash for a new gas pipe. Isn't that clever?

Mechanics who specialize in spark plug bending have been forced to learn new specialties due to misfire warning lights. There are plenty of other ways to wreck a car such as putting a little power steering fluid in with the brake fluid. The reason you don't see shops that specialize in detecting mechanics sabotage is that you can't trust the sabotage specialists either.

There are, of course, hundreds of ways that the snakes defraud the public. There are two "oxygen sensors" on both sides of the catalytic converter. Since the catalytic converter usually lasts for the life of the car there is no need to monitor anything. The "oxygen sensors" are in fact flammable gas detectors and do not function until the engine has warmed up. The one on the output of the catalytic converter falsely generates a voltage when it becomes contaminated with soot. The news media waits until a year after the switch to gasohol to announce the change to the public. The smell and reduced gas milage announced the change immediately. In addition to engine damage, you now have to burn 11.5 gallons instead of 10 gallons to go 300 miles. Thanks snakes - for reducing the range of a tank of gas from 450 miles to 380 miles, damaging the engine, increasing the price of a tank of gas and increasing the amount of gas (in addition to the alcohol) needed by nearly a gallon. Oil depletion will come much sooner thanks to gasohol.

Fleecing motorists began almost as soon as the invention of automobiles. Everybody knows what a speed trap and parking meter are. Fraudulent improper lane change charges are less common. Most people do not understand the math behind stop lights and fraudulent (as well as legitimate) running red light citations. Stop light accidents usually are caused by the deliberate mistiming of stop lights. You would think that the persons responsible would be arrested and sent to prison, especially when motorists are killed. Not in America. In the US, government officials are above the law and do pretty much whatever they feel like doing, including first degree murder. It takes about 3 seconds for a motorist to react to a situation. Yellow lights are usually set at 4 seconds. Motorists turning left at a busy intersection usually have to wait until the light turns yellow to make their left turn. Timing a stop light so that it does not turn yellow at the same time on both sides of the light guarantees plenty of collisions. A stop light is safe if the green light is delayed a couple of seconds after the light turns red on the intersecting street. Failure to include this delay results in plenty of accidents. Another problem is the death zone that exists in front of a light that turns yellow. Obviously a car directly in front of the light has no trouble getting through before it turns red. Obviously a vehicle 250 feet away from the light has no trouble stopping. However, the short 4 second yellow light creates a death zone that is several car lengths away from the light where the motorist is too close to stop and too far away to avoid the light turning red on him. The faster the traffic, the greater the number of cars that fall into the death zone. Thus the municipality that maintains stop lights has complete control over the number of accidents produced by stop lights.

Why were stop lights standardized with a 4 second yellow light? Because it is good for business. Plenty of business for traffic cops and auto repair shops. All stop lights in the U.S. should have a 6 second standard yellow light. With 6 second yellow lights there are far fewer accidents at stop lights. This is something traffic cops do not want and auto repair shops do not want. If you surveyed 100 million drivers and asked them if they knew that their chances of being killed at an intersection would be greatly reduced by the use of a 6 second yellow light since this eliminates the death zone, the replies would all be something like, "What? What is a stop light?" When the foxes are guarding the hen house, a lot of hens get slaughtered.

Material concerning corrupt practices in the pharmaceutical industry would fill a ten volume encyclopedia. Just one example regarding athletes foot remedies. It is well known that for product X that a concentration of 20 percent or higher is required to kill fungus. So they market it at a concentration of 1 or 2 percent! You use the product and you find that this stuff does not cure my athletes foot! SUCKER! A million other users have noticed the same thing. With a little palm greasing, Government authorities pretend they know nothing of any fraudulent products on the market, and the fraud goes on forever!

A similar situation exists in regard to weed killers. The only active ingredient is the kerosene used to adulterate the product. The kerosine causes the leaves of the weed to turn brown, quickly evaporates, and the next time it rains the weed starts growing again. Today anything over one percent is called a concentrate. There is no requirement that active ingredients do anything. The suckers pay whatever price the retailers/manufacturers feel like putting on the product.

The thousands of ways that construction contractors defraud customers and their work force would fill a 20 volume encyclopedia. There would be no crime if crime did not pay. In a typical example the project manager "saves" $10 million by using interior marble instead of far more expensive exterior marble on a building. This is a typical contract change. The construction workers do not get one penny of the savings nor does the customer. The customer is told he will get improved contract performance. The work force does not get one penny. The entire $10 million goes into the personal fortunes of the construction company management. A few years later the interior marble starts falling off the building. Most fraud is motivated by greed and is facilitated by a lack of regulation.

About half the population cannot be trained to do anything useful, and therefore are in fact good for nothing. The young, the old, the untrainable, and the unemployed are frequently lumped into the category of parasitic burdens upon the economy by professional economic analysts. This does not mean that such persons should be sent to extermination camps. However, in conquered territories such as France and Poland anyone of no use to the Nazis frequently went straight to one of about 275 facilities used as extermination centers. Modern industry frequently has been described as one step away from an extermination camp, especially where there are no safety regulations.

Why are there hundreds of millions of shares for top managers? If dumping stock into the market sends prices down to ten cents a share, 100 million shares still comes out to a tidy ten million dollars. Mr. Softy did not even pay for the printing of the 500 million shares he cashed in. Thanks to tax loop holes, he did not pay a penny in taxes either. The brokers commission had the stock exchange jumping with joy. See CCH.COM for a good rundown on taxes, accounting regulations, and other business practices.

***************** 23. The planet of the parasites
It all began a billion years ago with some microbes robbing and killing other microbes. The planet's first parasites were born. Things haven't changed much. It is like watching the same movie a billion times. Avoiding the problem still involves a substantial amount of effort on the victims' part. A complete discussion of the survival issue would fill a 250 volume encyclopedia. Most people are oblivious to the extreme danger they are in thanks to the wonders of modern technology. For the first time killing everyone on Earth is technologically feasible.

The term parasitic aristocracy was once used to describe what is now called a plutocracy. Parasites have been around for the past billion years. In a broad sense they include disease, pests, criminals, sociopaths, socialists, plutocrats, etc. They are difficult to dislodge and divert essential resources into purely parasitic activities. Plutocrats do not have the destroy the world orientation of criminals amd socialists. The plutocrat's orientation is one of suck out all the resources. What has happened over the past ten years in the United States is a classic example of an out of control plutocracy sucking its victims dry. It is not unusual for parasites to reach a level of virulence that completely destroys the host. Re-infection frequently follows any successful control effort. A description of all the clever ways plutocrats defraud the public would fill a 5,000 page handbook. The modus operandi of criminal activities would be equally large.

