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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fwd: [bangla-vision] FW: [MuslimIntelligencer] TTS Oct 28: More on Fake "gas chambers" Documents on Real History: are the ground penetrating radars anti-semitic?

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Date: 2010/10/29
Subject: [bangla-vision] FW: [MuslimIntelligencer] TTS Oct 28: More on Fake "gas chambers" Documents on Real History: are the ground penetrating radars anti-semitic?
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Sent: 29 أكتوبر, 2010 01:03 ص
To: alex james
Subject: [MuslimIntelligencer] TTS Oct 28: More on Fake "gas chambers" Documents on Real History: are the ground penetrating radars anti-semitic? [1 Attachment]



507509cd7706d8> on Fake "gas chambers" Documents on Real History: are the
ground penetrating radars anti-semitic?

5b2ad42fa3d39e> The Tea Party Disconnect (link added)

America's Jewish Mafia:
ed998ae97e57d5> Peddling Human Organs and Money Laundering

3e28938478c3ce> "Time for a New Theory of Money": By understanding that
money is simply credit, we unleash it as a powerful tool for our communities
Extreme Dangers of Meth -
2bef0446b1af3c> Methamphetamine or TIK

IMF saying that to close US
c437e0b726a2dc> fiscal gap would require immediate doubling of income
taxes, corporate taxes and all other federal taxes

Take Action: Help Stop
bc8b124eeb2b11> Delivery of CAT Bulldozers to Israel; Jewish Voice For

CORRECTION Polonium is not
4009158150606f> plutonium!! (re Letter: Ban nuclear dump, new Bruce Power
web site, Hanley on unconventional fossil fuels)

Israel police shoot Arab MP
e25c3de690dda2> in back | US Illinois's "Israel first" election contenders

New Palestinian Children's
80847192848938> Rights Campaign to advocate for the immediate release of
all Palestinian children detained in Israeli prisons

Everything we have seen since
7ccd1548dbced9> 9/11 has been done to prepare us for staging the next 9/11
to launch the Elites' WWIII

US Building a $16 Billion
3d7a15ff8a0023> Super Military Base On the Pacific Island of Guam In An
Attempt to Contain China's Military Build-Up

Merger of Corporate Power
2fc0dabec6db8a> with State Power, gigantic Fascist Monopoly: Corporate PR,
financial power, a quick look at ideas like ending the Fed

4b456976bc86d7> ZIONIST-TALMUDIST EMPIRE - Invasion of Pakistan imminent -
The Supreme Court Sold Out Our Democracy

'People Now Dropping Dead' In
c2d6976f5e9f4b> the Gulf: An Ocean Full of Oil

New Palestinian Children's
a6ef0689149414> Rights Campaign

Indictment of the Corporation
71af5768025941> -=- New Social Crediters appearing everywhere etc U.S.
Troops To Deal With Rioting Americans

Fund raising tour
be58019d17916a> announcement with flyer AGAINST THE ZIONIST APARTHEID WALL

disinformation and spin
39446f71bf5e94> propagated by the mainstream media regarding the leaking of
the US's secret Iraq war files by the whistleblower website Wikileaks

305147907595ca> OPERA PERFORMANCE IN APARTHEID ISRAEL; West Bank incidents

Wikileaks Confirm
ee116fe37b937e> Neocon/Zionist Culture of Torture & Lies Gen Taguba's Abu
Ghraib Report & US Franchised Torture Revisited.

