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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Diplomacy Counter Diplomacy Thanks Obama,PM assures to ensure freedom of faith! Mr.Prime Minister,You have reduced yourself to a common sales agenda for US interest across political border. I do not know whether you consulted Tamilnadu before signing th

Diplomacy Counter Diplomacy

Thanks Obama,PM assures to ensure freedom of faith!

Mr.Prime Minister,You have reduced yourself to a common sales agenda for US interest across  political border.

I do not know whether you consulted Tamilnadu before signing the nuclear deal with Sri Lanka.

Nevertheless,I may not expect you to care about the Tamil demography across the waters.

Palash Biswas

First Post reports:His silence on the activities of Hindutva groups so far was open to many interpretations. Mostly unflattering, these neither helped his personal image nor that of his government.

Modi diplomacy should be judged in the light of the burning fact that the NDA government has already lost some time in not pushing through the big reforms in its first six months of office – the so-called honeymoon period. After Delhi, the honeymoon is clearly over. But even now nothing is lost, if Modi can just focus on reforms ie ethnic cleansing,brutal apartheid.

Obama just hinted the default policy paralysis and Modi answered with urgency.

Because United States of America is worried,Even the limited reform measures Modi has introduced -- on land laws and increased foreign investment in the insurance sector -- have been blocked in the upper house of parliament, which the BJP does not control.

It means the freedom of faith,my dear friends!

Hindutva Super Icon Narendra Bhai Modi is not engaged in any agenda of Hindutva and his business friendly minimum governance if playing with the emotionally faith packed high voltage religious nationalism to make in India a full fledged emerging market devoid of whatsoever economy,devoid of whatsoever production system,devoid of natural resources,devoid of food ,water and Oxygen,devoid of business and industry,devoid of job and livelihood and yes,devoid of religion whatsoever.

The Dow Chemicals governance is not only killing the agrarian geography and the green,the cemented jungles have to starve soon or later because it is service subject to purchase which Modi means with his version of economy and economics of making in.

Only monsato is allowed for harvesting.No one else.Only Dow Chemicals is making the budget for the people of India.

Modi made it clear that he is not in any mood to allow free water and cheap electricity for those who denied him without any mercy!

Narendra Bhai Modi means business nothing else.

He means Qayamat,nothing less.

Narendra Bhai Modi means business and thus,the Hinduta jihad of cent percent Hindutva continues with a counter diplomacy against US diplomacy tagged with freedom of Faith.

Asli Modi exposes himself when he speaks in PUNE: Ahead of the Budget, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured more reforms as he rolled out the red carpet to investors, especially the multinationals, inviting them to make use of the large pool of highly talented youth in the country.

"In this age of competitive world, I assure corporates across the world that India is a land where they can find talents which can help them manufacture products that are very competitive," Modi told a select audience of corporates.

The Prime Minister was inaugurating the multimodal manufacturing facility set up by the American engineering giant GE Corporation.

Calling upon the investors to utilise the talent of large educated youth population, he said, "we have the highest demographic dividend, as 65 per cent of our population are below 35 years. Our talented youth have power to attract investments from across the world. Our skill power can also attract the investors."

Modi also assured his administration will improve the ease of doing business.

He said the number of clearances for setting up a hospitality venture will be brought down from a massive 110 to just about 20.

"Our government has ensured predictability in our procedures, laws and policies. We have also taken many initiatives towards ease of doing business," Modi said.

The NDA government will present the first full Budget on February 28 with some analysts wondering whether it would be a complete reform oriented budget following the defeat of BJP faced in the last week's Delhi elections.

"I invite all those who want to participate in the economic development of the country to generate employment for our youth. Your (investors) growth is also linked to our growth," the Prime Minister said.

Diplomacy Counter Diplomacy!

Thanks Obama,PM assures to ensure freedom of faith!

Mr.Prime Minister,You have reduced yourself to a common sales agenda for US interest across  political border.

You can call it the Narendra Modi government's first big ticket achievement in the field of diplomacy: the nuclear agreement signed between India and Sri Lanka in New Delhi!

I do not know whether you consulted Tamilnadu before signing the nuclear deal with Sri Lanka.

Nevertheless,I may not expect you to care about the Tamil demography across the waters.

The business friendly treated Obama`s freedom speech as US diplomacy.The diplomacy is paid back with the same coin.

Hindutva Brigade is not tamed at all nor the Hindutva agenda is dismissed as yet but Indian Prime Minister is pragmatic enough to sell off age old brand equity of secular democratic India which nothing but yet another turnaround to be politically correct and diplomatically putting Global Hindutva immune under international pressure.

