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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fraud of Indirect Activities !

 Fraud of Indirect Activities !

Any activity which weakens Brahmanist religion, culture, and weaken the grip of their exploitation system and unite toiling masses against exploitation in the direction of Bahujanwadi Samajik Ganatantra (Bahujanist Social Democracy) is a missionary activity. Because the unaware toiling masses are unable to differentiate between direct missionary activities and indirect activities, the selfish leaders of Bahujan organizations posing themselves Bahujanwadi, are serving Brahmanism.

Calling public meetings, solving minor problems, launching processions, organizing people in organization etc. are indirect activities used by every kind of organizations to strengthen their organizations. Therefore, these indirect activities are not missionary activities.

Organization is simply a "tool" to achieve objectives. But when the "tool" is confused with the objectives, masses are bound to be deceived. No matter how you sharpen your axe, it has no use unless you cut the wood with it. The stooge leaders of Bahujan organizations gathering unaware crowd (sharpening axe) use this crowd in the interest of Arya-Brahmins (cutting your rights into pieces). Unaware masses always looked at the shining of the axe but they never watched where it is hitting, on whom it hits.

The lackeys (agents) of exploiters can be divided into following categories.

The first kind of agents are "salaried agents" who receive their salary form Arya-Brahmin exploiters or their government in lieu of services they render. Their main task is to see that the struggle of oppressed masses should never take a right direction and keep on masses busy in routine insignificant activities not harmful to exploitation system. To achieve this objective all governments implant their agents in revolutionary organizations.

When these agents of the exploiters realize that awareness of common masses and party workers is so high that it is impossible to stop the genuine revolutionary struggle, struggle will go on whether they support or oppose it, then they immediately changing their stance ride the struggle pretending most revolutionary by their super revolutionary jargons. They even do not hesitate to call others less revolutionary. Arya-Brahmin policy is "go with the storm for a while to defeat the storm". Following this policy they even succeed in becoming top rank leaders and betray the struggle by every available means and whenever they find an opportunity to do so. Malinovosky in spite of being an agent of secret service of Tsar succeeded in becoming leader of Russian Communist party (Bolshevik), a member of Russian Duma (parliament) and acquired position next to Lenin. He was responsible of arrest of Joseph Stalin in the hands of police. If he was not exposed accidentally from the government records that he was on their pay roll, he would have succeeded in becoming president of Russian Communist party after the death of Lenin.

It is also revealed that Arya-Brahmins riding the Communist party of India were in fact paid agents of British government. Arya-Brahmin exploiters have also implanted their paid agents in Bahujanwadi organizations.

The second type of agents are "bait-catching agents". As a dog is prompt in catching the piece of food thrown at him, in the same way this kind of leaders are always alert to catch the opportunities available within the exploitation system. This kind include all selfish leaders of indigenous Bahujans, their stooges, intellectuals committed to entangle Bahujan minds in worthless thoughts, issues and work in order to be honored by exploiter governments or by their agencies. This kind also consist of so called social workers who in the name of social service, education etc., receive grants from government or other foreign agencies. It also include persons seeking license, quota, permits, posts, and party tickets. They work only for their selfish objectives. Bait-catching agents are spineless persons devoid of self-respect.

Caste war was going on in Gujarat. The house of Congress M.P. Mr. Hiralal Parmar was burnt to ashes, women were raped and many Dalits were killed. When Mr. Parmar in Parliament was requesting to provide protection to Dalits in Gujarat, many Congress M.Ps. rushed to Mr. Parmar and beat him in the very parliament. Among the attackers most of the members of parliament belonged to Gujarat state. Neither then prime minister Indira Gandhi nor the speaker could stop this beating of a Dalit member of parliament. Parmar's only crime was that he was asking protection to his innocent Dalit caste men. (Pradip Kumar Mourya, Dharati Putra Ka Shoshan, pp. 200-201) Throwing foot-wears or insulting Dalit representatives in parliament or in assembly are not rare cases. In year 1959 central minister Jagjiwan Ram during debate, become sad over the behavior of one of his Congress M.P. and said to him that "rope is burned but spin has not gone". In reply this Congress M.P. thrown his foot-wears at Mr. Jagjiwan Ram. No debate was made over this big incident. In the decade of 1980 the member of parliament Mr. Randhan rushed to attack Mr. Jagjiwan Ram calling him by his caste name. Two decades before, a senior member of congress MLA Mr. Radhakrishna Kishore was beaten by Savarna member in the very Bihar assembly. (Ambedkar Mission Patrika, June 2004, pp. 23-24)