9/11 truth has become a
339f2afee163e2> significant social movement with hundreds of millions of
adherents worldwide; Scripps Howard/Ohio U poll 2006 - 36% of Americans
believe that US gov promoted the attacks

Video: Uncovered 9/11 Footage
f2aad2084dca1a> Shows FBI Director Asking Firefighters About "Secondary
Hits" On WTC

Headlines from
2078822861a8e0> Actress Roseanne Barr for 9/11 Truth; 911 EXPLOSIVE
TESTIMONY - Chemical Engineer Mark Basile;Jeff Becker Questions WTC7
Collapse in US Senate Debate

Paul Craig Roberts: The War
aa0dc529a25dee> on Terror is a fraud....; Zionist Zelikow's Key Role in
9/11 Inside Job Cover-Up (they were not failures, they were deliberate)

it ain't over 'til it's over:
63ef83c97a5ac5> An important dialogue from David Icke on the awakening
taking place and the attempt to suppress it …

Released NIST footage show
5694a1b057c51f> damning evidence of controlled demolition (remember when
NIST 9/11 report director said "no evidence of explosives"?)

dde2160576e6cb> Senate to Mull Anti-WikiLeaks Law: GOP Bill Would Label
WikiLeaks a 'Transnational Threat'

Local Police being trained
08592f52db8449> for DHS Forced Extraction Program

The oppressed are allowed
406c7c714b7ca4> once every few years to decide which particular
representatives of the oppressing class shall represent and repress them in

Tell Rand Paul and the Tea
f1c01d7de49ded> Party: "You can't stomp on me."

Important Motivational Gun
0cd2c84f33a5c7> Posters

Poltergeist: One Illinois
6d51c353bde5b3> Republican plans to depress turnout by dispatching
Orwellian-named "voter integrity" squads to predominantly African American
neighborhoods in Chicago.


From: alex james []
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 9:42 PM
Subject: TTS Oct 27: New Justice Department Report Minimizes Rampant Sexual
Abuse of Detained Juvenile Youths

New Justice Department Report
d8a9050cfe6064> Minimizes Rampant Sexual Abuse of Detained Juvenile Youths

e24647076de8c3> "gas chambers" Documents on Real History

Video: What is happening now
1ee2bfc723e4ab> and where are we going? while The Media Fiddlers Keep
Masses Distracted

MOSSAD DID : 9/11 - Bali
f36281d74d3aaa> Nightclub bombing - Madrid Subway Bombing - London
Subway/Bus bombing, etc.etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

cffe19cac0c011> REPEATING ITSELF

Pentagon: Equipment outage at
43735edae2eb64> Wyo. nuke site: Could the DOD have a bad case of StuxNet or
some other Israeli "back door?

Beware the phony monetary
970fdd8acaca76> reformers who seem to be but are not, i.e. they promote
USURY Fw: Includes Verne Warwick's book "Clear Money" [1 Attachment]

An Enlightening Note to Mr.
571ad0373eb01f> Cook: non-Zionist Jews are the scapegoats used by Zionist

Roman Catholic, Former Jesuit
20b15c388e1212> Seminarian, Pro-Sodomite Opponent of Prop 8, Jerry Brown
(D) leads Meg Whitman (R) in California Gov Race, Jerry Brown Urges Speedy
Return To Gay Marriages

Illuminati Banksters are making
e1cf57e9affcbd> a killing in all senses

5ec75e300f7f8e> Financial/Economic 911 of 2008 by The same characters who
perpetrated the original 9/11

By Jim Willie CB - The Greek
91b3049268386e> Dollar Swap Window and prepare for TARP 2; NEW DOLLAR SWAP

Videos on 9/11 Predictions

Is the Pope Ratzinger
067ef19378bb2c> Catholic?

Sanhedrin Sages' Rule the
0557a2c1e2e0a0> World

Tariq Aziz is a man who knows
320ea95e75c264> too much

In the name of AIPAC: Murder,
bec0fe1132f19c> torture, rape and final proof that Britain should never
have fought this shaming war in name of civilised values and common decency

Latest on the Gulf of Mexico
90388cf5c5836f> poisoning cover-up: Toxicologist now dealing with at least
three drop-dead autopsies in Gulf

Video: The Loaded Chamber:
724324b5021630> Secret Money/When Corporations Rule the Earth, i.e. when
the neo-Pharisees/Pharaohs/Nimrods rule the Earth