A good example of extremely virulent parasites that destroy their hosts would be the Nazis and communists. Enter Nazi or communist into google to get plenty of information. The sensation is one of fear. It is as if there were a Bengal tiger in the room who would like to have you for dinner.

It is extremely significant that the takeover of the German and Russian governments by criminal elements occurred at the time of the collapse of the previous government. The great depression dealt a death blow to the Weimar republic in Germany, and the Nazis rushed in to fill the void. In Russia the communists rushed in after the monarchy collapsed.

Back in 1770 the English crown was cleverly looting the colonies of all the gold and silver under the guise of tax collections, and shipping it to London. It had no impact upon the British crown which already had vast holdings of gold and silver. The small economy of the colonies, however, was devastated. All the money had been moved to London!

The rapid increase of criminal fraud in the U.S. is incredible. A vast system for defrauding the public has been created, and is in need of a complete overhaul. One example involving international conspiracy is insulin price fixing. The insu;in is manufactured for less than a dollar per vial. Distributors sell it to pharmacies for six dollars a vial - the same price everywhere in the U.S. Then the pharmacy sells it for $56 a vial. Price fizinf males the price the same everywhere in the U.S.. The suckers get hit for $560 for a carton of ten vials. , acting as a mail relay point. It would be far easier and faster for the distributor to ship cartons directly to patients. For a typical victim using 50 vials a year the price difference is $2500 versus $300. It is an open and shut case of criminal extortion, with a pay or die alternative. As is typical of criminal run enterprises, the manufacturer refuses to put the date of manufacture on the vials so that users cannot tell how old the insulin is.

The carton of ten vials of insulin is about the same size and weight as a carton of cigarettes. The carton is far easier and cheaper to mail directly to a patient's home. The $400 mark-up is a "pay or die" scheme. In a socialist country such as Nazi Germany or Russia the scheme would likely become just a "die" scheme. "You mean we have an opportunity to kill people? No insulin allowed in our country!" The twisted minds of criminals always center around robbery and murder.

What you have is a case if a carton of insulin with a fair market value of about $25 being sold to victims for about $500. Millions of patients are being defrauded of billions of dollars with the complete complicity of corrupt government officials. What makes the criminal fraud even worse is that there are thousands of similar cases of price gouging, although patients do not die when they cannot afford the product the way they die when they are forced to stop using insulin. "Pay or die" schemes are flagrant examples of criminal extortion and are brazenly carried out with complete collusion among the drug companies involved.

Insulin decomposition
At 35 degrees F, 2 degrees C
10 percent decomposes in two months
50 percent decomposes in twelve months
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
At 75 degrees F, 24 degrees C
10 percent decomposes in one week
50 percent decomposes in six weeks
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is only one snowflake on the tip of the iceberg. More than 90 percent of the drugs in the Physicians Desk Reference should be permanently banned because of adverse side effects. Thanks to corrupt government and drug companies, this has not happened.

Lariam is a hallucinogen (like LSD). A doctor asked "Did he take Lariam? This has happened in many Americans." He spent a month in a psychiatric hospital, diagnosed with Lariam-induced psychosis. The drug company is strictly in the business of making money. If the patient gets killed, that is the patient's problem, not the drug company's. A similar problem exists with toxic additives that turn safe drugs into doses of death.

The view from the parasite's perspective:
1. A watered down product means a bigger profit.
2. Defective products mean more sales.
3. The only good victim is a dead victim (virulent parasites).
4. Don't forget to take any gold fillings in their teeth (virulent parasites).
5. March out and destroy the world (virulent parasites).
6. Rob them blind.
7. Promise the world, but give them hell.
8. Do as you please - not as you should.

The view from the victim's perspective:
Some just want to rob you. Others, the virulent ones, want it all, including your life. In regard to virulent parasites (e.g. Adolph Hitler) the family tree must be examined and effective measures imposed to ensure that there is no reproductive activity. The lack of any legitimate screening and rejection process is what allows street criminals like Adolph Hitler or Saddam Hussein to get into positions of power. See

The parasites strike - Spreading disease has a major adverse impact upon any country's economy. Hostile nations know it is a cheap and easy way get an advantage in a highly competitive world. Saddam liked to dump anthrax upon his enemies. He also liked to sell them poisonous cooking oil. The right people knew that the hot sauce was safe and the mild sauce was contaminated. Going to a country where there is no anthrax epidemic? What you need is a specially formulated anthrax vaccine that will "immunize" you like you have never been immunized before. The food industry is notorious for food that has been processed and fortified to injure and kill consumers. Keeping the price of narcotics low, especially alcohol and tobacco, is important. Modern air travel makes it easy for tourists infected with HIV/AIDS to get into the country where they disappear into black and Latino communities. Complete coverage of all the evil in America would fill a 250 volume encyclopedia.

FOOD - A GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO KILL PEOPLE: The problems produced by alcohol and tobacco do not need to be repeated here. The United States and Mexico are not the only countries with hundreds of food products that are banned from importation to foreign countries. There are fruit flys in your pistachios. Hepatitis in your sauce. Liver flukes in your fish. God knows what is coming out of your faucet and in thoroughly uncooked meat and dairy (diabetes) products. People use soft drinks, fruits and vegetables to commit suicide.

It is no surprise that the Earth has evolved into The Planet of the Parasites. Even parasites find themselves under constant attack from other parasites. Open the door to a house and what happens? In come roaches, flies, termites, and rats ready to breed tens of millions more. As soon as controls are stopped, the invasion resumes in full force. The law of nature that applies here is entropy. Unless something interferes with the process, all objects become more and more random, dilapidated and disordered over time. In an all-American greed based culture those responsible for controls view their best interests as being served by providing controls that are grossly over-priced, inadequate and do not work.

********** 24. Gotcha sucker!
xx. Gotcha Sucker!
A billion years ago there were some predatory microbes who discovered that other microbes made a tasty meal. Although it would be easy to produce a 750 page predatory practices handbook, a few items are worth noting.

Preying upon motorists is a favorite of corrupt big city governments. Young motorists always want to find out for themselves what to look out for. Clever laws limit parking to one hour per day. Feeding the meter is illegal. A speed trap outside a shopping center can bankrupt every business in the center in less than three months. The same thing happens with large anti-business taxes.

The photo cop at an intersection is a sure fire winner. If you come to complete stop at every stop light, it still takes six seconds to get through the average intersection. The faster you are going, the more time you need. A death zone exists about 100 feet from the light where you are too close to stop but too far away to reach the light before it turns yellow. The last several cars to go through always get photo copped. There are two important money making aspects of the photo cops. The first is that motorists are forced to slow down as they approach the stop light, resulting in massive traffic jams. This ***PROOF POSITIVE*** that taxes must be raised to do something about all the traffic congestion. The second is that when motorists are forced to slam on their brakes if the light turns yellow, there is an excellent chance of a rear end collision (more money).

