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Thursday, October 9, 2014

I am proud of Sania and Mary Kom! I am proud of our women who broke the shackles of a domestic help and played a role to build up the human society in new format. Palash Biswas

I am proud of Sania and Mary Kom!

I am proud of our women who broke the shackles of a domestic help and played a role to build up the human society in new format.

Palash Biswas

It is rather very very late that I dare to understand the opposite sex,our fair ladies in a patriarchal society of male dominance.I am sorry,very very sorry that I could not become a complete human being beyond my gender hitherto.The most elegant,intelligent,conscious young ladies of modern times have opened my eyes as I never knew them.

I personally do not know Priyanka Chopra,Sania Mirza or Mary Kom, and not even Irom Sharmila,the iron lady.But I may feel them within me.Priyanka is playing the roles for which Smita and Shabana had been our darling for years.I would have loved to direct Priyanka in a film if given an opportunity.

I am proud the daughter in law of Pakistan,our sweet girlie,the most beautiful sports icon of India Sania Mirza won Gold for India,not bothering a little bit about her volatile ranking which detached Liander Paes and Mahesh Bhupati from the national color.

At the end they proved to be selfish male,not so pure Indian citizen as Sania Mirza happens to be despite the shafron blitz against her Pak link under high voltage blind communal nationalism full of war cry.

No one dares to feel how difficult should be the ways of life to become a Sania Mirza or a Taslima Nasrin.

It is my pleasure that I know personally Taslima Nasrin and Mahashweta Devi for decades.

Taslima never changed her stance against the patriarchal society whatever might come to her way.

Mahashweta Di sacrificed so many things,including her family and relationship to become a woman committed to social realism and to continue her activism life long.

I know Manipur and I know the Himalayas,where the society remains more or less matriarchal and I feel the difference.

I live in Bengal who worship all kinds of Gods and semigods who happen to be elegant ladies and ironically,the land of Sati has not changed a little despite boasting progress.

The darkness of feudal middle period of history looms around bay of Bengal just like the HUD HUD cyclone.

Just see, the film Mary Kom was on screen,doing handsome business and the lady,Mary Kom, mother of two children ignored the glittering Bollywood glamour, skipped all kinds of promos, concentrated and won a Gold for the nation.

In this context, Priyanka Chopra deserved a little appreciation as she played Mary Kom beyond the big screen.

In fact,we never dare to feel a woman beyond bed.

In fact,We,the people,the citizens of shafron Tsunami, never tolerate a woman out of the kitchen.

However,the empowered women are coming out of kitchen, the patriarchal society may not tolerate this.

Fierce bull run is the culture of our male dominated nation,the emerging market reduced to a war economy, today and the jealous gender bias is translated in Rapist culture in a free market consumer society uprooted from agrarian productive nature and environment.

Personally,I must confess,I could not feel or understand my wife for decades because we never learnt to respect independent personality of a woman.She is as much as educated as I am. But I could not help her to assert her a status and it is my greatest failure.She underwent open heart surgery in 1995 and I could not help her to regain the wanted medical fitness most wanted.I could not afford.But it should not be an excuse.Perhaps ,I could not try a little bit more just because of gender bias psyche predominant prevailing all the way.

I have clarified to our children that no woman in our family would be imprisoned in the kitchen henceforth and being a part of the family means a definite social role and an active professional life.

I have been talking to the lovely girl whom my nephew likes most.I advised her to get her education optimum and prepare for future as she has not to reduce herself to the status of domestic help.

I would like rather a professional young lady as life partner of my son who could guide him and reconstruct him as a human being which I failed to become.

Very very late it is as I have a little better connectivity with women folk these days thanks to linkedin as I am better equipped to  read the heart and mind of the generation next women who seem to be as much concerned as I am.

I am sorry that I may not say the same thing about our boys.

I belong to a humble origin and had little opportunity to know women beyond my family and my village. But I enjoyed the most beloved support of my lady teachers right from the primary school to the university.

I am a bloody fool that I never could realize the difference.

I never could feel them within me in real time.

I would like to live the life afresh just because of the much needed vision free from gender bias.

It is late.

Very late.

But,I am proud of our women who broke the shackles of a domestic help and play a role to build up the human society in new format.

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