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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fwd: Appeal to PM supporting Shahabag movement

From: Subodh Biswas <>
Date: Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 5:56 PM
Subject: Re: Appeal to PM supporting Shahabag movement

Kindly submit this appeal at the earliest by fax and send a copy to the following address

On Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 5:48 PM, Prasen Raptan <> wrote:
Dear Sir,
Pl print this letter in your local letter head and submit by fax to PM marking a copy to CEC immediately.

Prasen Raptan
A committed professional dedicated to development of the nation since 1997; working in rural India through various unique & innovative interventions for improving lives and livelihoods of needy communities.

Nikhil Bharat Bangali Udbastu Samanway Samiti

Head Office: 3 Bajrajng Nagar, Jadumahal Road, Nagpur-26, Maharastra, India, Email: Cell: +91 9422128897

Ref No: NiBBUSS/CEC/2013/
March 2013

Dr Manmohan Singh
Honorable Prime Minister of India
Prime Minister Office
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi-110011.
Telephone: 91-11-23012312.
Fax: 91-11-23019545 / 91-11-23016857

Respected Sir,

Appeal to support Shahabag-centric human rights movement to establish
secularism in Bangladesh and request to ensure safety & security to the lives,
properties and religious institutions of minority communities like Hindu,
Buddhists, Christians, etc.
You are aware that, at the cost of thousands of Bengalis (Hindu & Muslim), Bangladesh
won her freedom in 1971 with the support of Smt Indira Gandhi. India had to dedicate lives of
many soldiers in the freedom fight of Bangladesh to create an atmosphere wherein safety &
security of the minority communities of Bangladesh is ensured. Unfortunately, the dream of
Smt Gandhi did not realize due to the assassination of Sheikh Muzib Rahaman in 1975. The
BNP led government, after Sheikh Muzib, created an anti-minority environment in Bangladesh
and finally in 1988, the constitution of the country was redefined as Islamic country. Similarly, it
enacted many laws to grab properties of these minority communities in addition to serial attacks
on lives, properties and religious institutions of these communities by the fundamentalists of
Muslim community. As a result, the population of minority communities has gone down to 9%
from 29% after independence.



Though late but the good days have come and Shahabag-centric movement is
the commencement of fight to reestablish real democracy against the fundamentalists of
Bangladesh. Nikhil Bharat Bangali Udbastu Samanvay Samiti (NiBBUSS) is a national
umbrella organization of 3.5 crores of Bengali refugees in India; we wholeheartedly support
this democratic humanitarian Shahabag-centric movement. We pray for peace of those great
souls who have lost their lives in reestablishing democracy in Bangladesh! However, the fight
between the fundamentalists & democratic rationalists, the innocent minorities are losers. The
cost is too high for them in terms of lives, properties, religious institutions as well as prestige of
women-folks. In this context, they have only 2 choices before them, either to leave the country
or the religion.

In light of the above discussion, we request your kind & appropriate interventions to
make the Shahabag movement successful and to ensure safety & security to the minority
communities at the earliest so that those 1.5 crores of minority communities need not become
refugee in India to retain their religion & lives. We also expect that your able leadership

Nikhil Bharat Bangali Udbastu Samanway Samiti

Head Office: 3 Bajrajng Nagar, Jadumahal Road, Nagpur-26, Maharastra, India, Email: Cell: +91 9422128897

would take all such necessary actions to make the movement successful as Indians still have
responsibilities towards these minority communities of Bangladesh.

Anticipating an earliest favorable response from your end….

With regards

Truly yours

Vice President

Copy to-
The President/General Secretary, NiBBUSS for kind information


Joint Secretary
Dr Subodh Biswas
National President
Nikhil Bharat Bangali Udbastu Samanway Samiti
27, Bajrang Nagar, Jadumahal Road, Nagapur
Cell: 9422128897

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