Similarly, Jagannath Pahadia, the chief minister of Rajasthan (a Dalit) was afraid of Brahmins to the extent of phobia. He had no courage to undo injustice made upon Hon. Pradip Kumar Maurya (a Dalit officer) by Arya-Brahmin higher officers. When a Dalit Chief minister of Congress feels himself incapable of giving justice to a Dalit, and who even did not show courage like Mr. Parmar by raising voice in the protection of Dalits, how one can hope of any justice be given to Dalits in Rajastan. (Pradip Kumar Mourya, Dharati Putra Ka Shoshan, pp. 200-201) Arya-Brahmin members make fun of Dalit, Adivasi and OBC members and insult them by filthy comments. Many SC / ST members humiliated by insult have shed tears from their eyes.

In spite of all such humiliation Bahujans stooges and lackeys remain in the parties of Arya-Brahmin leadership and loose their every self respect simply to live the life of luxury and lusts. They can do anything, even they betray their own Bahujan community to lick the cream of chair . Therefore Arya-Brahmin exploiters are never bothered about them.

There are also "bait-catching" agents among the Arya-Brahmins who are working under Bahujan parties, governments and under Bahujan officers. But the basic deference between "bait-catching" Arya-Brahmin agents and indigenous "bait-catching" agents is that while the latter always keep wagging his tail and licking feet of Arya-Brahmins in the hope of yet another bait and is always chewing whatever is thrown at him; on the contrary the former look for and avail every opportunity to "chew the bait-thrower" and capture his whole stock. Using the same policy Arya-Brahmins took possession of Bahujan empires.

Therefore every Arya-Brahminist advice his fellowmen that until you do not make foreign capitalists your disciples do not to trust any indigenous Bahujan and avenge them with the help of their Bibhishans, Hanumans and Sugrivs. Never confide in them nor assign them very vital task. They are just hired persons who betray their own community. When they can deceive their own people they can also deceive us. (B. Shyamsunder, Bhu Devtaon Ka Manifesto (Manifewsto of Arya-Brahmins)) Arya-Brahmins apply the same policy for persons such as Bangaru Laxam, Uma Bharati, Kalyan Singh etc Bahujans of their organization BJP.

Another main difference between the Arya-Brahmin and Bahujan "bait-catching agents" is that Arya-Brahmin agents are completely dedicated to Brahminism while the Bahujans have always been proving themselves traitors to their own community.

The third kind of agents are "helpless-lots". Such persons are compelled to obey Arya-Brahmin exploiters otherwise they may be implicated for the crimes and misappropriations or immoral acts they have committed. Several such politicians have no alternatives but to concede to Arya-Brahmin wishes.

The main tasks performed by agents of Arya Brahmins is following :-

1) To entangle Bahujans in insignificant thoughts, issues and activities that produce no result in the direction of Bahujanwad. Such activities waste money, efforts and precious time of Bahujans and their struggle is weakened and the Bahujans develop frustration.

2) By imposing their leadership on Bahujans, they appease Arya-Brahmins by victimizing Bahujans in craftily devised riots between different Bahujans communities or killing and injuring Bahujans in Police firing or caning.

3) These agents never want missionary activities are implemented. They show their unwillingness to such activities, they avoid or delay missionary activities, create various obstacles in missionary activities, and insist upon the implementation of wrong policy. By their indirect non-missionary activities they pose what a great missionary work is being done. But in fact, their work always help enemy. For example :-

1) Make people inactive in the name of creating awareness among them :- Basic need is to aware toiling masses who leave their homes early in morning and after hard labor return late in evening. Therefore, if the meetings are called they should be called in areas where toiling masses live. If such "awareness meetings" help in creating unity among the various sections of Bahujans, influence of Arya-Brahmin exploitation system is loosened then such a meeting is missionary work. But if the formality of conducting meeting is completed, people are bored with long lectures full of meaningless jargons, then only few have satisfied pangs of their leadership instinct at the expense of Bahujan time, money and manpower.

