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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Condolence meeting in memory of Shalini on 31 March 5 PM

Condolence meeting in memory of Shalini, president of Janchetna Books Society,

31 March 5 PM,

Ambedkar Bhavan, Rani Jhansi Road, New Delhi.

Organised by: Janchetna and Rahul Foundation.

 Young revolutionary and cultural organiser Shalini passes away

 Delhi. Shalini, a young revolutionary and a strong pillar of several important projects of publication and distribution of progressive, left and revolutionary literature, passed away yesterday here at late night. She was admitted to Delhi's Dharmshila hospital on the evening of 27 March where she was being treated since last January. On the morning of 28 March, as her blood pressure dipped very low, she was shifted to ICU where she breathed her last on the 29 March at around 11:25 pm.

Apart from being an enthusiastic social organiser, Shalini was also the president of the society of the 'Janchetna' Bookshop, member of the Board of Trustees of  'Anurag Trust', executive member of ' Rahul Foundation' and director of Parikalpna publication. Shalini's 18 years of revolutionary life was an example of a life full of sacrifices, combativeness, uncompromising and principled attitude.

Her comrade and famous poetess Katyayani said that like a true communist, Shalini faced all the pain valiantly till her last breath and was committed to her life goal and communist values till the end.  She wanted to donate her body for the medical reusearch but could not get opportunity to complete the legal formalities for this. As per her wish, her body was wrapped with the red flag and and in the presence of her fellow travellers of struggle, she was cremated in the electric crematorium at Lodhi Road on the evening of 30th March.

A Revolutionary Life

Comrade Shalini's political life began in her teens. She devoted her life for  revolution since 1995. She was active on student, woman and cultural front in this duration. She was a strong piller of several important projects of publication and distribution of progressive, left and revolutionary literature.  Apart from participating in the publication of Marxist literature and other activities in Rahul Foundation, Shalini took up the responsibility of being the incharge of the Janchetna centre in Gorakhpur and Allahabad.

Since 2004, she had been looking after the responsibilities of the central office and book shop of Janchetna in Lucknow. Apart from this, she had also been assisting in the publication activities of Parikalpana, Rahul Foundation and Anurag Trust. She also looked after the activities at the main offices of Anurag Trust (library, reading room, children's workshops etc.). Shalini also took up the responsibility of the management of the central library of 'Arvind Memorial Trust'.

Shalini was a hard-working, young communist organiser with a rich experience of eighteen years of difficult and turbulent political life full of ups and downs. With an unwavering faith in communism, she did political work like a labourer. She never looked back or compromised once she decided her goal in life. Even when her father degenerated due to his vested interests and class arrogance and started a campaign of slandering and character-assassination, Shalini completely broke her relations with him without a second's delay.

It was in the second week of January that she was diagnosed with cancer in Lucknow after which her treatment began in Delhi's Dharmshila Hospital Delhi. During the last three months, despite unbearable pain,she never lost her morale and till the end she was hopeful of rejoining her front of the people's emancipation after getting well. She was a foundation stone of the attempts of the revolutionary social change in India in the true sense of the term and her life will continue to be an eternal source of inspiration for her fellow travellers.


Secretary, Janchetna



President,AnuragTrust Secretary,


Rahul Foundation

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