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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fwd: CC Issue 24, Feb - Solidarity From Afghanistan

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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew, Editor,

Gaddafi Blames Unrest On Al-Qaeda
By Al Jazeera

Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, has said in a speech on Libyan state television that al-Qaeda is responsible for the uprising in Libya. Gaddafi is struggling to maintain his authority in the country, as major swathes of territory in the east of the vast North African country now appear to be under the control of pro-democracy protesters

Judge Approves Assange Extradition
By Al Jazeera

An English court has ordered Julian Assange, the founder of whistle blowing website WikiLeaks, to be extradited to Sweden over sex crimes claims

"We're Witnessing The Violent Lashings Of
A Dying Beast"
By Hisham Matar

Libyan Novelist Hisham Matar on Gaddafi's Brutal Crackdown in Libya

Oil – Democracy's Black Straightjacket
By Kjell Aleklett

The world and the democracy movement in Egypt waited for support from the USA but the White House was quite silent. The EU and Sweden's foreign minister were not much better. They were restrained by oil's black straightjacket

Oil-Rich Saudis Try To Stave Off
Revolution With Cash
By Tarek El-Tablawy

As Saudi Arabia's 86-year-old monarch returned home from back surgery, his government tried to get ahead of potential unrest in the oil-rich country Wednesday by announcing an unprecedented economic package that will provide Saudis interest-free home loans, unemployment assistance and sweeping debt forgiveness. The total cost was estimated at 135 billion Saudi riyals ($36 billion)

Thousands Of Workers Strike In Saudi Arabia
By Socialistworker

Saudi Arabia is now being rocked by strikes as the mood of resistance spreads across the region. A socialist in Saudi Arabia reports on how struggles in the Middle East are even spreading to the most vicious dictatorship, which is sponsored by the US

We Are Wisconsin - Video
By Finn Ryan & David Nevala

Meet the people making history in Wisconsin

From Afghanistan: We Support
The People Of Wisconsin And The World
By Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

At last Wisconsin, and many other Middle Eastern places are stirring for themselves, so 'Go for it, People of Wisconsin, People of Tunisia & Egypt, People of Bahrain, People of Libya, we ordinary Afghans share your moral rage.'

The People Of Wisconsin Should Trust Their Governor And The Federal Government
By Timothy V. Gatto

A hard hitting satirical piece

Union Busting In America
By Stephen Lendman

Despite Wisconsin heroics, national actions are sorely lacking, largely because union bosses collude with management and political leaders against their own rank and file

Beyond Affluenza And Into The "New Normal"
By Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker Interviews David Wann, author of The New Normal: An Agenda For Responsible Living, Simple Prosperity and Affluenza

The Peak Oil Crisis: Inflection Point
By Tom Whipple

The question of the day, however, is whether or not the current political upheavals will come to be recognized as a major turning point in the history of the oil age. There is no question that the loss of Libyan production, if prolonged, will accelerate the day when global oil production begins its final decline towards the end of the oil age

Kerala Passes Law Allowing Compensation
From Coca-Cola

In an unprecedented move, the state legislature of Kerala in India passed legislation today allowing individuals negatively affected by Coca-Cola's bottling operations in Plachimada to seek compensation from the company

Kerala's Bill To Penalise Coke
By Devinder Sharma

The Communist Party Of India (Marxist) -CPI (M) -led Kerala government's decision to bring in a bill: Plachimada Coca-Cola Victims — Relief and Compensation Claims Special Tribunal —2011 Bill in the State Assembly yesterday is certainly an epic decision. 'The Bill proposes to get compensation from the company and to form a tribunal to provide time-bound compensation'

'Green Economy' Can Lead To Faster
Poverty Eradication Says UNEP Paper
By Marianne de Nazareth

The report, compiled by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), in collaboration with economists and experts worldwide, takes meeting and sustaining the UN's Millennium Development Goals

Zimbabweans Face Possible Death Sentence
For Discussing Egyptian Revolution
By Yuri Prasad

A group of socialists in Zimbabwe face a possible death sentence for watching a video about the Egyptian Revolution. Some 52 activists were charged with treason and "subverting a constitutionally elected government" in a Harare court yesterday

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