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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Would the President adjourn the Budget session? Scrap the Budget? Exams have to be cancelled if papers leaked,why not the Budget leaked? Palash Biswas

Would the President adjourn the Budget session?

Scrap the Budget?

Exams have to be cancelled if papers leaked,why not the Budget leaked?

Palash Biswas

Would the President adjourn the Budget session?

Exams have to be cancelled if papers leaked,why not the Budget leaked?

Indian economy is all about SENSEX and people`s money in every shape and color have been invested on dices which would move very very fast in accordance with the vital statics of latest set of corporate espionage and the small and medium investors have to face a disaster.

Should we call it an IPL or it should be branded with the baritone world cup cricket as the greatest stakes have to be won by the foreign investors and Big Capital worldwide at the cost of Indian citizens?

Nothing proved with Neera Radia Tapes. Every set of scam recycled yet again as coal block auction and the Spectrum infight are the latest examples.

This espionage has been disowned by the companies already who had to be benefitted and small fishes have to land in jail for the destination we never know.Real players of the game,megastars of the fixed Budget phenomenon have not to be chased.

For example:The Congress on Saturday called for stringent action against those involved in corporate espionage and asked the government to share the relevant facts pertaining to the case before the nation at an appropriate time!

What does it mean? Does Congress point out the rot within the organised crime of legislation,policy making in accordance with corporate funding and lobbying?


Those who have been caught red handed,they should face the action and the budget would be passed with complete political consensus as it has been the trend since 1991.

Nobody dares to speaks the Dow Chemicals and Monsanto hegemony which has become the keystone of the Free Market Economy Parliamentary democracy.

No body is going to demand,just scrap the leaked Budget first which would have the greatest impact on Indian economy and Indian citizens.No body dares to speak against those companies who create the mandate tsunami,who pay for the partable audiance worldwide,who pay the medi blitz and political campaign alround including suits chaneg hour to hourand flights to and from,digital multidemensional mind control becuse without those companies the billionaire milionair politicians and parties have to starve.

They just feed their politics with every drop of our blood,every pound of our flesh and every piece of our bones.

My mailing is deactivated since AAP won Delhi.My blogging is restricted.I may not share links on social media.

It is a distant voice from a closed avenue as it has not be published or aired like the Man Ki Baaten.

Those who understand the game,those who might witness the genocide,ethnic cleansing and the deep rooted hidden agenda please scream aloud: Mr President,Just scrap the leaked Budget!

Kashmir is all set to get a shafron government despite despite the valley rejection.It is politics.

Once again it seemes to be politics in India taht our billionaire millionaire politicians always being politically correct are quite habitual to keep mum opn issues like scams indepth involving corporate funding and lobbying.Political statement is nothing but eyewashing.

Since the emergence of Indian democracy the political class irrelevant to ideology and party seem to be united against the masses.

Explanation is very simple,no one is permanent enemy or permanent friend in politics and crossing fence like weather cock is quite justified.

So, the Mufti from Kashmir Valley with his enlightened daughter seem as much as politically correct as the so much so hyped Safia scenario where socialism has got a lotus tadka with modi,s presence.

The Majhi Mushar coup ended in an aborted missile as RSS tried its best to upset the applecart of the socialist block which claims to be the most eligible alternative to Hindu Imperialism.

Modi smiling with Mulayam and Lalu is the poster of united political class against the ninety nine percent masses deprived of basic needs and service,inflicted with inherent injustice and inequality and brutal racial apartheid,displaced from jal jangal jameen citizenship environment natural resources livelihood and job human and civic rights and subjected to  continuous holocaust.

We have been pointing out for long that the budget is the most fishy thing in Indian Parliamentary democracy.The Dow Chemicals Lawyer clarified earlier that it is not mandatory

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