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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gaza's water system collapsing due to IDF strikes, says Red Cross

Gaza's water system collapsing due to IDF strikes, says Red Cross

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16 Jul 2014
Previous edition: Bloodshed continues as Israel keeps up Gaza campaign, which Google relegated to the junk bin, of course. Google subscribers:Google Filter Instructions for CLG Newsletter.)
Update: Wednesday 7:38 A.M. The number of Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip since the start of Operation Protective Edge has risen to 202, the Palestinian health ministry says. (Haaretz)
Gaza's water system collapsing due to IDF strikes, says Red Cross --Delegation head warns of desperate water shortage within days 16 Jul 2014 Repeated bombardments are destroying the vulnerable water system in Gaza, and the deaths of a number of local water authority technicians stresses the danger they face as they perform essential maintenance work, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross. "Hundreds of thousands of people in Gaza are now without water. Within days, the entire population of the Strip may be desperately short of water," Jacques de Maio, head of the ICRC delegation in Israel and the occupied territories, said in a press release Tuesday. Both water and electricity supplies have been affected by the current round of hostilities, de Maio said.
IDF warns Gaza City residents of imminent strike --IDF warns 100,000 Gaza residents to evacuate homes --Netanyahu: Hamas leaves no choice but to expand op; Israeli civilian killed 16 Jul 2014 Israel's security cabinet convened at 9 P.M. on Tuesday, 12 hours after accepting an Egyptian cease-fire proposal. Since the operation began, Israel has launched more than 1,300 air strikes in Gaza which killed 192 Palestinians and wounded more than 1,100 people. Gaza hospitals are reporting a dire shortage of medicine and equipment, particularly for trauma injuries. More than 900 rockets and mortars have landed within Israel. Only a fraction landed in urban regions. The [US taxpayer-funded] Iron Dome, which is only meant to intercept rockets that are headed for such areas, has an 87 percent success rate and has shot down 180 rockets over the course of the operation.
Israelis Gather to Watch Gaza Air Strikes #Sociopaths #CriminalMindsScripts 14 Jul 2014 Photos captured on a hilltop in Israel show residents who gathered to watch Israel's airstrikes on Gaza. The photographs were taken Sunday evening in Sderot, Israel, as a group of Israelis brought chairs, cameras and hookahs to the hilltop. More than 170 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict.
Palestinian Authority asks United Nations for protection in Gaza --So far, there have been no Israeli deaths in the conflict. 14 Jul 2014 Israel's week-long offensive against the Gaza Strip has killed at least 175 people, mostly civilians, prompting the Palestinian Authority to appeal Monday for United Nations protection of the densely populated coastal region. The rising death toll, combined with more than 1,200 Palestinians injured, has also led to the Israeli military appointing a senior officer, Maj. Gen. Noam Tibon, to investigate reports of extensive civilian fatalities and damage from airstrikes carried out largely to counter the more than 1,000 rockets fired by militants at Israel.
Child rescued from debris following Ukraine airstrike on residential building 16 Jul 2014 Amid scenes of destruction and death caused by Ukrainian airstrike on residential buildings in the city of Snezhnoe in the breakaway Donetsk People's Republic, a 7-year-old child has been miraculously saved from beneath a multi-ton pile of debris...Unfortunately, other victims of the air strike were not so lucky. So far 11 have died and 8 more are wounded.
Emails shed new light on UK link to CIA 'torture flights' 14 Jul 2014 Crucial logs revealing flights to a British overseas territory when it was allegedly used as a secret US prison are in the possession of the police, the Observer has learned. The revelation has raised concerns about why, despite repeated demands, details of the flights have not been shared with lawyers and MPs, who for years have been investigating the role played by Diego Garcia, an atoll in the Indian ocean, in the CIA's extraordinary rendition programme. A Whitehall official was photographed last week carrying documents marked "sensitive" confirming that the logs recording details of planes landing and taking off at the atoll have been handed to detectives.
GCHQ tribunal hears civil liberties legal challenge --Case centers on Tempora mass surveillance operation, the existence of which UK authorities have neither confirmed nor denied 14 Jul 2014 Civil liberties groups are making a legal challenge against the alleged use of mass surveillance by UK intelligence services. The tribunal follows revelations about UK and US surveillance practices by former US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden. The groups involved intend to challenge the legality of alleged "interception, collection and use of communications" by GCHQ.
