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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fwd: [bangla-vision] Norway: White-Christian Terrorism By Yamin Zakaria... Hindu Terror in Norway [1 Attachment]

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Subject: [bangla-vision] Norway: White-Christian Terrorism By Yamin Zakaria... Hindu Terror in Norway [1 Attachment]

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

White-Christian Terrorism

Yamin Zakaria ( - London, UK Published on 26/07/2011





"I am waiting for all Christians now to stand up and apologise for this terrorist atrocity and to set up a Prevent scheme to hunt down any Christians who show signs of radicalisation. We need universities, lecturers, doctors and police on board to stop and search all white people, especially those wearing crucifixes" - Yvonne Ridley



First it was the greedy bankers causing the financial crisis, then the slimy politicians exposed with the expenses scandal, and now it's the turn of the media and the police; the revelation of corruption in the British media (hack-gate), and its incestuous relationship with the politicians and the police have shocked many. It seems like a terrible month, the economic debt crisis is spreading like a virus on both sides of the Atlantic, coupled with the Christian terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, running wild in Norway killing indiscriminately. Are these small signs of a greater divine punishment to come?


In a secular age, religious prophecy has no relevance. Even credible political analysis is dismissed as conspiracy theory or left-wing propaganda, unless it emanates from the mainstream journalists and commentators, then it forms part of the mental psyche of a nation. When it comes to such experts it does not have to be credible and no evidence is required, paradoxically in this age of science and reason, people seem to have blind faith in them. For example, the initial media speculation that the terrorism in Norwaywas the work of Muslims went unchallenged; there was no subsequent apology given for slurring the Muslims, very similar to the events of the Oklahoma bombings. The Media has a nasty lizard like tongue, the recent exposure have shown the tip of this. If I were to speculate like the media, I could say the Divine is at work, exposing the real crooks, and passing a message: look in the mirror before you demonise others or succinctly expressed in the Biblical statement "let those without sin cast the first stone".



Let's apply this type of wild speculation that emanates from certain nasty politicians that like to appeal to the fear of the majority white population, you find plenty in the Conservative and the Labour camp; take Jack Straw as an example with his comments about Pakistani men hunting for white flesh.  And using his line of arguments, there is a problem with home-grown terrorism of the far right, the white Christian community. The infamous Oklahoma bombing by Timothy McVeigh, the killing in Dunblane, the killing in Port Arthur inAustralia, the frequent shootings on the college campuses, the mindless serial killers, now the tragic events in Norwayconfirm the problem with Christian Terrorism amongst certain sections of the white European and Western community.


Talking about terrorism, the media labelled the act in Norwayas a product of a mad man, but clearly the culprit gives ample justification making his political motivations clear. It is generally accepted that terrorism is a violent act that is politically motivated; therefore, the act in Norway was one of terrorism. And the Media's failure to apply the same standard shows blatant hypocrisy that is compounded with racism. It is easier to label and demonise Muslims as terrorists who are foreign and often with a different skin colour. Listening to the radio, the presenter asked: people don't seem to have a problem in this country living next to an Irish family despite the fact that Irish terrorism has exceeded the terrorism of Muslims. Why is that? Why is there a double standard? Well it partly shows a feeling of racial hatred as Muslims tend to be foreigners, and partly the fruits of media propaganda that has made the terrorism exclusive to Muslims, which is as valid as Iraq's WMDs! 


Eventually, the motivation of Anders Behring Breivik surfaced; he was saving Norway and Europe from the Muslim threat, this was supported by some callers to the radio station, which can be summed up as: they are breeding too fast, they are of different colour, they threaten our way of life, even though they are law abiding citizens living peacefully, not forcing anyone to change their way of life. If breeding is the problem, one can always propose castrating the Muslims. This sort of primitive thinking was deployed by Hitler against ethnic minorities in Germany, and we thoughtEurope and the West had eliminated this disease.


How do we protect ourselves from similar threats in the future is the pertinent question. The Norwegian terrorist has already admitted his link to the far right movement of the EDL (English Defence League), which in turn is linked to the BNP (British National Party). He also stated that there are more sleeper cells like him. Therefore, one should ban the potential, EDL and BNP terrorists; and as a pre-emptive measure some of the extreme members should be incarcerated in Belmarsh Prison under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, or better, send them to Guantanamo Bay, where water-boarding might prove to be useful for saving innocent British lives!





