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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fwd: CC News Letter, 28 July - The UID Aadhaar Project: A Threat Indian Constitution‎

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Subject: CC News Letter, 28 July - The UID Aadhaar Project: A Threat Indian Constitution‎

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 The UID Aadhaar Project Will Make
 Constitution Of India
 A Dead Document
 By S.G.Vombatkere

The Aadhaar project is an unconscionably expensive, unaccountable and virtually secret program that can hold the key to a total-surveillance-State, making the Constitution of India a dead document. From system design and security considerations, the Aadhaar scheme deserves to be blocked with immediate effect and reviewed from scratch in the national best interest

Arab Awakening And Western Media:
 Time For A New Revolutionary Discourse
 By Ramzy Baroud

Arab revolutions are attempting to examine larger issues that have tremendous impact on all aspects of life. Western media and intellectuals, however, continue to seek only easy answers to intricate, multifaceted questions. In doing so, they follow the path of the same superficial, stereotypical and predictable discourse

Tragedy In Oslo : Islam Has
 Nothing To Do With Terrorism
 By Ghali Hassan

The recent act of terrorism in Norway that killed many innocent civilians has been twisted and used as an opportunity by the capitalist media and politicians to demonise Islam and Muslims, to justify ongoing Western terrorism. The aim is to enforce a distorted view that Islam is associated with terrorism

Rapes In Kashmir
 By Abdul Majid Zargar

It is unfortunate that trouble should rock Kashmir shortly before the Pakistan and Indian foreign ministers meet in New Delhi after an agonizing one-year wait. Once again, Indian army personnel have allegedly dishonored a Kashmiri woman, leading to anti-India demonstrations by thousands of people, mostly youth, in the Manzagam village on Friday. And while the protests are in progress, there comes another molestation attempt by an Indian Soldier in Hyderbeg area of Pattan in North Kashmir

The Hina Factor: Pakistan's Wicked Ploy
 By Farzana Versey

This is Asif Ali Zardari's shrewdest move. Sending Hina Rabbani Khar on what amounts to be the equivalent of cricket diplomacy. This is not meant to be a sexist comment. She pretty much sailed through the India test by fire even as Pakistani intellectuals and the media have been rubbishing her ever since she was appointed to the post

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