Time to Drop Fox as it pushes
762567df9d3cc3> outright lies and violent rhetoric

Israel's US propaganda
71c09b5ad324c1> machine at work

Zionism vs Judaism; Israeli
50dc7471df3803> racism/apartheid--prison and prisoners

b95f46b220613e> "CHICKENFEED" while still hiding the monstrosities of
Zionist promoted wars

Scientists 'kept body parts
205c02ba4d9eeb> of 1953 nerve gas expirement victims'

Plutonium is the most deadly
5e3b18ffed2aa0> substance on the planet - - remembert former officer of the
Russian Federal Security Service that was killed by getting a little of it
in his tea?

AIPAC Supported Invasion of
b7821846d47e98> Iraq has Worse record than Saddam

Video on the Australian
da7b098d97cbef> Boycott action against Apartheid in Israel in Philly (worth

Michael Hoffman | Oct. 26, 2010

Irrefutable Scientific
4fb6db51779bed> (untainted by Zionist politics) Proof that 9/11 Was an
Inside Job

Vatican: 'Jews Have No Claim
7e981093d748e4> to Promised Land'

Excellent David Duke Videos
b514988e65f4fc> exposing Zionist Satanism/Babylonian Luciferianism

How Big Biotech's Food Supply
05c9d423b5e2be> Monopoly Threatens the Food on Your Plate and your wallet

Are We Getting Closer to FEMA
a2d1d6db777366> Control? new documentary, Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA

More private contractors than
e5b6e0d31070a2> military persons making a killing at "work" in Afghanistan;
little we can do to find out how many humans they kill or what it costs

8a8d1035002fbd> "A Concise Explanation of the Creation of the Jewish
People", i.e. Jews are not Israelites

Vote for the Left! Vote for
dbdca37582a3bc> the Right! Vote for the Tea pots! Either Way We Lose the
Fight! (Our Ruling Kleptocracy Pours $2 Billion into the 2010 Midterm

vIDEO: Rand Paul Supporter
11cbd98340c099> Stomps Head Of Female MoveOn Member Outside KY Debate:
Miller in Alaska has a goon squad and now Rand Paul supporters beatup up a
moveon person

video: Sex and Lies in Israel
f6c3a0f8dd3f49> - By Dr. David Duke - New Jewish Commandment issued to
seduced gentiles with sex

From: alex james []
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 10:47 PM
ISRAEL, i.e. he works for Israhel

i.e. he works for Israhel

f663f702506a94> VIDEO on UK Channel 4: "DEFAMATION" by Yoav Shamir (Jewish)
exposing Zionism

PLUNDER; Israel's US propaganda machine at work using your tax dollars;

9feee804b645b8> of University of Michigan protest against Israeli soldiers:
Hawkish [criminally insane]
2df49023deb69e> Israeli minister drafts nuclear Iran plan

Israel Hijacked U.S. guvmint
bd412a6a55fe8c> and passed a law prohibiting the boycott of Israel and
Israeli products.

Propaganda Tapes Reveal War
1d0d70433c528a> On Terror Is A Fraud; American People To Dems And GOP: Get
Out Of Office, You Don't Speak For Us,Millions Of Unemployed Americans Now
Live As Paupers,Think Soros Leaks RINO Neocon Takeover Doc,

Agri-business and the spoils
cc280a11a17251> of war: How Monsanto conquered Afghanistan and Vietnam with
our tax money and the lives of our loved ones

Sickening: MoveOn Supporter
05ffb9798595dc> Brutally Attacked by Rand Paul Supporter" for exposing
Marriage between GOP & MEGA-ELITE Businesses

President Eisenhower was a
28a686d0da66d7> Swedish Zionist but in his final address, he reformed and
exposed their Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex

Riki Ott: 'People Now
53935656791e4e> Dropping Dead' In the aftermath of the Gulf oil gushers

Video: Media Hides US Massacr
e997a91bfafead> on Fallujah's Babies and Adults: 38 Hiroshimas Hidden
against Fallujah's people! Here's how the Army did this genocide......