Most people are completely oblivious to the devastating impact of criminals upon their lives. A talk show host might go out on the street and ask teenagers who Barack Obama is - and half of them do not have the slightest idea who he is. There are many people in the U.S. who would view blowing up London with a nuclear weapon as somewhat of a humorous joke (the old good versus evil problem).

Criminals report that photo cops produce rear end collisions, but reduce collisions(a brazen lie) at intersections. They completely "forget" about the traffic jams produced by photo cops. The timing of a stop light determines whether or not there are large numbers of collisions, with many lights deliberately timed to cause collisions. If a light is timed so that it remains red for several seconds in all four directions, collisions fall to near zero. The other problem is defective roadways that obstruct the view down the roadway. At least they are not putting land mines in roadways yet.

Submarines are another example. The submarine captain said to the ship's captain, "Hey buddy, there must be something wrong with your ship. It blew up and sank." Every criminal knows the importance of blaming the crime on the victim.

Fraudulent credit card and banking fees are notorious. Stopping government and business sponsored crime is difficult. It is a major cause of personal and business failure.

********** 25. Infestation!
Is it malaria or smallpox? While the DNA of humans and apes are nearly identical, the basic inherited traits go all the way back to the first life forms that formed on the Earth, microbes. The basic traits are remarkably similar. It is important to correctly diagnose a disease to provide correct therapy. A corrupt health care system has no intention of curing anything. Their modus operandi is to maximize profits by providing the most expensive therapy without curing anything.

There are important differences between criminal infestations and disease caused by microbes. With microbes the time (latency) between infection and the obvious symptoms of disease ranges from hours to days depending upon how fast the infection grows. In humans a typical time period between groups swarming out to take over the world is around 48 years (weather driven). This is far longer than the time needed by microbes to proliferate. Problems with swarms of Nazis, communists, etc. were hundreds of years in the making. Just as microbes move in and take over, criminal cultures move in and take over. frequently destroying their hosts.

In the case of an infested monetary system at the national level, there are numerous characteristic symptoms.

1) Bizarre pricing schemes. Labor for our army is free since we use conscripted slave labor. Our buzz bombs only cost $150 each! Our V2 rockets are only $750 each. Isn't it clever how we grossly distort the true cost of labor and materials? The most amazing thing about the Hitler Administration in Germany was that it lasted an entire 13 years. He was behaving like someone whose brain had been partially dissolved by the consumption of large amounts of alcohol.

2) Wham-bang inflation-deflation of the money supply. Wham! Several years of extreme inflation gets the suckers to plan on inflation lasting for the next hundred years. Then BANG! A quick switch to extreme deflation leaves the suckers in the lurch.

3) The hoardibg of scarcw resources such as gold, silver, zinc, tin, and copper. This sends their price sky high. Restrictions also ate placed on various goods and services to send their price through the roof. Rationing is used to create artificial shortages, as well as unlimited supplies for select users. Wage and price controls for select persons, goods and services to keep prices and income from increasing. The biggest possible mess is made out of the economy. The public usually gleefully complies with complete disregard for the damage they are causing.

4) Bizarre taxing schemes intended to leave the public without a cent to spend. Diversion of tax revenues to the plutocracy. What is seen is a small group of extremely wealthy aristocrats, with most of the country driven into poverty.

5) An economy that is rotten to the core is simply part of a government and industry that is rotten to the core. Management does as it pleases, not as it should. Robbery and murder become the gold standard for conduct.

As with any infectious disease, there are ways to prevent, properly treat and cure the disease. There also are many clever ways of making big profits by spreading disease and profiting from equally clever treatments.

********** 26. Some things can be done.
It is true that you can not stop a volcano from erupting or prevent changes in the Earth's orbit from producing climate change. Evil events can be modified and prepared for. It can be made illegal to build houses in the path of an active volcano. Some countries have built lava barriers that actually would work for a small eruption. Greed has prevented any significant long term planning for short or long term changes in climate.

The orgy of financial fraud that began with the Bush administration can be stopped. Once the corruption of big cities such as Chicago, Washington, Boston and New York has been brought under control, it will be possible to significantly increase the control of criminal activities. The current hot beds of moral turpitude are Florida, Texas, and California (FTC). FTC will make an excellent test bed for determining what does and does not work. For example there are herbicides that selectively destroy cannabis, allowing other plant species to replace the narcotic.

********** 27. Health care, fraudulent medicine

Crimw pays. At one time war profiteering was the only way to get rich quick. Why get involved in a dangerous war when banks can defraud depositors and investors out of trillions of dollars? Defrauding the health care system of trillions of dollars is even easier. The looting would be stopped if the French health care system were adopted in the United States.

The modern all-American health care system, rated number 37 by the United Nations, is based upon seven fundamental principles:
1. Always claim the origin of disease is mysterious and unknown.
2. Always use therapy that is the most expensive and the least effective.
3. NEVER cure anything. Diseases are TREATED, not cured. Whenever possible treat the symptoms and not the disease.
4. Since 95 percent of disease is caused by bad diet, ALWAYS encourage bad eating habits (alcohol abuse, etc.).
5. If therapy causes the mutilation or death of a patient, it is the patient's problem, not the health care system's problem.
6. Adverse reactions to prescribed drugs, the improper prescription of antibiotics, unnecessary medical and surgical procedures, unnecessary hospitalization, and price gouging are rampant in the U.S.
7. The objective of American style health care is NOT to cure disease. The objective is to bankrupt the patient.

The current system is strictly greed oriented. The new health care legislation is nothing more than a scheme for grand larceny on a scale never before seen in all of recorded history. A refocus upon a disease curing health care system is badly needed. They have never even tried the French system of health care, rated number one in the world by the United Nations! Yet they "know" that it could not possibly work! A five year phase-in followed by an evaluation ten years later is extremely easy to implement. An evaluation after ten years would verify that the expected benefits have in fact been achieved.

The most stunning statistic is that the American medical system is one of the leading causes of death and injury in the US, with treatment killing an estimated 100,000 patients each year. By contrast, the number of deaths attributable to heart disease is about 1 million per year while the number of deaths attributable to cancer is about 750,000 per year. Price gouging by drug companies results in patient under-dosing with insulin and other drugs. This results in an increase of about 75,000 diabetic deaths each year. When price gouging amounts to nothing more than mass murder it is a criminal act that needs to be stopped immediately. The initiation of meaningful reforms is long overdue, but the recent health care reform made things worse, not better. US health care spending reached $2.8 trillion in 2010, representing 18 percent of the nation's gross national product. The recent health care legislation will result in a dramatic increase in cost. Hiding costs in taxes does not prevent the large economic damage caused by the out of control price gouging in the health care industry.