In lectures arranged in halls, usually educated persons attracted towards Bahujanwad come. To train them in educating and awakening toiling masses is basic requirement. But such persons are repeated "all time recited" lectures. Unaware / half-baked workers / participants think that a great missionary work is done and get peaceful sleep. Thus, the program which should have been the starting point of Bahujanwadi Jihad becomes its "full-stop" by keeping Bahujans away from doing missionary work. In this way a Brahminism is being served by such lackeys and stooges of Arya-Brahmins.

2) paralyzing Bahujans with Ritualism and name-worship:- Dr. B.R. Ambedkar had said to his Dalit community men in a meeting organized in Sidhartha college on 17th August 1952 that instead of singing praise for me, it is better if you devote your every energy in struggle against exploitation of Dalit masses, this is what I consider most important. (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkaranchi Atishay Gajaleli Bhashane, p. 125 (very famous lectures of Dr. Ambedkar)) Aware followers give every importance to the life mission of their liberation warriors and strive by every available means to accomplish it. Bahujan Jihad (struggle for equality and justice) grows as a result of the missionary activities of aware toiling followers who are dedicated to Bahujan mission only. On the contrary, "devotees" who have nothing to do with the life mission of Bahujan liberation warriors. Their sole intention is to get rid of their sense of inferiority and inadequacy resulting from their incapability of doing real missionary work. Hence they satisfy themselves by arranging shallow praise showering ceremonies on the eve of birth day of our liberation warriors and pose themselves great followers of the liberation warriors by chanting and singing praise for their liberation warriors. By chanting and singing praise for their liberation warriors they do not need to use their brain and risk encounter with Brahmanist-Manuists.

"Devotees" keep Bahujans away from missionary work, engage them in fruitless activities, spend the money, energy, labor and time of people in worthless activities and thus destroy Bahujan mission completely. Devotees are therefore, greatest danger for Bahujan mission. Bahujan mission will not grow unless "devoteesm" is destroyed. Therefore, "Followers Zindabad, Devotees Murdabad" should be the prime slogan of aware Bahujans.

Arya-Brahmins know very well that until the exploited Bahujans burry life mission of their liberation warriors and engage themselves in singing praise of their liberation warriors, not a single hair of Brahmanism could be bent. Such ritualists are great servants of Brahmanism and its exploitation system, Because not only they attempt to kill the life mission of Bahujan liberation warriors, but also weaken Bahujan communities by squandering and wasting money of the sweet of their eyebrows on decoration, and other programs of Jayani (birth day of liberation warriors) and help Arya-Brahmins in keeping Bahujans their slaves. Therefore every Arya-Brahmin through his stooges try to spread ritualism, and "devoteesm" among the OBC, Dalit, Muslim and Adivasi Bahujans. Arya-Brahmins consider it their prime most duty to spread "Ritualism and labelism" among Bahujans. Arya-Brahmins are pleased to see that their prime most duty is being performed by the devotee Bahujans themselves.

3) Deceiving toiling masses by indirect activities :- The lackeys and stooges of Arya-Brahmin exploiters by their illusionary indirect activities are posing that how efficiently they are running mission. In fact, they deceive Bahujans :-

a) Such a lackey leader of an organization wanted to organize a lecture on topic "revision of constitution : right or wrong". An aware Bahujan requested him that family of RSS organizations is trying to convince people that it is important to revise the Indian constitution. Your title shall create the same question in the minds of people who would read it. All of them are not going to attend your program. Half of them may simply think what is wrong if changes in the constitution are made according to changed situation ?. Therefore the purpose of Arya-Brahmin exploiters will be served by your title. He requested to keep the topic such as " Arya-Brahmin conspiracy to bring Manuist Constitution". This topic directly hits Brahmanism and expose their evil intention. In spite of that, the so called leader retained the previously decided title to help their Manuist bosses. Such lackeys in the name of mission invariably help Arya-Brahmin exploiters.

b) A federation which always posed to be Bahujanists, spending thousands of Rupees, on the eve of 52nd Independence day of India kept a topic of lecture " Continuous defying of Indian constitution in independent India". leaders of BJP, Shivsena, Congress, Marxist Communist party etc Manuist organizations were also invited. This program was organized on the very eve of elections. What else could be the purpose behind inviting Manuist leaders other than negotiating secret election alliances and bargaining with them on the basis of Bahujans gathered in this program ?