Anders Breivik: Hindu Terror in Norway



Norway Hindu Anders Breivik linked to Indian Hinduvata parties like RSS 

Anders Breivik was a Hindu. He was deeply impressed by Hinduism and pre-occupied by Hindu thoughts and actions. Breivik admits he wrote several emails and also used Facebook to reach out to people in India. He sent his manifesto to the addresses he farmed ahead of the massacre.

Breivik and his Templars hope that India, Russia, the Philippines, China and Thailand are countries where his successors will fight Islam. He uses the work of HIndu bigots like K.S. Lal and Shrinandan Vyas to point to the threat posed by Muslims to Europe. His organization is "assisting Indian nationalist forces to drive out Islam from Indian territory."

Predicting a massive loss of lives he has a plan "European tombstone carver, preferably specialised in traditional tombstone architecture, is likely to charge more than 5000-10000 Euro in order to create the stone," Anders Breivik along with the Hinduvata would therefore implement a plan where "producers in low-cost countries should be contacted for the task of creating one or multiple stones in the future."

He supported "sanatana dharma movements and Indian nationalists in general". Breivik provides the BJP, RSS and ABVP websites as references for more information. He wanted to change of the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, because they were named after the Hindus who "were massacred" there. More "Catholic than the Pope" Breivik extolls mModern India which he says has "white washed this Hindu genocide", which he likens to "Auschwitz." Hindus, Breivik says, have been victims of the greatest historical "genocide" by waves of Islamic jihad.

The Templar organization's manifesto calls for a "multi-cultural force medal," where "military cooperation with nationalist Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and/or atheist forces (non-European) on Hindu, Buddhist or Jewish territory. These efforts must be directed against Jihadi or cultural Marxist forces, personnel or interests."

The Moderate Voice discusses those who are to blame for the massacre in Norway. "Anders Behring Breivik hailed India's Hindu nationalist movement as a key ally in a global struggle to bring down democratic regimes across the world. The present ruling United Progressive Alliance government, he goes on, 'relies on appeasing Muslims and, very sadly, proselytising Christian missionaries who illegally convert low caste Hindus with lies and fear, alongside Communists who want total destruction of the Hindu faith and culture."

The Hindu writes abut Breivik–Even though Hindus who are living abroad "get an eagle's view of what's happening in India, Indian Hindu residents don't see it being in the scene." Breivik's manifesto applauds Hindu groups who "do not tolerate the current injustice and often riot and attack Muslims when things get out of control," but says, "this behaviour is nonetheless counterproductive." "Instead of attacking the Muslims, they should target the category A and B traitors in India and consolidate military cells and actively seek the overthrow of the cultural Marxist government.""It is essential that the European and Indian resistance movements learn from each other and cooperate as much as possible," he concludes. "Our goals are more or less identical."

According to press reports reaching here, the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik was apart and parcel of the Bharati Hinduvata and the RSS. His ringing endorsement of Hindutva and Hindu nationalists has left Norway's police struggling to find the missing links in Bharat. THe, BJP doesn't deny the links–its MP B P Singhal was bold enough to say that the killer's ideas were not wrong but his methods were.

The Indian Nationalists are running for cover. They are denying the indefensible. Ram Madhav, senior RSS leader, said: " His entire so-called manifesto quotes conservative writers from both sides of the Atlantic. Ideological similarities have been drawn from all over, so to say suddenly that it is linked to Indian nationalists or Hindutva is simply motivated propaganda."

As much as the RSS denies it, the die is cast. They are part and parcel of the scheme. Ram Madhav of RSS tried to deny the limk calling it "motivated propaganda." The VHP's Vinod Bansal insisted that Anders Breivik manifesto, in which he has praised Hindu nationalists, "made no sense".

The themes running through Breivik's tortured manifesto are– he attacks Islam and the "appeasement" of Muslims by everybody from western countries to countries like India. He also criticizes the Marxist intellectuals, who, he says, dominate western thought and stifle free societies.In his 1,500-page manifesto titled "2083: A European Declaration of Independence", Breivik discusses Hindutva elements as friends and allies and urges the mahasabah to fight shoulder to shoulder with his knights. There is nothing new in this. Mohandas Gandhi eulogized HItler and wrote letters to his freind. Narendra Modi paid tributes to Hitler and text books in Gujarat extolled him. Breivik and the Hindu Mahasabh mission is the same. Why would they not cooperate. Breivik spends 100 pages of his manifesto to India. Their joint mission "To stem the spread of Islam in Europe". .