NOTE: As bad as the U.S. health care system has become, it cannot be given credit for the relatively short life expectancy of U.S. citizens. The United States has an international reputation as a nation of drug crazed lunatics. The reduced life expectancy is due to three mainstream narcotics - alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. The primary result is lunatic behavior, cancer and heart disease. All three are responsible for the reduced life expectancy.

There is a negative correlation between the amount of health care a person receives and life expectancy. In plain English this means that you are more likely to injured or killed by health care than you are to experience improved health. The thousands of patients killed each year is not enough to significantly reduce life expectancy. The big problem is the millions of bankruptcies.

The United States is unique in that the objective of health care is not to cure disease, but to leave the patient bankrupt. The average medical debt for those who file for bankruptcy is about $25,000. Two thirds (soon to be 100 percent)of those who file for bankruptcy have health insurance. 50 percent of all bankruptcy filings include large medical expenses. Every 30 seconds someone files for bankruptcy as a result of a serious health problem.

Zero morality medicine was not invented in the United States. It began thousands of years ago when tribal medicine men needed to maximize profits to avoid death by starvation. The medicine man was the local drug dealer. He could get you opium to make you feel good, even if it killed you. Today the goal is to become filthy rich at the expense of patients and tax payers.

As might be expected, the three wise monkeys are a pictorial maxim. The fourth monkey was stolen from the collection. Together they embody the proverbial principle to "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". The fourth monkey is "do no evil". In medicine this represents "see no cures, hear no cures, speak no cures". The fourth is the worst, "do no cures." Although a cure may involve no cost at all, as when advice is given to stop smoking or alcohol abuse, any curative medicine is absolutely taboo in modern medicine.

Today a new maxim is needed. The problem is that even if every health care professional were required to swear an oath of honesty, it would be viewed as a sick joke and an unwanted nuisance. As with any product that kills its customers, over time the number of customers will dwindle towards zero. This is darwinian rejection. The elimination of the worst misfits. Frequently it is possible to find some good in even the most corrupt and evil of systems. The American system of health care is an excellent way to commit suicide, as Wacko Jacko found out. However, the health care system is not responsible for the abnormally short life expectancy of Americans.

UN rankings are at . Note that the U.S. is 37th, with France at the top. The French system could be phased into the U.S. over a five year period thereby solving the problem. But again, this would be telling the truth.

A large criminal population is simply one type of plague that has to be overcome to survive. Extinction is most likely to result from an inability to cope with parasites (disease, pests, criminals, sociopaths, drug addiction, socialists, plutocrats, etc.) or an inability to cope with environmental changes. In the real world evil ultimately triumphs over good.

A very worthwhile project would be to develop a quick and easy method for identifying not just criminals but any person with undesirable behavioral traits. Virulent and non-virulent strains of a pathogenic microbe may look the same under a microscope and show identical characteristics except for the fact that the non-virulent microbe produces a mild infection in a patient while the virulent microbe kills the patient. Another very important fact is that while microbes can undergo extreme mutations in a few days, humans require hundreds of years. Therefore it may be true that the only way of identifying a person with virulent undesirable behavioral traits is their actual behavior. Obviously the virulence is an inherited trait that should not be allowed to propagate.

While most health care professionals will admit that exercise increases pulse rate and blood pressure, you are much less likely to find out that the more salt in your diet, the higher the blood pressure. You can derive diastolic blood pressure from your pulse rate. It typically is 10 to 30 units higher. I.E. Measure pulse and diastolic. If diastolic is 20 units higher, just add 20 to pulse to get diastolic. No need to measure blood pressure, just pulse. You also are unlikely to be told that it is normal for blood pressure to increase with age. There is substantial variation from country to country and among various ethnic groups. Your health care provider is unlikely to consider this. Why adjust salt in your diet when you can take expensive drugs?

More than 90 percent of the drugs in the PDR should be banned. The snakes have been doing this for the past 100 years!!!!!!:
Avastin increases fatal side effects in cancer patients, study shows
USA Today - Liz Szabo - Feb 2, 2011 One of the most financially successful cancer drugs in the world appears to cause more fatal side effects than previously realized, a new study says. Cancer Drug Avastin Linked to Death Risk WebMD

********** 28. Population plagues and over-population

1. General - The United States has the distinction of being the most over-colonized country on Earth. Immigrants have always been welcome to come on in and take over the country. If dandelions and Norway rats could do it, so can you. With a state of severe over-population this is the worst possible national policy. A more responsible leadership is required. People keep the door to their house closed and locked knowing that if they do not, everything from bugs to burglars will come storming in.

There is a complex interaction between the gravity of the moon and temperatures (determined by the day of the year). Storm systems moving from the central U.S. to the north-east frequently split into a northern and southern part. When and where this occurs is determined by the location of the moon. Weather patterns repeat every 19 years (WRONG, 2.5 X 19 = 48, the correct value) as the lunar year realigns itself with the solar year. There also are other patterns such as 48 year cycles. Thus the locust plague or the big drought that occurred 48 years ago may repeat itself again this year. Ocean currents also impact weather. Although weather conditions cannot be controlled, they can be monitored to provide advance warning of impending disasters. Today disasters are modified by modern technology, corrupt government and sometimes an invading army to make them more frequent and worse.

The importance of controlling infiltration can be seen in the development of national borders with unique national languages. Damage can be caused by slow immigration or by a rapid armed invasion. The United States is saturated with "legal" immigrants. The United States is saturated with illegal immigrants. The biggest problem faced by the United States today is too many people for too few resources. There are three phases of population growth that apply to everything from bacteria to elephants. Good times lead to gross overpopulation (phase 1), gross overpopulation leads to the food running out (phase 2), and the food running out leads to swarms of people or insects looking for more food far from home (phase 3).

2. Criminal infestations - While mongoloid idiots (non-viable mutants) quickly wipe themselves out, criminals (non-viable mutants suffering from a reversed sense of social responsibility) are an unfortunate fact of life. There were an estimated 15 million big city criminals in Nazi Germany at the time of World War II. The problem originates from the fact that the normal human response to the dense over-population of the big city is little or no reproduction. The criminal response is to breed like flies since it is the wrong thing to do. The result is a population with no normal humans but a relatively pure population of criminals.