Nevertheless,Barack Obama has not uttered a word against hindutva or Hindu Imperialism nor America has to do anything with the inherent inequality,injustice,racial apartheid and constant persecution of Indian masses as US economy has not recovered as yet and the great Indian Mahabharat on name of religious nationalism suits US interests more than anything.

Mr.Prime Minister,you have not ensured freedom of faith at all nor you care about the very concept of freedom for this robotic biometric digital  cloned country ruled by Dow Chemicals, Monsanto,Ambani,Adani and so on.

Mr.Prime Minister,in fact, you have ensured to sustain the faith of foreign investment institutions to sustain the Bull Run which is all about Indian Economy.

Because Mr.Prime Minister,you are interested in no other freedom other than the freedom of free flow of multinational capital in the emerging market in making in mode.

I am blocked on social media and I may not reach you breaking the barriers but let me ask one question, what national interest is served with the atomic deal with Sri Lanka?

We are not getting nuclear energy from Sri Lanka.

Are we going to supply anything nuclear to Sri Lanka?

You would not answer,I know.

The business friendly minimum governance is not responsible to the parliament nor to the people of India.

What am I?

You have blocked the free flow of information.

You have blocked public hearing at any level in this digital des.

We know the hidden agenda of US as well as global Hindutva interest as you ensure the freedom of faith,it is an appeasement of US interest as while you signed nuclear deal with Sri Lanka,it served US interest.

Mr.Prime Minister,You have reduced yourself to a common sales agenda for US interest across  political border.

I do not know whether you consulted Tamilnadu before signing the nuclear deal with Sri Lanka.

Nevertheless,I may not expect you to care about the Tamil demography across the waters.

However, India sealed a nuclear energy agreement with Sri Lanka on Monday, its first breakthrough with the new government of the tiny Indian Ocean island where China has been building ports and highways in a diplomatic push in recent years.

Under the deal, India will help Sri Lanka build its nuclear energy infrastructure, including training of personnel, the Indian foreign ministry said.

Later, India could also sell light small-scale nuclear reactors to Sri Lanka which wants to establish 600 MW of nuclear capacity by 2030, a Sri Lankan official and an Indian analyst said.

The deal came as Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena began a visit to India, his first trip abroad since he swept to power in January, which has provided New Delhi with an opening to repair ties that had become tense under his predecessor.

"The bilateral agreement on civil nuclear cooperation is yet another demonstration of our mutual trust," Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a statement.

India had grown increasingly wary of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa's pursuit of closer ties with China, which became a key supporter of the island's economy after its 26-year-civil war ended in 2009.

China has built a seaport in the south of the country and signed a deal to develop a $1.5 billion port next to the commercial port in Colombo, raising fears Beijing is seeking influence in the island state with which New Delhi has had historical ties.

Ties worsened further after the Rajapaksa government allowed Chinese submarines to dock last year.

Modi said the two countries also agreed to expand defence cooperation, but gave no details. "This is my first visit and it has given very fruitful results," Sirisena said.

Since coming to power last year, Modi has reached out to neighbours, offering to build power stations and ports, in a bid to push back against China.

Next month he plans to travel to Sri Lanka and the Maldives where too Beijing is seen to be expanding its diplomacy as part of a strategy to build a network of ports in the Indian Ocean through which much of its trade and energy supplies transit.

Sirisena has pledged to pursue a more global foreign policy.

"It does introduce a kind of balance in Sri Lanka's external relationships," said Neelam Deo, director of Gateway House, an India-based think tank. "Nobody thinks that the relationship with China will diminish, but this is a better balance."

China said last month it hoped for continued "cooperation" with Sri Lanka despite a pledge by the new government to review Chinese infrastructure projects awarded under the Rajapaksa administration.

Will ensure complete freedom of faith: Full text of PM Modi's speech at Christian conference

Minority Affairs Minister Dr. Najma Heptulla and Minister of Finance Arun Jaitley were also present.

Here is the full text of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address at the National Celebration of the Elevation to Sainthood of Kuriakose Elias Chavara and Mother Euphrasia:

I am delighted to participate in this function to celebrate the elevation to sainthood of two great saints of Kerala - Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara and Saint Euphresia. The whole country is proud of their recognition. Their elevation was preceded by that of Saint Alphonsa, who also hailed from Kerala.

