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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fwd: [bangla-vision] FW: TTS Oct 30: New Book: The Host and The Parasite: How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America by Greg Felton (Mar 16, 2010)

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From: A. Moussa <>
Date: 2010/10/31
Subject: [bangla-vision] FW: TTS Oct 30: New Book: The Host and The Parasite: How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America by Greg Felton (Mar 16, 2010)
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From: Alex James
Sent: 30 أكتوبر, 2010 08:43 م
To: Alex James
Subject: TTS Oct 30: New Book: The Host and The Parasite: How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America by Greg Felton (Mar 16, 2010)

Imminent Big Bank Death Spiral: Any idea which assets are free from counter-party debt risk? RICO extending to Wall Street banks and Fannie Mae mortgage repositories. 

Each state has a CAFR fUNd amassing BILLIONS of $$$ -search CAFR1 Walter Burien 

CIA's funding of Facebook's goal of knowing everything about everybody are spookier 

VIDEO A MUST - Iraq war logs: How civilians have paid heaviest price 

Soldiers knew of Iraqi torture, soldier claims: Danish soldiers in Iraq were aware that prisoners could be tortured, anonymous veteran says 

Who Did 9/11? Wikileaks 400,000 pages of official Iraq war documents has ripped lid off the largest lawless actions by a presidential administration in all of American history 


US spends more just on spying than Russia spends on its entire military. 

Ex-DHS Tom Ridge: I was pushed to raise terror alert - U.S. news - Security - 

U.S. FINANCIAL FOUNDATION IS LACED WITH CANCER: Super-rich investors are buy gold bullion by the ton, not simple coins. 

New Book: The Host and The Parasite: How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America by Greg Felton (Mar 16, 2010) 

'Us vs. them' and 'modern' myths of war and civilization: zionist self-proclaimed cultural and moral superiority in the face of their atrocities 

Tea Party Don't Know How To Write English! look at these signs: dumbed down ignorant Elite paid baggers it seems...... 

Republicans propagate falsehoods in attacks against others, just like they lied about 9/11, WMDs, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. 

Michael Moore says Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck want to murder him: Fox News is a disgusting channel 

Fraud of Chosen DNA People: Jews are not Israelites and Yashua-Jesus was not a Jew, what the Bible says about Jews 

Governments' Costly Deception: Trillions in Hidden Gov Investments Revealed in CAFRs, While Cutting Back Services to the People of the World 

Realistic look at a World without the Zionist Mafia crimes 

Lesbians replacing homo Masons as prions guards (info from Australia): they're really good at fraud to receive maximum budgets 

Author of Illuminati Bloodlines on parole on condition that he refrains from political activities 

Aleister Crowley's Masonic Luciferian Bible "The Book of The Law": Occult Connection to False Flag Zionist Terror 

1967 USS Liberty Attacked by Zionist War Planes and Helicopter Commandos: Alex Jones explains how Russian Ship saved USS Liberty 

Antiwar Music Video: Boogie Man Is Coming To Get You Zionist Mass Media Warns In Another Faux FBI False Flag Stage Production 

S.510 is Worse than Thought: Farmers/consumers stand united against Big Govt, Big AgBiz, Big Chema, Big Pharma, Big Finance and the rest 

Damaged omega-6 fats are disastrous to health, take them cold but don't cook in these oils 

German Horst Mahler's Last Statement Before Life Sentence for holohoax holocaust denial 

Mike Shoen for Congress: Government has evolved to become Organized Crime 

The real story of the 2010 election: Fox News has become the propaganda machine for Republicans 

Jewish Voice for Peace: Caterpillar has stopped selling buldozers to Israel that are used to destroy Palestinian homes... for now 

150,000 Nazi Jews Server in Hitler's Army; The Holocaust, another Inside Job like 9/11 based on mythology


Hitler's Secret Relationship to the Zionists Rothschilds by JUST ANOTHER INSIDE JOB 





From: alex james []
Sent: Friday, October 29, 2010 10:34 PM
Subject: TTS Oct 29: Republican Boot to our Heads...from Michael Moore, exposing torturous way Republicans stomped on Lauren Valle's face leading to a concussion

Tea Partiers greeting each other with 8-8? Tea Party are Zionist Nazis 

FLASHBACK 2008: Zionist Jews kidnap resident Jamal Hussein Ameera, 50, after his daughter managed to capture on film an Israeli soldiers shooting a Palestinian youth after they arrested and handcuffed him. 

