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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Indian national response to Kashmiri freedom graffiti and a song for freedom.

Indian national response to Kashmiri freedom graffiti and a song for freedom.

Palash Biswas

We must condemn the fascist zionist attacks against fundamental right to freedom of expression.Kashmir is an integral part of India and every Indian citizen has every right to express his opinion on government`s repressive measures there which violates human rights..Nay body may differ from Mr Prashant Bhushan.It is a democracy.But the attack against AAP is very very dangerous and it this incident showcases the danger of the Hindu Rashrta which formulates Tax Holiday for the Black Money and Capital.We do not support AAP or Mr Kejriwal and my stance remains unchanged.But we stand united with AAP for its leaders to express their opinion and their right to govern as an elected government.

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Huma Dar
Kashmiri freedom graffiti and a song for freedom...
Viva la Resistance- KASHMIR-
This videos shows the representation of resistance through graffitis by kashmiris post 2008-2010 uprisings. Sondtrack : "Freedom" by Michael Heart
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Mubeen Ahmed Shah
In the context of Indo-Pak dialogue, there are three parties to the dispute-India, Pakistan & People of Jammu and Kashmir and the international community represented by UN is the Umpire . The role of two countries, India & Pakistan is limited to talking & making atmosphere conducive to determining the wish of the people of J&K. Even If any of the two parties out of these three like India & Pakistan decide to put the dispute beneath the carpet or work out some other formula, it will not have any enduring effect over the main issue. The past has been a testimony to this phenomenon. We had Shimla agreement, Delhi agreement, 1975 accord etc. etc but the issue has not vanished. And the Umpire's role has to be impartial and meaningful particularly because the two Countries are nuclear armed and pose a direct threat to a quarter of the world population.
INDO PAK DIALOGUE REASONS FOR FAILURE Lastupdate:- Sat, 11 Jan 2014 18:30:00 GMT
(page 81-82) Let me now come to the main topic of the Seminar i.e Indo-Pak Dialogue & Kashmir.
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Adv Iftikhar A Qadri
"From the very first day I was aware about four point formula of General Parvez Musharaf and that it was a deceit and a diplomatic ploy to damage our freedom struggle. However, Musharaf and those who supported his formula used to say that it is a beginning and a step towards its final resolution," Geelani, without naming those resistance leaders who had backed the former general's formula, said.

Geelani disclosed: Musharraf tried to convince me, however I refused to follow his dictate. "We adopted a categorical approach and denied to compromise with undesirable options. Pakistan is definitely our benefactor and has since 1947 provided diplomatic support to our right to self determination," he said, adding: I warn the authorities in Pakistan that we won't accept any agreement which is against the aspirations of Kashmir people.
Kashmir deal: we aren't puppets, Geelani warns Pakistan and India - Latest Kashmir News &...
Kashmir Dispatch is an online news and views portal based in Kashmir and operated from different parts of the world.
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Palash Biswas

We must condemn the fascist zionist attacks against fundamental right to freedom of expression.Kashmir is an integral part of India and every Indian citizen has every right to express his opinion on government`s repressive measures there which violates human rights..body may differ from Mr Prashant Bhushan.It is a democracy.But the attack against AAP is very very dangerous and it this incident showcases the danger of the Hindu Rashrta which formulates Tax Holiday for the Black Money and Capital.We do not support AAP or Mr Kejriwal and my stance remains unchanged.But we stand united with AAP for its leaders to express their opinion and their right to govern as an elected government.

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  • Rahul Deb Prashanta Bhushan has finally spelt out the AAP agenda. He wants a refrendum in J&K to kick out the Indian army. Havent the Pakis been asking for a plebicite? Is it the AAP job to furthur the Paki agenda in J&K?Who will secure the convoys that pass through our rear areas?8 Soldiers were killed in Srinagar last year. Does that not concern Mr Bhushan?I hope he realises the TIMING of what he is saying. Next year the US is withdrawing from Af. Pak is expected to send in 100s of Talibanis and Jihadis into J&K. How very convenient to have the Indian army removed just before this infiltration begins! Have we any patriotism left?Does Mr Kejriwal go along with these ideas of breaking up India ?Or does Ford Foundation funding entail that they support Pro- Pak views and demoralise the Indian Army?It is about time that we got a clear answer from MR Kejriwal. They can not exploit our emotions against corruption to foster an anti- national agenda to break up India. Today it is Kashmir tomorrow it will be Manipur, Nagaland < Assam and the whole Red Corridor. Where does it end Mr Bhushan?

