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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Enough is enough SNM Abdi

Enough is enough

SNM Abdi

If the United Nations institutes a prize to honour the world's most forgiving nation, Bangladesh is sure to bag it. Dhaka's tolerance level is phenomenal when it comes to coping with New Delhi, which loves to humiliate Bangladesh — hemmed in on three sides by India — every now and then.

Narendra Modi last month hurled abuses at Bangladesh, telling the whole world that he didn't give a damn about the neighbouring country. While Modi's antipathy for all things Muslim is no secret, Manmohan Singh too said nasty things about Bangladesh in 2011, exposing the institutionalised animosity toward India's eastern Muslim neighbour.

Even ministers in charge of home or external affairs don't hesitate to slam and snub Bangladesh on any pretext. New Delhi paints Bangladesh as a sub-Saharan country brimming with criminals and smugglers whose life's ambition is to sneak into India.

To be sure, BSF has gunned down a 1,000 Bangladeshis like rabbits in a decade. Bangladesh is maligned as a theocratic state where Hindus live in fear. Strangely, Bangladesh's rulers grin and bear the barrage of Indian abuse.
The Awami League govt never hits back. There is no tit-for-tat response to offensive and scurrilous remarks. The Bangladesh Foreign Office never summons India's high commissioner in Dhaka for a dressing down. And the AL doesn't organise protests outside India's diplomatic mission or burn effigies of Indian leaders.

I wonder why the Bangladeshi premier and president are so kind-hearted when it comes to India.India's high-handedness begs the question: When will Bangladesh wake up and say enough is enough?

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