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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Real WALL Real Bharat Ratna RAHUL DRAVID Hits TON aginst quality SWING Attack once again! He is NOT a Marketing ICON BRAND!

Real WALL Real Bharat Ratna RAHUL DRAVID Hits TON aginst quality SWING Attack once again! He is NOT a Marketing ICON BRAND!

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Comment From Rohan M  
When was the last time an Indian opener scored a century?
Comment From Alfa-Romeo  
Mr. Dependent
Comment From Vivek  
cricinfo can copy and paste today's report from the one in headingley 9 years back. Dravid stood like a rock then and stands tall even today. Exemplary professional
Comment From King  
30 from 131 113 from 213 balls....true legend....knows his game
Siddarth Ravindran: 
Anyone got better nicknames for Dravid? (Besides the Wall, of course)
Comment From sarang  
@Noni: Dont care if he does not get another six as long as he is geeting those crucial runs beautifully
Siddarth Ravindran: 
Hate to break it to you Scorp, but I don't think that is a name that will catch on.
Comment From Scorp  
Lets name Dravid Continuum transfunction. Meaning, continuously performs across all continents.
Comment From sam  
guys Dravid's strike rate is getting better n better... more than 50 now !
Comment From Aditya Basrur  
As much as its a good innings by Dravid, I think Yuvraj's knock has been even more fabulous. His counterattack was brilliant and gave Dravid confidence too.
Siddarth Ravindran: 
If Gambhir is fit for the next Test (and Sehwag isn't), is this the end for Abhinav Mukund? GG and Dravid opening, with Raina and Yuvraj in the middle order.
Siddarth Ravindran: 
Shame both twins have the same first same as well.
Comment From Siddarth Ravindran  
Sid I am your twin. Publish my comment OR Mom wont be happy with you..
Siddarth Ravindran: 
Btw, Swann kicked the base of the stumps at the end of that over. Then put the bails on himself.
Comment From Noni  
is dravid ever going to get that elusive 20th sixer?
Siddarth Ravindran: 
Second new ball taken, Anderson to bowl. The lead has quickly ballooned to 37.
Comment From Magesh  
Can't believe Dravid scored 14runs in a test ..Phewwww
Comment From Sam  
Has Dravid ever zoomed through the 90s so quickly? Ever??
Siddarth Ravindran: 
14 runs off that Swann over, all to Dravid who has galloped to 113
Siddarth Ravindran: 
Dravid's third century in five Tests, a classic effort this. Doff your hat to the great man. It's century No. 34, equalling another Indian legend, Sunil Gavaskar.
Siddarth Ravindran: 
Meanwhile, Dravid is on 99
Siddarth Ravindran: 
Update: Ánderson returned to the field after the 76th over
Comment From sarang  
If all 3 pacers do well in the second innings, where will we fit Zak for the next test
Siddarth Ravindran: 
Anderson has not been on the field since tea. Not sure what the problem is yet.
Siddarth Ravindran: 
Reading these comments, one would think India have immense depth in the pace department.
Comment From Makku  
When will Ashish Nehra be back after injuries? He would be a handful on these pitches.
Siddarth Ravindran: 
A dismissive swat for four brings up Yuvraj's fifty, a crucial knock this India 233 for 4
Siddarth Ravindran: 
And Agarkar, another old favourite, makes his appearance.
Comment From sathish  
@Sid - Ajit Agarkar would have been very useful in these conditions. No I am not joking.
Siddarth Ravindran: 
He's on 49 now, he's still behind Raina in the pecking order. And wonder where will Pujara fit in once he recovers from his knee injury?
Comment From Manu  
Yuvraj has definitely justified his place today. He can also bowl to help Harbhajan. I think if Gambhir comes back, then Yuvraj should continue. He is in form from World Cup.
Siddarth Ravindran: 
@Manoj Ravi Four overs to the new ball, don't think this double-spin attack will be for too long
Comment From Manoj Ravi  
Strauss must be a great fan of Yuvraj. He is literally handing him runs with this bowling pair
Comment From Magesh  
The WI and Eng series truly marks the return of form for Rahul Dravid
Siddarth Ravindran: 
@Pawas Hah
Comment From Pawas  
Yusuf Pathan's brother deserves a chance in the Indian team
Siddarth Ravindran: 
Dravid guides the ball to third man, as he has so many times today, to take India past England's score.
Comment From Manoj Ravi  
@NK: spot on mate! I don't think any other batting pair in the current cricketing world could have survived yesterday
Siddarth Ravindran: 
That's the obligatory Irfan Pathan message for the day. No more talk about him till stumps
Comment From MAJID  
Irfan pathan should play as an all-rounder for test cricket
Siddarth Ravindran: 
@Varun ,all the best with that
Comment From Varun  
Dravid's patience is inspiring. This year I am going to pass that exam at any cost!
Siddarth Ravindran: 
@NK, Yes it was. And England bowled brilliantly as well. Broad was unlucky not get a wicket yesterday
Comment From NK  
RD's and VVS yesterday's one hour of play was worth 100s. India could have easily lost 4-5 wickets in that one hour!
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Keep up to date with these results:

-- England 221

India 258/4 (80.6 ov)

India lead by 37 runs with 6 wickets remaining in the 1st innings

Day 2 - Session 3

  • India RR 3.18
  • Last 10 ovs 48/0 RR 4.80
  • Min overs remaining 24.0
Refresh scorecard
Current time: 16:28 local, 15:28 GMT Test career
BatsmenRuns B4s 6sSR This bowlerLast 10 ovs Mat RunsHSAve
*Yuvraj Singh(lhb) 56105 9053.33 9 (20b)15 (35b) 351695 16936.84
Rahul Dravid(rhb) 113213 15053.05 19 (51b)33 (25b) 15512566 27053.24
BowlersOM RW Econ0s 4s6sThis spell MatWktsBBI Ave
*James Anderson(rfm) 22.66 7023.04 111120 1-0-0-0 61228 7/4330.78
Graeme Swann(ob) 12.00 7606.33 36110 4-0-32-0 34142 6/6528.66

Recent overs 1 4 . 1 4 1 | 1 1 1 1 1 . | . 4 2 4 . 4 | . . . . . .