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  • Rahul Deb @Palash u are supporting the pakistani ISI agent??? When u want to divide india how can i support your opinion???Is it called human rights ??? Than I don't want to give u such kind of human rights??? we call them "DESHDROHI"

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  • Rahul Deb Don't support the separitist bro.

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  • Nidhi Joseph @Rahul Deb, directly we cannot come on conclusion that it is deshdroha.....If everyone started acting judgemental on such serious issue, and call it deshdroha, then argument will never take place and people of Kashmir will never get chance to say what ...See More

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  • Rahul Deb @Nidhi -Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) are in exile since early 1990 after Islamic religious fundamentalists in the valley of Kashmir took to armed subversion and terrorism and drove them out of their centuries old habitat. Today, Kashmir is on the brink of being separated from India. It is the beginning of a comprehensive plan to bring about the total disintegration of India - a fact not realized by most of the Indians. Hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits who were forced to leave their sacred land because of the war waged by Islamic terrorists must now live in despicable conditions in their own country and are on the verge of extinction as a race. Called "migrants" by the administration, the Kashmiri Pandits are in fact refugees in their own country due to total failure of the Indian State to provide security and safety to them when they were ruthlessly persecuted, threatened, tortured and murdered by the Islamic terrorists.Muslims group can do anything. For example-

  • Kishtwar clashes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  • The 2013 Kishtwar Riots, which claimed three lives and injured eighty more,[1][2...See More

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  • Rahul Deb Intelligence reports allude to the presence of over 400 terrorists in the state, who are yet to be neutralised.The terror infrastructure across the LoC is intact and has the potential to vitiate the security environment in the state. For example -Withdrawal of US troops from Iraq have created war situation in Iraq. Islamic militants with Al Qaeda ties overran the Iraqi cities ... from local Sunni tribesmen, who had joined them to fight the forces of Iraq's Shiite-led government.



  • Al-Qaeda force captures Fallujah, site of bloodiest battle of Iraq war


  • "At the moment, there is no presence of the Iraqi state in Fallujah," said a local journalist.

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  • Nidhi Joseph @rahul deb....The media is showing that kashmiri pandits are staying in refugee camps...they are not showing that there are muslims also in the same refugee camps. You can visit any of the camps and see. I do not want to show you wrong picture. If you...See More

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  • Nidhi Joseph All these political parties should declare their stand on Kashmir and Assam before going into election, so that people can vote them accordingly, and then whole nation will come to know what should be done.

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  • Nidhi Joseph @rahul deb...politics should be free of religious feelings. every issue should be solved keeping national feelings first. nation should not waste energy solving problems created by religious laws. Religion should be followed at home not on road. reli...See More

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  • Nidhi Joseph modi also took soft stance on kashmir few days back..but noone pointed that out....

  • At Narendra Modi's Jammu rally, BJP dilutes stand on Article 370


  • The BJP on Sunday appeared to soften its stand for scrapping Article 370 of the Constitution that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

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  • Rahul Deb What is your comment about article 370??? Is it not separitist article???Why so called "Secularist" support article 370???Is it not violation of human rights?What is Constitution? Why a nation needs a Constitution? What should a Constitution have ? Should it be just a booklet of few hundred pages with compilation of numerous Articles and Sections, even if they do not give any benefit to the people ? Why is it not mandatory that any Article or Section, which becomes hot cake of public discussion should be reviewed and if needed be abrogated or removed. These are few small yet fundamental questions that need appropriate and rational answers from the political circles that are taking extreme positions over the issue. One of the most authentic logic put while opposing Article 370 is that it bars the non subjects/ people from outside the state to buy immovable as well as movable property here, set any industry or manufacturing unit, while no other state bars any state subject of J&K to invest there, acquire land or set business establishment. It is true that every educated individual cannot be given government job but the government can work on alternate means to ensure that more and more job avenues are made available to the people. The alternate, therefore, is the private sector. Today private sector has achieved new heights in many states. But how the same private sector can grow here in J&K when there is obstacle of Article 370 in attracting the flow of investment from big business houses which are running mega projects and giving employment to thousands of educated youth according to their academic, professional, skilled and non skilled capabilities. Lack of job avenues to the educated unemployed youth of state is forcing them to move out to other states for finding suitable source of bread earning. It is said that if this silent migration of youth continues, it will convert the state into a land of old and aged people in next 15-20 years, which is indeed a very serious matter and need to be taken note of by the government. It is also said that unemployment in J& K has promoted militancy. A poor youth after completing education with limited resources, after sitting idle for long, gets easily lured by the people who push them into anti-national activities by giving few thousands of rupees. Moreover, it is time for entire state, people in all the three regions as a matter of their right to look afresh into pros and cons of this Article and assess things themselves instead of getting entrapped every time into the jargon of Kashmir politicians. Even otherwise, if a common man from the society, who is neither a political figure nor an intellectual or academician, is told that Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of India like any other state but Article 370 provides for separate flag and separate Constitution, his reaction would be – why it was not abrogated during all these years after its incorporation for a temporary period?

