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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fwd: [political 485] The national debt is not your debt. It is a federal debt.

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Date: Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 8:00 AM
Subject: [political 485] The national debt is not your debt. It is a federal debt.



The government wants you to think that the National Debt is your fault and that you should pay it! The National Debt is not a National debt, it is a Federal Debt! It is not your responsibility to pay it off with your Social Security and IRA.


Our money is not real. It is a debt instrument borrowed from the Federal Reserve. It is not back by gold or silver. It is what it says it is, a Federal Reserve Note! All the government has to do to pay it off is take a money order without account numbers on it, make it out for 14-trillion dollars payable to the Federal Reserve and sign it and the debt is paid.


"Slaves you are and slaves you will ever be."

Your mind has been molded by government school curriculums.  

The primary control and custody of infants is with the corporate State government  through, the filing of government issued Birth Certificates, which are held in a "State Trust" and therein each applicant is recorded under the Department of Transportation as a State owned vessel and financial asset. Each state owned vessel is bonded for one million dollars and the bonds are sold overseas. Now you know what you are worth!


A government issued Birth Certificate was never needed as proof of birth because a baptismal record or a family Bible entry of birth constitutes a legal proof of birth! Had your parents never applied for a government issued Birth Certificate, none of the federal or State Statutes, Codes or Regulations in place, would be enforceable against you, and no government official or agency could ever tell you how to raise your children; declare you an unfit parent, or take away your children.


Those who do not know how to assert their beneficiary status: are treaded on by the government and their courts, as a corporate fiction! The corporate governments and their corporate courts, only have jurisdiction over corporations. Corporations have no rights or jurisdiction over living people and are only provided considerations, which have been pre-negotiated in contracts by their directors.



On the Voter Registration you gave away your sovereign status when you circled the YES. Are you a United States citizen? YES/NO. Everyone checks the YES answer. A United States Citizen is a phrase designed to identify a "corporate fiction!" Clever isn't it? You and every other American had no idea that you were admitting you were a corporate fiction when you circled the YES answer, and you did it under penalty of perjury!


The sovereign states had been abolished in 1790 by the adoption of Article 1 of the Statues at Large, which converted all the sovereign states into Federal Districts and gave the federal government lawful jurisdiction everywhere. The Federal Districts are currently identified by zip codes. Whenever you put the zip code on letters to the IRS or any government agency you automatically tell them which Federal District you reside in alerting them to the location of their jurisdiction over you. Some people I know put the word "near" in front of their zip code on all their correspondence. This excludes them from the government's jurisdiction for the purpose of maintaining their sovereignty!


In consideration that the Federal Government is a corporation and that, corporations can lawfully own other corporations; and all Americans subjects to be educated have admitted under penalty of perjury that they are corporations; the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the corporate federal government. See ho sneaky and tricky lawyers can be?--All the more reason why lawyers should never be allowed to serve in government or in judgment of us.


Under the corporate governments, no Sovereign can lawfully be tried or convicted of any statutory crime! I recently discovered how to avoid prosecution under the Trust, when a Sovereign is taken before a corporate prosecuting Attorney or a Judge:   


First: "The sovereign must inquire if we are on the record, and if not, insist upon it! Say nothing, sign nothing and answer no questions until you are convinced that the proceedings are being recorded!"


Secondly: All a Sovereign has to say for the record is: "I am a beneficiary of the Trust, and I am appointing you as my Trustee!"


Thirdly: The Sovereign then directs his Trustee to do his bidding! "As my Trustee, I want you to discharge this matter I am accused of and eliminate the record!"


Fourthly: If the Sovereign suffered any damages as a result of his arrest, he can direct that the Trust compensate him from the proceedings of the Court by saying; "I wish to be compensated for [X] dollars, in redemption."


This statement is sufficient to remove the authority and jurisdiction from any prosecuting attorney or judge. The accused will be immediately released from custody with a check. License or claim he identifies as damage. It doesn't matter what the action involves or how it is classified by the corporate law as a civil or criminal action! It works every time!


All the Codes, Statutes and Regulations throughout the United States are a Will from the MASTERS to the SLAVES. A Will is defined as, "An express command used in a dispositive nature." When individuals in America are charged with a crime and warehoused in a jail; it is because they went against the Will of the masters, and not because they harmed another person! Remember that: The Will demands from us, all that we are; keep us in check and promises us nothing!"


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