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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fwd: CC Issue 27/10- Arundhati Roy Replies To Sedition Charges

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Pity The nation
By Arundhati Roy

Pity the nation that has to silence its writers for speaking their minds. Pity the nation that needs to jail those who ask for justice, while communal killers, mass murderers, corporate scamsters, looters, rapists, and those who prey on the poorest of the poor, roam free

Wikileaks For Dummies
By Mamoon Alabbasi

Despite the commendable efforts of the whistleblower website WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange to expose the truth about the Iraq war in a responsible manner - that not only would not endanger lives but aim ultimately to save millions of lives, in addition to seeking justice for the countless number of lives already lost - some media outlets are determined to mislead the public about the lessons to be learned from the war

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange
On Iraq War Logs, "Tabloid Journalism"
And Why WikiLeaks Is "Under Siege"
By Amy Goodman

Democracy Now! interview with Julian Assange

Toxic Brew
By George Monbiot

The Tea Parties didn't arise spontaneously: they were boiled up by big business

A Buddhist Vision of Life Beyond Consumerism
By Craig K. Comstock

Is there an alternative to consumerism? If the future will be less affluent than the past, for whatever reasons -- we don't know -- will we cling to a system that is failing, or will we have adopted new basic premises? If the latter, what are values that don't depend on having a growing amount of stuff?

An Open Letter To President Obama
By Ravikiran Shinde

Your mentor Martin Luther King Jr. visited India when Dr. Ambedkar was alive but met only the then prime minister Nehru and seems to have been kept in the dark about his civil rights counterpart in India and perhaps never came to know about him. Please do what MLK couldn't. Get introduced to Dr. Ambedkar and his thoughts and contribution to India's democratic system. This will definitely make your trip a worthwhile in the long run

America's Gulf: Ongoing Coverup And Denial
By Stephen Lendman

On October 22, AP reported that over 7,000 square miles of Gulf waters off Florida's Panhandle were declared oil-free and reopened to fishing. According the the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 96% of Gulf waters are now safe and reopened, spokeswoman Jane Lubchenco saying, "Our tests continue to reveal seafood from the reopened areas is safe to eat." Others disagree

BP Dispersants 'Causing Sickness'
By Dahr Jamail

Two-year-old Gavin Tillman of Pass Christian, Mississippi, has been diagnosed with severe upper respiratory, sinus, and viral infections. His temperature has reached more than 39 degrees since September 15, yet his sicknesses continue to worsen. His parents, some doctors, and environmental consultants believe the child's ailments are linked to exposure to chemicals spilt by BP during its Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. Gavin's father, mother, and cousin, Shayleigh, are also facing serious health problems. Their symptoms are being experienced by many others living along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico

When Criminals Vote…
By Mickey Z.

Whatever side we choose in these fabricated conflicts, human society maintains its steady, relentless path toward mass homicide/suicide. If we'd ever look up from our text screens or peek out from our voting booths, we might actually catch the final act

Why Should I Vote?
By Timothy V. Gatto

Two years is not a great deal of time to pull out from under the oppressive yoke of our corporate masters. Just getting people to agree on what our objectives should be is a herculean task. For now, I believe that it is in our best interests to rid our political system from corporate interests that go against the wishes of the American people

Book By Innocent Prisoner Reveals
Torture Was Widespread
By Sherwood Ross

Although U.S. officials have attributed the torture of Muslim prisoners in their custody to a handful of maverick guards, in fact such criminal acts were widely perpetrated and systemic, likely involving large numbers of military personnel, a book by a survivor suggests. Additionally, guards were responsible for countless acts of murder, including death by crucifixion, lynching, poisoning, snakebite, withholding of medicines, starvation, and bludgeoning of innocent victims

The Forests Are Worth Nothing!
By Ranjan K Panda

Now the coal ministry teaches Jairam Ramesh, India's Environment Minister, that forests are worth nothing. Just 10 per cent of it is enough to maintain the biodiversity. What we need for growth is Coal

Pakistan Observes International
Disarmament Week
By Zia Ur Rehman

Karachi's anti-gun campaigners, civil society and political parties have asked the government to launch a de-weaponisation campaign during International Disarmament Week, October 24-30. They say it is essential to stem the growing rate of assassinations in the city, and; governmental officials have hinted they are considering a de-weaponisation programme

Fixing Global Finance
By Kavaljit Singh

A Developing Country Perspective on Global Financial Reforms

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