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  • Dinesh Reghunath R article 370 specifies that except for Defence, Foreign Affairs, Finance and Communications,(matters specified in the instrument of accession) the Indian Parliament needs the State Government's concurrence for applying all other laws. Thus the state's residents lived under a separate set of laws, including those related to citizenship, ownership of property, and fundamental rights, as compared to other Indians.

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  • Dinesh Reghunath R Similar protections for unique status exist in tribal areas of India including those in Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Nagaland however it is only for the state of Jammu and Kashmir that the accession of the state to India is still a matter of dispute between India and Pakistan still on the agenda of the UN Security Council and where the Government of India vide 1974 Indira-Sheikh accord committed itself to keeping the relationship between the Union and Jammu and Kashmir State within the ambit of this article

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  • Dinesh Reghunath R this means article 370 is not only exist in Jammu kashmir ,but other few part in india.

  • so why you people taking only about Jammu kashmir?

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  • Dinesh Reghunath R Why Jammu kashir has seperate status

  • When India and Pakistan gained their independence on 15 and 14 August 1947, respectively; J&K chose to remain independent. Maharaja Hari Singh (the then ruler of J&K) signed a standstill agreement with Pakistan. India refused to sign any such agreement. However, on 6 October 1947, Pakistani muslim tribes, on account of hearing Maharaja's attrocities in Muslim dominated Poonch region, attacked Jammu and Kashmir. To save his state Maharaja chose to accede Jammu & Kashmir to India, so that India could help in defending her.

  • It was in the pursuance of those commitments that Article 370 was incorporated in the Constitution.

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  • Dinesh Reghunath R

  • Understanding Article 370


  • Article 370 was and is about providing space, in matters of governance, to the people of a State who felt deeply vulnerable about their identity and insecure about the future.

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  • Nidhi Joseph Thanks all....I was not aware about all these...thanks for the info

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  • Rahul Deb Maharaja Hari Singh was suspicious of the anti-Hindu Nehru given his patronizing of the marxist Sheikh Abullah who was dreaming of maintaining Kashmir as his personal fiefdom. This was what preventing the Maharaja from acceding to India for he was sure that his future would be in peril once the cunning Sheikh Abdullah took control of Kashmir with Nehru's blessings. It was only after Patel's assurance that he was able to shed some his fear and anxiety with regard to Nehru. Patel's letter to the Maharaja on 3 July 1947 gives idea as to the apprehensions of Hari Singh. "I am sorry to find that there is considerable misapprehension in your mind about the Congress. Allow me to assure your Highness that the Congress is not only not your enemy, as you happen to believe, but there are in the Congress many strong supporters of your state… Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru belongs to Kashmir. He is proud of it, and rest assured he can never by your enemy… as a sincere friend and well-wisher of the state, I wish to assure you that the interest of Kashmir lies in joining the Indian Union and its Constituent Assembly without any delay."India's Marxist and secular historians have for the most part demonised the Rajas of pre- independent India. They are usually presented as eccentric, selfish profligates who had not interest in their subjects except to collect taxes. But the truth is somewhat different. Many of the Rajas were deeply concerned about the well-being of their subjects and did what they could in the circumstances to alleviate their hardships, introduced social reforms, and get a first generation of children educated. No Raja of pre-independent India can be said to have been as greedy and corrupt and disinterested in their subjects as the current political pretend rajas and ranis in Dilli today. When the Rajas surrendered their territories to a newly independent India, they should have been given a permanent seat in the Raja Sabha as recognition for the kingdoms they had surrendered to the new state. Instead they were pensioned-off and ignored by the new political elite, and in the 1970s were completely disenfranchised by Indira Gandhi who took away their titles and purses (except for the Prince of Arcot who still gets a title and pension from the Dilli Government). The Rajas played an very important role in traditional Hindu society. Their disenfranchisement is a great loss to Hindu culture and Hindu religion. A king or queen sitting in Rashtrapati Bhavan would have been a very prestigious and honourable addition to India's national identity.

