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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Challenging Mass Media: It’s Time for the Truth

Challenging Mass Media: It’s Time for the Truth

Global Research, July 15, 2014

“Global Research is the leading research source on the fundamental issues of war and peace, imperialism and resistance, on the financial crises and the alternatives… Prof Chossudovsky has provided a forum for cutting edge critical essays which challenge the principle pundits of the mass media.” – JAMES PETRAS (click for full list of articles) Bartle Professor Emeritus, Binghamton Universiy (New York) Research Associate, IDS St. Mary’s University (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
The destruction of the environment, the growing deficit of social justicecivil libertieseconomic depression, the gnawing of worker’s rights, media disinformation, and so many other topics are all regularly focused on by Global Research. We are committed to giving readers critical coverage on these issues and much more.
In the face of mainstream media disinformation, Global Research has remained independent and continues to act as a vital information portal for the public, and we are grateful to all those involved in this process.
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