Comment: Take Action: Help Stop Delivery of CAT Bulldozers to Israel; Jewish Voice For Peace;They must be getting ready to bulldoze more Arab land and homes and groves to want more bulldozers 

Video: The Largest Street Gang in America Video by BoilingFrogs ... exposes corruption in the Police 

Republican Boot to our Heads...from Michael Moore, exposing torturous way Republicans stomped on Lauren Valle's face leading to a concussion discussed The Most Racist Ad Of 2010 And More... 

There was no real change in 2008. There will be no real change in 2010, a dying democracy 

Whistleblowers Video: Secrets of the CIA, world's premier terrorist organization, assassinations, tortures, etc. 

Reappearance of Huge Plumes of Oil in Gulf of Mexico (is the effect of the toxic COREXIT coverup chemical wearing out?) 

Vatican's Tiara sign of sovereign power over Papal States and Church; Zionist Map on Shekel; Every Email and Website to be Stored 

Brilliant music video on the Fraud of the economic system exposing the culprits FED, Greenspan, Goldman Sachs, and the others 

Affluent lifestyles plundering Tropics at record rate, resources are being used at 1.5 times the rate nature can replace them 

9/11 SuperSearch engine 

Disclosures From an Insider lecture on March 20, 1969 where he listened to Dr. Richard Day, an insider in TheOrder 

Massive A&E TV ad rolling out 2 November, Election Day 

Alex Jones video: The end of the current internet: We are effectively being controlled just as effectively as in communism 

Helen Thomas: You cannot criticize Israel in this country and survive, Christine O'Donnel is Frightening 

A MUST SEE YOUTUBE VIDEO! 227 People own half the planets's wealth! There is NO Freedom until you Free Your Own Mind 

Monterey County Weekly Cover Story - 9/11 Truth Hit Piece, list of undercovered stories 

UK Police stopped 101,248 under anti-terror law last year - but didn't make a single arrest 

Video: Jesse Ventura: 9/11 Footage Shows FBI Director Asking FDNY Film Crew About "Secondary Hit" -Four Parts 

Lawrence of Cyberia website exposes Zionist torture/crimes 

The Biggest Misstatements of the Midterms - Newsweek 

Former Congressman Mark Siljander, Quest to bridge the Muslim-Christian Divide 

Long history of Anglo-American covert provocation and action in Iran 

'US troops beheaded Iraqi detainee';Video: US Troops allegedly took Afghan fingers as souvenirs, they're acting like Zionists who were posing with their "kill" for pictures....... 

Murdering "Suspected Militants" is Murdering Innocents: US Drone Strike Destroys House Full of Children in Pakistan 

Fred Reed explains why Pat Buchanan Is Wrong About his demonization of Islam which is turning into an industry [like the holohoax] 

Don't Fall for the Masonic/Zionist Plan of pitting Christians against Muslims, etc. 

Wall Street's sneaky election move

The Money Fraud since at leat 1742, over half of your earnings are stolen by Banksters, and The Occult Nature of the Original Masonic Hierarchy 

Governments' Costly Deception: Trillions in Hidden Gov Investments Revealed in CAFRs, While Cutting Back Services to the People of the World 

Get Involved: PublicCitizen protecting health, safety and democracy 

David P. Hamilton : 'Citizens United' and the Corruption of American Politics 




From: alex james []
Sent: Friday, October 29, 2010 1:52 AM
Subject: TTS Oct 28: More on Fake "gas chambers" Documents on Real History: are the ground penetrating radars anti-semitic?


More on Fake "gas chambers" Documents on Real History: are the ground penetrating radars anti-semitic?

LIBERTY CALLING Newsletter: The Tea Party Disconnect (link added) 

America's Jewish Mafia: Peddling Human Organs and Money Laundering 

"Time for a New Theory of Money": By understanding that money is simply credit, we unleash it as a powerful tool for our communities 

Extreme Dangers of Meth - Methamphetamine or TIK 

IMF saying that to close US fiscal gap would require immediate doubling of income taxes, corporate taxes and all other federal taxes 

Take Action: Help Stop Delivery of CAT Bulldozers to Israel; Jewish Voice For Peace 

CORRECTION Polonium is not plutonium!! (re Letter: Ban nuclear dump, new Bruce Power web site, Hanley on unconventional fossil fuels) 

Israel police shoot Arab MP in back | US Illinois's "Israel first" election contenders 

New Palestinian Children's Rights Campaign to advocate for the immediate release of all Palestinian children detained in Israeli prisons 

Everything we have seen since 9/11 has been done to prepare us for staging the next 9/11 to launch the Elites' WWIII 

US Building a $16 Billion Super Military Base On the Pacific Island of Guam In An Attempt to Contain China's Military Build-Up 

Merger of Corporate Power with State Power, gigantic Fascist Monopoly: Corporate PR, financial power, a quick look at ideas like ending the Fed 

