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Monday, February 23, 2015

Who would speak out then? President voices making in Anna captures Rajdhani Bank employees get 15% wage hike; banks to be closed on 2nd, 4th Saturdays and State-owned bank workers call off strike after pay deal Palash Biswas

Who would speak out then?

President voices making in

Anna captures Rajdhani

Bank employees get 15% wage hike; banks to be closed on 2nd, 4th Saturdays and State-owned bank workers call off strike after pay deal

Palash Biswas

Labourers work along the construction site of a road at Ghilot in Rajasthan, October 1, 2014.  REUTERS/Adnan Abidi/Files

Labourers work along the construction site of a road at Ghilot in Rajasthan, October 1, 2014.


The thousands of documents seized by the crime branch from corporate spies, consultants and agents reveal that almost everything the government was planning or deciding on was being copied and leaked to interested parties.Those interested parties gets the Indian Economy as the booty and the President of India,the Parliament of India and the politics of India defend this corporate lobbying.

What is the use of this leaked Budget misused by shafron kesaria corporate raj?

What democracy we boast of that the Nation is muted and no voice against this farce is heard anywhere?

Who would speak for the ninety percent masses of India in resistance to the  racial hegemony of one percent billionaire millionaire class?

What  a result of a nationwide strike?Bank employees get 15% wage hike; banks to be closed on 2nd, 4th Saturdays and State-owned bank workers call off strike after pay deal.

Meanwhile,Reliance Group distanced itself from reports of police raids at its offices, saying it was "not aware of the circumstances" leading to the arrest of an employee of the group's power business.

Five employees of companies controlled by four of India's most prominent tycoons, including billionaire brothers Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani, were arrested over the weekend in a case of corporate espionage that alleges theft of documents from government offices, according to media reports.

In a latest revelation which could further unfold many 'secrets' in corporate espionage case, experts scrutinising the 'crucial' leaked documents from the Petroleum Ministry claimed that many important papers were stolen before reaching the PMO.Documents studied so far by investigators include a CAG report on hydrocarbon production, cabinet note on open licensing policy for oil companies, notes on approvals by cabinet committee on economic affairs (CCEA), reports of public accounts committee.

Forbes reports:The employees were arrested for allegedly buying documents stolen from the Oil Ministry. Those arrested include two officials from Reliance Industries and Reliance Power, which are owned by Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani, and three employees working for the Essar Group, which is controlled by the Ruia family, and Cairn India, the oil exploration division of billionaire Anil Agarwal's London-listed Vedanta Resources . They were brought before a court in Delhi on Saturday and sent into police custody for three days.

It was not to be.

The leaked budget has to be presented in the parliament.

The President has not scrapped it even more than three thousand and five hundred papers leaked including the Budget speech.

Petroleum,Coal and Electricity moles have been exposed,fine.

Those still active under pipeline safe and fine should be active enough to set the tuning of the Budget for reforms and growth.Mind you,nothing happened to Radia Tapes.Nothing happened after screaming headlines of every kind of scams and neoliberal children ruling India are united ROCK SOLID.

No Politician has demanded to scrap the budget which has to benefit the bull run stakeholders only at the cost of the taxpayers and non taxpayers.

No trade union deals with economics.No tradeunion has nothing to do with the life and death of the masses.No trae union has to do anything in resisatnce to complete privatisation!

For example ,SBI and other PSBs have to be dismantled as holding companies.Just see,Hundreds of thousands of bank employees, working largely for India's dominant state-owned lenders, have called off a planned four-day strike after agreeing a 15 percent wage increase, a senior union official said on Monday.

The United Forum of Bank Unions, which says it represents nearly a million bank workers, had called for a strike starting Feb. 25, with demands including higher wages and a five-day work week. Banks in India operate on Saturdays.

A strike would have paralysed some of the country's largest banks, crippling cash transactions and cheque clearances in an economy where card payments are still unusual. It would have dampened money market and foreign exchange trading volumes, potentially increasing volatility.

The understanding that bank managements and trade unions reached on Monday on a 15 per cent wage hike and second and fourth Saturday off every month will bring cheer to lakhs of employees of all public sector banks, some private sector banks and a few foreign banks.

Banking sector trade unions have managed to convince bank managements to reward bank employees with a wage hike and two Saturday's off in a month after protracted wage revision negotiations that stretched for over two years.

While banks will remain closed on second and fourth Saturday, other Saturday's will be full working days. Once public sector banks' close for business on two Saturday's a month, all other banks will follow suit. The unions had originally demanded a five-day week.

No economist seems to have any objection to the leaked document being presented as budget with false facts,fase statics,false definitions,false ratings,false scales,false claims of inclusion,false dreams of disasters,false promises to be culminating in qayamat,Doom`s day.

No sign of judicial proactivism in the digital biometric valley of death.

Only the worshippers of Nathuram Godse is speaking very very loud.

Only the Bajrangies run through the country to make it a bajrangi Nation of cent percent Hindutva.


Quite amusing!

Everyone else is just one dares to act.

Mayawati bites make news.CPIM issues press statement.Congress surfaces on TV Channels to clarify the latest status of Mr,Rajiv Gandhi.

No one is demanding land reforms.