How do you identify a criminal? A list of dozens of characteristic traits would be easy to prepare. However the easiest way for the average person to identify a criminal is their use of reverse logic. They think backwards. The chlorination of water is a good example. We can't switch from chlorination to ozonation since chlorine is poisonous and ozonation does not poison the water. We can't switch from chlorination to ozonation since chlorine causes billions of dollars in damage to plumbing each year and ozonation does not destroy plumbing. We can't switch from chlorination to ozonation since chlorine manufacture poisons fish with mercury and ozonation does not poison fish with mercury.

3. The big city criminal problem has been around for millions of years. Abnormal mutations are seen in red tide, lemmings, insect plagues, etc. There would be no lemmings if normal lemmings swarmed out to the ocean and jumped in. The laws of nature make it impossible to stop mutations. Plagues are a slight variation of the tendency for life forms to establish a territory to live in. Territorial behavior is replaced by completely unconstrained expansion. The swarming behavior is triggered by a period of unusual abundance. While algae need only a few days for a population explosion, humans require several decades. The result is as easy to control as a volcanic eruption. The damage can be far worse. There are no laws of nature that prevent controlling the two triggers for a large big city criminal population. Both the massive flow of resources into the big city and the population density (limit to no more than 100 persons per square mile) can be (but are not) controlled. Regulation must be legitimate regulation and not the criminal fraud and incompetence seen with corrupt government and industry. Big cities throughout the world always have been characterized (correctly) as cesspools of moral turpitude. How to control the problem is a difficult issue.

4. Therefore, the problem is one of controlling uncontrolled behavior. This includes all criminal behavior with the consideration of motives, opportunity, MO, etc. Where there is money or other valuable resources, there is a motive. The subject of controlling behavior would fill a 200 volume encyclopedia. Hence it is important to have honest regulation that is not corrupted by greed and incompetence.

5.The Reicher Scale for Magnitude of over-Population

Magnitude-Persons per Square Mile
1 100 to 200
2 200 to 400
3 400 to 800
4 800 to 1600
5 1600 to 3200
6 3200 to 6400
7 6400 to 12800
8 12800 to 25600

Note: One minute of latitude is considered to be one mile.
Longitude varies with latitude. Equal at the equator. A full time employee at a location counts as one person.

Starvation used as a weapon of war or resulting from natural disasters should not be confused with over-population.

Thousands of years ago the human population was essentially monolithic with only one basic genotype. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology there are now three. These are easy to profile based upon observed behavior.
The first, normal humans, have a theme song of "work, work, work." These are the commoners who support society. Most of the food is unfit for consumption by a pig. Much
Of the clothing is shoddy and literally falls apart. Much of the housing is substandard. They frequently perform poorly and tolerate poor performance in others.

The second, a parasitic sub-specie of humans, has a theme song of "rob, rob, rob." This group is frequently called the aristocracy, the kleptocracy, or the plutocracy. For example they may collect taxes, but most of the money is going into get rich quick schemes. These enjoy the life style of a tape worm.

The third, a parasitic sub-specie of humans, has a theme song of "kill, kill, kill." These are more like E Bola or AIDS/HIV. They are produced in populations that are extremely tolerant of criminals. For example they may pack the shelves of grocery stores with cows milk to give tens of millions of people diabetes, a group destined to die a horrible death. They like to call themselves socialists and their ultimate goal is to destroy as many people as possible.

An important note on global warming: The Earth's orbit precesses. Think of it as a vibrating drum with the sun at the center and the Earth's orbit the rim of the drum. The Earth's orbit bounces up and down relative to the sun. It is currently midway between a 25,000 year period when the south pole gets more sunlight and a 25,000 year period when the north pole gets more sunlight. The fundamental frequency of about 50,000 years includes harmonics of lower amplitude (i.e. that are smaller) of 25,000 years (second harmonic), 16,667 years (third harmonic), 12,500 years (fourth), etc. Today it is going in the direction of greater illumination of the north pole. In plain English, the south pole is cold with a 2 mile thick ice sheet. The north pole is relatively warm with a melting ice sheet. Could a large (25 miles in diameter) asteroid impact 65,000,000 years ago cause the Earth's orbit to precess? Yes.

Clever cultural changes invariably turn out to be clever ways of engaging in mass suicide. Always ask the question "Is this what I would be doing 2,000 years ago?" A large criminal population is simply one type of plague that has to be overcome to survive. Extinction is most likely to result from an inability to cope with parasites (disease, pests, criminals, sociopaths, drug addicts, socialists, plutocrats, etc.) or an inability to cope with environmental changes, such as a large asteroid impact.
Appendix A
Capitalism - How to get rich quick American style

Introduction: There are three basic types of business. The preferred business type is the price gouging monopoly because it is the most lucrative. It is easy to identify because the prices are ten times what the products are worth. The second is the limited competition business that achieves high prices, but not as high as a price gouging monopoly. The third type is least popular and least lucrative because there is no business at all. In simplified terms that anybody can understand, Joe the plumber working in New York city is our example:

#1 The Price Gouging Monopoly: Joe the plumber uses anti-competitive practices. He got friends in City Hall to enact ordinance 32-249 that states that no plumbing license shall be granted to any plumbing business that has not had at least five years of plumbing experience in New York city. Joe makes sure that any competitors horning in on his monopoly are quickly arrested for operating without a license. What the balance sheet looks like:

Gross annual plumbing business income: $10,000,000
Joe's income from plumbing: $9,720,000
Ten part time day labor assistants: $180,000
Operating supplies: $100,000
This year's bank loan (or IPO): $100,000,000
Investment bankers 6 percent commission: $6,000,000
Money set aside for ten years of 3 percent interest: $30,000,000
Amount of loan that goes into Joe's personal fortune: $64,000,000
What Joe says at the end of ten years: The company is bankrupt. We have no money to pay the loan interest.

Of course, price gouging with pharmaceuticals such as insulin results in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of victims who cannot afford insulin that is overpriced by a factor of more than 25 to 1. It is a case of government sanctioned mass murder.

#2 The Limited Competition Corporation: Joe the plumber uses anti-competitive practices. Friends in City Hall make it very difficult for any new businesses to get started. Joe uses the world's most corrupt legal system to harass competitors whenever an opportunity arises. What the balance sheet looks like:

Gross annual plumbing business income: $1,000,000
Joe's income from plumbing: $720,000
Ten part time day labor assistants: $180,000
Operating supplies: $100,000
This year's bank loan (or IPO): $10,000,000
Investment bankers 6 percent commission: $600,000
Money set aside for ten years of 3 percent interest: $3,000,000
Amount of loan that goes into Joe's personal fortune: $6,400,000
What Joe says at the end of ten years: The company is bankrupt. We have no money to pay the loan interest.