The life and deeds of Saint Chavara and Saint Euphresia are an inspiration not only to the Christian community, but to humanity as a whole. They are shining examples of dedication to God through selfless service for the betterment of mankind.

Saint Chavara was a man of prayer and also a social reformer. In an era when access to education was limited, he stressed that every church should have a school. He thus opened the doors of education to people from all sections of society.

Few outside Kerala know that he started a Sanskrit school, and also a printing press. His contribution towards women's empowerment was also noteworthy.

Saint Euphrasia was a mystic who dedicated her life to prayer and devotion to God.

Both these saints dedicated their life to God through service of fellow beings. The ancient Indian saying: "??????? ??????????? ??? ????????" - welfare of the world is the way to moksha (salvation) - explains their life.


Spiritualism is rooted in India's heritage. Indian saints and Greek sages had intellectual and spiritual exchanges thousands of years back. India's openness to new ideas is manifest in the Rig Veda: ??? ?????? ?????? ????? ??????? Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides. This philosophy has guided our intellectual discourse since time immemorial. Mother India gave birth to many religious and spiritual streams. Some of them have even travelled beyond Indian borders.

The tradition of welcoming, respecting and honouring all faiths is as old as India itself. As Swami Vivekananda said: We believe not only in universal toleration, but we accept all religions as true.

What Swami Vivekananda had said a century ago holds good and will, for ever, not only for this nation but also for this government or for that matter any government in India, run by any political party. This principle of equal respect and treatment for all faiths has been a part of India's ethos for thousands of years. And that is how it became integral to the Constitution of India. Our Constitution did not evolve in a vacuum. It has roots in the ancient cultural traditions of India.

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore had inspired us to dream of a land where the mind is without fear and the head is held high. It is that heaven of freedom we are duty bound to create and preserve. We believe that there is truth in every religion. ??? ?? ????? ????? ??????


Let me now come to the issue which is central and critical for peace and harmony in the contemporary world. The world is increasingly witnessing division and hostility on religious lines. This has become a matter of global concern. In this context the ancient Indian plea of mutual respect for all faiths is now beginning to manifest in global discourse.

This long felt need and urge for mutually respectful relations led to the interfaith conference on 'Faith in Human Rights' at the Hague on tenth December, 2008. This was coincidentally also the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations.

Religious leaders representing every major world religion - Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Baha'i Faith, Buddhism, Islam, Taoism and indigenous religions met, discussed and pledged to uphold the Universal Declaration and of freedom of religion or belief.

In their historic declaration, they defined what constitutes freedom of faith and how it is to be safeguarded.

We consider the freedom to have, to retain, and to adopt, a religion or belief, is a personal choice of a citizen.

The world is at cross roads which, if not crossed properly, can throw us back to the dark days of bigotry, fanaticism and bloodshed. This harmonious convergence among religions could not be achieved even when the world entered the third millennium. And now it has been. This shows that the rest of the world too is evolving along the lines of ancient India.

Speaking for India, and for my government, I declare that my government stands by every word of the above declaration. My government will ensure that there is complete freedom of faith and that everyone has the undeniable right to retain or adopt the religion of his or her choice without coercion or undue influence. My government will not allow any religious group, belonging to the majority or the minority, to incite hatred against others, overtly or covertly. Mine will be a government that gives equal respect to all religions.

India is the land of Buddha and Gandhi. Equal respect for all religions must be in the DNA of every Indian. We cannot accept violence against any religion on any pretext and I strongly condemn such violence. My government will act strongly in this regard.

With this commitment, I appeal to all religious groups to act with restraint, mutual respect, and tolerance in the true spirit of this ancient nation which is manifest in our Constitution and is in line with the Hague Declaration.


I have a vision of a Modern India. I have embarked on a huge mission to convert that vision into reality. My mantra is Development - ???? ???, ???? ?????.

In simple terms it means food on every table, every child in school, a job for everybody and a house with toilet and electricity for every family. This will make India proud. We can achieve this through unity. Unity strengthens us. Division weakens us. I sincerely request all Indians, and all of you present here to support me in this huge task.

Let the elevation to sainthood of Saint Chavara and Saint Euphrasia, and their noble deeds inspire us:

-to maximize our inner strength

-to use that strength for transforming society through selfless service

-to fulfil our collective vision of a developed and modern India.


