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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fwd: Rupert Murdoch is in the Dock for Massive Violation of Privacy

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From: Ashok T. Jaisinghani <>
Date: Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 4:01 PM
Subject: Rupert Murdoch is in the Dock for Massive Violation of Privacy

Rupert Murdoch is in the Dock
 For Massive Violation of Privacy
    Why is money paid regularly to the cops by many newspaper establishments and other media owners? Obviously, there is a nexus between the cops and the criminals who are running some of the news media and TV channels.  
    What is so novel or surprising about the unethical functioning of Rupert Murdoch's NEWS OF THE WORLD, the largest newspaper of England that has now closed down?
Many organizations, which publish the big newspapers of the world, are operated like big business establishments. Like the other big newspapers, Rupert Murdoch's NEWS OF THE WORLD too had spies, email and phone hackers, liars, cheats, pimps, hookers, drug addicts, smugglers, gangsters, black-mailers, character assassins, other types of criminals and bribe-givers among its employees, associates and advisers. 
    Should we not try to understand what are the implications of Paid News that is published in many newspapers, including the top ones, all over the world?
   Murderer of Privacy and Truth
        Let the tick tock, tick tock of your alarm clock,
        Warn you about fellows like Rupert Murdoch;
        Their spies can very easily hack your phones,
        Installed in your office as well as in your home.
        Rupert's staff has many prostitutes and also pimps,
        Who can spy on others by offering drugs and drinks;
        They hack emails and phones of the Smiths and Jones,
        And also Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's royal homes!
        When the Murderer of Truth was on the rampage,
        All of Britain read his newspapers full of garbage;
        When Rupert Murdoch put for David his Camera On,
        Prime Minister Gordon Brown was as good as gone.
        With lies, he painted black the color of Gordon Brown,        
And Murdoch made the fellow look like a big clown; 
Did he not make Labour Party Government go down?
        Now it is the Murdoch, on whom British people frown.
        In the British elections, Gordon Brown got sacked;  
        As Murdoch had got Britain's Democracy hijacked,
        By using cops to get phones of top leaders hacked;
        Now he is terrified of getting his bottoms spanked.
        As Murdoch has become the world's biggest clown,
        He must cover his face when he visits any British town;
        The humble fellow often hides behind Rebekah's gown,
        As Murdoch does not wish his media empire to drown.
        He made the Gordon Brown Government crumble,
        But Murdoch still claims that he is so very humble;
        Now why does the fellow have so much to grumble?
        He does not really know how to get out of this jumble.
        The whole of Great Britain, Murdoch did rock;
        Now the Murderer of Privacy is in the dock,
        Whom all the people of Great Britain shall mock;
        Will we see him wearing Rebekah Brooks' frock?
        He strutted around the world very proud;
        Murdoch had talked very clear and loud;
        Now he is terrified of being under a cloud,
        So he moves around with his head bowed.
        Should any fellows hack phones of Rupert Murdoch?
        Should some persons spy on him round the clock,
        To find out what he does for his shriveled old cock?
        Does he take high doses of sex stimulants non-stop?
      Did Murdoch help in Rigging Elections in India?
    It is well known that some news media groups of India had even bought international titles for the Indian beauty queens in the past. In India, some of the top media groups help in rigging and fixing beauty pageants, film and literary awards, share prices, and even the elections results.
    The newspapers of India too can easily resort to hacking, character assassinations and blackmail, so that they can resort to extortion by forcing the blackmailed people and organizations to pay huge amounts for advertisements and favorable news. There are many other implications of Paid News published in many Indian newspapers, which include the top ones.
    Rupert Murdoch has proved very clearly that many political leaders of the so-called democratic countries belong to gangs of big thugs who have been using the media, which are controlled by the crooked fellows like him, to defeat their rivals in the parliamentary elections. The crooked and corrupt politicians can spend massive amounts of money to get highly favorable publicity through the Paid News. Unlike the crooked and corrupt politicians, most of the honest politicians are in no position to win the elections because they do not have sufficient funds, which they can spend lavishly for getting favorable publicity through the Paid News. 
    The elections are won by the corrupt politicians through fraud with the help of crooks like Rupert Murdoch's media gangs who use twisted truths and outright lies as the news and propaganda. The corrupt politicians pay massive amounts of money to the media gangs for the dissemination of distorted news and false propaganda in their favor.
    How many political thugs has Rupert Murdoch helped in India to win the elections in the past with the use of lies and propaganda on his Star TV channels? Like the other TV channels, Star TV channels too could have helped many politicians to win the elections through their Paid News, which were based on the lies and bogus propaganda of such corrupt politicians against their rivals.
    Should we believe Rupert Murdoch when he claims to be so very humble and completely ignorant about the hacking, spying, character assassinations and blackmail committed by his employees? Is he also ignorant about the huge amounts received by his newspapers and TV channels through the Paid News and forced advertisements?
    If Rupert Murdoch is such an ignorant and humble fellow, how does he know to count the billions of dollars, which he has earned by using his hackers, spies, pimps, prostitutes, political thugs and other criminals? How did such an ignorant and humble fellow become one of the richest and most powerful persons in the world, who could even cause changes in the regimes of some countries?
   Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.
     Editor & Publisher:    Top Nutritionist  

Palash Biswas
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