Breivik quotes an NCERT directive of 1982 to say he is outraged that it stipulates, "characterization of the medieval period as a time of conflict between Hindus andMoslems is forbidden".

The VHP's Vinod Bansal takes this opportunity to take a stab at Sonia Gandhi's Christian background. "Most of what he has to say makes no sense, except the bit about appeasing Muslims is right. Basically, the UPA government under Sonia Gandhi has been indulging in it and also framing policies in such a way that the whole country is converted to Christianity."

He quotes right-wing historian KS Lal to argue his point. The most important part of this document is his cherry-picking of history and religion to come to some terribly distorted conclusions. His manifesto calls for the creation of a "servant class," made up of non-Muslim individuals from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. "During their stay," the Anders envisages, "they will work 12 hours a day for the duration of their contracts (6 or 12 months) and are then flown back to their homelands." "These individuals," it goes on, "will live in segregated communities in pre-defined areas of each major city."

Anders Breivik's Hindusim has not been reported by major news papers. One only has to read the manifesto to see it in there. Breivik lists the websites of the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), the NVO (National Volunteers' Organisation), the ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) and the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) as resources for further information about his bigotry and racism.

Anders Breivik's ideas about Pakistan were formed by reading Hina Jilani and Dawn columnist Irfan Hussain. Both of them blood on their hands.


Outrage in Italy as MEP gives backing to killer's manifesto

The Irish Times - Thursday, July 28, 2011


Mario Borghezio: said some of Breivik's ideas are "very good"


POLITICAL CONTROVERSY: ITALIAN CENTRE-RIGHT government partner the Northern League came under huge pressure last night to expel its MEP, Mario Borghezio, in the wake of a radio interview in which the senior League figure expressed approval of the "ideas" of the Norwegian mass killer, Anders Behring Breivik.

Speaking to Il Sole 24 radio station, Mr Borghezio said: "Leaving aside the violence, some of the ideas he expressed are good, some of them indeed are very good . . . such as his opposition to Islam and his explicit accusation that Europe has surrendered before putting up a fight against its Islamicisation".

Mr Borghezio's comments met with immediate, widespread condemnation. Green Party leader Angelo Bonelli promised that his party would report Mr Borghezio to the police "for instigation of racial hatred", adding: "The statements by the League's Euro MP are very serious and they represent an offence to both Norway and the whole of Europe. The European Parliament should censure him immediately."

Gay rights campaigner Paola Concia of the Democratic Party (PD) said that "in a civilised country" Mr Borghezio's own party would call for his resignation. While the Northern League has stopped some way short of calling for that resignation, Northern League cabinet minister Roberto Calderoli did say: "I issue an official apology to Norway and above all to the relatives of the victims for the outrageous and unacceptable reflections expressed in a personal capacity by the honourable Mr Borghezio."

Undeterred either by his party colleague's criticism or by a web campaign calling for him to be arrested, Mr Borghezio yesterday stood by his comments, dismissing Mr Calderoli's criticism: "You have to have balls to take up certain positions".

Furthermore, the Northern League party whip in the European parliament, Francesco Speroni, endorsed his colleague's comments, saying: "I'm with Borghezio on this; I don't think he has to resign, the things he said have been manipulated. Breivik's ideas represent a defence of western civilisation."

The outspoken views of the two Northern League figures are a fair reflection of the party's fundamentally racist and xenophobic views. For example, earlier this year when the boat people invasion of the Sicilian island of Lampedusa was at its height, Northern League leader Umberto Bossi offered this response to the migrant crisis prompted by the Arab Spring, saying: "Immigrants? Foeura de ball [Go away and piss off]".

Mr Borghezio is not new to polemics such as these. Stopped by police near the Italian-French border in July 1976, he was found to be in possession of extreme right-wing literature, including swastikas and "Long Live Hitler" posters. More recently he was one of 150 people stopped by police at a banned "Stop the Islamicisation of Europe" protest in Brussels.






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