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  • Dinesh Reghunath R haha , i think u got a nice copy of sangi literature to malicious the actual issue

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  • Nidhi Joseph Mr. Dinesh....dint get u...can you please clarify?

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  • Dinesh Reghunath R what i mentioned the post by rahul deb is from the Sangi sites. they are trying to see it in their own way even the fact is different

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  • Dinesh Reghunath R if u check hindujagruthi web site , u will find more hatred stufss, but those are away from the actuals

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  • Nidhi Joseph Right..I did not find any logic behind that.

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  • Nidhi Joseph I think we should stop the hatred so that we can help with the suffering the people are having in such areas. The ultimate aim should be to resolve the issues and lessen the casualties. and moreover i think making anything communal is not going to help any of the communities. Every community should be restricted to some extent so that it does not bother other community. Thanks

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  • Nidhi Joseph is there any govt website or any other site where we can read the real facts about Assam, kashmir, HP and other such states where there are such issues going on?

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  • Dinesh Reghunath R u r right nidhi. hatred or communal fightng will not bring any solution.

  • . wiki pedia is a good option. where i got few info.

  • if u search u will get websites of these religious fundamentalists sites- hindu jagruthi and also kasmir liberations..

  • need to have deep search on this

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  • Nidhi Joseph I am not interested in those religious fundamental kind..but of the issue related to kashmir and all...

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  • Dinesh Reghunath R i mean , we have to cross read

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  • Nidhi Joseph ok..thanks a lot

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  • Rahul Deb Truth isn't always pretty bro.

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  • Nidhi Joseph @rahul...yes true...truth is not always pretty..and it is also true that only few VHP and RSS people knows the all history written by old persian writers and english writers is false, govt documents are false. the websites are full of such things..I am a big fan of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and while searching about him, I just came across one site...but i do not know the authencity or truth as I have not studied anything about what was written on that website....there are various sites, of which I will put just i will put later..

  • | World Hot Spots



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  • Rahul Deb Do you know -The Great leader of communist Mao Zedong killed 4crore people in china. -(Source: The history of world,Discovery channel.) Which kind of teachings we will learn from such kind of murderer???

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  • Nidhi Joseph True. rahul deb...By the way our topic was different and you diverted me to Mao Zedong....Revolution should be without arms...violence in any form cannot be justified unless it is for self defense..Communist have many sections, Mao is one of them....No 2 sections of communists match their ideologies with each other.. Even Hitler killed 6 million Jews for the sake of development and in the name of nationalist socialist movement...thats why I am not in favor of violence. Everything can be achieved with fair discussions and arguments. US is killing thousands every year in the name of democracy and imperialism.

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  • Rahul Deb @Nidhi -Do you mean terrorist killing????? But I am not with the US strategy because US assist terrorist and assist to spread terrorist all over the world with the help of some muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan. Do you know The recent violence in bangladesh and attack on hindus,there is a hand of US which can not be underestimated. US have a close relation with Jaamat and BNP.

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  • Nidhi Joseph our topic was article 370 and AFSPA...what is BJP's stance on kashmir? Will they be able to repeat 370 if they come to power..Modi recently said he also wants to discuss 370 with kashmiri again means what prashan bhushan said.

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  • Rahul Deb Modi seeks rational debate on Article 370 , not discuss. But My question is when Modi seeks to debate on this issue,why congress is not accepting it. Bcz something is wrong which congress want to hide to the fear of loss vote bank. I think " rational debate always a better option to solve this problem." BJP vice president and spokesman Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said: "Article 370 is an obstacle to the development of Kashmir. We have always said the reason for Kashmir being away from mainstream development is Article 370."

