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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Various Obstacles in United Front between the Bahujans !

Various Obstacles in United Front between the Bahujans !

The main obstacles in forming united front of indigenous Bahujans are specified below.

1) Personal enmity between leaders of indigenous parties :- Arya-Brahmins spared no opportunity to create enmity between Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayavati, Lalu Prasad Yadav etc Bahujans to the extent that these Bahujan parties have no hesitation in forming election alliance with communal-casteist congress, communal-fascist BJP and other parties of Arya-Brahmin leadership, but the parties of Bahujans are extremely averse to make alliance with each other.

In assembly elections conducted in 2005 in Hariyana, Zarkhand and Bihar Arya-Brahmin Congress craftily created enmity between Laluprasad Yadav and Shibu Soren; and between Ramvilas Paswan and Lalu Prasad Yadav by offering some of them more seats than the other. As a result of this enmity these Bahujan leaders tried to victimize each other's candidates. As a result Arya-Brahmin candidates were elected in large number. Neither Lalu government in Bihar nor Shibu Soren government in Zarkhand could be retained. When Stiphen Marandi of Zarkhand Mukti Morcha resigned from Rajyasabha, Congress led UPA instead of declaring the same seat to Zarkhand Mukti Morcha Congress voted for Lalu candidate to create enmity between Lalu and Soren.

The enmity between the Bahujan leaders have reached to such a level that they can make alliance with communal-casteist Congress, communal-fascist BJP and with any Brahmanist party but they can not even tolerate the sight of each other. Then question of alliance between them is almost impossible.

2) Struggle for existence Among Indigenous organizations :- Every indigenous leader wants to retain power at the expense of his rival leaders belonging to other indigenous parties. SP and BSP in Uttar Pradesh and RJD and JDU in Bihar are out to destroy each other. They have been defecting MLAs of each other into their party. In Bihar, Lalu Prasad Yadav had defected BSP MLAs into his party. On the contrary, Arya-Brahmins have been successfully retaining their alliances in Bengal and Kerala since several decades.

BSP in Bihar has become threat to other parties as it has developed potential to cause them defeat in many seats. On the contrary in Uttar Pradesh RJD, JDU and LJP is not in position to send any harm to BSP. Therefore, BSP will be less inclined to form united front with RJD, LJP and JDU and will try to weaken their strength in Bihar.

3) The enmity created by Brahminists regarding reservation :- By dividing all communities according to their backwardness and giving them reservation according to their population proportions and setting in each block sub quota for creamy and non creamy layer will ensure that no community is deprived from their reservation. But Arya-Brahminists riding the government have 1) have placed undeveloped and less-developed communities in a single caste category, and 2) in different states the same castes labeled as SC / ST / OBC / NT / VJ and so on to divide we Bahujans and create conflict between us. As a result the undeveloped castes blame that they can not avail reservation because all reserve seats of their category are grabbed by somewhat developed castes.

Communal-casteist Congress, communal-fascist BJP and all Brahminist parties have also created issues such as genuine Adiwasi and fake Adivasi to create enmity and hate between Bahujans. The conflict is so intense that the rival castes within SC, within ST and within OBC do not come to form a united front. Infiltration of Brahminists in indigenous organizations have widened the gap and intensity of enmity between the leaders of indigenous organizations to such an extent that they criticize each other lowering themselves to lowest level. But they will never criticize any Arya-Brahminist leader to this extent and level.

4) Mass-base of parties of Bahujans is in limited region :- Another  obstacle in the nationwide united front of parties of Bahujan is that they can not be of any help to each other because they are non-existent in each other's state. For example TDP and PRP is only in Andhra Pradesh, DMK is only in Tamilnadu, RJD and JDU is mainly in Bihar and Jharkhand. SP is mainly in Uttar Pradesh. JMM is only in Jharkhand and Bihar. BSP is a recognized national party but is relatively weak in states other than Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, a nationwide alliance between them would be on paper but materially non-existent. Therefore, each of these parties think in terms of their local equations where  SP-BSP in Uttar Pradesh, RJD-JDU-LJP in Bihar, TDP-PRP in Andhra Pradesh, DMK-? find each other rival in their respective states.