#3 Joe's Ponzi Scheme: Joe the plumber decides to quit the plumbing business, but keeps the company name, Joe's Plumbing Incorporated. What the balance sheet looks like:

Gross annual plumbing business income: $0
This year's bank loan (or IPO): $10,000,000
Investment bankers 6 percent commission: $600,000
Money set aside for ten years of 3 percent interest: $3,000,000
Amount of loan that goes into Joe's personal fortune: $6,400,000
What Joe says at the end of ten years: The company is bankrupt. We have no money to pay the loan interest.

% % % % % % % % % %
Any accountant producing candid and honest financial statements like these for a bank or a corporation would be fired on the spot. Actual balance sheets look like an EXE file loaded into a word processor. Courts, of course, see absolutely nothing wrong with the top executives of a bankrupt company having eight digit salaries and multi-million dollar bonuses for the past ten years.

A stock market is based upon the same principle as the gambling casinos in Los Vegas. The same applies to "wisely made" bank loans. The population of the United States is filled with tens of millions of people who gladly throw away their money so that stock brokers, as well as bankers and top corporate executives, can scoop it up and become filthy rich. In most cases third parties find "good" investments that leave investors penniless, and top corporate executives filthy rich. Brokers stuff a percentage cut into their personal bank accounts, and let top corporate executives walk off with large sums of money for their personal accounts. It goes without saying that top corporate executives paid nothing for the stock they dump onto the market. The same applies to bank loans provided to the "right" businesses. The businesses are left filthy rich while bank accounts are left penniless. The world is filled with crooks that gladly fleece the suckers of trillions of dollars each year. In some cases the crooks are charged with embezzlement and sent to prison. The relative safety of Wall Street is preferred to the dangerous outside world. The behavior of the system is like one of Kirchoff's laws. It all adds up to zero in the end.

Appendix B

If you are under 40 years old, you can eat pretty much anything. People over the age of 40 need to eat healthy to stay healthy. If you are over the age of 60 diet becomes a matter of life and death. Although billions are spent each year on the search for a cure, nobody has found the cure for old age yet. There are some well established facts. If you want people to literally drop dead, provide plenty of advertising and keep prices as low as possible for alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. Malnutrition is rampant in the U.S. If you are not being infected, you are being poisoned by modern food.

Most commercially available vitamin D supplements contain between 400 and 1,000 international units. It is required for a healthy liver, heart, eyes, brain, skin, etc. NEVER CONSUME BETA CAROTENE - IT IS NOT VITAMIN A, BUT IS A POWERFUL CANCER CAUSING AGENT. The best life extending vitamin to take is ordinary doses of vitamin D - mega-doses are poisonous. Obviously vitamin D goes along with vitamin A and should be derived from fish liver oil. Vitamin D deficiencies are associated with a higher risk of death from cancer, heart disease and diabetes - illnesses that account for 60 to 70 per cent of deaths in modern nations.

The media in the United States has become far worse than the big lie machine created in Nazi Germany. It is a grossly false statement that beta carotene is vitamin A. Cod liver oil is real vitamin A. Most people cannot metabolize beta carotene. In addition it is a powerful cancer causing agent. It is found in yellow vegetables and the plant uses it to kill plant pests such as people.

Niacinamide is deactivated niacin. Niacinamide is a toxic poison. The vitamin is called niacin. Deliberately poisoned food has iron and preservatives added. Most preservatives are poisons that can severely degrade a person's health. What does the all-American system of health care say about iron? Our business is greed. Maximize profits by making food toxic enough to dozens of deadly diseases. Excessive iron causes heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. Anybody that needs more iron can take an iron pill. The red in red meat is iron. Similarly glutamine is deactivated glutamic acid.

Most B vitamins degrade health in large doses. Vitamin C has optimal consumption amounts. Too much or too little is bad for your health.

A good example of an unhealthy diet is one made up mostly of corn. Corn is deficient in iron, lysine, B vitamins, vitamin C and protein. Corn fed people develop severe malnutrition as well as infectious diseases. The same thing happens with livestock when Farmer Fude brags about how much money he saves by not adding any legitimate supplements to his corn fed animals. Unfortunately many diseases can be transferred to humans that eat the livestock. Farmer Fude sees nothing wrong with giving his livestock poisoned feed and causing Alzheimers in people who eat his mad cows.

The Japanese have the longest life expectancy of any country.
This is the standard Japanese diet:
Drink: Water
Food: Rice with beans, plus fish for a complete protein.
Since salt causes high blood pressure, minimize the flavorings.
Adding a source of vitamin C such as orange juice is a good idea. Note that there are no junk foods on the list. Obviously the type of rice, fish, etc. is very important. In addition to being the most expensive source of food, the consequences of a junk food diet can be fatal for the elderly.

The three worst junk foods are alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. Tea has the distinction of being the second junk food used on a large scale, with alcohol being the first. To see if you are being poisoned by or are allergic to junk food, try the Japanese diet for three months and see if your health improves.

Dairy products, candy, cookies, pies and cakes are not considered to be health foods. Toxic food products include onions, grapefruit, celery, cabbage, tea, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, pepper, yellow colored vegetables such as carrots, and members of the nightshade family such as potatoes.

Acidic foods (bad) include items such as junk food, corn, meat and fish, beans, most nuts, coffee, cheese, eggs, milk, ice cream, liquor, soft drinks (extremely acidic), fruit juice (extremely acidic), artificial sweeteners, and condiments (extremely acidic). Extremely acidic food can literally dissolve teeth.

Alkali foods (good for you) are cucumber, green beans, lima beans, beets, lettuce, grapes, lemon, berries, apples, pears, hazelnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, olive oil, and minerals found in tap water such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

For many years there has been an international contest to see which country can dump the most sewage and industrial waste into drinking water. There are two reasons that ozonation is not used in the United States instead of highly poisonous chlorine. The first is the billions of dollars in damage to plumbing caused by chlorine each year. The second is that marine life would no longer be poisoned by the mercury used to manufacture chlorine. Reverse logic is characteristic of criminals. Using criminal logic, replacing chlorination with ozonation is completely unacceptable since it is not highly poisonous, it is not corrosive, and it does not contaminate seafood with mercury.

People are warned about modern deadly diets by several popular sayings. Tea, tea, tea - will give you a jaw deformity (infant deformity). Tobacco will blind you. (infant deformity). I've got to get - my nicotine fix. Beer, beer, beer - will make you act really queer. And onions can produce a deadly anemia. The situation can be improved, but a great deal of effort is involved. A one man army is useless.