Children of Catastrophe:
8611dfda5668ac> Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America; Over
531 Palestinian villages were burnt off the map in 1948

Drug Running CIA Sues Over
504c8a2d9cca84> Dysfunctional Charges in Book

Cybersecurity objective is an
59e6e566eefb40> OFFENSIVE agenda by the Pentagon, just like shutting down
the power grid

Beware of the emotional
75e0c91ebff13c> issues: The bankster's solution to economic woes is
international war. Any war will do, even if purely domestic.

Council for the National
52fc86fe92ab70> Interest (CNI) Speaking Tour: Exposing Zionist crimes and

9/11: The Media Ignores
d6b9c51cbda060> Evidence of WTC Explosives - Rob Lonaker; SEC: Government
Destroyed Documents Regarding Pre-9/11 Put Options

Joint Release by Larry
21b0d2fc266fd5> Edelson and Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D., mass creation of money
from nothing thus devaluing debt holders, currency wars, corporate insiders
are selling,

David Duke's Expose on Rabbi
98fcb19853ea32> Declaring Gentiles as Slaves to Jews now # 2 on YouTube

Pope John Paul II denounced
f5dd5944a8a0b7> the money dictatorship many times

7bb759e5dda43b> not alone! check out Frank Zappa quote on the Illusion of

Iraq war logs leak: British
c686c7ef2d13cf> legal threat as UN calls on Obama to look at torture claims
The end of whales?

Tell Holder: Don't cave to
99636072e90101> the Tea Party and Repubicans as they raise the issue of
voter fraud while they themselves are most likely planning it again

Video: Wikileaks Press
71b6497809275d> Conference - London, October 23rd, 2010, release of the
400,000 Iraq War Logs, this report is immensely important

aed4bec8fbfee6> Mossad-British Team Behind French Students Assassination
who were about to expose H7 flu virus Spliced DNA and deadly vaccine plot to
kill people

From: alex james []
Sent: Monday, October 25, 2010 9:39 PM
Subject: TTS Oct 25: Explosive Video: Jewish Rabbi explains why you were
created, i.e. to serve Jews, Notice the satanic hand signal flashed right in
your face by Chabad Rabbi Yitchak Ginsburg

1982 Letter: past US Vice
bd98a42ce0daec> President Agnew Outraged by "Zionist Domination" of the
United States

New York Times reporting that
76709a01d734fc> billionaire Koch Brothers regularly convene secret
conclaves of industrialists aiming to prevent government from regulating

Items from Richard Wilcox in
d536f420223e14> Japan: much news, Who Funds Phony Left-Right Media? Global
Plans to replace the $, etc...

Bruce Arnold: HOW WE LOST
2fc1affc151f70> AMERICA :: A Brief History in Ten Points (Linked Version

Police Officers Have No
7ff30b00c10c4e> Rights to Object To Video Taping

Go See
d1850f01e13725> "Inside Job" by Charles Ferguson on What Really Caused the
Economic Crisis

With tongue in cheek, Günter
542d1b84f1fa9a> Deckert wonders what would happen if Israel had a Central
German Committee

they have CREATED your
2df5490c087baa> thinking processes! The early conquest of societies,the
Juuz, the poison in your drinking water etc.

861d287af440dd> DEMOCRATS! So if americans dont continue to pony up
billions every year, or stand by as palestinans are slaughtered, and if any
of us have the "nerve" to criticize Israel....these are zionists people...

US Jews are enabling wiping
c4386b5b8a1ea8> Palestine off the map

643c28724aa378> gift of hell that keeps on giving ..... VID & Picture, Oil
Mats On Pensacola Beach

German Finance Minister
aa46cfa9090367> Accuses US of Currency Manipulation

it's time for monetary
0a945e6d624cbb> reformers to declare the convictions

Greedy rich are put under
400c03ef284d20> pressure by "Spending 200,000 euro in one year should be
the LIMIT!" Living humans cause the misery in the world.

