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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fwd: [bangla-vision] Azadi (Freedom)

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Date: Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 3:01 AM
Subject: [bangla-vision] Azadi (Freedom)


Arundhati Ray said-Kashmir is not an integral part of India. "Kashmir should get Azadi from bhooke-nange Hindustan".

There are two  issues- one is azadi the other azadi from bhooke-nange Hindustan.

Decades back India was a part of Britain. Many including MK Gandhi demanded azadi. Were they hanged? Were they punished for debating on azadi by the Raj.

Why did the Government of India after 1947 support the freedom fighters of East Pakistan and created Bangladesh. How did the Indian leaders make a Bangbandhu out of Mujibur Rahman. Were they not destroying a nation called Pakistan? If we follow the logic- all those who supported creation of Bangladesh are hardened criminals and those who discussed in favour of it are criminals as per Anglo-Saxon law.

Why did the Government of India support Tamil guerrillas. Why do many leaders in India support a separate Tamil land or an Tamil autonomous region in Srilanka.

Talking in favour of "Azadi" is a birth right of every individual irrespective of the law of the country.The azadi call could be against anything-sexual exploitation, economic deprivation, social inequity, azadi from ignorance, azadi from cast or religious supression or for an identity etc. Any statesman having basic training on society should support azadi. Just imagine how we hate all those English men who hated the Indian freedom struggle, all those who pleaded for hanging those persons who were talking in favour of azadi.

The English men were certainly very tolerant to democratic values even in 19th and 20th century.The English rulers allowed their largest defence contractor Birlas to finance Gandhijee. And we all know what Gandhi talked of. The same law was in vogue in those times. Just that the senior political leaders of today are behaving like street jokers without humility, understanding and sensibility.

Secondly I feel bad to be proud of this country called India. I am a proud Indian, I am a proud Odia. It is just that I am attached to the place I am born. I am a proud Odia, which does not represent the province , but Odianess which is present in many places of the globe. I know that I am born as a Odia and I will die as a proud Odia. I am a proud Indian not limited to the boundary demarcated by Government of India.I love Indianness as a concept, as a culture as an identity.But I hate this Odisha of today which is called urisa in India and which is known for poverty, destitution, subjugation, slavery and mundane worship.


I do hate this India of today. How can I love a country which allows millions of its children to live without education and a pair of socks? How can I not hate a country where millions of simple human beings called tribals live without basic food . I do hate a country where hundreds die because of lack of drinking water. I do hate a country where one has to bribe the police to lunch an FIR against murder of your son.I do hate a nation where hypocrites and selfish people are recognised for good work. I spit at a nation where thousands die because of malaria.


I hate a country where a few families are leased out all the mineral wealth to amass wealth and control the politics.Only a mentally liberated person can call for azadi from this India for all the Bharatiyas.


Ashok Nanda


Palash Biswas
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