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Thursday, February 5, 2015

***ARROGANT Kiran Bedi CANNOT be CM of Delhi?*** Ashok T Jaisinghani

***ARROGANT Kiran Bedi CANNOT be CM of Delhi?*** 
Ashok T Jaisinghani 

   After she was declared a candidate for the post of Chief Minister, Kiran Bedi immediately started treating BJP's MPs, ex-MLAs and other leaders of Delhi as a bunch of JOKERS who could be ORDERED by her to attend the meetings in the COURT of Her Majesty's Royal Residence. 

   What respect can such an ARROGANT retired high-ranking Police Officer give to the COMMON PEOPLE after becoming the CM of Delhi, when she can treat even important leaders of BJP with contempt? She only knows how to SHOUT ORDERS at others!! 

***How do Narendra Modi and Amit Shah consider such an ARROGANT person like Kiran Bedi to be FIT for becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi?*** 


   By making an OUTSIDER Kiran Bedi the BJP's chief ministerial candidate for Delhi, Amit Shah and Narendra Modi have BACK-STABBED their own party's leaders who had the aspiration of becoming Chief Minister. Till a few days back, Kiran Bedi was NOT even a MEMBER of the BJP. She also has NO EXPERIENCE as a POLITICAL LEADER, but she has DESTROYED the chances of all other SENIOR BJP leaders to become Chief Minister of Delhi. She is an OPPORTUNIST who has USURPED the RIGHT of other SENIOR BJP leaders to try for the Chief Minister's post.

  The sidelined BJP leaders are likely to SABOTAGE Kiran Bedi's bid to become Chief Minister, which will also help the REBELS in the BJP to GET their REVENGE against Amit Shah and Narendra Modi!!

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