Although another 10,000 warnings are needed, Bromine (bromide,Br, HBr, etc.) is worthy of note not only because it is a powerful cancer causing agent, but is highly toxic to the brain and nervous system as well.

There are minor mistakes, and there are real whoppers, fatal errors. Poisoning food to maximize profits is a fatal error. The worst is yet to come.

Appendix C
Property tax controls

With declining property values fraudulent property taxes (and "association fees", etc.) and assessments have become rampant throughout the United States. Tens of thousands of public and private taxing authorities seek to maintain the lavish life style they have grown accustomed to. Governmental agencies as well as private associations, etc. are taxing as they see fit in whatever amount they feel like collecting. The foxes guarding the hen houses will never arrest or fine themselves for molesting the hens. The only possible controls on excessive rates and assessments have to come from the Federal government.

In addition to ordering the Justice Department to enforce constitutional law requiring equal treatment under the law, laws are needed that prohibit the arbitrary and malicious taxation that currently exists. Property taxes always have been used as a tool for driving the impoverished out of their homes and into the streets. Today, property taxes have no redeeming social value. A 1 year prison penalty and $100,000 fine for each fraudulent assessment and each fraudulent tax levy is reasonable. A limit of a maximum of 5 percent of the property owners income for the total of all property taxes paid and a maximum total taxes (and association fees, etc.) of one percent per year of the actual property value, whichever is lower, is needed. Without any national limits it is strictly a system set up to grab every penny the property owners earn.

A popular criminal activity is to levy fraudulent requirements such as one acre land requirements on single family residences. The motive is to drive the residents into lucrative rental apartments and condominiums with various fees and rents that go up far faster than inflation. This is one form of price gouging. Legitimate rent controls never did last very long. A criminal infested culture is the same as a termite infested house. Left uncontrolled for years, the house is completely destroyed.

Afghanistan and Iraq have shown that trillions of dollars are required to achieve relatively small improvements in government corruption. If corrective action is 100 percent certain in response to property tax fraud, it will stop. An estimated $1,000,000,000 per year will be required to maintain an effective monitoring and prosecution effort. This is a very small sum compared to the hundreds of billions in damages being caused by uncontrolled property taxes and "association fees", etc. each year.

The only solution that will work, of course, is to permanently ban the use of any kind of property taxes.
Appendix D
The solution

1. What happens depends entirely upon how effectively the population responds to adverse events. Evolution is not selection of the fit, but rejection of the worst misfits. It is easy to say that the crooks need to be thrown out, but how are you going to do it?

2. Armed insurrection or a foreign takeover always are viewed as being a possible solution to corrupt government. The result is usually one of an old tyrant being replaced by a new tyrant. For example, Saddam's takeover of Kuwait was simply a case of armed robbery, Nazi style.

3. Shallow thinking is a big problem. We will solve our international oil dependence with the construction of 600 new nuclear reactors. The United States is supersaturated with motley fools who believe anything. The economic burden imposed by the construction of 600 new reactors would, of course, cause the complete collapse of the U.S. economy within a few years.

4. A split with reality. Rabbits who fail to learn that wolves eat rabbits are destined to be eaten again. Knowledge is worthless without solutions. The term academic refers to useless knowledge. Students are to be graded and not taught anything useful.

5. A plutocracy is just one stage in the degeneration of a nation. It represents a highly aggressive orientation as opposed to a peaceful orientation. It is not a constructive form of aggressiveness but aggression aimed at destroying the world. The mass suicide has been compared to the march of Lemmings into the ocean.

6. If you have robbed the nation of a trillion dollars that was completely tax exempt thanks to tax loopholes - what are you going to do with it? The only possible use is to buy out competitors and create a gigantic global monopoly to price gouge consumers on a global scale. Establishing monopolies is anything but a free market activity. It is characteristic of a plutocracy. The aristocracy rules and the serfs are close to being slaves.

7. The present political system in the U.S. is a corrupt failure. The creation of legitimate government and businesses is beyond the scope of this article.

8. As Reagan once said, the government is part of the problem, not the solution. Unlimited corruption is still one of the best ways to destroy a country.

It is not a case of gee whiz nobody can figure out what is wrong. Any discussion of over population is considered to be political suicide. A simple comparison of France and west Germany after World War II provides all the details. West Germany had a population explosion, while France had a stable population. The population of east Germany also was stable.

9. Property rights. The amassing of all a countries wealth into the hands of a small aristocracy is nothing new. Property taxes are used to drive indigents out of their homes and into the streets. Eminent domain is the doctrine that government, as well as many private associations, have the right to do as they please with property owned by citizens of a country. It is at its worst when victims are not not fully paid for the damages they suffer. The issues are infinite. For example, does a gun owner have the right to shoot anyone he pleases? Google "property rights".

10. The misuse of government power to concentrate wealth in the hands of the rich is a criminal activity. This clearly is a case of large scale grand larceny. Grand larceny price gouging, grand larceny multiple taxation (when the suckers get through paying hundreds of different taxes they will owe more than their income), tax evasion (thanks to loop holes, we didn't pay any taxes at all!), and corruption in general.

11. How do you get rid of a plutocracy? The same way you get rid of a bank robber. Step one is to arrest those responsible. Step two is to put them in a prison where they cannot do any more harm.

Reference: Google "get rid of" plutocracy Most of the worst government/industry corruption has been around for a good thousand years. It is a slowly spreading cancer. Killing the patient will, of course, end the disease. The correct objective is to get rid of the crooks. Robert L. Grant, Bob's Bristo, 351 Main Street, Amarillo, TX 79103.

Isn't Earth a wonderful planet? In most places you only need to look as far as you next door neighbor to find someone who would like to have great fun robbing and killing you.

Results of the public awareness survey from the Carnegy Report:

1. Did you know there is nothing wrong with the economy? It is responding to monetary policy exactly as expected.

#1 What's a monetary policy? 93 percent

#2 I don't know and I don't care. 7 percent

2. Did you know that you can't teach horses to speak English?

#1 I don't know and I don't care. 90 percent

#2 What's a horse? 10 percent

3. Did you know that big bag of peanuts you are eating is rat poison?

#1 I don't know and I don't care. 84 percent

#2 What's rat poison? 16 percent

4. Did you know that non-virulent parasites such as tape worms stick with you, sucking out as much blood as they want? While virulent parasites kill and consume you?

#1 I don't know and I don't care. 87 percent

#2 What's a parasite? 13 percent

CONCLUSION: They don't know and they don't care.
By the 12th grade in school the average the average American student is expected to be able to recite the alphabet, print his name, and be able to tell the difference between the boys room and the girls room.