Manuist leaders in such lectures pretend themselves progressive and get praise. Bahujans are befooled by these fascist leaders in the same way the little children are befooled in a game where a child points his finger at the adults and pretending a gunfire shouting "Dhishyam" ! The adults also enjoy the game and pretend hit by bullet and are dying. After seeing that Bahujans have loosed their cautious listening slowly start injecting Manuist poison by logical jugglery. Bahujan stooges always organize such programs and invite agents of class enemies.

On 23-24th Sept., 1997 in Talkatora indoor stadium auditorium of Delhi a national convention of Dalit authors was organized. Inaugurating the convention, Ex-president of India Shankar Dayal Sharma (Brahmin leader) called Dalit literature written against exploitation as vulgar and advised Dalit authors not to write such literature. Brahmin leader Atal Bihari Bajapeyi hypocritically called Dr. B.R. Ambedkar modern Manu, and Indian constitution like Manu-Sanhita, forgetting that Dr. Ambedkar had burnt Manu-Smriti and was bitterest critique of Manu-Smriti. (Bharat Ashvaghosh, Sept-Octo., 1997, p.47) According to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Aryans were foreigners who came to Indian continental. (Dalit Voice, 16-31 May 2004) Citing incomplete quotations of Dr. B. K. Ambedkar out of context, few Dalit stooge / ignorant authors are continuously trying to prove that Arya-Brahmins are indigenous people.

c) Dr. B. R. Ambedkar wanted to aware toiling masses so that they become capable of controlling the reins of leaders as well as of the Bahujan Jihad. Therefore, to make toiling masses leaders of their own struggle, he strongly opposed personality cult and personality worship .

In fact, there is a need to encourage authors from toiling masses and middle and upper middle class be educated and trained to accept the leadership of common masses in the interest of Bahujan struggle. But the lackeys of Arya-Brahmin exploiters are behaving exactly opposite. They are by exploiting the tendency among middle and upper middle class to show themselves superior these lackey organizations give middle and upper middle class writers "Dr. Ambedkar, Jyotirao Fule, Savitribai Fule" etc. awards and certificates in the hands of Arya-Brahmins belonging to fascist organizations at Talkatora stadium auditorium of Delhi. These lackeys know very well that the writers who are crazy after "awards, certificates, and honors" can be easily converted in to lackeys of Arya-Brahmins.

Few Rich Dalit Indians, residing out of India invite applications from Bahujan authors along with their literature so that they can select few best Dalit writers for award instead of spreading effective literature among the masses. Why genuine authors should apply for any award because awareness created by their literature itself is a greatest award for them. What can we expect from such authors who apply for awards ? They can be easily turned into slaves of Arya-Brahmins when they get opportunity to satisfy their ego and superiority complex. In distributing awards to such writers neither the common masses develop awareness nor their struggle gain strength. Only the ego and sense of importance among such authors is heightened and they start considering themselves savior of the masses. In spite of that why these organizers / persons persist with this anti-proletariat program ? Therefore, a strong suspicion lurks in our minds that is this another trap to lure and corrupt these writers in favor of exploiters and convert them into intellectual prostitutes.

d) Who will object immorality and sexual nakedness being opposed ? On this very pretext, organizations of fascist Arya-Brahmins on one hand give OK signal to directors to make sexy films; censor board also OK it; then obtaining money from the same directors these organizations start pretending protest of such sexy films to make them popular. Therefore, third grade films also earn a lot. Shivsena which boast of Indian culture, organize pop show of Michael Jaxon and earn several Lac of Rupees. All T. V. Channels display advertisements, serials and songs full of sex. Shivsena, Bajarang Dal etc. fascist organizations do not oppose all such nakedness because Arya-Brahmins earn from them but these hypocrites oppose valentine day meeting of lovers and try to spread communal conflict and try to terrorize minorities.