Explosive Video: Jewish Rabbi
0d3993ad3a8f0d> explains why you were created, i.e. to serve Jews, Notice
the satanic hand signal flashed right in your face by Chabad Rabbi Yitchak

US military chemical Dump
d12d7a46226e69> into SEA 64 Million Pounds: Is The Water SAFE Off SHORE In
Your State ?

VIDEO: Vaccines - The True
cef90d853b3eeb> Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Israeli role in 9/11

Physicians for Human Rights:
c2cb88a867ae05> Gaza Reality Check: Israel continues to murder Gazan
children indirectly by stopping medical teams

bf36407dc17272> Kuwait calls on Israel to join NPT

7 Mega-Cartels That Kill the
ec06cc9773b757> Free Market and Our Sovereignty, Think again. Think it was
free market capitalism that collapsed the financial system? Think again.

Israeli spies wooing U.S.
a0b7a61e1b1d0f> Muslims, sources say

Karzai: Blackwater/XE are
9732866b58ba9f> terrorists; US airstrike kills 50 Afghan civilians

Video: Special Paul Craig
7de20c53390339> Roberts Interview: Decline of The American Empire 1/3

Links to important
ce552a069b64be> documentaries: Secret of Oz, MoneyMasters, Synagogue of
Satan, Texe Marrs on Who are Behind Global Illuminati Conspiracy,


Video: Wikileaks Press
9932a39fd95878> Conference - London, October 23rd, 2010

Another Day Will Come! by the
fc88cfdbacabc3> Jenin Freedom Theatre in New York

1262c8e9ec6787> "Don't Be A Sucker" for the Tea Party: Important video to
watch before falling for the Tea Party message on Nov 2: 1947 Dept of War
Video warning about American fascism

Jerusalem Post: Major rabbi
5a6fb5d7484742> says non-Jews are donkeys, created to serve Jews; Muslims
need to counter growing Israeli Nazism, West won't do the job for them;

MODERN ISRAEL is a front or
4f3d036e706c4d> diversion from the true destabilization of the world for
world finance, and that is located in THE CITY OF LONDON where the
Rothschild Bankers and Associates run the world.

Bishop Butros: European
f9841a9c21215f> Zionists occupying Israel/Palestine 'cannot cite Bible to
justify occupation', or genocide, land/real estate thefts, torture, etc.

US Hijacked by Zionism:
ae1aa9271a736a> Israel is the most immediate threat to the future of the

Links to 9/11 False Flag
44481fa06e3dff> bombings articles and others like Operation Gladio in
Europe, etc.

Eating This non-decomposing fast
440e974abbb6b8> food Just Twice a Week Can Make You Gain Ten Pounds...And
double your risk of developing insulin resistance,

Clarence Thomas: YOU
bc13a7ca43cbda> apologize to Anita Hill

From: alex james []
Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2010 11:50 PM
Subject: TTS Oct 24: "rapper" Tupac Shakur's murder: He was openly talking
about forming a REAL populist 3rd party to defeat the Zionist influence

70fe4cce7defaf> "rapper" Tupac Shakur's murder: He was openly talking about
forming a REAL populist 3rd party to defeat the Jewish influence

Henry H. Klein 1935--
0e500e6112e361> Anti-Zionist Jewish Martyr for American Freedom: "Zionism
wants another World War to enslave the people"

60d5bff16ca646> WORLD!!: state terrorism practiced by the Zionist state
against the Palestinian People

8d7d53f7e86c7a> 1950 Video Filmed by Concerned Americans on misery caused
by Zionists' Invasion of Palestine & some quotes

b83c6327352521> Republican congressional candidate Stephen Broden stunned
his party saying he would not rule out violent overthrow of government if
elections did not produce a change in leadership

339e351383e626> State Dept. will hire another 7,000 security contractors
for Iraq ; US Ignored Torture of Iraqis; U.S. Seeks Wider Role for Secret
CIA Paramilitary Forces

Gestapo government orders
7daba1e541c7fe> family farm to commit financial suicide by destroying
50,000 pounds of cheese

Alarming: Google admits
26824e603dea1c> copying computer data

Long article on the
b46fbebed7958b> "Evil Monsanto" and the GMO food you eat.

