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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fwd: CC Issue 25/10- Private Manning And The Making Of Wikileaks

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Subject: CC Issue 25/10- Private Manning And The Making Of Wikileaks

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Deaths Revealed By Wikileaks Are Tip Of An Iceberg
By Nicolas Davies

These 15,000 deaths are only the tip of an iceberg of hundreds of thousands of unreported Iraqi deaths that have already been detected by more serious and scientific epidemiological studies, but the U.S. and British governments have successfully suppressed these studies by confusing the media and the public about their methods and accuracy

New York Times Tries Character Assassination
Against WikiLeaks Founder Assange
By Barry Grey

The response of the New York Times to WikiLeaks' posting of classified American military documents exposing US war crimes in Iraq is to downplay the atrocities and portray WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as the criminal party

Private Manning And The Making Of Wikileaks
By Denver Nicks

The incredible journey of a young man who became the greatest whistle blower in military history

Palestinians Have The Right To Resist Occupation
By Any Means, Even Non Violent Ones
By Agustin Velloso

A contribution to Ramzy Baroud's The Violence Debate

Seeing Red
By Real Climate

This is the first of two or more articles on the extensive tree mortality now being caused by bark beetles in western North America. The goal of this first post is simply to provide necessary background on the relevant biological/ecological processes involved, so that future articles discussing climatic and other possible influences, are more understandable

Socialism? The Rich Are Winning
The US Class War: Facts Show
Rich Getting Richer, Everyone Else Poorer
By Bill Quigley

The rich and their paid false prophets are doing a bang up job deceiving the poor and middle class. They have convinced many that an evil socialism is alive in the land and it is taking their fair share. But the deception cannot last – facts say otherwise. Yes, there is a class war – the war of the rich on the poor and the middle class – and the rich are winning. That war has been going on for years. Look at the facts – facts the rich and their false paid prophets do not want people to know

Jurassic Ballot: When Corporations Ruled The Earth
By Rebecca Solnit

We call these monsters corporations, from the word corporate which means embodied. A corporation is a bunch of monetary interests bound together into a legal body that was once considered temporary and dependent on local licensing, but now may operate anywhere and everywhere on Earth, almost unchallenged, and live far longer than you

The World Liberal Opportunists Made
By Chris Hedges

The legitimate rage being expressed by disenfranchised workers toward the college-educated liberal elite, who abetted or did nothing to halt the corporate assault on the poor and the working class of the last 30 years, is not misplaced. The liberal class is guilty. The liberal class, which continues to speak in the prim and obsolete language of policies and issues, refused to act

If Republicans Win
By Mary Shaw

If the Republicans win these elections, it will be a direct result of the stubborn attitudes of the disappointed Democrats who chose to stay at home and let it happen. That, in my opinion, is so much worse than the ignorant and misinformed Tea Partiers who mindlessly vote against their own best interests. At least the Tea Partiers will be voting

Systemic Washington-Sanctioned Fraud
By Stephen Lendman

Overwhelming evidence shows "the entire foreclosure process is riddled with fraud, (yet) President Obama refuses to support a national moratorium," making him conspiratorially complicit in a huge scandal, ravaging millions of homeowners lawlessly. Protecting bankers, not victims, is policy, so coverup and denial of systemic fraud persists

Miners: Pressed Down To Dice With Death
By Farooque Chowdhury

Deaths come in rows in mines. Crude appropriation of labor, and deprived life invigorate it. But all fail to subdue miners the world over. They stand unvanquished atop this profit driven world, symbolized by the San Jose miners in Chile

Mass Protests In France: An Interim Balance Sheet
By Dr. Peter Custers

Reactions by the French population have been highly critical, to say the least. Over a period of roughly a month, mass protests in cities all over France have been staged, and have snowballed into a major challenge to Sarkozy's government. In analyzing the reasons for the large response to, and the success of the social actions, we need to highlight at least two factors, i.e. their unitarian thrust and their militancy

The Dark Face of Mumbai
By Prabhat Sharan

Blood stained brown gold and mean streets of Mumbai housing mafia and Mumbai underworld

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