e) Many so called intellectuals and leaders to fulfill their desires of foreign tours and to satisfy their leadership instinct spend thousands of Rupees on the pretext of Bahujan Mission. For example, In a conference organized by a Dalit organization of India on 12-13 October 2000 at South Hall of London, around 80 persons from India participated. No citizen of London participated in this conference. Members of conference alleged that the president of the organization extracting enough money from them did not make arrangement of their lodging and boarding. Therefore, they had to stay in Valmiki Gurudwara and eat in Gurudwara Langar. (Dalit Voice, 16-30 Nov., 2000, p. 5) These so called "missionaries" could have easily discussed the same matter in India itself. Was there any need for these Indians to come to London by spending huge amount on the pretext of discussing Bahujan issues ? Many so called leaders squander huge amount of money in rallies which do not yield any result. If they had spent the same amount in genuine missionary activities the result would have been thousand times better.

f) There is a proper way of doing everything. When a correct activity is done in a wrong way, it causes harm. Cooking is a correct activity. We all know what is a result of cooking rice without removing pebbles, or removing rice pot from stove immaturely before they are cooked, or do not remove rice pot from stove even when the rice is cooked, or put the rice pot on stove but do not lit the stove. Therefore, what is correct and what is wrong can only be ascertained by observing the results of any activity. By applying criteria laid down by Siddhartha Gautam Buddha we can test everything. According to Buddha, it not important to see which task is undertaken, what is the designation of the person doing the task, whether the task looks logically correct, what is being claimed, who (person or religious book) is being referred in support of the task, but one has to see whether the task is going to benefit toiling Bahujans or not. Anything which does not fulfill the criteria of benefiting Bahujan cause (mission) is a task meant to deceive exploited Bahujans.

Upper caste Muslim leaders hold the reins of every Muslim organization. Upper caste Muslims have always helped their Arya-Brahmin brothers to take vengeance on indigenous Bahujan Muslims by every available opportunity.

They did not work to remove the misunderstandings created by fascist organizations about Muslims and Islam in the minds of common masses; they never raised issues related to the educations, jobs, and exploitation of Muslim masses; they did never boycott the products of fascist Arya-Brahmin industrialists in protest of state sponsored Muslim massacres and to bring them to their senses.

On the contrary, they have been shamelessly supporting fascist governments of Arya-Brahmins. The fascist Shiv-Sena which engineered massacres of Muslim in Bombay could remain in power in Bombay municipal corporation with the support of two upper caste Muslims members. BJP government in center and some states were supported by upper caste Muslims and their organizations. Pundit Farooq Abdulla, and his National Conference of Kashmir and others Muslim organizations continued to support BJP government in centre and also in few states during Muslim Massacres being executed throughout Gujarat. After Gujarat massacres they continued their support to BJP government.

When mass pressure started building on upper caste Muslim leaders for Dalit-Muslim unity for bilateral protection, and to fight for the each other's cause, they misguided youths of Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) to publish pamphlets against communalism of Brahmin religion and pasted them in the places of marriage and other social gatherings of Hindus. With such activities, Bahujans in the influence of Arya-Bahmins, instead of getting awakened took it as an offence by Muslims. Thus the SIMI activities helped the agenda of RSS family organizations to spread hatred among the Bahujans for the Muslims.

g) The organization of upper caste Muslims viz. Jamaet E Islami of India to save itself from social pressure from Bahujan Muslims, organized hypocritical drama of opposing communalism of fascist RSS family organizations. The height of hypocrisy is that in the lectures organized by Jamat E Islami throughout India in its "Human rights week" pro-RSS Arya-Brahmins were invited to deliver lecture on communal harmony. Such programs are nothing but the replica of RSS agenda of "Samajik Samarasata" (Communal Harmony) for the implementation of which RSS has created separate organizations. Thus upper caste Muslim leaders are shamelessly implementing "Samajik Samarasata" agenda of RSS in the garb of opposing communalism. This is openly stabbing in the back of Bahujan Muslims.