Biggest Document Leak in
2afeed0e7b6588> History Exposes Real War

Deanna Spingola -- starts
54c85ccef87bfe> radio program in a few minutes republicbroadcasting dot org
8 US Pacific 9 central -- Dick Eastman

movement is bankers' power's final mop up of Congress

The Wikileaks Iraq War
01878f4593e4d3> (Invasion & Occupation, OIl Theft) Logs ----->>

Kennedy Library Display of
2f5b8dddc3c84b> Bad Taste

Elite Admits to Secret Social
919ee30b83a499> Engineering: Illuminati bankers wage relentless secret wars
on society, and call us "haters" if we dare to notice

3615453970c49a> reader, previews latest smut from Illuminati Hollywood
about rape of a 12 year old girl by a vampire

5376058d0fc4a5> "Bodies Exhibition": The Illuminati Culture of Death and
Human Sacrifice

Australian Internet Czar
1007159da828a8> Stephen Conroy Makes Masonic Sign

Both Jeff and Mark have
8c9aa6a6dad0c8> fallen prey to the classic Zionist technique of causing
patriots to waste time fighting each other

Canadian Serial Killer Russel
22a14c2beb67ef> Williams Linked to Elite Satanists? just like many others
incuding child abusers

Israeli Soldiers Sexually
07cc2b9ee83240> Abuse Palestinian Children, tie their hands during

Food firms spend millions on
9b4f9eac5874b9> push to kill 'traffic light' labelling that would identify
unhealthy products

Pharisee Watch: Blackout of
88d25d9c7f0df2> Viva Palestina in Gaza as aid volunteers in more than 100
cars and lorries have crossed into Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip through
Egypt's Rafah crossing with aid worth nearly $5m.

Hanna Re: Vic Bridger:
e0454191206c02> "A brief outline of Social Credit"

UK Guardian: The English
16dd3155b14cf5> Defence League uncovered / video, planning to target UK's
muslim communities

General Shelton: Iraq war
0e654934578d42> 'fiasco' due to Rumsfeld's 'lies', Rumsfeld had 'worst
style of leadership I witnessed in 38 years of service', MCCAIN a loose

Weimar in Jerusalem: the rise
601d0a9b9dff12> of fascism in Israel and other Zionist occupied lands and
will engulf us if not stopped

Link to Vote online and
2335d438e6e7d7> Support Trades Hall president Kevin Bracken as stands by
his 9/11 conspiracy facts: Herald Sun

Vote online and Support
beef445f7690c6> Trades Hall president Kevin Bracken as stands by his 9/11
conspiracy facts: Herald Sun

Forced Abortion: Dream Of The
cdbb30eafc4ed7> Scientific Elite: Harrowing story of Chinese woman beaten,
abducted and forcibly injected by state goons serves as stark reminder that
White House science czar also embraces mandatory baby killing

Details about the illegal
ab297837a0b3e1> federal raid on raw food buyer's club in California

Revised: Cong. Joe Wilson
c52cb21976a628> (R-SC) "honored" with award at World Masonic Conference
three years after his key vote for CAFTA

0387033453795e> poison became "food"

Excellent expose of Koch
3124463a74e5fb> Brothers, Chamber of Commerce, Glenn Beck, etc. meeting to
plot election 2010 Coup

Policing in Britain - the
e319a5d88f2138> slippery slope towards tyranny ; Butchering the Poor in
Cameron and Osborne's Heartless Britain

136b11347c3b2d> Opium and British colonial intervention in Hong Kong

American Jewish Committee
35d69b41efb8ad> (AJC) is yet another Zionist propaganda machine at work;
explained By Paul Balles

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