Current partnership 119 runs, 30.3 overs, RR: 3.90 (Dravid 62, Yuvraj Singh 56)

Last Bat SK Raina c Morgan b Anderson 12 (22b 2x4 0x6) SR: 54.54

Fall of wicket: 139/4 (50.3 ov); Partnership: 20 runs, 6.3 overs, RR: 3.07 (Dravid 7, Raina 12)

Umpire reviews remaining India 2 (0 successful, 0 unsuccessful); England 0 (0 successful, 2 unsuccessful)

No wonder Swann was frustrated. These are his most expensive figures, in terms of run-rate, in Tests.


Anderson to Yuvraj Singh, no run, 134.7 kph, and another leave to finish


Anderson to Yuvraj Singh, no run, 134.9 kph, a snorter! Anderson pulls his length back and extracts serious lift off the pitch, the ball buzzing past Yuvraj's outside edge


Anderson to Yuvraj Singh, no run, 133.5 kph, Anderson aims closer to the off stump, and Yuvraj is half forward to defend


Anderson to Yuvraj Singh, no run, 134.1 kph, tailing away from the left-hander outside off, Yuvraj leaves alone

Well, we've just seen footage of a frustrated Swann kicking the bails off the stumps at the end of the last over. The umpires had a quick word with Strauss after that.


Anderson to Yuvraj Singh, no run, 133.1 kph, Anderson pitches up, searching for swing, and Yuvraj toe-ends a drive into the covers


Anderson to Yuvraj Singh, no run, 136.3 kph, Yuvraj props himself at the crease to defend cautiously into the off side

Asad Rauf has the new ball in his hand, and England will take it straight away. James Anderson will have first use of the new pill. Three slips in place.

End of over 80 (14 runs) India 258/4
R Dravid    113* (213b 15x4)      GP Swann    12-0-76-0
Yuvraj Singh    56* (99b 9x4)      KP Pietersen    4-0-13-0


Swann to Dravid, FOUR, 79.3 kph, four more! Cramp or no cramp, he's batting so, so well. Again Swann is too short, Dravid is back in a flash to crack the ball away through extra cover


Swann to Dravid, no run, 86.1 kph, watchful defence to follow that up

Dravid is batting really well, but he's also looking rather knackered and could well be starting to cramp up.


Swann to Dravid, FOUR, 87.8 kph, edged! Right between Prior's legs. Dravid was back and aiming to cut, but a little under edge took the ball away from the keeper's gloves and away for four


Swann to Dravid, 2 runs, 86.6 kph, Dravid guides a quicker one down to third man for a couple


Swann to Dravid, FOUR, 84.6 kph, a century for Rahul Dravid! Great way to get there too, getting into a great position to play a balanced paddle sweep to the fine leg boundary. Off comes the helmet, up goes the bat, and he gets a hug from Yuvraj for his troubles too


Swann to Dravid, no run, 86.4 kph, tapped to backward point, no run there

One over before the new ball is available. One run needed for Dravid's ton.

End of over 79 (5 runs) India 244/4
Yuvraj Singh    56* (99b 9x4)      KP Pietersen    4-0-13-0
R Dravid    99* (207b 12x4)      GP Swann    11-0-62-0


Pietersen to Yuvraj Singh, no run, 84.4 kph, Yuvraj gets half forward and muscles a drive, on the up but straight to the fielder


Pietersen to Dravid, 1 run, 92.0 kph, quicker, flatter, shorter from KP. Dravid goes to 99 with a flashing cut into the deep


Pietersen to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, 93.9 kph, runs coming so easily now. Yuvraj taps just wide of cover for another


Pietersen to Dravid, 1 run, 88.9 kph, cracked hard back down the track, Pietersen dives to his left and gets a hand to it but can't stop the single


Pietersen to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, 90.2 kph, Pietersen offers flight and a tempting length outside off, Yuvraj leaning into a languid drive for a single


Pietersen to Dravid, 1 run, 91.1 kph, worked to midwicket for one

End of over 78 (11 runs) India 239/4
R Dravid    96* (204b 12x4)      GP Swann    11-0-62-0
Yuvraj Singh    54* (96b 9x4)      KP Pietersen    3-0-8-0


Swann to Dravid, 1 run, 89.7 kph, and another single down the ground to end the over, and take the partnership to 100


Swann to Dravid, FOUR, 84.2 kph, shot! What class from Dravid. Manipulating the length of the bowler so well. This time he went really deep in the crease, also giving himself some room, and threaded one through the covers with a firm back-foot punch


Swann to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, 76.6 kph, Yuvraj gets right down on one knee, leaning over the ball and sweeping to fine leg


Swann to Yuvraj Singh, no run, 87.2 kph, chopped down defensively behind square


Swann to Yuvraj Singh, FOUR, 81.5 kph, fifty for Yuvi! He picked up the length - short - really quickly and rocked back to clobber the pull to midwicket

"Is Dravid really going to be clattering Swann over mid-on, why is that man back?" asks an exasperated Sahil, quite reasonably.


Swann to Dravid, 1 run, 85.5 kph, eased down the ground, a gifted single

Commentator Liam Brickhill | Scorer Sanjay Murari

Keep up to date with these results:

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