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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Aryans Were Slaves of Indigenous Nag-Dravids

Aryans Were Slaves of Indigenous Nag-Dravids


Black Civilization had begun and flourished and spread around the world. The black Nag-Dravid civilization (now divided as OBC, Dalits, Muslims and Adivasis) build enormous forts, castles surrounded by beautiful garden and orchards (called as heaven in Iran) and monuments in the whole Gondwana continent. Our Nag-Dravid social system was Gantantrik (democratic).

Laurasia people then were in pre barbaric stage because Laurasia was late in the development of life. Aryan clans began to migrate to the plateau of Iran began since 2nd millennium BC as a result of difficult environment in "Airyana Vaejo " their homeland in Laurasia. They settled in jungles outside Nag-Dravid Ganatantras and used to steel our cattle.

Nag-Dravids out of pity gave some of them food who then became servile and were allowed to settle outside the periphery of township. Their head full lice were shaven, were compelled to bath and wear a cloth around as a precondition to enter the workplace. Aryan belief that bathing in river / pond assures entry in heaven has roots in this precondition.

They were given a rope to work in fields which became mark for skilled Aryan labourers and symbolized as sacred thread or "Janeu". Skilled Aryans considered themselves twice born or Dwija. Nag-Dravid black civilization provided them food etc. therefore Aryans called we (OBC, Dalits, Muslims and Adivasis) "Deva" meaning 'giver'. Aryans always feared of driven back to jungle which they use to call hell due to extremely difficult living conditions.

Herodotus mentions that Magians {Aryan priests} not only killed anything with their own hands but make a special point in doing so; ants, snakes, animals, birds – no matter what, they kill them indiscriminately. (Herodotus, Histories 1.140; tr. Aubrey de Sélincourt). This reveal Aryans ate anything in their homeland i.e. Airiana Vaijo.

Nag-Dravids who carried them to township were called "Devdoots" or messengers of Deva. The word "Bhagwan" was used for all resourceful Nag-Dravids who lived in heaven i.e. big building surrounded by garden

Aryans were devoid of morality concepts, therefore father married daughters and mother married son; were indulged in beast-sex, pedophilia and so on. Brahmin religion books have plenty of such details. Aryans offered their beautiful women for sex to Nag-Dravids in lieu of food and other articles. They use to sell their women who then lived in Nag-Dravid heaven. The benefits were so great that it established the first right of Devas over the Aryan women. Deva could claim Aryan bride before the seven steps are completed in marriage. Saptapadi custom of Arya-Brahmins is originated from this. Aryan women longed a claim from a Deva. To marry the claimed girl then Aryan man had to bid higher than the entire profit the Aryan women would receive from Deva.

The Bahujan saint Tukaram mentioned in his Abhangas (lyrics) prevalent tradition of selling their girls and women like sale of cattle among Arya-Brahmins. (Kolte V. B., pp.58-88) Chittapawan Brahmins use to sell and mortgage their women. (Ramchandra Narayan Lad, p.8, 11, 15)

The Aryans use to arrange "Yagnas" in their settlement where flesh and "Somras" (wine ) were served by Aryan beautiful women who lured Nag-Dravid Deva to extract benefits. Many Aryan women thus secured entry in royal families and gradually made full grip over the Devas by addicting them to Somras and other drugs. Because of the immoral activities in Yadna and their disastrous effects, Nag-Dravid masses perceived Yadnyas as evil. The brave Nag-Dravids used to destroy these Yadnyas whereas degraded Devas used to protect. them.

'Angra mainyu' means "evil spirit" or "evil mind" or "evil thought. 'Angra mainyu' is identified with the Daevas that deceive mankind and themselves. In Zoroaster's view the daevas are "wrong gods" that are to be rejected…. Zurvanism was a branch of Zoroastrianism believes that both Ahura Mazda (MP: Ohrmuzd) and Angra Mainyu (Ahriman) were twin brothers. (Angra Mainyu From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) "The Ahura (Asura) signifies 'god'. The Zoroastrian chief god is called Ahura-Mazda, 'the wise Lord' ( THE MAGI – Zoroaster – Edward Fudge)

Devas did not drink Sura (wine) hence were called Asura or Ahura.




Origin of Aryan Chaturvarna


Girls of the same Aryan families had established important position in many Nag-Dravid families. Therefore, head of the Aryan family had access to vital secrets of respective Nag-Dravid Devas. Aryan priest started benefiting one king against the other by providing them vital secrets. The source of information was attributed to supernatural forces to protect the anonymity of informer women. Aryan Priests became known as Brahmin or knower. They also worked as spies of Deva. The secret of opponent which ensures victory was called as Ishvar by them. The task of the Brahmins (spies) was to find out Ishvar. Among the masses the concept of Ishvar was spiritualized. Brahmins used to called success in their task as "Punya" and failure was considered as sin. The emotional effect of imagination / insight of impending calamities or benefits was called as "Akashwani' or revelation. To collect secrets they use to wander and mix among the people and were called as "Sadhu" meaning who accomplish their selfish intend.


The Lucifer the chief of Aryan spy network was called as "bringer of light" (information) and had become chief priest. Lucifer was a "cherub" i.e.the highest classification of angels (Agents / spies). An angel is a person who performs a mission of God or acts as if sent by God. From angel the word agent is derived. The Brahmins (knower / spies) use to build a little temple on the hill to watch. The word "pyramid" is composed of the Greek words "pyra" meaning fire or light (knowledge), and the word "midos" meaning measures. The Hill later depicted as pyramid was the measure to watch and collect information.


All Seeing Eye


This tradition is well depicted in the monument of "pyramid and all seeing eye". The Devas who were considered almighty now called "All-knowing" as they knew every information of their kingdom.