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  • Nidhi Joseph You are right...In opposition, it is very easy to say things like that...When BJP was in power, that time congress raised this issue and BJP did not accept it. Actually both of these parties are acting foul in parliament. BJP should have acted at the time of Kargil itself. They shud have shown pakistan their real place. One more thing I do not understand, whenever people raises questions to BJP, they divert their attention to Kashmir and terrorism. Correct me if i am wrong. Everyone knows that Kashmir is an integral part of India and and separatists gangs should not be supported. Kashmiri people should be convinced that Indian Army is for their support and safety. When someone other than BJP talks about kashmir, the BJP will say that they are supporters of this pakistan came in one talked about pakistan. We always talk about kashmir and its people...why to talk about pakistan..who the hell he is..this BJP people always bring pakistan in between and divert the main issue.

  • Back to the point, whatever modi says will be rationale and whatever other says will be irrational? When BJP itself runs on religious belief and is supported by RSS/VHP, how can it be rationale. To be rationale, it should be non-communal, non-religious, non-casteist...and everyone's education should be the same..By education, I mean some of the school teaches history and geography by being biased and some schools teaches it antropologically...Actually everyone should be taught the history as anthropologically...When and how Indian state came into existence. What was India before that? How britishers united the Indian province. What all areas were not under Britishers rule. Wat all areas were under britisher's rule like burma, ceylon, malaya, etc. etc. Why are they outside of India now after independence, why did not sardar patel acceded them ? How Indian national congress came into existence? Who are scheduled castes and scheduled tribes? Why they were given protection by the government when the kingdoms were converted to governments? Who all were taken under SC/STs and why BJP govt is against SC/ST reservation? Why they want to remove reservation from the institutes and not from the religious places where only few superiors have the right to perform Puja? Why they are so worried about just 22% of reservation? Did they not want that community should be represented equally at all levels? Why they have made rules to stop the conversion? Who are they to decide who will follow what? Is this democracy? Who all were responsible for partition, as it is not just a handy work of 2 to 4 guys. These all questions cannot be resolved.

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Mohamad Junaid

Kashmir is an integral part of the world. It is an integral part of the struggles around the world, struggles of all the people of the world who are fighting for their socio-political rights, for dignity, for equality as nations among nations. Kashmir is integral to the future of the world that respects the fundamental right to exist and co-exist of nations big and small. Kashmir is integral to the coming post-imperial world where big states do not dominate small ones. Kashmir is integral to emancipation from imperialist thought which arrogates to itself the right to decide the fate of nations under its military domination. Kashmir is integral to the end of hatred and bigotry, of militarism and fascism. It is integral to the aspirations of billions who want to live their own lives well and not try to determine those of others. Kashmir is integral to the decision that to survive one must collectively struggle; to the decision that the decision has to be made by Kashmiris about Kashmir. Kashmir is integral to the dismantling of hypocrisy of political formations that exploit and blind human sentiments to dominate other humans. Kashmir is integral to the dissolution of India as an imperial entity, to the dissolution of its casteist empire, its frivolous politicians, its military-industrial complex, and its frenzied nationalism.

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Huma Dar via Inshah Malik

"Women have been the main players in Kurdistan Workers Party's development since then. Abdulla Ocalan theorized that if women would not be free, the nation will never be free. He said life, women and freedom cannot be separated. This became the main motto of Kurdish women in Turkey. The leader has reiterated on different occasions that "PKK's revolution is women's revolution."

Now, more than 2000 women fighters out of 7000 Kurdish PKK guerrillas on mountains are fighting against the Turkey's imperialism on Kurdistan.

One of the pillars of PKK's ideology is freedom of women. The feminist ideas of Ocalan have been completely brought into effect in the organization. The PKK ideology compulsory applies a minimum 40% women's quota in the whole skeleton of the party, and its affiliated parties and organizations.

Apart from that, it is a compulsory, and unanimously agreed upon by the members that a party or any other institutions should be presided in a joint leadership; a woman and a man. For example, the Peace and Democratic Party, the only Kurdish legal political party in Turkey is co-chaired by a woman and a man. I don't think that it is available in the whole world of political or ideological systems. Feminist movements have not brought this ideology into the scene yet."

Kurdish women and feminism in guerrilla warfare - Articles - e-feminist

A co-founder of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, and two other female militants were found ...