Islam never considered rituals important than the basic humanitarian ideals of Islam. For example, a sick or a traveler Muslim is exempted from performing Namaz in usual way. He can perform it even symbolically, or latter on perform Kaza (pending Namaz). In spite of that Tabliq-E- Jamat, the organization led by upper caste Muslims; in the name of Akhirat (judgment day) teach Bahujan Muslims to indulge themselves day and night in Namaz, Istema, Tasveeh and other rituals and oppose to the level of madness any thought of fighting exploitation and oppression of Muslim Bahujans by the Arya-Brahminists. Thus it is creating a society of helpless slaves who do not want to defend themselves against any kind of oppression and victimization.

Tabliq E Jamat and Jamaet E Islami are not only the organizations run by upper caste Muslims but they are the "agents of American agents" because both these organizations are financially aided by the same rich class of Arab countries who instead of Islam and Allah, consider George W. Bush as their God. Therefore, both these organizations can only pretend opposing (forget about fighting) the forces of Tri-Iblis. They can never launch genuine Bahujanwadi Jihad against the exploitation and oppression of Tri-Iblis.

Those Muslims who are not hallucinated by ritualism of Tabliq E Jamat, are illusioned by Jamaet a Islami. Like Congress-BJP, Tabliq E Jamat and Jamat E Islami are two sides of the same Brahminist coin. Both these organizations aim to prevent Muslim Bahujan masses from participating in Bahujanwadi Jihad against the exploitation and oppression of Tri-Iblis.

When the indigenous Muslin Bahujan masses are burning in the fire of state sponsored massacres of Muslims in Gujarat and elsewhere in India instead of organizing Bahujans to extinguish this "Brahminist fire" Upper caste Muslim leaders are indulging themselves in activities which do not harm Arya-Brahmin rioters in slightest.

h) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar asked his Depressed communities to educate their children at any cost. Arya-Brahmins do not want that the children of slave indigenous masses get better education. How any religious community can ever object to religious prayers and preaching ? Therefore, through the religious priests and Manuist monks they create all sorts of disturbance in the study of Bahujan children by reciting day and night religious Bhajan-Kirtans, preaching, Buddha-Vandana (prayer) etc. in ear-bursting sound of loudspeaker which are installed to spread noise in all directions. Daily in morning and evening Buddha vandana (prayer) in loud noise is recited for 60 to 120 minutes on loud speaker. No religious priest want to remain behind other religious priests. Muslims previously used to give Ajan of just for 2 or 3 minutes but the upper caste Muslim priests now sing "Natiya" in addition to morning Ajan. Christianity seems to be exception to this as they perform their rituals and prayer in a manner not disturbing others. In this sense they seem to be civilized. But soon they may become uncivilized to accomplish Brahminist agenda.Dogs start barking at once and soon become calm. But, as the prayer of one religious priest is finished another religious priest start shouting. Their duration of noise is thus increased manifold. All of them could have performed their prayers Araties, Satsangs etc. without loud speakers but that would have defeated the very purpose of disturbing study of Bahujan children therefore, they must create loud noise. Their loud noise have affected even the birds. Previously, people use to get pleasant feelings from the sweet singing of the birds at daybreak. But the agonizing and disgusting sound of religious prayers have compelled birds to fly away. By creating loud noise these priests show Bahujan masses that they are doing "religious work" faithfully so that masses under their illusion should keep on giving them, money, food, respect and honors. Thus Bahujan masses are nourishing these parasite priests in lieu of destroying the study of their children.

i) Many stooges help Arya-Brahmins to take vengeance on indigenous Bahujans in installments. If Arya-Brahmins intend to demolish 1-3 slums, their Brahminist government or municipal corporation declare their intention to demolish 6-7 slums. The stooges pretend to oppose Arya-Brahmins on this issue. When huts of 3-4 slums are already demolished, Arya-Brahmin government as decided, agree to the demands of their stooge leaders and it is declared that no more slum-huts shall be demolished. Thus the stooge organizations and their leaders get an opportunity to boast before masses that they have saved their slums. Bahujan masses thus come in the fold of these stooge leaders. No Bahujan leader is ever successful in retaining slum once it is demolished because getting back demolished slums from the exploiters require a kind of intense struggle which is beyond the capacity of any stooge leader.