The priestly Magi (singular Magus) community, refer to a shaman, sorcerer, wizard, and the origin of the words magic and magician. Originally the title was 'magoi', meaning 'bearers of the gift' {received as a result of obtaining secret information}. Magi {Brahmins} were usually at the royal court, were employed in bureaucracy, brought fire sacrifices, performed ceremonial duties, accompanied the king on his campaigns and were interpreters of dreams and omens. ( Magians) Magi were soothsayers. From them Tantrik Athervan vedic branch immerged.

Because the Brahmins "told" secrets, origin of Brahmins was considered from the mouth. The Aryans who could not find entry in the Nag-Dravid township and remained servile at the feet of all were called as Shudras and their origin from the legs. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in his book "Who Were Shudras" made it clear that Shudras were the folk of Aryans themselves.

The Aryans who remained in selling their women; and started selling Somras and other articles received from Devas from the sexual activities in Yadnas became known as Vaishya.Therefore Brahmin religious books consider their origin from the "thighs.'


Brahmins established contact with their Aryans living in dense jungles and started using them as soldiers to help Deva in battle with other Deva. They also joined army of Deva. These Aryans hence were considered originated from "hand" (i.e. use of hands in battle).

Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudras had distinct roles hence they became distinct castes of Aryan Chaturvarna system. Indigenous Nag-Dravid masses when brought to the servile state were called as "Panchamas" (fifth class) who were out of Aryan Chaturvana.

Lucifer sought permission of Deva for a section of his men to undergo training from the Nag-Dravids to learn construction of forts and especially techniques of secret chambers and ways within it so that they could collect secrets hidden within the forts of opponent Deva. Thus the sect of Aryan masons evolved was instrument of Lucifer to grab secrets and hidden wealth of Devas.




The Brahmins Challenge Nag-Dravid Devas


Beautiful Aryan women made indigenous Nag-Dravid Devas addicted to Somras, Opium and other drugs to bring them in their complete grip. The well-known example is of Shankar-Parvati. The political and other secrets they knew were called as "Mantras". Secret discussion is called as "Mantrana". The most vital secrets that Brahmins used to control the indigenous Devas were called as "Mahamantra". Brahmins telling secrets of one Deva to other, caused battles between Deva and Lucifer arranged fate of the battles in his interest with his wealth and Aryan Soldiers. This is evident from the following :-

In the winter of 331/330, the Macedonian king Alexander the Great invaded Persia, and put an end to reign of the Achaemenid dynasty. Greek sources mentioned Magians at Alexander's court. This proves a collaboration between some Magians and the conqueror. The Sasanian king Ardašir conferred many privileges to the Magians. They served as judges and tax collectors. ( Magians) Magi, in their dual priestly and governmental office, composed the upper house of the Council of the Megistanes (from which word "magistrates"), had absolute choice and election of the king. Phraataces, the parricide son of Phraates IV, was duly installed by the Magi as the new ruler of Parthia. Regardless of dynastic vicissitudes, kept up their dominating religious influence. ( THE MAGI – A SHORT HISTORY By Shelagh McKenna; Who Were the Magi? By Chuck Missler) Therefore Brahmins claim their Mantras (knowledge of secrets) can destroy the most powerful kings.

Brahmins twisting words of Nag-Dravid languages developed Sanskrit or spy language. Hence it was forbidden for indigenous masses. The account of techniques used to keep masses into control, were called as "Dharmgranth" (Books of Religion) were oral initially. Only Brahmins were allowed to hear them. Anybody else trying to hear were severely punished. Molten lead was poured into ear who heard. Nag-Dravid Devas had allowed this to happen because it was matter of politics and power.


How can Sanskrit be the origin of the all indigenous languages when it was never allowed to hear ?

Agents of Lucifer became skilled in duping Nag-Dravids Deva using fear of supernatural evil and ways to avoid it. Their money was secretly moved to the temples created by Lucifer for safekeeping and then their killing would be engineered by enemy to grab the secretly moved wealth. Manusmiti advise kings to keep their wealth with Brahmins. Followers of Lucifer even arranged loans for Devas. Jewish are mainly money lenders. Applying every tactics Devas were converted into lusty, addicted, degraded dictators and puppets.

The recommendations of Brahmins became sufficient to send anybody to Hell (difficult places) or heaven (Royal palace).

Because the degraded Devas were responsible for the Luciferan Brahmin {magi} power and slavery of masses the religion of Zoroaster arose against the Magi (Brahmins} and their protector Devas.


By the order of Mithraic Magi, the founder of Zoroastrianism (Zoroaster Spitama) was assassinated. The Magi were not originally followers of Zoroaster. After Zoroaster Spitama's death magi created the religion called Zoroastrianism, {to dupe masses and control Zoroastrianism} claiming it based on Spitama's revelations and retained position of magi as priests. ( THE MAGI – A SHORT HISTORY By Shelagh McKenna; Who Were the Magi? By Chuck Missler)

The Persians headed by Dariush initiated a campaign of Magi-killing. The Mit(h)ra festival became the feast of Mogh-killing after the victory of Dariush. Herudut refers the Mogh-killing as Magophonie. (Mitra, Christmass and Pir Shaliyar Ceremony By Siamak R. Durroei) The magi had to flee from mass anger roughly 2000 B.C.E by several routes.

One Aryan-magi group migrated into the Indian subcontinent whilst the other progressed westward and reached the Semitic lands by the 18th century B.C.E. They migrated westward in the role of mercenaries, as the term Marianni meaning warriors – can be observed in Egyptian and Hittite texts classifying them as a ruling military class; and documents from the 16th century B.C.E. in Mesapotamia and Syria disclose Iranian names. The Indian and Iranian groups still maintained a close connection. (The Aryan Descent)

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