No one is opposing reforms,ethnic cleansing and brutal Apartheid.

The masses have to bank on Anna Brigade or AAP which have to work in accordance with RSS agenda better than BJP.

No Wonder,as everyone else is enjoying the tamasha and has not to do anything except feeding media exclusive bites,Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will join Anna Hazare in his protest against Land Acquisition Bill at Jantar Mantar on Tuesday, said sources in Aam Aadmi Party.

The Left has to do nothing!

The Left did not demand to scrap the leaked budget.

The Socialists have to set new tunes to adjust power politics sharing with the shafron Hindu Imperialism defaulted in same technical mode as Mufti and his daughter have to share power with BJP.

We get excellent selfies from Saifai as well as Kashmir Valley.

Let me ask,who would speak for the suffering masses?

Anna Brigade captured the heart of the nation and look, Anna Brigade is already engaged in meeting with Mr,Rajnath Singh before the Media Blitz focused him on the Ramlila Manch.

As the President explained very well how the land acquisition act would be in the best interest of the farmers.

Further,the President of India defended the making in Gujarat and America so well and addressed the stakeholders of the unabated foreign capital and FDI regime,he should have broken world records to uphold democratic norms.

Thus,a robust infrastructure is the engine to economic growth and the government is committed to infuse new vitality in sectors such as highways, ports and railways, President Pranab Mukherjee said on Monday.

Meanwhile,French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian will hold talks with his Indian counterpart in New Delhi on Tuesday to salvage a deal to supply 126 Dassault (AVMD.PA) fighter jets that has stalled on the issue of local assembly of the aircraft.

Under the terms of the contract, 18 of the Rafale planes will be sold ready to fly while the rest will be assembled at a state-run Indian facility as part of the government's effort to build a domestic military-industrial base.

India insists that Dassault take full responsibility for the aircraft produced at Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. plant in Bengaluru, a defence ministry official said on Monday ahead of the defence ministers' talks.

Officials say negotiations have been deadlocked for a year.

What the President of India means read in rating which makes in his speech.India must boost growth, cut its fiscal deficit and fulfil promises of financial and fiscal reforms in order to justify an upgrade in a credit rating, currently lodged one rung above junk bond territory, rating agency Standard & Poor's said on Monday.

S&P raised India's credit rating outlook to 'stable' from 'negative' in September, citing the prospect of reforms. The agency, in a news release issued on Monday, listed what it needed to see to upgrade India's sovereign debt credit rating from 'BBB-minus'.

"Crucial factors include higher growth in real per capita GDP, stronger fiscal and debt metrics, and a stronger external position or improved monetary policy setting, and the government's ability to fulfil its promises on key reforms will be critical to the country's success," S&P said.

The government presents its annual budget for fiscal 2015/16 on Saturday, but S&P said it did not expect swift progress on fiscal consolidation, and if this was the sole consideration India would have to wait several years before an upgrade.

"Improvements in India's weak fiscal balance sheet are likely to be gradual and are thus unlikely to lead to a rating upgrade in the next three to five years," S&P said, adding that the country's fiscal and debt indicators are the weakest among peers like Brazil and Indonesia.

The budget will be closely watched for pro-growth measures, reforms for the power sector and other areas of infrastructure, as well as fiscal consolidation.

(Reuters) - A bid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make it easier for businesses to buy farm land for infrastructure and industry has sparked a backlash that could stymie his efforts to get reforms through a parliament session that began on Monday.

While the change is aimed at unlocking hundreds of billions of dollars worth of projects, which have been stuck for want of land, opposition parties and rights activists say it discriminates against farmers.

"We will protest and fight the government on this issue inside and outside parliament," Ghulam Nabi Azad, a senior leader of the opposition Congress party, told the Indian Express.

Modi issued an ordinance in December to exempt projects in defence, rural electrification, rural housing and industrial corridors from provisions of a law enacted by the previous Congress party government that mandated the consent of 80 percent of affected landowners for any deal.

He had also ended the need for companies to conduct a social impact study of such projects, which would involve public hearings and, industry executives fear, drag on for years.

The ordinance is a temporary order and needs the approval of both houses of parliament to come into force. It will lapse if parliament does not ratify it this session.

Although Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) enjoys the biggest majority in 30 years in the lower house, it is dependent on Congress to pass bills in the upper house.

The row could spill over and disrupt other business in parliament this session, in which the government aims to enact reforms on the coal, insurance and mines sectors, as well as pass a budget for 2015/16.

In an address to parliament, President Pranab Mukherjee defended Modi's changes, saying they would "minimize" difficulties in getting land for critical public projects.

"My government attaches paramount importance to safeguard the interest of farmers and families affected by land acquisition," Mukherjee said.

Social activists have also launched a campaign against the changes.

Self-styled Gandhian and anti-corruption activists Anna Hazare began a two-day sit-in on Monday in New Delhi with his followers.

"Withdraw this ordinance," he said.

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No raid at any of our offices: Reliance group

India Today - ‎7 hours ago‎

Delhi Police on Friday had arrested five persons in the corporate-espionage case in which confidential documents including an input for the upcoming finance minister's Budget speech were allegedly leaked. Rishi Anand of Reliance ADAG was arrested.

Reliance ADA group shares edge lower

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