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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fwd: 01 September,2011 Bharat Mukti Morcha Maha Rally At Ram Lila Maidan,Delhi

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From: vijay Singh <>
Date: Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 8:50 PM
Subject: 01 September,2011 Bharat Mukti Morcha Maha Rally At Ram Lila Maidan,Delhi

Central Office: 5709/80, Raigarhpura, Karolbagh, New Delhi-110 005. 09999928834, 09415305602
Protest Rallies on 21st August 2011 in 29 States, 511 Districts, 3500
Tehsils against the Betrayal of Caste Based Census & OBC Census And
Venue: Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi.
Unanimous decision for Caste based census in
Parliament: Unanimous decision took place in parliament on
6th and 7th May 2010 in favour of caste based census
enumeration. Even in Lok-Sabha, all parties decided that
enumeration of 9th February 2011 will be done according to caste
based census.
Betrayal of unanimous decision: When Government started
actual Enumeration on 9th Feb 2011, they did not do it on caste
based census. By doing this, Government overturned unanimous
decision of parliament and betrayed the people of India. This is a
very serious issue.
Promise from Government about enumeration to start
from 1st June 2011: Due to pressure from people, central
government had promised that caste based census enumeration
will start on 1st June 2011. For this, in the month of May, central
government took decision in cabinet & declared that they will do
caste based census enumeration from 1st June 2011. But when
we collected information throughout the country & from district
places, we didn't get information from any state about any
enumeration in progress from 1st June 2011. Even Print media
like paper media, didn't publish any news about start of
enumeration which was supposed to start by 1st June 2011.
Again, it has been proved that the Central Government doesn't
have any intention to collect caste based census enumeration. 
Conspiracy of Central Government: After the unanimous
decision taken in Lok-Sabha on 6th & 7th May 2010, Pranab
Mukherji declared to carry out caste based census enumeration
through biometric based census data collection. This is a big
conspiracy from Central Government. In Biometric based   census
enumeration, enumeration of children up to age of 14  years
will not be done. Because of this, we can't say that   Biometric
based census enumeration is exact census  enumeration. On this
subject, there was a big issue in Parliament because of which
central government had to withdraw this decision. Later, it was
declared that from 9th February 2011 caste based census will be
done but even this did not happen. Next time, caste based census
may happen but will be done by NREGA workers in which they
will not use Paper, Pencil & Pen. This will lead to complete
absence of any official records to verify facts and figures. This will
not be done as per Census Act, Article 48, & hence it will collect
facts & figures only about poverty and not the details of social,
economic & educational data of all castes. This is what we can
understand from recent Central Government declaration. This
proves that Central Government has decided to sabotage caste
based census enumeration. It is therefore against this
betrayal of Caste Based Census & OBC Census
Enumeration, protest rallies are organized on 21st
August 2011 in 29 States, 511 Districts and 3500 Tehsils
throughout the country.  Also, a Nationwide Mass rally
is organized on 1st September 2011 in Ramlila Maidan,
New Delhi. 
We request all to make it a grand success by supporting it wholeheartedly with their time, talent and treasure!!!
Inaugurator :  HON'BLE H. D. DEVE GOWDA (Ex Prime Minister)
Chief Guest :  Hon'ble Sharad Yadav (National President, Janata Dal United)
Special Guest        :  Hon'ble Ram Vilas Paswan (MP and National President, Lok Janshakti Party)
Hon'ble Ranendra P. Swain (Ex Cabinet Minister, Orissa)
Hon'ble Captain Jai Narayan Prasad Nishad (MP, Bihar)
Hon'ble Jaynarayan Chokase (National President, Haiha Kalchuri-KALAR Samaj, M.P.)
Hon'ble Hukam Singh Deshrajan Lodhi (National G.S., Bharatiya Lodhi Mahasabha)
Hon'ble Indraj Singh Saini (National President, Bharatiya Saini Seva Samaj, New Delhi
Hon'ble Akhilesh Katiyar (Working President, Shoshit Samaj Dal)
Hon'ble Shivanad Meghwadl (Social Activist, Rajasthan)
Hon'ble V. G. R. Naragoni (Sate President B.C.I.S.S. Andra Pradesh)
printed @ chhatrapati printers ph - 02026812932
Nationwide Mass Rally on Date: 1st September 2011, Morning 11.oo A.M.
*  Yours *
Sunil Borase 
(National Secretary, Management, BMM)  Mobile: 09425012851
Adv. Johar Singh Kshayap 
(National Secretary, Org., BMM)  Mobile: 09415305602
Allauddin Makandar 
(Member, National Co-Ordination Committee, BMM) Mobile: 09730484931

Palash Biswas
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