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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fwd: CC Issue 23, Feb - Wisconsin: Ground Zero To Save Public Worker Rights

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Gaddafi Loses More Libyan Cities
By Al Jazeera

Protesters wrest control of more cities as unrest sweeps African nation despite Muammar Gaddafi's threat of crackdown

Wisconsin: Ground Zero To Save Public Worker Rights
By Stephen Lendman

Mass protests in Wisconsin continue. Tuesday was day eight. Involved are over 200,000 state workers and supporters, including students and teachers. Key is preserving collective bargaining rights without which no others are safe. Neither side so far is budging, Walker ordered by Republican leaders to hold fast. Other states are watching, governors there to grab all Walker gets, or more like in Ohio where Governor Kasich's bill is even more draconian

Corporate Environmentalism:
The Race To The Bottom
By Cory Morningstar

Cory Morningstar raises disturbing questions about the partnership of our influential environmental NGOs with the big transnational coporations

Climate Change And Agriculture
By Dr. Vandana Shiva

Biodiverse ecological farming is the answer, not genetic engineering

The Lid Is Off: Killer's CIA Link
And Media's Subservience Exposed
By B.R.P. Bhaskar

The US media's suppression of information about the CIA connection of Raymond Davis, who shot and killed two Pakistanis on a Lahore street on January 26, for several days is the latest instance of compliance with official directives

The United States Stands Alone With Israel
In The UN Security Council [or How (Dis)honest
is the Honest Broker?]
By Richard Falk

In many ways, the failed Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity is a rather trivial event in the broader setting of the underlying conflict. At the same time it is a significant show of the play of forces that are operative in Washington and Ramallah, and above all, it is an unseemly display of the influence Israel wields with respect to the Obama Administration. Is it not time that the United States revisited its Declaration of Independence or began to treat the 4th of July as a day of mourning?

Post-Mubarak Revolutionary Chances
By Richard Falk

Egypt's revolutionaries must guard against the army, and the west, adding a veneer of democracy to a military regime

Israeli Media 'Fears' The New Egypt
By Neve Gordon

Israel's media presents Egyptian democracy as a threat, with one commentator lamenting the end of colonialism

Democratic Churning In The Arab World
By Asad Bin Saif

The call for the end of the dictatorial regimes has gathered momentum heralding for the building of the political evolution in the region and elsewhere. It is indeed a source of rejuvenation for all the democracy loving people of the world. This is the dawn (democracy) what the Arab People anxiously waited for!

Egyptian Perseverance Needed
To Free Dr Binayak Sen
By Agrotosh Mookerjee

Our sisters and brothers in North Africa and the Middle-East have demonstrated that nothing, not even the most parasitic and tyrannical dictator can survive the torrents of intense, powerful public opinion. It may be the case that the only hope for Dr Binayak Sen, for the people of violence ravaged Chhattisgarh, for the displaced millions, for hundreds of human rights activists and journalists who are being hounded by the Indian State

World Cup Cricket, Indian Ruling Class
And Neglect Of Sports For People
By Vidyadhar Date

Let everyone enjoy the world cup but I want to raise a few points

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