All problems and issues of exploited Bahujans will be solved only when they establish Bahujanwadi Samajik Ganatanra after destroying completely the exploitation system of Tri-Iblis. Instead of awakening exploited masses to destroy exploitation system of Tri-Iblis, tail-wagging stooges lick the feet of Arya-Brahmin exploiters and help them to increase tax on people, reduce the number of workers in factories and administration, pass and implement draconian laws that crush human rights, demolish settlements and displace people from their places and so on.

Stooge organizations never declare Arya-Brahmin exploiters and their parties as class enemies and swear and work to uproot parties of class enemies. These tail-wagging stooges instead of voting against the draconian laws such as POTA, they stage boycott in parliament / assemblies and thus help Arya-Brahmins to pass anti-people laws.

i) Let us not forget that when masses launch determined bitter struggle which severely harm exploiter class and its interests, the exploiters have no alternative but to lure and beg Bahujans to accept several concessions. On the other hand fake struggle of tail-wagging stooges enable exploiters to take away one by one everything that exploited masses have. Their wages, human rights, better working conditions etc. are being taken away one by one till the toiling masses are reduced to the state of miserable slaves.

ii) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar told that Bahujans will keep on increasing their strength if the exploited Bahujan masses become aware and value self-respect more than their lives. Otherwise they shall turn into lackeys and slaves of exploiter Arya-Brahmins. The leadership of their organizations will go into the hands of stooge leaders devoid of self-respect who can never benefit their community. (p. 99, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkaranchi Atishay Gajaleli Bhashane (turmoil created lectures of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar)). All stooge leaders are devoid of self respect hence their strength is bound to diminish continuously.

How long can we hold on attacks of exploiter Arya-Brahminists ? It is certain that, the moment our power is weakened, the biggest thrust of injustice is bound to give us fatal wound and enslave Bahujan masses permanently. The stooge leaders are bringing the same position. If the Arya-Brahmin exploiters are inserting rod in the xxxx of Bahujans, instead of teaching a bitter lesson to Arya-Brahminist exploiters, stooge and important leaders of beggar's mentality can only beg Arya-Brahmins to take out the inserted rod. Many such stooge leaders by arranging big rallies spend huge money, energy and time of Bahujans simply to beg before Arya-Brahmins. Before Arya-Brahmins they cry and beg "Dalit Picchadon ke Nam Pe De De Baba (In the name of Dalits and oppressed please give us something O my Arya-Brahmin fathers)" They pray that their reservation be retained, they should be given reservation in private sector and so on.Because of such begging leaders employees and Bahujan Samaj has become a society of beggars. These selfish and coward leaders, never want to realize that the beggars are never choosers.

Dr. Ambedkar in his speeches used to tell his toiling people following story :- Once all the animals such as goats, cows, mare etc. who can send no harms to other gathered collectively before lion and narrated their sorrow and agony and pleaded lion to follow nonviolence and requested to give them treatment based on justice. Lion said "you preach beautifully !" but where your have sharp teeth and nails like us to implement what you say ?, and jumped on one nearby goat and tore its neck open. All animals could do nothing than crying and screaming. This is the only fate these stooge leaders can give to Bahujan Samaj.

Stooge leaders beg before exploiters and thus create false hopes in the minds of exploited masses that the exploiter class will give them their rights. Such a hope is baseless and self-victimizing. When such a false hope is developed among masses it dilutes and even destroy the determination of masses to launch a decisive struggle against the exploiter class. Therefore, by begging before exploiters, the stooge leaders are in fact helping the exploiters. The same has happened in Durban conference :-

1) United Nations and several countries of the world have condemned the inhuman terror that is unleashed by Israel on Palestine people. Israel and America remained uninfluenced amidst their condemnation by masses of the world. All exploiters, including the Arya-Brahminists remain unaffected by worst criticism when their is the question of looting, grabbing and retaining the loot. No action was taken against Israel because of American Support to Israel. America is bound to support Israel at any cost because Zionist Jews control America. Arya-Brahmin exploiters being part of Tri-Iblis, without any fear or hesitation have been engineering riots and massacres of indigenous masses of the India and shamelessly declaring themselves dedicated to preserving morality, culture and peace. Therefore, condemning Arya-Brahmins in Durban conference for their inhuman treatment to Dalits of India could produce no effect. This conference did not change the situation of the masses. Then, what is rational in attending such futile conferences by spending lacs of Rupees ?

