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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fwd: [bangla-vision] Whither Iran in Midst of Revolutionary Upheavals? Leaflet on IRAN Program NYC March 12 [2 Attachments]

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Subject: [bangla-vision] Whither Iran in Midst of Revolutionary Upheavals? Leaflet on IRAN Program NYC March 12 [2 Attachments]
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IRAN-U.S. in the Midst of

Arab Revolutions

Following 18 days of the earth-shaking mass movement of the people of Egypt and despite the foxy maneuvers of the US-allied and torture-friendly regime of Hosni Mubarak, the outcome was not only the downfall of a Middle Eastern autocratic regime but also a strategic defeat for a long-term model of building U.S. hegemony through installing heavily armed dependent dictatorships. 


While such revolutionary upheavals have gripped the North African and Middle Eastern societies, why haven't similar developments occurred in Iran?  What are the similarities and differences between Iran and the countries impacted by these mass movements?


Hear a panel of speakers and ask your questions!

Saturday, March 12, 2011  

Time: 7 – 9 PM


Place: Grace & St. Paul's Church

123 West 71st Street (between Broadway & Columbus)

New York, NY 10023


Panel of Speakers:

Kaveh L. Afrasiabi, Ph.D.: Kaveh, a political analyst with a Ph.D. in political science, is author of numerous books and articles. His latest, Looking for Rights at Harvard, documents the long pro se legal battle he took all the way to the Supreme Court. Kaveh is a former consultant to the United Nations "Dialogue Among Civilizations", has taught political science at Tehran and Boston Universities and researched at Tehran's think tanks. Kaveh is a regular contributor to UN Chronicle and Asia Times Online.


Ardeshir Ommani: Ardeshir, author & political analyst, was a Doctoral Candidate in Political Economy at the New School for Social Research. He has been in the forefront of analyzing the socio-political events surrounding Iran and U.S. relations and has been publishing and translating news and analysis on his native Iran for many years.  He has two masters - in Political Economy and Mathematics Education - and is president of the American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC). 


Sara Flounders: Sara, an author and activist, is Co-Director of the International Action Center, organizer of the internet campaign and is on the steering committee of the United National Anti-war Committee (UNAC) building for a mass national anti-war rally on April 9.  In October 2010 she was in Tehran as part of a U.S. peace delegation that helped the Iranian NGO- HOLA launch the SI-Solidarity with Iran Campaign, calling for an end to sanctions and war threats against Iran. 


For further information, contact:   call: 914-273-8852 website:




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