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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fwd: Fw: Commonwealth of World Republics.doc Hi William. The text and illustration are both mine. No copyright restrictions. Best William.

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Subject: Fw: Commonwealth of World Republics.doc Hi William. The text and illustration are both mine. No copyright restrictions. Best William.

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Subject: Fw: Commonwealth of World Republics.doc Hi William. The text and illustration are both mine. No copyright restrictions. Best William.


A 'Commonwealth of World Republics'


In view of the outrageously prejudicial and iniquitous cuts that the Coalition government of the UK, – British Isles, is  introducing, it is high time that the profligate, pampered, privileged royals and the highly undemocratic institution Monarchy  of which they, at the tax-payers expense seek to sustain must be abolished. Removal would quickly usher in a new renaissance with fair and people friendly democratic Republicans in control.

 Victimisation of the majority of British taxpayers.

*490,000 public sector jobs to be axed.

And yet the hundreds of servants at the twenty four hour beck and call of these royal profligates will continue to drain the Nation's dwindling financial resources.

*£20 billion to be cut from the NHS budget.

*At least one million people in poor health will have their benefit reduced after a year.

And should a royal become ill, will their State benefits be cut also?

*Public employees to contribute more to their pensions.

*Police and fire budgets to be cut by a colossal 14 per cent.

But not the absurd and costly royal protection for these billionaire royals who top the world's very rich list, and could effortlessly finance their own 'safety'!  And where, no doubt an outsized proportion of the police budget cutback will be diverted to profit the royals; while the ordinary public are disadvantaged again.

*Rail fares to increase by a whacking 6 percent each year. While the Royal train and their wasteful unwarranted extravagances remain untouched. Much to the exasperation and inconvenience of the hard working general public, who have to suffer re-organisation and interference of their day to day time tables?

*A massive 40 per cent cut in funding for Universities.

*224 Nature reserves to be privatised – and new admission fees to be      charged to an already hard hit British tax payer? And yet the royals will continue to enjoy their own private nature reserves; allegedly in excess of 100,000 acres, a vast acreage maintained at the British tax-payers expense.

*Benefits for the needy to be reduced after a year.

*£Billions to be diverted to war zones; in other words, Monarchical Britain will continue to spread its highly damaging brand of Crusading Imperialism, Colonising, and yet more unwarranted self serving interference in other nations affairs.  "It's in Monarchical Britain's National interest", say the pundits, eager to hoodwink a gullible British public in to believing that Monarchical Britain's systematic belligerence, antagonism and death dealing occupation abroad is justified!


One example of Housing Palace Benefit for the Royals!! No Cuts for this unchallenged example of Royal Dependency Culture!!


(The above illustration was taken from

And yet, we the people still have to suffer the following mammoth undemocratic benefit award – State hand out!!

An Outrageous Increase for the Royal Rich!!

"The Queen will become one of the wealthiest… monarchs through a new deal on royal finances. The deal means that the Queen, and her successors, will not have to dip into her/their private wealth." The Independent 21-10-2010. A deal that was completed hastily and not openly for discussion in Parliament, but in secret behind the closed doors of Buckingham Palace. Moreover, her/their political party MUK, Monarchy UK, will also benefit to the tune of £1 million to promote her and her successor's political party's Diamond Jubilee extravaganza.

To paraphrase one of the headlines in The Independent of 21-10-1010, with apologies to Robert Verkraik; "The deal will eventually make Charles, as leader of Monarchy UK - MUK in its acronym form, the richest un-elected political party chief in British History."


History books tell us who it was who eliminated undemocratic Monarchies from their society. It is unnecessary to remind readers here of such well recorded facts.


However in the – UK, the British Isles, the general public – lamentably, deferential subjects - certainly NOT citizens, have no alternative but to pursue the non-violent method of abolishing this appalling profligate and absolutist Monarchy from its divisive society.


Moreover, at the present time we are informed by a British media that in order to survive our dire economic consequences, the British people must tighten their belts. But not the royals apparently! This demonstrates clearly what hypocrites we have in government, who appear to favour Her Majesty and her successors, before the rest of us! What a divisive and undemocratic country Monarchical Britain is. "Never in the history of mankind have so few ever been so grasping at the expense of so many".


Although there are admirable 'home grown' organisations in the world that are seeking to achieve Republican democracies, the funds to achieve it are disproportionately limited. This is especially the case where an extremely wealthy Monarchical political party, MUK as in Britain, is able to spend huge amounts of State benefits – hand outs - furthering their undemocratic dogma; in some examples the ratio is allegedly as high as 33 to 1. Not forgetting also that a majority of the  right wing media in  Britain are oddly, in thrall to undemocratic Monarchy


Accordingly the need to overcome this disparity is overriding. That is why any Republican organisation situated within a Monarchy is financially disadvantaged. To seek monetary help from established, and settled time honoured Republics throughout the world is one option to contemplate.


That is why I have included a Commonwealth of World Republics in my title.


William Gladys – London October 2010.

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