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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fwd: CC Issue 26/10- Bible Does Not Legitimize The Occupation Of Palestine: The Vatican

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Subject: CC Issue 26/10- Bible Does Not Legitimize The Occupation Of Palestine: The Vatican

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Bible Does Not Legitimize  The Occupation Of Palestine: The Vatican
By Salim Nazzal

The synods for the Middle East which lasted two weeks in the Vatican, have issued an important document which supports the Palestinian right to live free in Palestine. The document signed by more than 180 bishops from the catholic churches and other churches invalidated the Jewish argument that they are exclusively chosen by God. The document has cast out the zionist argument which uses the bible to authenticate its occupation. It makes it crystal clear that the bible cannot be used to inflict pain, occupation, or injustice on Palestinians

Growing Calls For Moratorium On
Climate Geoengineering
By Stephen Leahy

Delegates to the world summit on biodiversity here are calling for a moratorium on climate engineering research, like the idea of putting huge mirrors in outer space to reflect some of the sun's heating rays away from the planet

How Reliable Are OPEC Estimates?
By Dave Cohen

So the next time these Persian Gulf countries don't answer the IEA's call on OPEC to produce more oil to prevent the price from getting into the stratosphere, as it did in mid-2008, you should remember that it's not for lack of oil—they've got over a trillion barrels now! And I'm sure there's more to come. OPEC will never run out of oil. And you thought the global economy was screwed up

Embrace The Cooperative Movement
By Carlos Perez de Alejo

In the midst of mounting economic insecurity, fueled by widespread unemployment, foreclosures and budget cuts, many people are seeking alternative models to business as usual. From community gardens to bartering networks, grassroots efforts are sprouting up across the country. One of the main pillars of this growing trend is an international institution with over 160 years of experience in local, sustainable economic development: a cooperative

The Fishing Communities And The Politics Of
Climate Change
By K.P. Sasi

The ultimate need is to restructure our dominant world view, a revolution which determines the future of all species including the human beings. The only way is to unite with all like minded activists globally and have common struggles to force some wisdom to our global leaders who determine the fate of this planet

Fixing Access To Medicines Regime Essential
By Richard Elliott

At the United Nations last week, Canada reiterated its commitment to the Millennium Development Goals. But one critical initiative to advance global health is languishing unnecessarily: Parliament could easily fix Canada's Access to Medicines Regime with Bill C-393, which passed Second Reading last December and is currently in limbo before a committee

French Lessons For U.S. Workers
By Shamus Cooke

If labor, student, and community groups succeed in stopping the pension reform -- or toppling the government -- workers in other countries will likewise be inspired to fight back and organize in the French fashion

Everyday Is Halloween In Empire:
The Zombie Apocalypse Of Duopoly
By Phil Rockstroh

Because, at this time of the year, we take pleasure in being frightened, let's shuffle through the US Empire's House of Horrors. On our tour, we cringe before: Brain-eating zombies of exponential destruction; soul-sucking vampires of eternal self-justification; right-wing, talk show demons whose wrathful voices rage into empty air; road-rage werewolves; hungry ghosts shuffling the aisles of supermarkets, convenience stores, corporate restaurant franchises and the food courts of shopping malls

Our Holocaustic Global Empire:
Wars, Famines, Slavery
By Gary Steven Corseri

A review of THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS: The Great Depression of the XXI Century By Michel Chossudovsky and Andrew Gavin Marshall

Ayodhya Judgement: Triumph of Faith
Or Constitutional Legality?
By Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer

All Hindus and Muslims and others have shown great solidarity this time to maintain peace marginalizing even extremists who used to issue statements in very shill tone. They are issuing statements in much more muted tones. It is people of India who have made them behave. I, therefore feel civil society must assert itself and give direction to our political leaders how to behave. If such initiative could be taken before the highest court's doors are knocked it will be much better. Only peace is our future and it civil society alone which can ensure this in a democracy

Anti-Defamation League Demagoguery
And Islamophobia
By Stephen Lendman

Claiming human rights credentials, ADL backs the worst of Israeli lawlessness

Congressional Fleecing The Public Legislation
By Stephen Lendman

On February 23, HR 4646: Debt Free America Act was introduced "To establish a fee on transactions which would eliminate the national debt and replace the income tax on individuals." The bill aims to raise enough revenue in seven years to begin phasing out the personal income tax, a goal helping big earners more than lesser ones, and provides no help for the millions of low income households paying little or no tax. They, however, will be saddled with an immense burden if this bill passes

Violations Of The Forest Rights Act
In The POSCO Project Area
Referred To The Tribal Ministry
By Campaign for Survival and Dignity

The Ministry and its officials are desperately shopping for somebody to give them a pro POSCO report, since they are finding it difficult to get around the proof of illegality. This is the same thing they have done in several other projects

Underreported Facts of 'Azaadi' Meeting
At New Delhi
By Syed Ali Mujtaba

Even as the chorus to book the Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani and writer Arundhati Roy on sedition charges, for their statements made at the meeting held in New Delhi on October, 21, 2010, is gaining currency, there are some underreported facts about the meeting that needs to be put into circulation so that the popularly held views of it do not become a gospel of truth

Why Everybody Hates Three Idiots
By Nawaz Gul Qanungo

It was no surprise that the three interlocutors from New Delhi stood rejected and disgraced before they even set their foot on the ground in the valley. Despite this, the trio might as well leave with some degree of success at the end. Such could be the cost Kashmiris pay for playing political double agents; for doing 'Bharat ka jhanda ye ragda' one day and running to polling booths like wild monkeys let loose the next. And just another reason why a genuine resolution process appears elusive even today

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