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Wasim Khalid

What a weired research. Aweful language. Typical stereotyping.

How People in Muslim Countries Think Women Should Dress

One of the region's most liberal societies prefers one of the more conservative head coverings

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  • Huma Dar it's not just the politics of the caricatured Orientalist representation that is despicable, the data itself seems *terribly flawed*. for example, in Pakistan approximately 3.3% are non-Muslims. then there are at least 20-30% women (conservative estimate -- there are probably more) who do not cover their hair in public, with their families' approval (women and men). yet the stupid survey indicates only 2% approve of "uncovered hair" in women, making it seem that there's a huge number of women who don't think their own style of "dressing" is appropriate!

  • 9 hours ago · Like · 3

  • Huma Dar the biggest problem here is however neither the ridiculous representation, nor the flawed data. the biggest problem here is the elephant in the room: islamophobia -- a flawed and ridiculously racist ideology that comes from the gutters of imperialism and genocides. i find it socially and intellectually stifling to interact with islamophobia, especially under the fig leaf of feminism, despite (and perhaps because of) the widespread social currency of the former...

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  • Zain Mir "And why are journalists not interested in exploring the other findings [even from the flawed research in question]? In contextualizing the results they do focus on? In coverage of both the Pew and University of Michigan surveys discussed above, findin...See More

  • Community Post: PSA: Read The Surveys And Report Responsibly Dammit


  • Folks, we have a literacy problem when it comes to anything on those Muslim folks.

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Zain Mir
"While several 'progressives' go ga-ga over AAP's 'political revolution', here is a piece of their new found alternative's karnamas not so long ago...ganging up with the Bajrang Dal to thwart a press conference by several civil rights activists who wanted to speak to the press about the treatment meted out to over a hundred Kashmiris who had come all the way to Delhi to protest against the 'disappearances' in the valley. Now, bringing the reality of the military occupation of Kashmir would certainly rip apart the dominant ideas, imageries and notions of the 'nation' that parties like AAP thrive on. Those floored by the recent wave of Kejriwal's populist antics, please go and tell some one else that they are NOW a 'non-communal' alternative!" -- Umar Khalid
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Iftikhar Hameed
Hindu holy man reveals truth of terror attacks blamed on Muslims
India is being forced to confront disturbing evidence that increasingly suggests a secret Hindu terror network may have been responsible for a wave of deadly attacks previously blamed on radical Muslims.
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Khalid Gul
We have not given mandate to anyone to divide state Geelani Lastupdate:- Fri, 10 Jan 2014...
Srinagar Jan 9 The Hurriyat Conference G chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday termed as ridiculous the statement of Pakistan s special envoy for India Shahryar Khan that both India and Pakistan had agreed over bilateral agreement for the division of Kashmir nbsp The people of Kashmir,Greater Kashmi...
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Daniyal Bashir

Parveena ahanger head of APDP rejected the

nomination for best indian of the year award in 2011 , The

Amazing short story writer

Akhtar Mohiudeen returned the Padma Shree Award

back to

India after Maqbool Bhat was hanged ‪#‎KnowYourHeroes‬ ‪#‎Kashmir‬

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Zain Mir

"I hate the indifferent. I believe that living means taking sides. Those who really live cannot help being a citizen and a partisan. Indifference and apathy are parasitism, perversion, not life. That is why I hate the indifferent... Alive, I am a partisan. That is why I hate the ones that don't take sides, I hate the indifferent." -- Antonio Gramsci

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Intesar Suhail

"...but the interviewer, in search of a breaking news, breached all marks of decency and common sense. As if he was not with a mic but a machine gun, not interviewing a lawyer-turned politician, but combating an enemy in the battle ground. With his finger quickfixed to an imaginary trigger he emptied the entire box of cartridges on the poor chap, Bushan, to see him dead down. Bravo!, nay, Jai Ho!"

KASHMIR Just shut AAP Lastupdate:- Sat, 11 Jan 2014 18:30:00 GMT

If you compare Prashant Bushan of nbsp 2011 at Varanasi with the Prashant Bushan of 2014 talking to Headlines Today you can easily grasp the impact of violence on a human mind From openly supporting the idea of referendum on whether Kashmiris want to be a part of Indian state or not at Varanasi,Grea...

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