ANOTHER US WAR FOR GLOBAL ZIONIST-TALMUDIST EMPIRE - Invasion of Pakistan imminent - The Supreme Court Sold Out Our Democracy 

'People Now Dropping Dead' In the Gulf: An Ocean Full of Oil 

New Palestinian Children's Rights Campaign 

Indictment of the Corporation -=- New Social Crediters appearing everywhere etc U.S. Troops To Deal With Rioting Americans 

Fund raising tour announcement with flyer AGAINST THE ZIONIST APARTHEID WALL 

disinformation and spin propagated by the mainstream media regarding the leaking of the US's secret Iraq war files by the whistleblower website Wikileaks 


Wikileaks Confirm Neocon/Zionist Culture of Torture & Lies Gen Taguba's Abu Ghraib Report & US Franchised Torture Revisited. 

9/11 truth has become a significant social movement with hundreds of millions of adherents worldwide; Scripps Howard/Ohio U poll 2006 - 36% of Americans believe that US gov promoted the attacks 

Video: Uncovered 9/11 Footage Shows FBI Director Asking Firefighters About "Secondary Hits" On WTC 

Headlines from Actress Roseanne Barr for 9/11 Truth; 911 EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY - Chemical Engineer Mark Basile;Jeff Becker Questions WTC7 Collapse in US Senate Debate 

Paul Craig Roberts: The War on Terror is a fraud....; Zionist Zelikow's Key Role in 9/11 Inside Job Cover-Up (they were not failures, they were deliberate) 

it ain't over 'til it's over: An important dialogue from David Icke on the awakening taking place and the attempt to suppress it … 

Released NIST footage show damning evidence of controlled demolition (remember when NIST 9/11 report director said "no evidence of explosives"?) 

LIBERTY CALLING Newsletter: Senate to Mull Anti-WikiLeaks Law: GOP Bill Would Label WikiLeaks a 'Transnational Threat' 

Local Police being trained for DHS Forced Extraction Program 

The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class shall represent and repress them in parliament. 

Tell Rand Paul and the Tea Party: "You can't stomp on me."


Important Motivational Gun Posters 




Poltergeist: One Illinois Republican plans to depress turnout by dispatching Orwellian-named "voter integrity" squads to predominantly African American neighborhoods in Chicago. 






From: alex james []
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 9:42 PM
Subject: TTS Oct 27: New Justice Department Report Minimizes Rampant Sexual Abuse of Detained Juvenile Youths


New Justice Department Report Minimizes Rampant Sexual Abuse of Detained Juvenile Youths 


Fake "gas chambers" Documents on Real History 


Video: What is happening now and where are we going? while The Media Fiddlers Keep Masses Distracted 


MOSSAD DID : 9/11 - Bali Nightclub bombing - Madrid Subway Bombing - London Subway/Bus bombing, etc.etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. 




Pentagon: Equipment outage at Wyo. nuke site: Could the DOD have a bad case of StuxNet or some other Israeli "back door? 


Beware the phony monetary reformers who seem to be but are not, i.e. they promote USURY Fw: Includes Verne Warwick's book "Clear Money" [1 Attachment] 


An Enlightening Note to Mr. Cook: non-Zionist Jews are the scapegoats used by Zionist Jews 


Roman Catholic, Former Jesuit Seminarian, Pro-Sodomite Opponent of Prop 8, Jerry Brown (D) leads Meg Whitman (R) in California Gov Race, Jerry Brown Urges Speedy Return To Gay Marriages 


Illuminati Banksters are making a killing in all senses 


The PRE-PLANNED Financial/Economic 911 of 2008 by The same characters who perpetrated the original 9/11 


By Jim Willie CB - The Greek Dollar Swap Window and prepare for TARP 2; NEW DOLLAR SWAP WINDOW (MADE BY CHINA) 


Videos on 9/11 Predictions 


Is the Pope Ratzinger Catholic? 


Sanhedrin Sages' Rule the World 


Tariq Aziz is a man who knows too much 


In the name of AIPAC: Murder, torture, rape and final proof that Britain should never have fought this shaming war in name of civilised values and common decency 


Latest on the Gulf of Mexico poisoning cover-up: Toxicologist now dealing with at least three drop-dead autopsies in Gulf 


Video: The Loaded Chamber: Secret Money/When Corporations Rule the Earth, i.e. when the neo-Pharisees/Pharaohs/Nimrods rule the Earth 


Time to Drop Fox as it pushes outright lies and violent rhetoric 


Israel's US propaganda machine at work 


Zionism vs Judaism; Israeli racism/apartheid--prison and prisoners 


HO HUM, MORE WIKILEAKS "CHICKENFEED" while still hiding the monstrosities of Zionist promoted wars 


Scientists 'kept body parts of 1953 nerve gas expirement victims' 


Plutonium is the most deadly substance on the planet - - remembert former officer of the Russian Federal Security Service that was killed by getting a little of it in his tea? 