AAP humiliates BJP in Delhi: 5 points why Narendra Modi will rush economic reforms

By: feonline | New Delhi | February 11, 2015 1:17 pm

Aam Aadmi Party, Aam Aadmi Party Arvind Kejriwal, Arvind Kejriwal, Arvind Kejriwal economic reforms, Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi BJP, Narendra Modi economic reformsAam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal with Manish Sisodia and Union Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu in New Delhi. (PTI)

The PM Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may have suffered a humiliating loss to Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the Delhi Assembly elections, but that is unlikely to deter him from going ahead with his economic reforms agenda, say investment banks.

Fact: An upstart anti-establishment party crushed India's ruling BJP in a Delhi state election on Tuesday.

Fallout: Delhi election defeat raised fears BJP might now renege on some fiscal reforms – Traders

Here are the key points why:

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP will stick to fiscal discipline despite Delhi election loss as that is what he promised and that is the lesson to be drawn from the Delhi Assembly rout of Kiran Bedi-led BJP by Arvind Kejriwal's AAP – Analysts

2. Delhi elections could spur faster activity to ensure the reforms' impact is visible before the next election cycle – Edelweiss

3. Upcoming state elections in Bihar, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal key for BJP – Analysts

4. It's a wake-up call for government. The sharp fall in crude oil prices should be used in infrastructure to kick-start the economy – Macquarie

5. Macquarie adds ongoing correction provides a good opportunity to buy before the budget on Feb. 28

Stocks To Buy

1. Macquarie says industrial stocks are under-owned and will be big beneficiaries of a government-led infrastructure build

2. Adds buy Larsen & Toubro, Crompton Greaves , IRB Infrastructure and JSW Energy

Stratton and Sawhney: Is Narendra Modi right for India?

Abby Stratton and Asha Sawhney

February 9, 2015 •

On May 26th, 2014, Narendra Modi was sworn in as India's 15th Prime Minister. Although Modi won by a landslide with the second-highest margin for an Indian election, he is a contentious figure throughout the nation. He promises to bring economic and legislative reform and has launched large-scale campaigns to promote female education. However, many people in India are wary of his political party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a group known for its Hindu nationalism. This, combined with his alleged connections to the 2002 Gujarat riots that killed at least a thousand Muslims, leaves notable figures such as Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen hesitant to show their support, despite agreeing that Modi brings great hope to the Indian economy. So the question stands, is Modi destined to uplift or damage his country's increasing development?

Abby Stratton:

The BJP won India's most recent election by no small margin. The party nowoccupies 282 of the 543 seats in parliament for a 51.9% majority. The BJP's majority is particularly significant because the previous parliament was generally regarded as an institution of corruption with an inability to maintain control and cultivate a new generation of leaders for the country. Modi and the BJP drew large amounts of support from India's youth, with their votes contributing to Modi's 33% popular vote in the polls. Part of the reason the BJP is so popular with the youth is due to its support for the anti-corruption campaign, a hot-button topic in India. Choudhury Dilichand, a teacher from Dwarka, claims "the young people voted for Modi because he is honest, and there is hope that something can be done for jobs and development and so on. If Modi can keep clean people only in government, then something can be done. But if he can't, then there will be problems."

The stagnation of India's legislative progress under the Congress party, Modi's opposing party, has India hoping for momentum under Modi's leadership. His party, the BJP, promises to fix this by moving toward significant economic and legislative reform. Given India's political structure, it is difficult to maintain a central or cohesive power which Modi hopes to work towards. A significant amount of power is delegated from the central government to the 29 individual states that constitute the republic. Maintaining central power or governance has, historically, proven to be difficult with more than 240 politicalparties vying for a piece of the action. According to reporter Jason Burke, India has recently experienced a "general sense of instability, insecurity, and drift." These feelings are part of the reason Modi rose to power, as he presents a dependable, almost father-like figure. His entire campaign centered around the promise that he would revitalize India'sslowing economic growth. Since he came to power, Modi has promised to make bank accounts for everyone, to build toilets in schools and announced his Make in Indiacampaign to turn the country into an international manufacturing focus.

The widespread confidence in Modi's reforms is largely due to the success in his home state of Gujarat which, under his leadership, became an economic powerhouse. According to analyst Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, "Gujarat has not out-performed other states in terms of healthcare, education, and empowerment of women," but it does have a reputation for promoting industry and commerce. The economic progress of Gujarat built confidence in Modi during his campaign, but his personal life story also helped him connect to his voters, specifically the youth. Modi is an entirely self-made man in the political system without any politically powerful relatives to support his campaigns. He built himself up from "humble origins and modest means." His background offers him further separation from the perceptions of government being corrupt and fraught with nepotism.