As nun of them can capture power at centre, to obtain share in power at centre they are compelled to make alliance either with communal-casteist Congress or with communal-fascist BJP. This dependency is the main reason that indigenous parties which pose themselves secular can not declare communal-casteist Congress their formidable enemy and launch a decisive campaign to demolish communal casteist Congress. If any Bahujan organization attempts to do that communal-casteist Congress will give preference to other faction of Bahujans in that very state. Every Bahujan organization to keep the opponent Bahujan party out of central power is ready to support communal-casteist Congress. Communal-casteist Congress did it in Tamilnadu with DMK-ADMK, With SP-BSP in Uttar Pradesh, with RJD-JDU in Bihar. The illusion of secular parties Vs. Communal parties created by Arya-Brahminists have put communal casteist Congress in a position to dictate its terms to Bahujan parties because joining communal-fascist BJP in alliance meant certifying themselves communal and non-secular. Therefore, when  an opportunity of forming a formidable third front under the leadership of V.P. Singh was possible the Bahujans leaders did not miss the chance. But now there is no formidable third front and when Bahujan leaders are divided in camps hostile to each others they have no alternative but to woo communal-casteist Congress so that they may find their share in power. Because of these dependency they are shamelessly certifying communal-casteist Congress as secular.

Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Ramvilas Paswan had have been repeatedly vouching to remain faithful soldiers of Sonia Gandhi. After defeat, Ramvilas Pasvan is repenting and declaring publicly that not allying with communal-casteist Congress was his grave mistake. Lalu Prasad Yadav has also expressed the same feelings repeatedly. Lalu Prasad Yadav at his own declared his party support to candidate of communal-casteist Congress in Rajyasabha election for the seat vacated from Jharkhand. In Jharkhand RJD has 7 MLAs. SP state chief and member of parliament Mr. Akhilesh Yadav  in a statement said that the women reservation bill in its present form with very little changes can be accepted if it is brought down from 33% to 25%. (Lokmat Samachar, 15 June 2009) RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav have been keeping tied lips regarding share of OBC, Dalit, Muslim, Adivasi women in women's reservation Bill. Thus in their attempt to woo communal-casteist Congress the SP, RJD, RLD and LJP is degrading themselves to lowest possible level.

It is Sharad Yadav,  the JDU leader who gave an emotional mass-appealing statement that he will commit suicide if the women's reservation bill is passed without ensuring quota for OBC, Dalit, Muslim, Adivasi women. Even Mr. Vinay Katihar and Uma Bharati of BJP and ex-BJP reiterated their commitment for ensuring quota of OBC, Dalit, Muslim, Adivasi women in women's reservation Bill. Therefore, behavior of Lalu. Mulayam, Pasvan is disgusting considering that communal-casteist Congress is determined to pass women's reservation bill without ensuring quota for indigenous women to grab all the seats for their Arya-Brahmin women.

BSP's unasked unconditional support to Congress makes people conclude that if communal-casteist Congress is well-wisher of Bahujans then where is the need of BSP ? Daily Mahanayak called it grave mistake of BSP to give unconditional support to communal-casteist Congress when it did not even ask for Mayavati's support. According to Mahanayak the list of supporters that communal-casteist Congress submitted to the president of India, did not mention the support of Samajwadi Party and BSP as Congress does not need their support. (Mahanayak, 25 May 2009 p.7) In spite of that by declaring unasked unconditional support to Congress Mayavati has made herself the "miserable-lady" contrary to her widely propagandized image of "iron lady". It appears to us that if these parties do not learn from experiences and revert back to their basic agenda of social justice  RJD and LJP may soon be replaced by JDU in Bihar and SP-BSP shall become progressively weak in Uttar Pradesh and shall be soon replaced by communal-casteist Congress and communal-fascist BJP. By certifying communal-casteist Congress as secular the parties of OBC, Dalit, Muslim Adivasi have dug their own grave and shall be soon pushed into the grave they have dug for themselves.

5) Greed of Money and Power :- Selfish electioneering party leaders are slave of their own shallow lusts therefore their main intention is to attain, name, fame, power and wealth by any means. To meet this intention they make masses partially aware so that the masses blindly do what these leaders ask them to do and never question their actions. Brahmins want to get elected by any means, therefore they are ready to spend huge amount. Many organizations of Bahujans after receiving huge amount from these Arya-Brahmins and apply following strategy to benefit these Arya-Brahmins :-

i) Such parties of indigenous Bahujans may file weak or strong candidates depending upon whether the party wants to let a particular party win or lose the seat. For example, on seats mentioned in table 16 if BSP had filed all weak candidates in Bihar on those seats the parties who lost the seats would not have lost them. Critics of BSP claim that in lieu of money BSP leaders file weak or strong candidate depending on whether the "deal" with that particular party is finalized or not.

ii) Parties of Indigenous Bahujans contest election on those seats only where they are strong and leave remaining seats for Brahminists to win;

iii) they contest seats in such a way that votes of Bahujans get divided among themselves and a particular Manuist candidate is elected ;

iv) Knowing fully that the votes of Arya-Brahmins are never transferred to indigenous Bahujan candidates, they make alliance with Brahmanist parties such as fascist BJP and communal-casteist Congress and hide from masses that they have received huge amount from these Brahmanist parties. Sometimes they ask Bahujans to vote for Congress and sometimes to vote for BJP whosoever is the highest bidder at that time.

v) Some parties of Bahujans receiving huge amount from Arya-Brahmins give Arya-Brahmins their party tickets by denying legitimate claims of sincere party workers and see that these Arya-Brahmins are elected.