AIPAC Supported Invasion of Iraq has Worse record than Saddam 


Video on the Australian Boycott action against Apartheid in Israel in Philly (worth watching) 




Irrefutable Scientific (untainted by Zionist politics) Proof that 9/11 Was an Inside Job 


Vatican: 'Jews Have No Claim to Promised Land'

Excellent David Duke Videos exposing Zionist Satanism/Babylonian Luciferianism 


How Big Biotech's Food Supply Monopoly Threatens the Food on Your Plate and your wallet 


Are We Getting Closer to FEMA Control? new documentary, Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA 


More private contractors than military persons making a killing at "work" in Afghanistan; little we can do to find out how many humans they kill or what it costs financially 


"A Concise Explanation of the Creation of the Jewish People", i.e. Jews are not Israelites 


Vote for the Left! Vote for the Right! Vote for the Tea pots! Either Way We Lose the Fight! (Our Ruling Kleptocracy Pours $2 Billion into the 2010 Midterm Elections) 


vIDEO: Rand Paul Supporter Stomps Head Of Female MoveOn Member Outside KY Debate: Miller in Alaska has a goon squad and now Rand Paul supporters beatup up a moveon person 


video: Sex and Lies in Israel - By Dr. David Duke - New Jewish Commandment issued to seduced gentiles with sex 






From: alex james []
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 10:47 PM



EXCELLENT VIDEO on UK Channel 4: "DEFAMATION" by Yoav Shamir (Jewish) exposing Zionism 


U.S. FIGHTS AND PAYS FOR ZIONIST SUPREMACISM/ISRAEL'S WARS FOR PLUNDER; Israel's US propaganda machine at work using your tax dollars; 

photos of University of Michigan protest against Israeli soldiers: 


Hawkish [criminally insane] Israeli minister drafts nuclear Iran plan 

Israel Hijacked U.S. guvmint and passed a law prohibiting the boycott of Israel and Israeli products. 

Propaganda Tapes Reveal War On Terror Is A Fraud; American People To Dems And GOP: Get Out Of Office, You Don't Speak For Us,Millions Of Unemployed Americans Now Live As Paupers,Think Soros Leaks RINO Neocon Takeover Doc, 

Agri-business and the spoils of war: How Monsanto conquered Afghanistan and Vietnam with our tax money and the lives of our loved ones 

Sickening: MoveOn Supporter Brutally Attacked by Rand Paul Supporter" for exposing Marriage between GOP & MEGA-ELITE Businesses 

President Eisenhower was a Swedish Zionist but in his final address, he reformed and exposed their Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex 

Riki Ott: 'People Now Dropping Dead' In the aftermath of the Gulf oil gushers 

Video: Media Hides US Massacr on Fallujah's Babies and Adults: 38 Hiroshimas Hidden against Fallujah's people! Here's how the Army did this genocide...... 

Children of Catastrophe: Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America; Over 531 Palestinian villages were burnt off the map in 1948 

Drug Running CIA Sues Over Dysfunctional Charges in Book 

Cybersecurity objective is an OFFENSIVE agenda by the Pentagon, just like shutting down the power grid 

Beware of the emotional issues: The bankster's solution to economic woes is international war. Any war will do, even if purely domestic. 

Council for the National Interest (CNI) Speaking Tour: Exposing Zionist crimes and lies 

9/11: The Media Ignores Evidence of WTC Explosives - Rob Lonaker; SEC: Government Destroyed Documents Regarding Pre-9/11 Put Options 







Joint Release by Larry Edelson and Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D., mass creation of money from nothing thus devaluing debt holders, currency wars, corporate insiders are selling, 

David Duke's Expose on Rabbi Declaring Gentiles as Slaves to Jews now # 2 on YouTube 

Pope John Paul II denounced the money dictatorship many times 

IRS/FRB SHEEPLE PEOPLE You're not alone! check out Frank Zappa quote on the Illusion of Freedom 

Iraq war logs leak: British legal threat as UN calls on Obama to look at torture claims 

The end of whales? 


Tell Holder: Don't cave to the Tea Party and Repubicans as they raise the issue of voter fraud while they themselves are most likely planning it again 

Video: Wikileaks Press Conference - London, October 23rd, 2010, release of the 400,000 Iraq War Logs, this report is immensely important 

Israeli Mossad-British Team Behind French Students Assassination who were about to expose H7 flu virus Spliced DNA and deadly vaccine plot to kill people 






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