NSA: Releasing Snowden Emails Would Violate His Privacy [Insert eye-roll *here.*] 14 Jul 2014 The National Security Agency says it can't release emails sent by exiled whistleblower Edward Snowden to NSA officials because doing so would invade his personal privacy. That rationale was one of several given to blogger Matthew Keys, formerly social media editor at Reuters, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request that sought emails sent in the first five months of 2013. Keys published the NSA's response on Thursday.
New alert system gives president special code for emergency messages 14 Jul 2014 The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is looking to overhaul the Emergency Alert System so the president can speak to the country at the flip of a switch in the event of a nationwide emergency. The national Emergency Alert System broadcasts television alert messages to warn people about immediate dangers...The FCC is proposing a national location code that would give the president the ability to broadcast to the entire country with a single message in the event of a nationwide emergency. The proposal will be published in Tuesday'sedition of the Federal Register.
US court partly overturns Guantanamo prisoner's conviction 15 Jul 2014 The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has partially overturned the conviction of a prisoner at the notorious US-run Guantanamo prison. On Monday, the court vacated Ali Hamza al Bahlul's conviction for solicitation of others to commit war crimes and providing material support for terrorism, but upheld his conviction for conspiracy to commit war crimes. The court also ruled that the solicitation charge against Bahlul "is plainly not an offence traditionally triable by military commission," essentially saying that the commission does not have the authority to review such offence.
200 tons of Syrian chemicals arrive in UK for destruction 15 Jul 2014 Some 200 tons of toxic chemicals have been delivered to the UK from Syria after the battle torn country agreed to the destruction of its stockpile last year. Industrial grade chemicals, intended for the production of chemical weapons, are being unloaded from a ship at Marchwood Port in Hampshire before being transported by road to Ellesmere Port in Cheshire for incineration by Veolia Environmental Services. The operation has been overseen by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the United Nations.
Suspect in Benghazi attack found dead 14 Jul 2014 Faraj al-Shibli, who was suspected of involvement in the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, has been found dead, a Libyan source and locals in the town of Marj said. Al-Shibli, whose name is also spelled Chalabi, was last seen being detained by a local militia in Marj two days ago, a Libyan source said. It is unclear what happened to al-Shibli since then, but his body was found Monday in the eastern Libyan town of Marj.
Militia shells Tripoli airport, U.N. pulls staff out of Libya 14 Jul 2014 A militia shelled Tripoli airport, destroying 90 percent of planes parked there, a Libyan government spokesman said, as heavy fighting between armed groups prompted the United Nations to pull its staff out of the North African country. At least 15 people have been killed in clashes in Tripoli and the eastern city of Benghazi sinceSunday, and a Libyan official said several Grad rockets hit the Tripoli International Airport on Monday, damaging the control tower. Government spokesman Ahmed Lamine said 90 percent of the planes parked at the airport were destroyed.
Air Force seeks bids for $550M next generation stealth bomber 14 Jul 2014 The U.S. Air Force's super-secret next generation bomber, which one day could fly unmanned sorties, has moved a step closer to the production line with the Pentagon asking top defense contractors to submit proposals. Not much is known about the Long Range Strike-Bomber project, which has been run as a classified program since 2011. But the bat-winged stealth bombers would likely cost around 550 million each, and the Air Force hopes to contract for as many as 100. That would add up to as much as 55 billion -- for a fleet of fighter planes the likes of which the world has never seen. [But we can't get a bridge repaired or a pothole filled, though, right? Start reading.]
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Returns to Active Duty 14 Jul 2014 Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will work a "desk job" now that he has completed his reintegration process and returned to regular duties as an Army soldier, the Army said Monday. The former Taliban prisoner will be assigned to the headquarters of U.S. Army North at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. Bergdahl has been assigned to the command to do administrative duties commensurate with his rank as a sergeant, Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said.
TEPCO failed to disclose crops over 20KM from Fukushima were contaminated 16 Jul 2014 Fourteen different rice paddies outside of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant evacuation zone were contaminated with radioactive material in August 2013, Japan's agriculture ministry has found. Despite the findings -- which blamed the removal of a large piece of debris from the Fukushima No. 3 reactor building for the contamination -- Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) is moving ahead with plans to remove more highly radioactive debris from the No. 1 reactor building later this month...In addition to the fourteen paddies contaminated beyond the Fukushima evacuation zone, five sites within the zone were also contaminated.