The Arya-Brahmins riding government of India, sent Bangaru Laxman (a Dalit stooge) and Mr. Pandit Abdulla (Arya-Brahmin in the garb of Muslim) as its representatives who shamelessly denied any atrocities on Dalit-Bahujans and called them imaginary. The ruling exploiter Manuists of Israel, Pakistan and China supported Indian Arya-Brahmins on this issue.

2. In favor of their participation in Durban conference it was argued that Dr. B. R. Ambedkar had written a book "What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables" and exposed Arya-Brahminist Congress and Gandhi before the world. Then why we should not expose the Arya-Brahmins riding the government before the world through the Durban Conference ? The fallacy of above argument can be easily observed :-

At that time, the revolutionary struggle was spread throughout the world. Not only Soviet Union had immerged as a strong Socialist country but was supporting struggle of world toilers to liberate themselves from the imperialist exploiters. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was a mass leader and his actions could take any critical turn in India when the balance of world politics between exploiters class and exploited masses was so unpredictable. World exploiters never wanted that the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's struggle should take revolutionary turn. Therefore, they were bound to pay attention to what Dr. B. R. Ambedkar says. On the contrary, the persons attending Durban Conference were "intellectuals / leaders devoid of any mass base, who only can cry and beg before the exploiters and their representatives, getting nothing more than verbal sympathies delivered to hallucinate Bahujan masses.

The Arya-Brahminists riding the government of India, are compelled to have talks and sign agreements with Naga, Bodo, Gorkha and even Maoists of India because these organizations did not beg before the exploiters, but launched bitter struggle to get their rights. When your struggle becomes intense and decisive the whole world is compelled to think of your struggle, you do not need to go to them to convince.

Therefore, the basic question is instead of preparing to launch a decisive Jihad against the exploiters why we should beg before the very exploiter governments for their help ? Dr. Ambedkar always depended on the strength of the masses than any mercy and kindness from the exploiters. Is not it better that we fight our own battle ?

According to Dr. Ambedkar whatever protections Dalits got through the constitution, they will loose them after their conversion to Buddhism. But the Dalits have capabilities and intelligence to obtain them by other means. The day our political rights will be taken away from us we shall have to depend on our social strength. One who accepts superiority of others becomes slave and loose self-respect and produce slaves in the form of his family and spreads impotency among the masses. Is not it better to die than doing this ? (Dr.Ambedkar p. 90, Kamgar Chalval (Labour Movement); p. 99, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkaranchi Atishay Gajaleli Bhashane, p. 46, 96-97 (turmoil created lectures of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar)).

3) Persons who participated in Durban Conference were leaders devoid of any mass base. Such "baseless" leaders never spend even 25 Paisa to aware masses but can spend lacs of Rupees to popularize their name by such "drama" staged at Durban. Most of them do not hesitate to become agents and stooges of the exploiters and their governments.America is ruling over Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries through such puppets and stooges.

Why the organizations determined to achieve their rights through the strength of masses should bother to participate in conferences such as Durban ? Aware Bahujans are never cheated by the drama of such hypocritical struggle. Aware Bahujans with their direct missionary activities gradually but continuously proceed towards their goal. On the contrary, so called hypocrites and boasting baby intellectuals entangled in non-missionary activities remain at the same position with the help of their exploiter bosses. Every time, they need a new issue to keep them in limelight.

Because of these three kinds of agents, the exploitation system of Tri-Iblis has became safe

Therefore, the exploited Bahujans must ensure that every penny earned by the sweet of their eyebrow is spend only on missionary tasks and not on the tasks creating hallucination of mission. Exploited Bahujans should pay for missionary activities only than donating to the organizations. It should be the first duty of every Bahujan organization to tell where and how the amount has to be spent. Till now the activities of the Bahujan organizations have been limited to receiving donations / contributions from the masses. Neither the person collecting contribution nor the exploited masses giving contribution ever asked what the so called leaders have done with the contribution and donation gathered. One should not pay a single penny if missionary work is not assured. Similarly, they should apply their money, energy and time on the methods which are more effective in eliciting desired "qualitative results" leading to strengthen our struggle.

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