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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fwd: Weekly Updates - UTV’s unusual rise, King of hard times, Market directionless, and many more

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Date: Sat, Jul 30, 2011 at 3:15 PM
Subject: Weekly Updates - UTV's unusual rise, King of hard times, Market directionless, and many more

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UTV sees unusual rise, much before Walt Disney's takeover offer
The stock has been rallying by 126% since February 2011, six months before the US entertainment giant announced its plan to buy out the Indian company and subsequently delist it, but the market watchdog has been looking elsewhere...

*King of hard times: What Kingfisher Airlines owes multiplies, as do its woes
*Speak Asia COO Tarak Bajpai, three others detained by EOW
*Moneylife stand on SEBI-NSDL vindicated
*SEBI plans to introduce transaction fee on MFs to incentivise agents, but will this move help in health anyone
*Regulation: SEBI chief's agenda
*RBI raises rates by 50 bps; revises WPI inflation outlook upwards to 7%

*Chain game

Special series: Public Health Foundation of India
Will PHFI be any different under Narayana Murthy?
After Rajat Gupta's exit, the Public Health Foundation of India has a new chairman. This 'public-private partnership,' however, has been a sneaky and unaccountable organisation that has a lot to answer. This, the first part of a four-part series, discusses questions on the formation, functioning and accountability of PHFI...
*Will PHFI become transparent and accountable under Narayana Murthy?
*Mr Narayana Murthy, PHFI reply to questions about the authority and functioning of the organisation
*PHFI's reply gives hope, not confidence

In focus: Drafting the microfinance bill
Local level supervision is critical to ensure consumer protection in microfinance
Self-regulation in the microfinance business has not worked for various reasons. Most importantly, it involves the distribution of small sums, almost totally in cash, to people who are vulnerable, and in areas so widely spread out that it is quite impossible to ensure fairness on a day-to-day basis...
*Governance of MFIs: Time to implement 'connected lending' provisions of RBI circular of 2007
*Who is an independent director? Who should be treated as an independent director in NBFC MFIs?

Markets / Regulations
Fortnightly Market Report: Follow the price?
There are too many conflicting scenarios and we know little about them—or beyond. In this situation, the two things we need to look at are: price trend and valuation...

*Bulls flatter to deceive; fail to hold Nifty above trendline resistance on weeklies
*Weekly Market Report: Market directionless

Investing (Stocks / Mutual Funds / Investor Interest)
India Infoline's fund scheme focuses on dividend yield—a dated and flawed concept
High dividend yields are not really indicative of anything. Yield and book value of share as measures of under- and over-valuation of shares are a throwback to the '60s and '70s that don't have much relevance anymore...

*Now, you can invest in a Systematic Investment Plan for your shares
*IDBI Mutual Fund is the latest to launch gold ETF; but gold cannot rise forever
*Taurus plans to launch Taurus Banking & Financial Services Fund
*Mid-cap funds: Middle ground
*ICICI Securities says right time to accumulate equities; believes market will be higher by year end
*Indians turning towards gold, silver and crude as alternatives to equities

Companies & Sectors
Hinduja Ashok Leyland introduces the user-friendly Dost in a low-key launch
The small, full-forward mini-pickup has become the visible face of the new Indian auto evolution—just like what the Maruti 800 and Omni vans managed about 20-30 years ago...

*'Affordable housing is not possible in Mumbai or Delhi'


Personal Finance (Banking / Insurance)

Inflation & interest rates: A double whammy
Inflation is eroding investments and the central bank's monetary policy regime is preventing money from flowing into avenues of growth...

*Bank FDs and corporate bonds: High interest
*Regulation: 'Maruti' agencies create trouble
*Mediclaim: Chola 'Healthline' offers add-ons
*Inflation, high-price credit, and how your EPFO may end up footing the bill
*Employees' Provident Fund: Online track

Life (public interest / health / education / advertising)
The Noida Extension—there are a number of issues involved: multiple sale of apartments, the broker-builder nexus and legal complications
The Noida Extension issue will eventually get resolved, but a large number of people will get burnt in the bargain, as always this will be the upwardly aspiring middle class. Be extremely careful while putting your life's earnings on the line for real estate...
*F1: Will India be taken for a ride?
*President Pratibha Patil declares assets of Rs 2.5 crore on official website
*WHO urges ban on "unreliable" blood tests for TB
*MakeMyTrip fined by Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum for providing deficient service
*Careers: We don't need no education
*People's health campaigners urge Maharashtra to adopt TN model for medicines procurement
*Of cabbages and kings … and Kalmadi
*Stop UID number scheme immediately, activists urge PM
*There's a new twist in the story in the Nigerian scam emails; but don't get sucked in
*Children Toy Foundation helps to spread joy—and teaches children, through fun & games
*Making merry with surrogates

Seoul: Traditions and megacity

The capital of South Korea is a perfect example of the harmony between the past and the future...


The Warren Buffetts Next Door

Stumbling on Happiness

The Little Book of Alternative Investments

Despite efforts to bring about uniformity in accounting globally, financial information remains inconsistent
William Gamble
Water purifiers ineffective in preventing waterborne diseases, revealed through RTI
Vinita Deshmukh
ASCI: Good intent, strange delivery
Anil Thakraney
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