Protesters want tortured polar bear Arturo moved from Argentina 14 Jul 2014 Arturo is a very sad polar bear, according to animal rights campaigners. For months, the Mendoza Zoo outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been criticized for keeping Arturo in [scorching] hot, cramped conditions, reports The Winnipeg SunOnline protesters are calling for Arturo's transfer, including petition [Sign now, please!] that has nearly 40,000 signatures. The conservancy offers a natural habitat for polar bears and "a better life is awaiting him," according to the petition.
Too hot: Yellowstone road melts, turns into 'soupy mess' 11 Jul 2014 Underground heat from the park's super volcano combined with the warm summer sun have melted a section of a road in Yellowstone National Park, forcing its temporary closure. The 3.3-mile-long Firehole Lake Drive is closed because the road has turned into a soupy mess, said park spokesman Dan Hottle. Yellowstone spans portions of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.
Some 2,500 earthquakes in Oklahoma linked to fracking 08 Jul 2014 The last five years have seen Oklahoma experience more than 2,500 earthquakes - the vast majority of which are being connected to the oil and gas exploration process of fracking. Although past studies have also suggested Oklahoma's earthquake spike is related to fracking, this is the first time scientists have pinned such numbers to the controversial procedure. Notably, they found that fracking could also be responsible for earthquakes occurring nearly 20 miles away from drilling and waste deposit sites.
Protesters offer Paulsboro tap water to Gov. Chris Christie 14 Jul 2014 Minutes before Gov. Chris Christie's entourage drove into the Port of Paulsboro, two women and their children -- who had planned to offer the governor some of the borough's water -- were escorted off the property. Aliyiah Jones and Lovis Watts, along with their adolescent children, showed up at the press event to protest the condition of the town's air and water, which they say is unsafe to breathe or drink. Jones, a Jefferson Street resident, said she moved to Paulsboro when she heard about the promising job prospects at the Marine Terminal, but a 2012 train derailment -- which spilled thousands of pounds of a dangerous chemical into the air -- and the recent information regarding PFNA (Perfluorononanoic acid) contamination in the borough's water have left her distraught and without somewhere to turn for help.
Assemblyman wants to keep other states' red light cameras from ticketing N.J. drivers 15 Jul 2014 Come December, drivers in New Jersey may no longer have to worry about getting caught on camera running a red light. And if one state lawmaker has his way, New Jersey drivers won't have to worry about [corpora-terrorists'] red light cameras in other states either. With New Jersey's red light camera program set to expire in December, Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon (R-Monmouth) last week introduced a bill (A3527) that would block the state Motor Vehicle Commission from sharing drivers' license plate information with "another state or an interstate motor vehicle information network for the purpose of imposing or collecting a fine" from an alleged red light or speed camera violation.
1 wounded in Las Vegas shopping mall shooting --Two suspects may have fled 15 Jul 2014 Police are looking for a gunman after one person was shot in the shoulder at a Las Vegas mall. Lt. Mark Reddon told the Las Vegas Review-Journal the Tuesday evening shooting stemmed from a fight at the food court in the Fashion Show Mall, which is known for its high-end stores. Police say the victim ran down the escalator and onto Las Vegas Boulevard, and two suspects may have fled in a blue Dodge.
Journalist Jose Vargas, symbol of immigration debate, detained at airport15 Jul 2014 Updated: Jose Antonio Vargas trumpeted that he was an undocumented immigrant for years. But authorities never apprehended him. Until now. On Tuesday, U.S. Border Patrol agents detained the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist-turned-activist in McAllen, Texas, after he told them he was in the country illegally, officials said. He was released on his own recognizance with a notice to appear before an immigration judge, the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.
Progressives turn from Obama to embrace Warren 14 Jul 2014 Populist Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) got a rock-star reception during a standing-room-only campaign rally here Monday, as hundreds of liberal activists cheered her broadsides against corporate interests and voiced hopes that her presence might shift the political winds in an increasingly Republican state. The rally on behalf of Senate candidate Natalie Tennant was the latest in a string of recent Warren appearances in red and blue states alike, where Democratic base voters have embraced her fiery message as an envoy to working-class voters frustrated with both Wall Street and the Obama administration.
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