He also wants to change the way that India thinks about women. "When we hear about incidents of rape, our heads hang in shame," Modi said. "I want to ask every mother and father, you ask your daughters, 'Where are you going, who are you going with?' But do you ever ask your sons these questions? After all, those who rape are also someone's son." He continues to promote modernizing not only the economy and legislator, but social constructs and traditions in India.

Judging by his previous track record of success in Gujarat and the incredible amount of support he has garnered through his campaigns, I believe Modi could implement the ambitious reforms of his campaign. His 33% popular vote proves that the people have confidence in Modi and, in many ways, he may represent the future of India. He champions the need for reform and, according to the polls, the youth are especially ready for Modi and his vision.

Asha Sawhney:

I must admit, when I speak about Narendra Modi, my personal bias shines through. It is by no means a bias I inherited from my Indian family members, who are almost all staunch supporters of the new prime minister. However, I come from a religious minority group in India and I do not believe that economic progress can fix a nation where tensions run high.

The 2002 Gujarat riots are eerily similar to the 1984 anti-Sikh riots that killed thousands of my people in a mere three days. In both situations the police and government oversawslaughter and were accused of helping rioters identify religious minorities; in 1984 the targets were Sikh and in 2002 they were Muslim. However, "accused" is definitely an understatement. In both instances eyewitness accounts recall the government distributingvoting and property lists. Modi's connection to the riots was solid enough that the United States denied him a visa.

While some argue that Modi's wrongdoings are in his past, Christian churches are continuously vandalized across the nation and religious leaders are sure it is at the hands of the BJP party. Worse still, Modi supporters have attempted to remove the word "secular" from the Indian constitution to make it a Hindu state. People argue that it is Modi's followers who incite religious violence, not him. But since Modi is a unilateral leader of his party, it is difficult to make such a distinction. In addition, it's unlikely that both Muslims and Christians, historically divided groups in India, would conspire to tarnish the name of the new prime minister. It is likely that, instead, these stories of government-supported religious violence corroborate each other.

Some might say economic growth and development take precedent over religious conflict, which has been a reoccurring problem since India's inception. However, history shows that religious conflict is not a petty concern. In 1984 religious tension led to the creation of a Sikh extremist group that used the Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of Sikhism, as a human shield. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi did not let the presence of innocent civilians stop Operation Bluestar, an effort to take down said extremists. This back and forth conflict culminated with the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards, leaving the nation in chaos, and thus causing street riots that killed thousands of innocent Sikhs. This narrative proves that if instances of religious conflict are treated as random and not addressed as a part of the system, they can develop into a national crisis.

However, I agree wholeheartedly with Modi's women's rights campaigns against rape culture and educational inequality in India, but his personal actions towards women do not match his promises. It was discovered after the election that Modi is actually married, to a woman he has not seen in 43 years, after she left to pursue her education to become a teacher. This makes me wonder if the support for Indian girls and women will continue.

Some also say Modi is not the hero that saved the Gujarati economy. The state was already well-developed thanks to historically sound infrastructure, and was on a trajectory for growth without Modi as their chief minister. Perhaps his praise as a hero is just a testament to his skills of creating a cult of personality that worships him. In the end, it's wise to wait and see how Modi's term plays out before jumping to immediate conclusions. However, I strongly believe it is the duty of the world's largest democracy to ensure safety and equality to all its citizens, and if a crisis comes to international light, it will probably be too late for many.

Abby Stratton is a Weinberg freshman. She can be reached at Asha Sawhney is a Weinberg freshman. She can be reached at If you would like to respond publicly to this column, send a Letter to the Editor to

Modi's reforms enthuse Obama

"My visit to India is one of great symbolism but it is also of tremendous substance," Mr. Obama said.

He said that India and the U.S. were moving in the right direction and there was untapped potential to be realised. Bilateral trade between the two countries had increased 60 per cent in the past couple of years to a record $100 billion, but India's exports to the U.S. were still less than 2 per cent of all American imports, he said welcoming the Modi government's reforms agenda for making it easier to do business in India.

"There is great interest on the part of U.S. companies to find consistency, clarity, greater simplicity in regulatory and tax environment in India … If that occurs, I think we are going to see lot more business in India … That is consistent with many of the reforms Prime Minister Modi has articulated," Mr. Obama said.

He, however, said the "absence of an effective IP protection" in India was affecting business as U.S. companies tend to operate at the higher ends of the global value chain.

