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Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Arctic Scientist Who Exposed Climate Threat To Polar Bear Is Suspended
 By Suzanne Goldenberg

US government conducts 'integrity inquiry' on federal biologist amid lobbying by oil firms for Arctic permits

Where Have The Birds Gone?
 By Ananda Banerjee

The disappearance of commons and wetlands affects immediately the number of bird species recorded in a region. Delhi boasts a checklist of 500 species of birds, the second highest in the world in a city (after Nairobi), but in recent years, even during peak birding season, birders record a maximum of 271 species—the number was recorded during a bird count in March 2005—a whopping nearly 50% decline. It's the same story in other cities

Raising Children In Changing Times
 By Dianne Monroe

We have received a tremendous gift – to be alive at the edge of these changing times. It's not an easy gift, if we look open-eyed into possible futures. Yet within this gift lies the tremendous opportunity (and yes, responsibility) of crafting tools to place in the hands of those who come after, to enable them to shape the world in which they live through their own vision

Arguing Libya
 By William Blum

This time there were about 100 taking part in the protest. I don't know if any were Libyans, but there was a new element — almost half of the protesters were black, marching with signs saying: "Stop Bombing Africa"

Peter King Continues Anti-Muslims Witch Hunt
 By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Republican Rep. Peter King continued his anti-Muslim witch hunt Wednesday with his congressional hearing on the so-called "radicalization" of American Muslims. This time the focus of his hearing was the Somali community

Women Empowerment In India :
 A Case of Political Reservations
 By Dr.K.Vidyasagar Reddy

Access to education and employment are only the enabling factors to their political empowerment. Perhaps, political empowerment would contribute to their overall empowerment. To do so would require us legislate over the issue that has been kept in abeyance for so long, lest half of our society would retaliate and teach us a lesson!

Hindutva And Dalits—Perspectives For
 Understanding Communal Praxis
 Book Review By Yoginder Sikand

Review of Anand Teltumbde's book

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