Appendix E

0. Federal information intended for public consumption. See

1. Health care - France is number 1, the U.S. number 37. See

2. A state by state comparison of health care

3. An international comparison of government corruption

4. Employment data can be obtained from

5. For employment graphs see

6. Current unemployment data is at

7. For the money supply see, money stock, M1 or M11 at See
Monetary policy is at and

8. Legal documents (eg 18 USC) can be obtained from

9. For a look at the thousands of Frontline (since 1983) documentaries, such as "Obama's deal", that expose government and industry corruption, see:

10. Transcripts of Bill Moyers Journal are available at:

11. Information on the California retirement system (corrupt) is at The root directory is
See also

12. A typical case of corporate fraud (Enron) is at

13. A good explanation of a Ponzi scheme can be found at
It is no coincidence that business financing is identical. A Ponzi scheme is financing without any business to go along with it.

14. Bush's tax cuts for the rich are explaned at

15. The Internet - Solving the problem. Perform the following four Google searches:
stopping the crooks on "Wall Street"
stopping the crooks in Washington
"getting rid of" plutocracy
derivatives crash
Nixon's dirty tricks

Most of the solutions are wrong and do not work. They may require more money and staff than is available. Success requires very good judgement combined with a proven approach. Greed cannot be the sole motive for action, i.e. let crooks make things far worse than they were. Crime does pay. Very good security and jails are required to stop it.

16. crashing Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE).

17. and
milk and dairy product contamination.

18. CCH.COM business forms.
19. Track the status of these anti-criminal efforts on google using "property tax abolished"
and "milk banned".

Summary - An honestly educated public is the key to controlling corrupt, evil, and tyrannical government and business. Property taxes are a form of economic terrorism. Diseases caused by cows' milk (This includes any other type of mass distributed milk in addition to cow's milk) and dairy products are a different form of terrorism. The zero percent per year increase in the money supply (an extreme deflationary policy) that has been in place since January 2005 is the cause of the high unemployment rates. The "act stupid" media coverage is also called "big lie" propaganda. An inflationary monetary policy boosts employment. A deflationary monetary policy boosts unemployment. The French discovered this some 400 years ago.

In 2010 the abolishment of property taxes and banning of the sale of cows' milk (This includes any other type of mass distributed milk in addition to cow's milk) and dairy products were supposed to have been completed. These extremely destructive activities already have destroyed the lives of tens of millions of people in the U.S. alone. It is a good example of the type destructive behavior seen in species on their way to extinction. This is unfortunate.

These articles may be republished, broadcast, rewritten, and redistributed.
Verification: A best effort has been made to ensure that information is both complete and accurate. No liability is assumed for any errors or omissions.
Sensitive information has been deliberately omitted. For example, enter "Nixon's dirty tricks" into google. Nixon's corruption had a major adverse impact upon the economy.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 11:52 AM
Subject: Real world economics - Educational material - Please distribute

Real world economics - Educational material - Please distribute
#1 The abolition of property taxes
The economic damage caused by slavery was nothing compared to the destructive power of property taxes.

#2 Permanently ban the sale of cows' milk and dairy products (including all other mass distributed milk products, e.g. soy "milk", goats milk, etc.) . These products are being used for the mass murder of infants and children.

The attached article, file Planet.txt, "Planet of the Parasites" deals with the current out of control global financial fraud. In 1765 it was the King of England who was robbing the country blind. Today it is the same game, but different players.

Two rapidly expanding scourges of modern living are diabetes and property taxes. Learn how a corrupt system of property taxation can destroy an entire nation. Learn how cow's milk can produce tens of millions of cases of diabetes. This includes any other type of mass distributed milk in addition to cow's milk. Action is required to put an end to diabetes and property taxes. Property taxes are the most destructive taxes ever devised. Because of this special exemptions always have been provided to religious groups, farms, businesses, etc. Home owners and specially targeted businesses always have been hit the hardest. The big difference between property taxes and slavery is that property taxes have caused far more economic damage than slavery ever caused. As one property tax assessor remarked "We are going to drive those suckers out of their homes and straight into the nearest rental apartment!" Even worse, they have no limits on the amount collected or the annual rate of increase. The damage to the economy is incredible.

State income and property taxes cause an estimated 18 percent drop in Federal tax revenues. The solution to the diabetes problem is to permanently ban the sale and importation of cow's milk and dairy products in the United States. This includes any other type of mass distributed milk (e.g. alternatives to human milk). See

A rapid elimination of property taxes is essential to economic recovery. In 2010 the abolishment of property taxes and banning of the sale of cows' milk and dairy products (This includes any other type of mass distributed milk in addition to cow's milk) were supposed to have been completed. These extremely destructive activities already have destroyed the lives of tens of millions of people in the U.S. alone. The indiscriminant mass murder of infants and children is not acceptable behavior in any culture, and absolutely not in the United States. It is a good example of government and businesses that refise to act on the public interest.

The world is an ocean of evil. Destroying evil produces good. The trick is to get rid of property taxes, and get rid of cows' milk and dairy products before they destroy the entire country. REMEMBER: Today is the day you begin to oppose evil, and take mankind off the road to extinction. From flies buzzing into your home to virulent parasites leading a nation into disaster, they all have to be stopped.

Anonymous guest. Feb 25, 2011

copyright: Please copy and distribute

References - The Planer of the Parasites
0. Federal information intended for public consumption. See
1. Health care - France is number 1, the U.S. number 37. See
2. A state by state comparison of health care
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see also
4. Employment data can be obtained from
5. For employment graphs see
6. Current unemployment data is at
7. For the money supply see, money stock, M1 or M11 at  See
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10. Transcripts of Bill Moyers Journal are available at:
11. Information on the California retirement system (corrupt) is at   The root directory is
See also
12. A typical case of corporate fraud (Enron) is at
13. A good explanation of a Ponzi scheme can be found at
It is no coincidence that business financing is identical. A Ponzi scheme is financing without any business to go along with it.
14. Bush's tax cuts for the rich are explained at
15. The Internet - Solving the problem. Perform the following five Google searches:
stopping the crooks on "Wall Street"
stopping the crooks in Washington
"getting rid of" plutocracy
derivatives crash
Nixon's dirty tricks
16. crashing Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE).
17. and
milk and dairy product contamination - resulting in diabetes.
18. CCH.COM  business forms.
19. See google
"property tax abolished" hits on Jan 1. 2011 - 64
Feb 2, 2011- 69
and "milk banned"
also milk "cow banned" 57
Feb 2, 2011- 59

copyright: Please copy and distribute.

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