Addressing apprehensions being raised about his "Make in India" initiative being protectionist or anti-trade, Mr. Modi said the plan was to improve the ease of doing business in India so as to enable the creation of jobs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has successfully put his imprint on India-U.S. relations

A Republic Day to remember

In a first, woman officer leads Guard of Honour at Rashtrapathi Bhavan

N-deal: No dilution of liability law


  • DAY 1: JANUARY 25, 2015

  • Arrival in the morning and Rashtrapathi Bhavan Ceremonial

  • Rashtrapathi Bhavan Ceremonial

  • Homage to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat

  • Bilateral discussions with PM Narendra Modi, followed by a luncheon

  • Meeting with President Pranab Mukherjee

  • Banquet hosted by the President

  • DAY 2: JANUARY 26, 2015:

  • Republic Day function and Rashtrapathi Bhavan Ceremonial

  • 'At home' with Pranab Mukherjeeand a round table with CEOs

  • DAY 3: JANUARY 27, 2015:

  • To address a select gathering

  • Leaves for Saudi Arabia

Obama India visit, Day 1: As it happened

Obama at R-Day parade: As it happened

Modi's reforms enthuse Obama

Keywords: India-US Business summit, Obama in India, Obama India visit, Narendra Modi, India-US ties

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  86. Sensex spurts 290 points on SBI earnings, positive global cues ...

  87. Hindu Business Line-13-Feb-2015

  88. Investors are hopeful for faster reforms at the government's 2015-16 fiscal budget ... If the budget really delivers something, we may see further upside," said ... India's NSE index was up 1.5 per cent for the week, snapping two ...

  89. Sensex trades 104 points up capital goods stocks gain

  90. Jagran Post-11-Feb-2015

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  92. Jaitley's Budget hint: Poll results don't dictate reforms


  94. Speaking in the presence of US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, who is visiting India to hold discussion on various economic aspects, Jaitley said ...

  95. Cut Subsidies to Boost Growth, US Treasury Secretary's Message ...

  96. NDTV-12-Feb-2015

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  1. Budget 2015: FM Arun Jaitley for tax reforms and quick decisions to ...

  2. (press release) (blog)-27-Jan-2015

  3. New Delhi: Ahead of the Budget, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today ... The Finance Minister said that Indian currency was among the two ...

  4. Budget 2015: FM underlines need for tax reforms and quick decisions

  5. Indiainfoline-27-Jan-2015

  6. FM For Tax Reforms and Quick Decisions to Ensure Stability

  7. Outlook-27-Jan-2015

  8. Arun Jaitley for Tax Reforms, Quick Decisions to Ensure Stability

  9. NDTV-27-Jan-2015

  10. FM Arun Jaitley for tax reforms, quick decisions to ensure stability

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  18. India: Union Budget Has To Deliver On Reforms - Analysis

  19. Eurasia Review-07-Feb-2015

  20. After an astonishing and uninterrupted run, the Bharatiya Janata Party has begun to feel the heat. The Delhi election has, for the first time in the ...

  21. Expect Budget 2015 to present a broader road map on reforms ...

  22. Economic Times-15-Feb-2015

  23. Expect Budget 2015 to present a broader road map on reforms: Sanjeev ... Due to the volatility, many economies including India are being ...

  24. 'Make in India' gets boost as PM Narendra Modi promises more ...

  25. Daily News & Analysis-14-Feb-2015

  26. Ahead of the Budget, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday assured investors more reforms as he rolled out the red carpet to ...

  27. Fiscal prudence road map, reform agenda markets' top Budget ...

  28. Business Standard-05-Feb-2015

  29. What might this Budget have in store, and what are the markets ... Jyotivardhan Jaipuria, India head of research, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, ...

  30. Financial Express

  31. Budget 2015: Reforms we wish to see in the Direct Tax mechanisms

  32. Businessinsider India-15-Feb-2015

  33. The tax amendments of the last budget were encouraging and ... The Companies Act, 2013 provides for merger of an Indian company with a ...

  34. Budget 2015: Convergence of indirect tax laws into GST important ...

  35. Economic Times-16-Feb-2015

  36. ... to promote the Make in India campaign in the upcoming Budget. ... Policy reformson the FDI front would encourage the much needed foreign ...


  38. Budget 2015 should lay out economic vision: Uday Kotak

  39. Economic Times-12-Feb-2015

  40. MUMBAI: India's premium stock market valuations are reflecting a ... "The big-bang reforms should not focus on the field of immediate returns, ...

  41. All is well except for earnings and valuations: 4 thoughts on Indian ...

  42. Financial Express-5 hours ago

  43. The upcoming budget and budget session will be critical given that oil ... liquidity and (3) ongoing reforms and expectations of furtherreforms ...