6) Grip of Brahmin-Religion :- Priestly class is the backbone of every exploitation system as they enslave the minds of the masses to make exploitation and oppression of masses possible. Priestly class of every kind is basically Brahminist as it always protects privileged class. Because the minds of the vote-begging leaders of the parties of indigenous Bahujans are under the firm grip of Brahmin religion they can not take any decisive step mortal to Arya-Brahminist interest. Their life is controlled by priest even before they are born and continue even after their  death in the form of rituals of Brahmin-Religion. From the date and time of filing nomination to date and time of resuming chair it is the priests who dictate them to perform, Puja, Havan, and dictate which parties and their leaders are lucky and unlucky for them.  Leaders are seen wearing rings, sticks, necklace etc. especially prepared by  priests for their luck.

These Bahujan leaders have developed a false belief that unless they drink the water used to clean Brahmin feet, they can not enjoy power, prosperity and the haven after death. Because of this mental slavery imposed by Brahmin religion no minister of Mulayam Singh ministry in Uttar Pradesh could dare to occupy his ministry chair before performing "Yadnya and Hawan" by the Brahmins". How shameful it was to see that the chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav who belongs to OBC community had abolished the districts made after the names of Gautam Buddha, Saint Kabir, Jyotirao Fule, Shahu Maharaj etc., Bahujan warriors. Ex-chief minister of Bihar Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav in his regime started campaigns of building temples of Brahmin religion in record number. Nobody not even the BJP during its rule in Bihar could dare to do so. Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav was fooled by a Brahmin priest who gave him a "miraculous stick" made from precious mettles and claimed that it will save him from all dangers. The stick proved false and the Ex-chief minister suffered more. But it has definitely proved that then Bihar chief minister Lalu Prasad Yadav is a slave of Brahmin religion. In his resident, tape of Gayantry hymn of Brahmin religion was seen always singing to leave no doubt about his being a slave of Brahmin religion. Because of this mental slavery such leaders can not form a genuine front of Bahujans intended to destroy Brahminism and its exploitation system. The parties of communities who consider themselves "Kshatriyas" (servants of Brahmins) will always proudly serve Brahmin exploiters. Therefore, such parties will never join sincerely the united front of indigenous Nag-Dravid Bahujans. Only those can launch a genuine struggle against system of Arya-Brahmin exploitation and oppression whose minds are free from the influence of every kind of priestly class.

7) Arya-Brahmins in Bahujan organizations :- Greed for money and power leads selfish leaders to woo rich and influential Arya-Brahminis into their party. These Arya-Brahmins who are rich and resourceful are shrewd enough to identify selfish indigenous Bahujan elements in party and corrupt the whole party with their help. The whole party structure is transformed from revolutionary Bahujan organization to an organization incapable of offering any kind of resistance to exploitation and oppression of Arya-Brahminists. Soon these organizations function as slave of Arya-Brahmins.

8) Blood relations with Arya-Brahmins :- Brahminists using their tried and tested ancient evil plan have been marrying their daughters in reputed families of indigenous Bahujans in power so that these indigenous persons could be used as "Shikhandi" to protect Brahminism and in enslaving Bahujan masses. RPI leaders Ramdas Athawale, Prakash Ambedkar, Justice party leader Mr. Udit Raj (Ram Raj), Ramvilas Paswan of Dalit Sena (Now LJP), BJP leader Gopinath Munde, Ex-Chief minister of Maharashtra Mr. Vasantrao Naik, etc. are few examples who established blood relations with Arya-Brahmins. Such leaders who feel obliged by marrying a Brahmin girl have become slaves of Brahmanism and are striving hard to push Bahujan masses in to poisonous marsh of Brahmin religion and destroying Bahujan struggle against the exploitation and oppression of Brahminist-Zionist Tri-Iblis. Under the same policy Arya-Brahminists have made one son of their family Sikh and thus corrupted whole Sikh religion and paralyzed it with the poison of Brahmin-religion. Under the same evil policy, Arya-Brahmins have converted to Islam and poisoned their religion with Brahminism and ensured that backward Muslims always remain backward and real power lies in the hands of converted Arya-Brahmins. These all converted and not converted Arya-Brahmins in unison are protecting Arya-Brahmin exploitation system and ensuring that indigenous masses remain slaves of their system.

Because of these above mentioned reasons party organizations of indigenous Bahujans will never come together to oust Arya-Brahmin exploiters from power. They will continue to support exploitation system of Tri-Iblis while befooling people by their lip service and mock struggle. Therefore, such parties will never join the united front of indigenous Nag-Dravids.

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