  44. AAP triumph will not make Modi government go into populist mode ...

  45. Economic Times-10-Feb-2015Share

  46. "The election results will only accelerate economic reforms because people's ... "Thebudget is only a few days away and I am sure we will have a ... MNCs in India and abroad to sell cheap generic drugs that compete with ...

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  1. Union Budget 2015: Time to open doors for investments with tax ...


  3. There are lot of expectations to bring certainty in Indian tax regime and to ... While it is appreciable effort of government's reforms that has led to ...


  5. Budget 2015: Clarity on GST, MAT must for manufacturing, says PwC

  6. Economic Times-16-Feb-2015

  7. With the 'Make in India' campaign, the government wants to enhance the ease of doing business by initiating reforms in labour, mining and ...

  8. Budget 2015: Key reforms that can pump up investment in securities ...

  9. Businessinsider India-16-Feb-2015

  10. BI India brings to you a list of recommendations made by industry experts that ... Another pre-budget proposition includes that the Modi-led ...

  11. Budget 2015: Grant infrastructure status to real estate sector

  12. Economic Times-5 hours ago

  13. The government need to focus on some policies and reforms in the field of ... ChintelsIndia and Member-Governing Council, CREDAI- NCR) ...


  15. Top 5 things markets want FM Arun Jaitley to do this Budget

  16. Economic Times-13 hours ago

  17. Top 5 things markets want FM Arun Jaitley to do this Budget ... of National Exchanges Members of India told in a memorandum to the government. ... The government "is likely to unleash expenditurereforms especially in ...

  18. Is the Modi Honeymoon Over?

  19. Bloomberg View-10-Feb-2015

  20. But in the absence of dramatic reforms, investment -- particularly private ... billion from the government-owned State Bank of India to Gautam Adani, ... at the end of this month when his government presents its first full budget.

  21. What The Delhi Elections Mean For Indian Foreign And International ...

  22. Forbes-10-Feb-2015

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  24. Union Budget Series Delhi polls Impact, Debating term reform and ...

  25. (blog)-16-Feb-2015

  26. Otherwise too, I hope this budget to be a departure from the past. ... No one opposes the spirit of free enterprise and India taking the expressway too growth, but ...

  27. Reform ordinances should be replaced by permanent laws to woo ...

  28. Business Standard-05-Feb-2015

  29. Asian Development Bank (ADB) President Takehiko Nakao said the bank expects India's Budget for 2015-16 to implement more subsidyreform ...

  30. Reforms Expected in a 'Make-or-Break' Budget: 10 Facts

  31. NDTV-13-Feb-2015

  32. The budget is expected to give a big push to PM Modi's 'Make inIndia' campaign, with tax breaks and other incentives for several sectors.

  33. Union Budget 2015: Remove service tax on health insurance ...


  35. Union budget is expected to continue reforms process initiated in the last ... India's insurable population is anticipated to touch 75 crore by 2020 ...

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  1. Economy Lead

  2. #Budget2015: Industry body seeks tax reforms for investment trusts

  3. Daily News & Analysis-15-Feb-2015

  4. The first full budget of the new government should considerreforming taxation rules for effective functioning of Alternative Investment Funds ...

  5. Industry Body Seeks Tax Reforms for Investment Trusts

  6. NDTV-15-Feb-2015

  7. CII seeks tax reforms for investment trusts

  8. Business Standard-14-Feb-2015

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  11. Budget 2015: Here's why Govt needs to promote pension and annuity

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  13. The insurance sector that witnessed some major reforms under the NaMo ... "At various forums, Government of India has expressed its ...

  14. Union Budget 2015: Taxation should be based on term of policy ...

  15. hours ago

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  17. Budget 2015: Indian Economy to Record 5.5% Growth in 2015, Says ...

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  19. It sees Indian economy expanding by 5.5% in 2015, owing to the fall in ... is expecting to hear the government spell out its economicreforms, ...

  20. What Vajpayee Did Is Jaitley's Strategy.

  21. NDTV-22-Jan-2015

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  23. India Inc's 3-point Budget wishlist


  25. ... Inc's 3-point Budget wishlist. India Inc is not mincing words in placing tax reforms, the highest on the agenda for the make India Budget 2015.

  26. Budget 2015: charting the execution route

  27. Livemint-2 hours ago

  28. Budget 2015 will need to be a magical event given the expectations riding on it. ... Make in India is a theme that the government has put forth vociferously. ... tax and financial sector reforms need to be brought back into focus.

  29. Jaitley shouldn't increase public spending until fiscal deficit is in ...

  30. Firstpost-6 hours ago

  31. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had said in his Budget speech in July ... the number was at 9.33 percent of the gross domestic product(GDP) of India. ... by the government takes away attention from economic reforms.

  32. If government spends in haste in the next budget, it will repent at ...

  33. Economic Times (blog)-16-Feb-2015

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  35. IBN7 gears for budget with 'BK'

  36. hours ago

  37. MUMBAI: Amidst high expectations of investors in India and globally, key stakeholders are now hoping for the next leg of reformsto be revealed ...

  38. Budget 2015 Likely To Boost Job Market In India

  39. Businessinsider India-30-Jan-2015

  40. He says, "Prime Minister Modi's Make in India campaign involves 25 key sectors. We expect the government to make important policyreforms, ...

  41. Budget 2015-16: Customising 'Make in India' to get International ...

  42. Businessinsider India-20 hours ago

  43. Though the budget is one way of getting the interest started, Indianeeds to go a much ... How are the necessary reforms being implemented?

  44. Why education sector must keep an eye on this Budget

  45. Financial Express-15-Feb-2015

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  47. Earnings have bottomed, budget to provide future direction

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  49. Earnings have bottomed, budget to provide future direction ... trend and the central government working proactively on economicreforms.

  50. ion before the Budget 2015 kicks in: Analysts

  51. Economic Times-12-Feb-2015

  52. The government is expected to announce some big and bold reformsto push the Indian economy to double-digit growth. The budget will also ...

  53. Direct cash trasfers can give a spending boost to economy. Crisil ...

  54. Firstpost-1 hour ago

  55. Now, Rs 5,800 for a family's annual food budget may seem like a pittance, but the ... of FCI (Food Corporation of India), the distribution cost (freight, handling, storage, ... The Expenditure ReformsCommission headed by K. P. ...

  56. Forbes India

  57. Delhi poll loss won't slow economic reforms: Jaitley

  58. The Indian Express-12-Feb-2015

  59. In the upcoming Budget session, the Centre is also expected to ... Meanwhile, US treasury secretary Jacob Lew said that India should look at ...

  60. Why Modi and Jaitley are likely to push reforms despite Delhi setback

  61. Forbes India-12-Feb-2015

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  64. Indian shares edge higher; consumer stocks gain

  65. Reuters-16-Feb-2015

  66. Indian shares edge higher; consumer stocks gain ... hopes slowing inflation and reforms in the upcoming federal budget would boost spending.

  67. BSE Sensex edges higher; ITC, other consumer stocks gain

  68. Financial Express-16-Feb-2015

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  70. FIIs Pour Rs. 10000 Cr in Indian Capital Markets in 2 Weeks

  71. NDTV-15-Feb-2015

  72. Press Trust of India | Updated On: February 15, 2015 17:31 (IST) ...Budget and rising expectations the government will acceleratereforms. ... "The upcoming Budget could be the most important one for the stock market after the early 1990s, ...

  73. FIIs pour Rs 10K cr in Indian capital markets in two weeks

  74. Zee News-15-Feb-2015

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  76. BUDGET WISH LIST: Power firms for market-driven pricing

  77. Business Standard-16-Feb-2015

  78. In the end, distribution reforms and private participation in ... The govt, from what we can read, appears keen to equip Coal India to meet ...

  79. Economy Lead

  80. Hindujas plan $10-bn investments in infra, defence sectors

  81. Business Standard-11 hours ago

  82. Once the government gives clarity on taxation in the Budget, we will bring in our investments, as we think India is the next big investment opportunity in the ... But a lot needs to be done - especially in taxreforms," he added.

  83. Hindujas to invest $10 billion in infrastructure, defence

  84. Economy Lead-6 hours ago

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  86. Budget 2015: Sensex Up 860 Points in 4 Days; Markets Cheer ...

  87. International Business Times, India Edition-13-Feb-2015

  88. The pre-Budget rally witnessed in stock markets in the last couple of days ... in the recent Delhi Assembly polls won't slowdown economicreforms. ... of the government's plan and direction for India over the next few years.

  89. Electronics manufacturing a key area to focus on

  90. Economic Times-8 hours agoShare

  91. ... to revive growth like Skill India and Make in India, the market confidence and ... Before talking about the key reforms expected, I would like to say that ... two key aspects which should definitely see light of the day this budget.

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